Chosen Forever: a memoir (2022)

Chosen Forever: a memoir Best Download || [Susan Richards] - Chosen Forever: a memoir, Chosen Forever a memoir Richards reflects on how rich life becomes when one travels her own best path Richards writes courageously than she perhaps realizes and each page of this uplifting book will touch a chord in everyon Chosen Forever: a memoir Best Download || [Susan Richards] - Chosen Forever: a memoir, Chosen Forever a memoir Richards reflects on how rich life becomes when one travels her own best path Richards writes courageously than she perhaps realizes and each page of this uplifting book will touch a chord in everyon
  • Title: Chosen Forever: a memoir
  • Author: Susan Richards
  • ISBN: 9781569474921
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Hardcover
Chosen Forever: a memoir
Chosen Forever: a memoir Best Download || [Susan Richards], Chosen Forever: a memoir, Susan Richards, Chosen Forever a memoir Richards reflects on how rich life becomes when one travels her own best path Richards writes courageously than she perhaps realizes and each page of this uplifting book will touch a chord in everyone who enjoyed her first book Booklist Charismatic Engaging writing by an honest self explorer Kirkus Reviews Praise for Chosen by a Horse An in Richards reflects on how rich l
  • Chosen Forever: a memoir Best Download || [Susan Richards]
    155 Susan Richards
Chosen Forever: a memoir

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  1. Lay Me Down is the horse that changed Susan Richards life This book is about her prior book, Chosen by a Horse , the book tours she took, the feelings she had, falling in love and reaching retirement I felt it was of a self exploration than a memoir but was insightful and touching.

  2. sequel to Chosen By a Horse so I know it s going to be abslutely wonderful.October 2008 I finished this after some time I so much related to this author she is retirement age, which I am closing in on So many of her thoughts about midlife and transitioning lifestyles were great insights for me Her quotes found their way into my journal Probably would not recommend this to younger friends, unless they just wanted to hear her point of view they are lovely stories Mad

  3. I think I got this book becuase I thought it was her great memoir Chosen Forever However, it was just a long book about that book and how great it was Oh, and she falls in love, but it s mostly about doing book tours and descriptions of book stores It made me crazy wishing I was reading the real book rather than the book about the book Grrr

  4. Susan Richards rescued a horse named Lay Me Down, and changed her own life Then, after Lay Me Down s death, she wrote a book about her, and did a book tour, and changed her life again This is the story of that book tour, and if you think that s an unpromising topic, you re in for a delightful surprise.Caring for Lay Me Down helped Susan Richards take the first real steps towards recovery from her emotionally isolated childhood, abusive marriage, and severe anxiety disorder Writing about the expe [...]

  5. Chosen Forever is based on horses in which I love horses my self It also continues from the story chosen by a horse It also talks about healing relationships with horses.As the story is about a memoir as it also focus on the same characters as in the story chosen forever In this story ,She points him out to her friend and says that if she were to ever date again, she d want the man she dated to look just like him Later, she finds out he s actually not married to the woman he s with she s just a [...]

  6. I loved Chosen By A Horse, and couldn t understand why Saddled later showed up next to it at the library, but not this one Now I do despite the cover, it s not about horses at all, it s about the book tour and what life was like after being published, like many quick sequels to bestselling memoirs It s interesting detail, just not as memorable, though cute dogs dog stories abound and I was pleasantly charmed by her apparently fated to be relationship with Dennis a surprisingly famous photographe [...]

  7. Susan Richards is a writer, but no one appreciates her, but she just wrote a book called Chosen by a horse , and that book makes her really famous, in the chapter that I am reading now, she is going through a lot of readings, and interviews, but the story is actually about a horse, a book, and finding love , Susan Richards was really tired for doing the reading session, she even have a reading tour, but there was this man, who she met along time ago, and she just saw him, saw him in her reading [...]

  8. Richard s memoir relates the agony and uncertaincies of her first book tour I have not read her first book the book for which she was doing readings , Chosen by a Horse, but I will After countless rejections by editors, her first memoir about her beloved horse was published Then the real work begain endless traveling and readings Sometimes only one or two people showed up The book also recounts Richard s later in life romance and subsequent marriage to photographer, Dennis Stock I immediately fe [...]

  9. I like Susan Richards because she s almost as anxiety prone as I am This is her take on a book tour that was never supposed to happen, and how it reconnected her with many friends and family members from her past If there is one thing I would change, it would be that I read her NYT best selling memoir Chosen By A Horse, first, because she makes constant references to it throughout this book and it s difficult, not knowing the entire story For anyone who likes or dreams of living in the country, [...]

  10. This follow up to Chosen by a Horse was an interesting peek into Richards life after she published her first book She details her experiences of the book tour, reconnecting with people from her childhood, and relationship struggles with insight and honesty The narrative is punctuated by wry humor and stories of her animals, which will please fans of her first book There are little nuggets of wisdom throughout, but the focus of this book is human than horse unlike her first book A satisfying seq [...]

  11. I loved this bookch an honest memoir of what happens unexpectedly and as a result of living life in a meaningful way, growing and doing what you are meant to be doing at the moment The reader can identify with a love that starts as a curiosity, moves on to interest with careful observation, then balances criticism with hope for possibilities, and finally blossoms into a warm, caring love that envelopes her, filling in the needy places that Susan s horses read her previous works fell short of hea [...]

  12. I m giving this a low rating just because I wasn t feeling like this had as much of a story or freshness to it as her previous book chosen by a horse did Yes, I am a harsh critic Picky reader I guess.I stuck with it for lack of anything else to read at the moment I admire her fortitude and can appreciate what she has been through and done with her life, just hope the next book has oomph to it.

  13. To begin with, I am not much of a memoir person, but I read her first memoir, Chosen By A Horse, and absolutely loved it, so I thought I would give this one a try It was nothing compared to the first book It was basically just describing how if felt to get her first book noticed going through book readings and appearances at book stores, overcoming some of her fears and becoming reunited with all of the friends and love ones she lost through out her life.

  14. 2.5 stars First of all, if I picked this one up and hadn t recently finished Chosen by a Horse which I liked very much , there s no WAY I would have finished it IMO, this is not a stand alone book unless you really dig reading about what small book tours are like I only enjoyed it as much as I did because I felt I knew the author s backstory and how far she d come Do yourself a favor Read her first book and then if you really love it, grab this one.

  15. Although I didn t like it as much as I did Chosen By a Horse, this was still an excellent book and definintely worth reading I found it intersting to follow her as she went about publishing Chosen By a Horse, going on her book tour, and finding the love of her life I think the book could have done with a little less of the flash backs They were needed in some parts, but other parts I found them to be slightly irrelevant to the story.

  16. This is an enjoyable memoir I actually did not read Susan Richard s first book, but in fact this book is about writing the first book Chosen by a Horse , but not that I have rad this book OK, listed to it on audio , I intend to read it as well Susan Richards examines her own life and choices, and in so doing helps the reader have similar introspection.

  17. This is the 2nd of Susan s memoirs If I had known that before I began, I would have read it later It was excellent.It s the story of how Susan wrote her first memoir andhow she got it published and the role her horses and husband played in the process I loved her style, her way of bringing me into herlife and her imagery She had my attention from the beginning and throughout.

  18. I appreciated Susan Richards honesty, bearing her soul and I enjoyed hearing her story I am going to think about her belief that animals send us reliable true signs that we should listen to.I am happy for her and the joy and contentment that she has found it her life I appreciate that she shared her life story I am really looking forward to reading Chosen by a Horse.

  19. I randomly picked up this book because it was in the format that was convenient for me mp3 and looked interesting.I immediately liked the author and enjoyed listening to her story I think because I could relate in many ways.Chosen By A Horse, the book that this book is about, sounds like something I would enjoy reading.

  20. Interesting how Susan Richards describes her anxiety, grief and anger and how she was able to overcome it all through the love of a horse and later a man People and events come into our lives for specific reasons and if we pay attention, we can learn extraordinary things We can grow and, sometimes, even conquer our worst fears S.R.

  21. Story of a woman who wrote a book and what happened to her as she set out to promote it and reacquainted herself with her past friends and family AND future husband I enjoy how Susan Richards writes it s easy and enjoyable reading This book would not appeal to the younger set but would to those in their middle years

  22. Even tho I read this one first, it flowed wonderfully Then, I had to go back and read the original book too Glad I did The witty humor and ability to laugh at herself make these books a joy to read.

  23. If you ve read Chosen by a Horse, then this book is worth your time a indepth look into Susan Richard s life at the end of the book, it kind of felt like leaving a friend you may never see again.

  24. I loved Chosen by a Horse This was just OK I would rather hear her memoirs regarding the animals in her life She spent a great deal of her time remembering readings for the sale of her first book.

  25. Chosen Forever was a great continuation of Susan Richards first book I was thrilled to find she had written a second book, and I began reading it immediately after finishing Chosen by a Horse I love the happy ending It moved me deeply

  26. Interesting story Rambles a little.Great to read a story about an older less than perfect woman who finds love and success later in life.The last sentence sums up the whole book, if you want to finish the book real fast.

  27. I didn t like this book at all and by the end of it I hated the author too The whole book is about the good book not this one that she wrote previously I found it to be boastful, boring, self serving and a complete waste of time I doubt very much I ll read any other books by this author.

  28. A very touching book about a woman s love for horses and how in undserstanding another living being can open your eyes to understanding things within your own life How loving something so much can change your life forever.

  29. I Love Susan Richards Chosen by a Horse, and was so looking forward to loving this memoir, but I didn t It just didn t flow the way I hoped I still enjoyed that she fell in love and got to travel I m happy I read it, but wouldn t recomend it like the first book.

  30. The third book in a series of must reads delightful writing, honest, human, and totally wonderful I wish this author the moon, the sun, the stars and the sky, and btw, that would be nice for everyone else too

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