Bridge to Terabithia (2022)

Bridge to Terabithia Best Read || [Katherine Paterson] - Bridge to Terabithia, Bridge to Terabithia Jess Aarons greatest ambition is to be the fastest runner in his grade He s been practicing all summer and can t wait to see his classmates faces when he beats them all But on the first day of school Bridge to Terabithia Best Read || [Katherine Paterson] - Bridge to Terabithia, Bridge to Terabithia Jess Aarons greatest ambition is to be the fastest runner in his grade He s been practicing all summer and can t wait to see his classmates faces when he beats them all But on the first day of school
  • Title: Bridge to Terabithia
  • Author: Katherine Paterson
  • ISBN: 9780439366779
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback
Bridge to Terabithia
Bridge to Terabithia Best Read || [Katherine Paterson], Bridge to Terabithia, Katherine Paterson, Bridge to Terabithia Jess Aarons greatest ambition is to be the fastest runner in his grade He s been practicing all summer and can t wait to see his classmates faces when he beats them all But on the first day of school a new girl boldly crosses over to the boys side and outruns everyone That s not a very promising beginning for a friendship but Jess and Leslie Burke become inseparableJess Aaro
  • Bridge to Terabithia Best Read || [Katherine Paterson]
    430 Katherine Paterson
Bridge to Terabithia

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  1. When I read this in fourth grade, I loved it because it was enchanting, and reminded me very much of secret hideouts I made with friends at the same age When I read it again later in life, aloud to my younger brother and sister ages 10 and 12, I was choking back tears to keep reading aloud, and they were crying If you ve never read it or, I suppose now, seen the movie beware, this review is a spoiler What I have learned from this book is that our assumptions about children and what is appropriat [...]

  2. You would think that even after seeing the movie and knowing how this ends I wouldn t cry, but here I am This book was very enjoyable I can t remember if I read it as a kid, but it was definitely worth reading now that I m older.The writing is pretty and gives you a very country vibe with vibrant imagery and cozy settings, but I felt like the characters lacked a lot of description Maybe it s a children s book and i m not used to the shorter pace, but it felt like a lot needed to be fleshed out [...]

  3. Oh I loved this book too Its so sweet, and sad and wonderful I cried My teacher read it outloud in my 5th grade class and when the character died, I turned to the little boy next to me I think his name was PJ Gaskill I can t believe I remember this , and said, That s not true is it and he looked at me with tears in his eyes and nodded It was probably one of the first mature interactions I ever had with an icky boy.

  4. This is one of the books that taught me that Books Can Hurt It was part of what I now consider to be my fourth grade teacher s reign of terror she read Where the Red Fern Grows and Bridge to Terabithia out loud to us and those are just the books I was in her class for , and I seriously think she did it for the days when, inevitably, the entire class would spend the afternoon weeping at our desks.That said, though and it needed to be said this is a good book it was so engaging to me at that age t [...]

  5. This is absolutely a great book I loved to read it I don t know if you ever watch the film from 2007, if you do, but you haven t read the book, I can tell you that the movie is a good adaptation BUT it can mislead you in the fantasy factor, even I used that label in my review but only because, at this moment, I don t have a better label to describe the book in a fair way.I tell you all that since in the film, they gave a lot of emphasis and screen time to all those magic creatures , however, the [...]

  6. Even when I was 12, I thought this was a crap book.What s with all the hype This was so fucking boring I read this in 6th grade, during a time when I was prone to sobbing at anything We watched Ben Hur in class and I cried like a baby I don t even remember why We read Where the Red Fern Grows aloud in class and I was sobbing in front of everyone I didn t shed a single fucking tear for this book.

  7. No, I m not crying There s just a log in my eye Okay, so I read this YEARS ago Maybe when I was 14 I saw the movie first and that absolutely ruined me I think this is about my 3rd reread, which proves this book is timeless As well as, you know, heart ripping I thought I d be okay reading this BUT I WASN T I JUST WAS NOT I JUST ABOUT CHOKED UP WHEN THE DAD SAID Lord, boy, don t be a fool God ain t gonna send any little girls to hell.I don t know why But I really just started crying there This boo [...]

  8. There are only two books that have made me cry Granted, I was in sixth grade when I read this for the first time But like most books I review on , I sat down to read this again before posting my review My sentiments about Bridge to Terabithia haven t changed much.I don t remember a lot from my pre teen years Little fragments crop up from time to time when I see an old commercial on Youtube or I play an 8 bit classic on my Wii This book I remember And as I re read it I started recalling the circu [...]

  9. Bridge to Terabithia is a staple of many middle school literary curriculums however, it is one of the most challenged books in school systems across the country Opponents of this book preposterously assert that it has references to witchcraft and Satanism I read this book in 5th grade and gathered no references to the use of magic at all The book involves two children having imaginary adventures in the imaginary land of Terabithia Such imaginary games are common for children Yet some assert that [...]

  10. Ti ricordi di quando eravamo re e regina del regno oltre il fiume Cos Terabithia Perch i bambini la cercano costantemente nei loro ardenti sogni d avventura Forse un luogo nella quale paura e rabbia non hanno spazio, ove si eroi per sempre e la solitudine diventa una sbiadita ombra di ricordi oramai lontani.E quando la realt bussa alle porte del nostro rifugio per presentare il conto dei tanti miracoli concessi, si giunge alla conclusione che Terabithia non morir.Cresce chi non dimenticher Terab [...]

  11. Bridge to Terabithia I m a grown man and I cried the duration of the last fifty pages I gave this book five stars, here s why It is absolutely incredible that a writer can invent a character, and bring him to life so convincingly that we find some of our deepest emotions aroused when we read black words on a white page I was amazed at how deeply I felt towards some the characters in this bookctional characters Character development is absolutely masterful in Bridge to Terabithia It is easy to id [...]

  12. While I ve seen this book on various lists for years, I never got around to reading it had no clue what it was about I was in the Army when it was published I know one or two of my kids read it, but it was one of the rare books that I didn t at least skim I think my wife read it, instead When I first started listening to it this morning, I didn t really get into it at first It s well written, but wasn t really my thing Still, it was short I ve been meaning to get around to it, so I kept on I m s [...]

  13. I dimly remember reading this as a child It seems not to have made much impression on me however, and considering I often read books above my age group, it might have been for that reason I say this because I am not rating it low for traumatizing me as a kid, but because rereading it as an adult makes me annoyed at how a book with so many negative messages could win a Newberry.Lets run down a few of them.1 The sheer shallowness of Jesse s sisters as characters It borders on misogyny, and I don t [...]

  14. If Thornton Wilder s The Bridge of San Luis Rey 1927 is about a bridge that fell down and killed 5 people, Katherine Paterson s Bridge to Terabithia 1977 is about a bridge that is put up because of a person s death.In this children s book, American novelist Katherine Paterson born 1932 created a make believe world of Terabithia whose name she unconsciously coined from C S Lewis The Voyage of the Dawn Treader where Lewis has an island called Terebinthia However she added that Lewis probably based [...]

  15. Lines I loved Lark Creek was the backwash of fashion It took them a long time to accept there what everyone could see by their TV s was OK anywhere else.It made Jess ache inside to watch his dad grab the little ones to his shoulder, or lean down and hug them It seemed to him that he had been thought too big for that since the day he was born.It was the beginning of a new season in his life, and he chose deliberately to make it so.Gary Fulcher could go to you know where and warm his toes.Even a p [...]

  16. I just re read the book before watching the movie I m sure I read it as a kid, but I m reviewing this as an adult.This book is sad It s like My Girl The characters are innocent and fun, and the world they create with their minds is playful However, tragedies of this kind are not my thing It seems that the point of the book is the tragedy, to have a boy s friend die I d rather spend my time reading something a little up beat.I ve said this before, I don t at all mind characters dying, and I love [...]

  17. A pesar de haber conocido la historia a trav s de esa pel cula con Josh Hutcherson, fue un libro que disfrute demasiado Es incre ble el desarrollo de Jesse a partir de que conoce a Leslie y me conmueve d runa manera u otra lo que el amor inocente puede hacer y como la vida te puede quitar todo en un segundo.Por alguna raz n me record mucho a Looking for Alaska y no se si ser cierto que se parecen o que pero vi muchas similitudes y eso me encanto.Puedo verme releyendo este libro porque fue incre [...]

  18. For the record I am not an outwardly emotional person Okay, let me get that right I can be a bubbly energetic or excited individual from time to time Of course, that isn t what I meant I m quite a content, optimistic kind of person so I am emotionally driven very much so What I mean to say is that I thrive in my life as a laconic, down to earth kind of person I m laid back and when it comes to outward expressions of emotion I tend to internalise I would still consider myself an extroverted intro [...]

  19. When I read this in 5th grade, I really liked it for the first 75% of the story Jess was kind of a moron, but Leslie was really cool, and I found myself wishing I had a friend who could make up great stories and imaginary worlds in our secret fort in the woods And then Katherine Paterson decided to smack me upside the head with the cold, dead fish of Reality I m not sure how that metaphor was supposed to work, but I m going with it because that s honestly how it felt Leslie DIED I can still reme [...]

  20. I love this book At the end, when the girl dies, it s so sad I read it during class and fought back tears the entire time The words are so perfect, so moving, it s like they reach out and yank you into the story.

  21. Of course I read this as a kid, but the only thing that stayed with me was Terabithia the entire mundane plot that is, 95% of the book entirely vanished from my memory.The class elements went right over my head as a kid, which is strange because they re so important to the book Also, I often find now that when I read children s books, things seem unrealistically harsh to me but they didn t seem that way to me when I was the target age Apparently I ve forgotten a lot about being a kid.One thing I [...]

  22. This book will make you cry, period Not by employing any manipulative sentimentality, but by being honest It is a rare thing to be so affected by fictional characters like this This book saw the birth of a friendship friendship in truest sense of the word A perfect example of give and take a balanced mutuality based on respect And we almost witnessed the evolution of that friendship into something potent, profound, altering and everlasting But just then we helplessly watch the abrupt unfair end [...]

  23. Janusz Korczak Medal Poland 1981Silver Pencil Award Netherlands 1981 Newbery Medal 1978 ALA Notable Children s Books 1977School Library Journal Best Book of 1977Lewis Carroll Shelf Award, 1978Le Grand Prix des Jeunes Lecturs France , 19861986 Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book AwardNote also that on the American Library Association Reading List Bridge to Terabithia along with Tuck Everlasting is one of six books recommended for 9 12 year old children This is especially heartening since the no [...]

  24. Audiobook reread.I read this is 5th grade and the story has stuck with me all of these years For me its the quintessential book about the innocence of childhood, but also about the moment when you realize you cannot stay in that innocence bubble forever, and how hard that is I cannot wait to share this story with my kids.

  25. I enjoyed revisiting this childhood classic I first read it at the recommendation of our local librarian when I was in 5th grade I remember being a bit annoyed with her afterward because it made me cry Hearing the story now 26 years later and knowing what to expect, I still got teary eyed.The audio version contains an interview with the author and her son, which I found quite interesting Having first read the book at age 10, I didn t pay much attention to the dedication page Apparently, though, [...]

  26. Apparently I have been living under a rock my entire life because I had never even heard of Bridge to Terabithia before a friend of mine brought it up in conversation one day She says, it s a short read, I ll bring you in my copy Sure I replied I had been under the impression that this was a children s fantasy book and therefore had visions of Narnia dancing in my head A few weeks after she had given me her copy I told her I would finally be getting around to it I was finishing up a book I had b [...]

  27. Bridge to Terabithia is wonderful and beautiful and all of the great imaginative things that children should experience as they grow up It is realistic and gritty and a true look at all that is hardship in a small town and when attending a small school This book is written so well that you feel like you are there watching it unfold as you read The movie definitely did this book justice and I cried like a baby even when I knew what was going to happen 5 stars Touchingly wonderful.Check out my blo [...]

  28. Precios simo, creo que es sin duda la mejor palabra para de finir este libro, para m es todo un cl sico contempor neo de la literatura infantil y juvenil, porque es de esos que aunque se supone que est dedicado para los ni os, es tan profundo e intenso que no importa en absoluto a que edad lo leas, es igualmente disfrutable.De lo primero que me gustar a hablar, es de la gran diferencia que yo creo que hay entre la novela y la pel cula, en la pel cula Terabithia es un lugar donde los ni os se mon [...]

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