Carry On (2022)

[PDF] Carry On | by Ó Rainbow Rowell - Carry On, Carry On A New York Times bestseller Simon Snow is the worst Chosen One who s ever been chosen That s what his roommate Baz says And Baz might be evil and a vampire and a complete git but he s probably ri [PDF] Carry On | by Ó Rainbow Rowell - Carry On, Carry On A New York Times bestseller Simon Snow is the worst Chosen One who s ever been chosen That s what his roommate Baz says And Baz might be evil and a vampire and a complete git but he s probably ri
  • Title: Carry On
  • Author: Rainbow Rowell
  • ISBN: 9781447266945
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
Carry On
[PDF] Carry On | by Ó Rainbow Rowell, Carry On, Rainbow Rowell, Carry On A New York Times bestseller Simon Snow is the worst Chosen One who s ever been chosen That s what his roommate Baz says And Baz might be evil and a vampire and a complete git but he s probably right Half the time Simon can t even make his wand work and the other half he starts something on fire His mentor s avoiding him his girlfriend broke up with him and theA New York Times
  • [PDF] Carry On | by Ó Rainbow Rowell
    412 Rainbow Rowell
Carry On

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  1. OKAY OKAY OKAYI don t even know where to start Obviosuly I loved this book, but I m not sure if I loved it enough to be a TOP favorite of mine, though I really FEEL something, like I think it ll become one of those books that I ll love and with every day that passes But for now, let s just say that Rainbow Rowell did it again I M IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING SHE WRITES The first part of this book was a little slow, but as soon as Baz makes his official appearance, everything gets SO MUCH BETTER Oh, [...]

  2. DNF page 163In the author s note, Rowell says this is her take on the whole Chosen One story But in reality, it s her take on FREAKING HARRY POTTER Anybody who tries to tell me not to compare the two Just no Every little thing about this story the setting, characters, etc can easily be traced back to Harry Potter and Hogwarts and EVERYTHING IS THE SAME Plus, the characters are just plain boring and annoying for the most part I couldn t find anything enjoyable about this in the 163 pages I read, [...]

  3. VIDEO REVIEW bit 1RLgYvMNew addition to my all time favorites list Possibly new 1 all time favorite I ADORED this book Funny and cute and clever with a cool plot and fun world and plenty of squee inducing moments I ve read the whole book through twice, going on my third read And there are some chapters I ve read at least six or seven times AND THE BOOK HAS BEEN OUT A WEEK I m obsessed I put the book down and all I want is to pick it up again Aleister Crowley, I m living a charmed life.

  4. 4.5, I feel like if I give it thought it ll be a full on 5 stars I just felt like the beginning portion of the book dragged a bit While this book definitely had elements that we re similar to other fantasy stories, it had it s own refreshing style The characters we re brilliant as most of Rainbow s characters are and the story itself was fun, mysterious, and exciting

  5. Sorry, this book is just too meta for me, man.This book is about a fictional character who was the subject of fascination in another fictional character s life from another book It s a story about a made up character from a series that s fictional inspired from another fictional series Does that even make any sense I don t even know It s just too meta, man Besides the ludicrous premise of a fictional Harry Potter can you even have a fictional fanfic of a character who is fiction in the first pla [...]

  6. I demand a sequel.Now.The fun can t just end The story must continue Simon and Baz shall date and get married and have kids and and Alright, let s not be too clamorous about this What we have here is a fantasy Or rather, my fantasy But really, who never dreamed of sharing a room with a mysterious and handsome boy who constantly gets on your nerves but who s secretly head over heels for you Simon has that But he s clueless And Baz sure won t say anything about his feelings for him because 1 He s [...]

  7. hello 911 yes I just finished Carry On and I d like to surgically remove my feelingshonestly my heart is such a soft and sensitive mess right now This book was soft love that feels a lot like when you re standing in the sunlight and you don t really want to leave and it somehow gives you the sensation of lazily melting into what s around you as you take it all in I honestly need to do to deserve the love I m feeling right now because I think I m seriously about to get done for tax evasion This [...]

  8. You have to pretend that you get an endgame You have to carry on like you will otherwise, you can t carry on at all This review contains spoilers.This was my first time rereading the whole book instead of just reading the really cute scenes over and over.Fangirlwas one of the very first books that got me into reading Young Adult and because of that Rainbow Rowell will forever hold a special place in my heart.So, of course, when Carry On came out back in October it instantly became one of my all [...]

  9. Yup, I m totally on board the I just want to re read this book forever train.I can t even explain it I went in to this book with a healthy amount of skepticism mostly an attitude like but why does this book exist and I was TOTALLY put in my place This book is perfect.It s everything fanfic loving adolescent Kristina ever wanted out of a book It s everything that never would have happened in Harry Potter It s delicious LGBT representative romance, it s sassy writing, it s delightful unbelievable [...]

  10. I presumed that Carry On is a metafiction of JK Rowling s Harry Potter series I was mildly amused that Rainbow Rowell had the audacity to publish this, and since I loved Fangirl , my curiosity just got the better of me Halfway through the book, I realized my preconceptions were worth squat I forgot about Harry Potter, or any self preservation for that matter, when Baz came into the picture From then on, all my critical thinking just left me and my fangirl mode switched on Carry On is all parts w [...]

  11. I ve loved Fangirl, especially the excerpts from Cath s fanfics featuring Simon and Baz But this This is just a whole new level of intense And if the above will not make you die of extreme sweetness, I don t know what will.You might have observed as well that the quotes above are all from Baz s POV It doesn t mean that Simon didn t have his moments because he most certainly did , but I ve always imagined Baz to be a snobbish, condescending prick when I d get to finally hear his voice Well, he wa [...]

  12. I received a copy of this book through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review Me and 2016, see, we were good Til this week Had one of the worst weeks ever and now this I started reading when I was six Well, everybody here did, but what I meant is after they taught me how to read I kept reading I never stopped Sure, there were years in which I read less middle school Worst period of my life and years in which it seems like the only thing I could say was books , but I never stopped And well, [...]

  13. September 2016 Comfort re read Highly comforting Still great, okay bye.October 2015, Updated 10 27 15 Okay, so Look This book So good I mean, it just It has no right to Like What To be so good Finding words Like, it should NOT work Brain trying to brain Failing.Fuck it I m not capable of being objective about this book FIVE STARS.But first before the actual review, two things, so I can feel I ve said my piece 1 This book is NOT Harry Potter fanfiction, and Simon and Baz are NOT Harry and Draco T [...]

  14. I feel like it s of a 3.75, maybe This was a delight, though I ll admit I expected to love it than I did I think this may be because, although this very obviously draws a lot of inspiration from Harry Potter, I couldn t stop my brain from constantly drawing parallels throughout the entire time reading this It seems that for some readers those comparisons stopped after a while, but it was constantly in the back of my mind That s not to say that I didn t enjoy it because of the HP similarities I [...]

  15. I can t believe Baz never said, You know nothing, Simon Snow I have to say that this book did a decent job of trying to fill the Harry Potter sized hole in our hearts, but we all know that nothing else will ever completely compare Watford and the surrounding World of Mages is like a valentine for those of us who still can t let go of the Wizarding World and damn anyone who tries to make us.I didn t care for the romance aspects of this book, but I rarely do anyway so I just kinda skimmed past the [...]

  16. So Carry On.I really wanted to like this book It had potential But ultimately, this book let me down Frankly, it was a bit of a mess The big question everyone seems to be asking about Carry On, is whether or not you need to read Rainbow Rowell s contemporary novel Fangirl first, since the two are somewhat linked The clear and definite answer to this is no You won t get anything or less out of this book having read Fangirl first HOWEVER, you do need to have read Harry Potter People might disagre [...]

  17. You re so alive, Simon Snow.You got my share of it This is probably going to be the most incoherent review I ve ever written but I just can t seem to be able to contain myself I mean we re talking about SIMON AND BAZ BAZ AND SIMON 333OMG I can t even THEY ARE EVERYTHING AND EVEN MORE XDTheir love reduced me to a babbling and giggling mess and I can t stop to grin I m still grinning like a Cheshire cat and it s starting to hurt BUT oh god, how much I loved those two There are no words that would [...]

  18. This book, you peoples THIS BOOK I admit I was skeptical Because I really hate Harry Potter rip offs usually like The Iron Trial soooo didn t work for me and I was also curious to see how Rainbow Rowell would pull of a fantasy book when she s famous for her contemporaries Well guess what I FREAKING LOVED IT I started off moody and then ended shrieking and turning pages so fast I nearly ended up with the book in my mouth It is delicious I am just sayin.So OBVIOUSLY I need a list But I ll get the [...]

  19. I think I might kiss him He s right here And his lips are hanging open and his eyes are alive, alive, alive This book made me very happy I have to put my thoughts in order before I can write a decent review.The first hundred pages were not overly exciting It took some time introducing the cast, setting up the magickal world, getting the reader to understand the way the World of Mages and Simon s life work To be honest I even grew a little bored at first Baz wasn t there, Simon was obsessing abou [...]

  20. DNF at page 250 Never thought I d DNF a Rainbow Rowell novel It was my 2nd attempt and as much as I wanted to love it, since I ve adored her other books, it just wasn t for me.I couldn t have cared less about the characters or storyline It felt a bit all over the place, like reading the last instalment in a series And though we were told certain aspects and events that occurred previously, it felt rushed and flimsy There was no space for it to properly develop It was just thrown in there, hence [...]

  21. I DON T KNOW YOU GUYS It took a while for anything to happen and then everything happened all at once, so much so that it was actually confusing Like, I still don t understand what happened I shipped Simon and Baz SO HARD THO But other than that and an exciting build up towards the end that ended up being disappointing because I was confused , it was just okay SUCH DISAPPOINTMENT.

  22. 4.5 StarsThis book is by no means perfect and I don t think it s for everyone The world could have used a bit development, there were some plot lines that deserved a little bit attention, and it s pretty meta, so if that isn t your thing, you may have a tough time with this.ButThis is genuinely one of the most enjoyable books I have ever read I cried, I laughed, I texted my friend screaming in all caps, I cried again Carry On is Rainbow Rowell s take on the chosen one trope, and I think she ta [...]

  23. 4.5 5 starsI don t think this was quite 5 star for me, but it was pretty dang close If I think about it I may end up moving it up MANY FEELS SO MANY.Honestly this was so fantastic It perfectly blended the magical elements with the romance elements if u didn t knowQ REPRESENTATION WHAT WHAT I see u Simon and Baz and didn t feel like it was trying too hard EVER.I loved the magic system and how different it was and also the characters and just AHHH I would totally read Simon Snow booksor fan fict [...]

  24. Here is my review of Fangirl, in its entirety RAINBOW, YOUR NEXT BOOKS NEEDS TO BE ABOUT GAY WIZARDS PLS N THX.It s like all my dreams are coming truuuuue

  25. 4.5 starsRainbow can apparently write anything It s clear reading Carry On that Rainbow is really really talented with creating these characters and making them feel so real and she even admitted at the Carry On book event her stories start with her characters then later the plot and everything else develops I LOVE Simon and Baz 3 I wish she was planning on writing about them in the future They were my favorite part of the book I also liked how this felt like its own story After reading Fangirl [...]

  26. I did not expect to love this book as much as I do When I was reading Fangirl I couldn t have cared less about Simon and Baz For me they were merely a quirky Harry Potter parody and a plot device to develop Cath and Levi s relationship.This was the mindset that I had while going into this book Initially I noticed that the book didn t take itself too seriously and it KNEW not to take itself to seriously You gotta love Rainbow for that.In the beginning I couldn t help but draw parallels to Harry P [...]

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