Home of the Gentry (2022)

Free Download Home of the Gentry - by Ivan Turgenev Richard Freeborn - Home of the Gentry, Home of the Gentry Home of the Gentry is a novel by Ivan Turgenev published in the January issue of Sovremennik It was enthusiastically received by the Russian society and remained his least controversial and most Free Download Home of the Gentry - by Ivan Turgenev Richard Freeborn - Home of the Gentry, Home of the Gentry Home of the Gentry is a novel by Ivan Turgenev published in the January issue of Sovremennik It was enthusiastically received by the Russian society and remained his least controversial and most
  • Title: Home of the Gentry
  • Author: Ivan Turgenev Richard Freeborn
  • ISBN: 9780140442243
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
Home of the Gentry
Free Download Home of the Gentry - by Ivan Turgenev Richard Freeborn, Home of the Gentry, Ivan Turgenev Richard Freeborn, Home of the Gentry Home of the Gentry is a novel by Ivan Turgenev published in the January issue of Sovremennik It was enthusiastically received by the Russian society and remained his least controversial and most widely read novel until the end of the th century It was turned into a movie by Andrey Konchalovsky in The novel s protagonist is Fyodor Ivanych Lavretsky a nobl Home of the
  • Free Download Home of the Gentry - by Ivan Turgenev Richard Freeborn
    334 Ivan Turgenev Richard Freeborn
Home of the Gentry

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  1. Just another sad love storyybe But not as written by the Russian master, author Ivan Turgenev a glimpse into the human mind, a dense jungle with meandering rivers flowing in different directions to who knows where, it ends someday The plot, a wealthy , young, very inexperienced man Fyodor Ivanych Lavretsky, falls for a beautiful girl Varvara Pavlovna, the first woman he feels attractive to , marries for love, the father, a greedy, poor retired general, with a shady past, consents rapidily, wonde [...]

  2. Nido de nobles es una novela escrita por Iv n Turgueniev en 1859 El concepto argumental gira en torno al t pico tri ngulo amoroso que se estilaba en demas a en esa poca, mediados del siglo XIX, tanto en Rusia como en Europa Turgueniev, es un renombrado escritor para m un poco a la sombra de los grandes novelistas rusos con los que comparti su tiempo literario y creo que m s all de contar con t tulos muy importantes como Padres e hijos , Aguas Primaverales , Relatos de un Cazador o Primer amor , [...]

  3. Un cuib de nobili este un roman care eman melancolie O boal contagioas Paginile sale descriu prima iubire a unui t n r nobil rus, o iubire care pentru el ncepe cu capul n nori i, psihic, se termin cu capul de to i pere ii C teva pasaje care ar surprinde cel mai bine melancolia 1 n inim am noi sim minte rare, Din suflet soarta pruncul nu mi a smuls, Mi am ars icoanele din sanctuare, Iar azi m nchin la tot ce am ars demult 2 Eu i cei ca mine, b tr nii, avem o ndeletnicire pe care voi n o cunoa te [...]

  4. Las pocas novelas de Turgueniev que le re nen estructuras y recurrencias dram ticas muy similares Siempre la naturaleza, siempre la presencia digna de los mujiks y siervos, la influencia de la cultura francesa y alemana, etc Y sin embargo, no me canso de leerlo He vuelto sobre este p rrafo bell simo, la declaraci n de principios de Lisa, la hero na sublime No, t a m a profiri , no hable usted as estoy decidida he rezado, he pedido consejo a Dios todo ha acabado ha acabado mi vida con vosotras Es [...]

  5. Another wonderful book of Ivan Turgenev that combines the reflection on the present and the future of Russia of that time and its relationship with the West with a very beautiful love story The first he manages to do it in a simple way, through the main story and the parallel with it, without long discourses that extend into many pages So the writer brings us his thoughts in a way that is accessible and comprehensible The second, which is the most important, he begins to do it by introducing us [...]

  6. Che cosa pensarono, che cosa sentirono entrambi Chi pu saperlo Chi pu dirlo Ci sono dei momenti nella vita, dei sentimenti che si possono soltanto indicare per poi passare oltre Se il talento di Turgenev si potesse imbottigliare in una sola espressione, direi che quel passare oltre sufficientemente riassuntivo della sua poetica I miei personaggi sono troppo infelici e non voglio dilungarmi sui modi della loro infelicit Passiamo oltre La genealogia che sto dando di loro rischia di scombussolare i [...]

  7. Primer acercamiento a la literatura cl sica rusa para mi y me ha encantado Hay momentos que parece que no pasa nada pero si pasa y mucho, todo envuelto de un ambiente de lo m s melanc lico.

  8. Of course, I knew I wanted to get back to him, but I had forgotten how much I enjoy Turgenev The edition I read was included in The Works Of Ivan Turgenieff and unfortunately the translator is not named there I say unfortunately, because I would avoid this translator in the future if I knew who it was I note that my first experience with Turgenev was his Fathers and Sons where I comment that the prose is beautiful and for some reason I did not note the translator there either No matter, because [...]

  9. Imported from tablet A House of Gentlefolk aka Home of the GentryTranslator Constance GarnettLIST OF CHARACTERS Marya Dmitrievna Kalitin, a widow Marfa Timofyevna Pestov, her aunt Sergei Petrovitch Gedeonovsky, a state councillor Fedor Ivanitch Lavretsky, kinsman of Marya Elisaveta Mihalovna Lisa , daughters of Marya Lenotchka, Shurotchka, an orphan girl, ward of Marfa Nastasya Karpovna Ogarkoff, dependent of Marfa Vladimir Nikolaitch Panshin, of the Ministry of the Interior Christopher Fedoritc [...]

  10. Excellent A short novel of finely observed characters, who are caught in a time of such great change that the different generations might be measured in a decade rather than the usual quarter century The setting and ways of life are also nicely observed, so that the reader gets a real feel for Russian life at the time and how it contrasts with European life.The two main characters Liza and Lavretsky are terrific, and provide interesting arguments on behalf of Russia, even if not everything goes [...]

  11. Rather interesting than captivating After 50 pages it was quite predictable he will fall for her and for a while I had the feeling I was reading the Russian version of Pride and prejudice , but thank goodness it wasn t so I am a fan of happy endings but I swear, if this one ended happily I wouldn t have read Turgenev again.Turgenev has an interesting way of setting his work, maybe I ll get into details after finishing Fathers and Sons Interesting fact in 1979, a Russian discovered an asteroid an [...]

  12. Out of the box I must state here that I read this novel in Russian, and not the edition listed above.The older I get, the I love Turgenev, and appreciate him vis a vis his contemporaries in the arena of the 19th century Russian novel His tone and diction seem flawless to me, and he exercises consistent good taste and restraint in all aspects of his creative writing He embraces his own Francophile tendencies, while at the same time highlighting the incongruities of transplanting French culture i [...]

  13. Originally published on my blog here in May 1998.This is the novel which made Turgenev s name outside Russia The Russian title, Dvoranskoye gnezdo, has connotations of Nest rather than Home , but there isn t really an easy way to translate that into English The novel is really about Russia, perhaps even so than is the case with most Russian novels It deals with the relationship between the aristocracy and the land, and the way that the true Russian returns to his native country, no matter how i [...]

  14. 13 APR 2014 A quiet short story which seems to have much to say 19 APR 2014 now that the backstory is complete, the story is interesting Yesterday, Good Friday, I accomplished no reading Today, Saturday, I am likely to finish the story The Boy is meeting up with friends for an afternoon of paintball revelry I will have a few hours with nothing to do but read whilst waiting for him Tough isn t it 19 APR 2014 another big thanks to both Dagny and Karen for introducing me to this author and The Hou [...]

  15. I ve realized what it is that I like about Turgenev Granted, his books are all pretty much the same though this is a charge you could aim at a lot of writers and kind of predictable, yet there s just something really enjoyable about reading them There s a sort of gentleness and kindness, tempered by a sadness, that pervades them, plus he has a lovely prose style I don t think he s necessarily ever written an all time classic, yet I find myself reading him often than other writers who I would co [...]

  16. Am r mas pu in dezam git e prima carte scris de Turgenev pe care o citesc i am auzit numai lucruri bune legate de stilul acestuia i c r ile lui dar Un cuib de nobili nu m a mi cat Nici m car pu in personaje seci i ac iune lent , plin de cuvinte multe i care m au plictisit.

  17. Turgenev at his best Beautifully rendered prose with the most penetrating descriptions of both his characters and the world they inhabit.

  18. A nobleman and landowner named Ivan Lavretsky returns to Russia after leaving his faithless wife in France, only to fall in love with a beautiful and pious cousin, Elizaveta Kalitin.When Ivan learns by a newspaper article that his wife is suspected to have died, the way seems clear for him to find happiness with Liza But her mother, Marya, is much taken with her daughter s other suitor, the cultured Panshin.This is a remarkably thoughtful and unassuming story, but it weaves a wonderful spell The [...]

  19. Nido de farsantes o Nido de hip critas tendr a que ser Me parece que el t tulo de esta novela rusa es decididamente una iron a, ya que el hogar en donde se suceden los acontecimientos no parece generar demasiada hidalgu a ni nobleza la mayor a de los seres que ah se desenvuelven son m s bien personas mojigatas e irresponsables, a las que s lo les interesa la apariencia, la tertulia y el juego con la excepci n de los dos protagonistas, quienes tendr n que enfrentar las contrariedades de vivir en [...]

  20. Ivan Turgenev is one of my favorite authors For some reason, he stands small next to those other giants of Russian literature At the bookstore here, there s almost a whole shelf devoted to Tolstoy, to Dostoevsky There s not a single book by Turgenev, not even Father s and Sons Like them his novels are books of ideas, they re philosophical, political but they re SHORT While I m all for diving into a 1,000 page tome, that requires an energy I don t always have Turgenev s books are quick, refreshin [...]

  21. O povestioar mic i frumoas de dragoste, n stil rusesc Peste tot se zice c Turgheniev este un scriitor apar in nd realismului ns am recunoscut elemente de romantism care mi au pl cut mult o s rutare furat noaptea pe bancu a de sub tei, raze de lun care transform camera ntr o catedral , o iubire ne mplinit i neacceptat de regulile societ ii etc.Doar la Montesquieu am mai nt lnit stilul acesta de a ironiza cu asprime f rnicia i prostia din nalta societate Ca n toate romanele ruse ti nici un persona [...]

  22. Contemplative and slow paced, but I loved it Dostoevsky called Liza the only comparable heroine in Russian literature to Tatiana in Onegin , in terms of her purity of soul and truthfulness of spirit, and I wholeheartedly agree A wonderful display of Russian virtues and values as defined in the 19th century.

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