Wrong Place, Right Time (2022)

Wrong Place, Right Time Best Read || [Elle Casey] - Wrong Place, Right Time, Wrong Place Right Time Jenny s single parent life revolves around her kids and her job which means that hours of Animal Planet and strings of computer code are about all she has time for Not that Jenny s looking for advent Wrong Place, Right Time Best Read || [Elle Casey] - Wrong Place, Right Time, Wrong Place Right Time Jenny s single parent life revolves around her kids and her job which means that hours of Animal Planet and strings of computer code are about all she has time for Not that Jenny s looking for advent
  • Title: Wrong Place, Right Time
  • Author: Elle Casey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Wrong Place, Right Time
Wrong Place, Right Time Best Read || [Elle Casey], Wrong Place, Right Time, Elle Casey, Wrong Place Right Time Jenny s single parent life revolves around her kids and her job which means that hours of Animal Planet and strings of computer code are about all she has time for Not that Jenny s looking for adventure or romance she s the type of woman who believes in playing it safe When Jenny is called upon to do some consulting for the Bourbon Street Boys a New Orleans private securJe
  • Wrong Place, Right Time Best Read || [Elle Casey]
    159 Elle Casey
Wrong Place, Right Time

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  1. 4 Stars Wrong Place, Right Time is the second book in Elle Casey s series entitled The Bourbon Street Boys I am a big fan of this author and her versatile writing style While I did not love this one as much as the first book in the series, this turned out to be a fun read with a great blend of action, humour, and romance.We meet our two protagonists, Jenny and Dev, in book one in this series While they have nothing to do with each other in the previous story we do get to know them a little Jenny [...]

  2. Before all the fangirls get their pitchforks out2 stars means it was okay I did not like it anywhere as much as the first book in this series though Wrong Number, Right Guy that book was hilarious This one just wasn t.May s sister Jenny finally gets a free weekend from the kids She wants to just drink wine and Netflix in her pj s, but May needs her help at May s stupid new job Jenny doesn t really approve of May s new job with the Bourbon Street Boys, she agrees to do the job just because she is [...]

  3. Wrong Place, Right Time is book two in The Bourbon Street Boys series by Elle Casey This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review by NetGalley, Montlake Romance, and by Elle Casey.Jenny is May s older sister whom we met in book one She spent her life taking care of May, protecting her All of a sudden, with May now part of The Bourbon Street Boys agency and also in a relationship with Ozzie, she doesn t seem to need Jenny any Add in an ex husband who frequently bounces [...]

  4. ARC requested through Netgalley, and kindly provided by Montlake Romance in exchange for an honest review.I loved this book as much as the first on in this series, Wrong Number, Right Guy, but for different reasons Though this book had a similar light, humorous vibe, I really loved the serious and heartwarming tones that lived just under the surface.This book began some time after the first book, with May settled into her life with Ozzie and the Bourbon Street Boys May s sister, Jenny, a struggl [...]

  5. Meet Jenny, sister to the FMC from book one and burned out single mom.Relax, Jenny This is just another day to get through without Hulking out on someone You can do this The honey badger don t take no shit from nobody, not even the Bourbon Street Boys She s spastic calm Yep, apparently that can be a combo Like one minute her thoughts are like The next DROWNING in nonsenseIt makes for funny monologue and cutsie one offs , but I m drowning in the sea of nonsense writing D R O W N I N G She goes in [...]

  6. While this story isn t up there in heat, it s definitely super cute, funny, and sweet I found myself laughing out loud at Jenny and Dev s antics Jenny is May s sister May is the heroine from book one May met and fell in love with the leader of a security agency that seems to constantly get itself in some interesting situations While contemplating a consulting job for the firm, Jenny gets caught in the middle of a situation that places her in a panic room with the super sexy, bald, and deliciousl [...]

  7. Full review now posted Original review can be found at Booknest.I m pretty sure I found a new favorite author, and she s nothing like my other favorite authors Elle Casey is funnier than any author has a right to be I am so, SO glad I found her.This story starts pretty immediately after Wrong Number, Right Guy, the first Bourbon Street Boys book Jenny, our main character, is the sister of May, the protagonist from the first book We were introduced to Jenny and to Dev, the love interest, in the f [...]

  8. Wrong Place, Right Time is the second book in the Bourbon Street Boys Series and my first book I ve read with Elle Casey This can be read as a standalone but you will have all characters in each book.Jenny and Dev s story is not the typical romance story Both are single parents, Dev a single parent to child with Cerebral Palsy and Jenny a divorcee with 3 kids They are in their thirties and just kind of beaten down by life They meet when May, Jenny s sister, brings her into the Bourbon Street Sec [...]

  9. 3.5 starsI really enjoyed reading Wrong Place, Right Time.The storyline was entertaining, I found myself laughing and connecting with the h, Jenny She was my kind of girl, a little out there, funny, sarcastic with a big heart that would go into protective big momma on anyone who disrespected her loved ones It was fun watching Jenny and Dev s relationship develop These two were perfect for each other I loved from the first moment they meet Dev steps into protective mode He wasn t shy to show the [...]

  10. Book 2 about the Bourbon Street Boys security firm Works as a standalone, though This one is about single Mum Jenny, who is May s sister May was the heroine in book 1 Jenny meets Dev when she takes on a freelance job at Bourbon Street I liked Dev Nice guy But the romance aspect was lacking chemistry and steam The story also lacked the completely hilarious, laugh out loud scenes from book 1, and there was no suspense whatsoever in this one Definitely not as good as the first book It was a light, [...]

  11. Java Girl s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews2.5 starsIt took me until 25% to be able to tolerate the heroine, Jenny I found her to be uptight, judgmental, and humorless I m not a fan of adults who think they know what s best for other adults, and feel it s their right to dictate how others live their lives, I don t remember her being this unlikeable in book one of the Bourbon Street Boys series, Wrong Number, Right Guy In fact, I was hoping for her story I thought she deserved an H [...]

  12. Absoluta y completa perdida de tiempo Una historia que avanza m s lento que la tortuga Manuelita, que ni se entendi qu joroca pretendi hacer la autora Un final a la altura del libro, paup rrimo Aspecto positivo d jame pensarlo mostrar la relaci n entre los ni os Conclusi n, m s largo que una procesi n Para m s informaci n, pueden discar 0800 222 Qu es esto.

  13. Probably the most relatable characters I have ever read Really enjoyable Full review will be on The Book Disciple

  14. Elle Casey is funny Full stop Even with the issues I had with this, there are moments of humor and anytime I get to see Felix and Sahara who were the cutest couple in this book, bar none , then I can find something to enjoy Unfortunately, there s little than that to recommend this entry in the Bourbon Boys I thought the first book was a bit screwball comedy than I d like, but ultimately it worked Here, May s sister is like the annoying parts of May without the charm No es bueno Her struggle as [...]

  15. DISCLAIMER I RECEIVED AN E ARC FROM THE PUBLISHER THROUGH NET GALLEY IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW I ALSO WON A KINDLE EDITION IN A GIVEAWAY RECEIPT OF THIS BOOK IN THIS MANNER DOES NOT AFFECT MY OPINION OF THE BOOK OR THE CONTENT OF MY REVIEW This is nearly a direct follow up to the previous story in the series, but focuses on May s sister, Jenny There was a different dynamic than in the previous story, due to the fact that this story revolves around single parents getting together.As with t [...]

  16. So, I love Elle Casey, some of my all time favorite books have been written by her If you haven t read the Shine Not Burn series or the Rebel Wheels series get on that ASAP and while the first book in this series was not a favorite of mine I still liked it enough to continue I enjoy a suspenseful romance with alpha males as much as the next hot blooded woman, but this newest edition just was not my cup of tea.Elle is a fabulous writer and that still shows through but for being as long as it is I [...]

  17. After reading the first book in this series I just had to jump straight into this one thinking I was going to get a continuance of the humour I was enjoying so much along with getting of the cool characters I had already met Add in how much I love single parent romances and I was so there as soon as I put the first one down.But I really didn t get what I was expecting This book had a lot less of the humour and a lot emotion I even had a few instances of leaking eyes while watching Jenny strugg [...]

  18. Resumen de este libro 1 Historia MALA, aburrida.2 44 Cap tulos llenos de relleno.3 37 cap tulos sin romance.4 Personajes principales pat ticos e idiotas.5 Comportamientos y pensamientos de la protagonista torturadores por su nivel de idiotez y inmadurez de una chica adolescente.6 Personajes sosos sin chispas que no generan ning n inter s en el lector.7 Amor Romance entre los protas Por donde 8 Intento de humor un fracaso.9 Se quedo la autora sin ideas Inspiraci n 10 La obligaron a escribir este [...]

  19. ARC provided by Barclay Publicity via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I enjoyed this book better than I did the first book This book had humor in it and I really enjoyed reading Jenny s thoughts However, I felt that a majority of the book was pretty boring and except for the few funny and insightful thoughts of the MCs mostly Jenny since it was from her POV I didn t feel like Dev was all alpha male He seemed a little too mild for being 7 feet and muscularly built I do like that both [...]

  20. While I did enjoy this one, I did not love it as much as the previous one I found myself skimming at parts as it just kinda dragged a bit Then when they finally get together like right at the end of the bookM its over I would have much preferred them getting together sooner and then read the rest of the book, about how they blended their families etc And what is with the fade to black scenes m I am usually used to steamier than that form this author.Also Jenny was a bit in her head too much.ose [...]

  21. More like 2.5 stars, but Jenny annoyed the ever loving shit out of me so much I can t bring myself to round up I really liked Dev, but Jenny was insufferable 85% of the time the other 15 she was a whiny, miserable mess Also, most of the time I didn t feel like she even attempted to really parent her kids Every other word or thought was about how annoying bratty mischievous they were, or how they were just a nuisance I just found Jenny supremely unlikeable Looking forward to 3 a lot less now.

  22. I really liked the first book in this series but this one was pretty disappointing I didn t feel any chemistry or intensity when it came to the hero and heroine Plus it ended with a HFN closure, If you could even consider it that I also wanted of a followup from the couple in book 1 but that didn t happen either This book also lacked the humor this author is known for I m glad it was offered as a kindleunlimited but I don t see it being likely I will continue this series Mostly due to it having [...]

  23. This was just an okay read for me I liked Jenny and I liked Dev but I just don t know if they are right for each other The only thing that they had in common was that were both single parenting.I did like the protective side of Dev when it came to Jenny though and it was nice to see her reactions to his kindness after being married to a douche bag.There was a very slow build between them and I kind of liked that it wasn t all tied up in a nice bow at the end, there is plenty of potential for of [...]

  24. Another quick and fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed I may come back to write a full review but.well we shall see

  25. Un 3,5 abbondante, ma siccome il finale mi proprio piaciuto, sar di manica larga e dar un 4.Molto, ma molto pi carino del primo della serie Intanto i personaggi li conosciamo gi e ogni volta che compaiono in scena, aggiungendo qualcosa al loro passato, sembra di ritrovare dei vecchi amici, come succede un po in tutti i romance corali tant che qui vengono gi introdotti elementi che poi compariranno nel prossimo volume.E poi la protagonista non una cretina da prendere a padellate in faccia come qu [...]

  26. I just read Wrong Place, Right Time The Bourbon Street Boys 2 by Elle Casey and can not express properly how surprised I was by this book I have to admit, when it appeared on my kindle I had to check back into to refresh my Mind what it was about.I remembered when the Blurb turned up that I was drawn to that really silly name for a security firm and something in the wording of that Blurb was catching my eye even though I could not quite place my finger on it Then I saw that I had rad another boo [...]

  27. I love Elle Casey s contemporary romances It doesn t matter what genre of contemporary romance they re in, they re all hilarious Wrong Place, Right Time was no different It had Casey s trademark sexy humor and a little bit of suspense.When Jenny loses her job, she s stuck taking a freelance position with her sister May s company Taking the job with The Bourbon Street Boys makes Jenny uneasy They deal with some bad people and tend to skirt the lines of the law Jenny s a single mom with three youn [...]

  28. This is book number 2 of the Bourbon Street Boys series I am a huge fan of Elle Caseys and love her writing style I have to give this book 3.5 stars as the story started a little slow and by the mid point, it gained momentum I would have loved to delve further into the relationship with Jenny and Dev and with their children The bantor was consistent with the first book which made the reading enjoyable, but I felt that there was a disconnect from book 1 to this book Mae from the first book has re [...]

  29. I was pretty interested in this one, even though I did not read the first book I liked that the heroine is a single mom in her 30s struggling with balancing her work life, home life, and social life or lack thereof Being a single mom, I was able to relate to Jenny s concerns and fears, and it s always nice to have that connection when reading I loved that this was a smart and savvy woman, who was just sort of stuck A series of unfortunate events actually helps her get unstuck with respect to her [...]

  30. A single parent, mother of three, battling to keep on top of the bills, juggle a career and sick kids, a not so nice ex this book was so realistic Jenny s struggles were real and her reactions were real, making her such a relate able character I liked that she was so cautious when it came to the Bourbon Street Boys Already worried about her sister being involved, the last thing Jenny wants is to join her But a series of events leave her with little choice, particularly when the gorgeous Dev catc [...]

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