The Black Key (2022)

[PDF] The Black Key | by ↠ Amy Ewing - The Black Key, The Black Key For too long Violet and the people of the outer circles of the Lone City have lived a life of servitude controlled and manipulated by the royalty of the Jewel But now the secret society known as th [PDF] The Black Key | by ↠ Amy Ewing - The Black Key, The Black Key For too long Violet and the people of the outer circles of the Lone City have lived a life of servitude controlled and manipulated by the royalty of the Jewel But now the secret society known as th
  • Title: The Black Key
  • Author: Amy Ewing
  • ISBN: 9780062235848
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Hardcover
The Black Key
[PDF] The Black Key | by ↠ Amy Ewing, The Black Key, Amy Ewing, The Black Key For too long Violet and the people of the outer circles of the Lone City have lived a life of servitude controlled and manipulated by the royalty of the Jewel But now the secret society known as the Black Key is preparing to seize power and knock down the walls dividing each circle And while Violet knows she is at the center of this rebellion she has a personal sFor too long Vio
  • [PDF] The Black Key | by ↠ Amy Ewing
    268 Amy Ewing
The Black Key

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  1. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell says:

    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI ve been sitting here for several moments trying to figure out how to begin this review The Lone City is such a weird YA trilogy it s dark, and yet not dark enough it makes genuine attempts to be gritty, but is bogged down by cliche and tepid romance it appears to be a fantasy novel, yet the world building is so terrible that it could just as easily be a drastically different version of our world In short, The Lone City is the perfect storm of things that I d [...]

  2. Help me Help me help my sister This was a YA dystopian story, and the end to the series Violet took a lot of risks in this book, and really went out of her way to try and do what she thought was right She did maybe take too many risks at times though, and put herself and other people in danger because of it.The storyline in this was about Violet returning to the Jewel to try and save her sister, and working to take down the royalty from the inside This was an enjoyable story but it did take me a [...]

  3. Such a fast paced read, I had to stay up late to finish it in one sitting I love Violet and how powerful she is, and what she inspires in others Her sense of loyalty to her family and friends was lovely to read about Aside from that, man, did things get real at the end there The plots and motivations for the different characters all came to the surface and it made So Much Sense I also thought that all the deaths were really well handled too, so overall, this is one of the best finales I ve read [...]

  4. Es diferente leer un titular en un peri dico a ver las ruinas ennegrecidas que dejamos atr s.La Ciudad Solitaria fue una trilog a dist pica que me sorprendi gratamente En realidad no esperaba mucho de la historia porque ya estaba un poco saturada de tramas de chicas bonitas, revoluciones y opresi n Con La Llave Negra se cierra una historia cruda, desagarradora y sangrienta El final ha llegado y las apuestas son muy altas La revoluci n, toda la Sociedad de la Llave Negra se est n jugando sus vida [...]

  5. Es ist vorbei Ich habe dieses Buch innerhalb von 24h gelesendas sagt schon alles, oder Es l sst sich einfach so schnell lesen und verschlingen und macht total s chtig Auch wenn ich gern noch ein bisschen mehr dar ber gewusst h tte, was in der Zukunft passieren wird, ist das mein Lieblingsband der Reihe Die Charaktere sind so stark und bilden ein so gro artiges Team Au erdem gab es in diesem Buch einige geniale Szenen ich denke nur an das Aufeinandertreffen Ravens mit ihrer fr heren Herrin BADASS [...]

  6. 1 1 2 starsI want to say this was a completely ridiculous, stereotypical dystopian fantasy trilogy and I would never recommend it, but that s not entirely true For some odd reason, I liked the second book Sequels are usually the ones that end up disappointing me, but here it was the opposite Let s run through what I thought of this series The Jewel was addicting, but I had so many problems with it The vague world building, underdeveloped characters, instalove, and clich s, just to name a few The [...]

  7. Lucienoh LucienI m gonna miss you I really don t know what I feels Its all mixed up I m sad, angry, happy, disappointed, and etc This third book of the series really makes me emotionally crazy However, I do think this book is much better than the other two Gonna miss all the characters though The whole review will be in my blog soon.

  8. Der Anfang war soooo viel versprechend aber das Ende hat mich doch irgendwie entt uscht Ich dachte das Buch endet mit einem gro en booooom aber irgendwie war es wie ein kleines pff Schade aber ich kann damit leben In diesem Teil ist Violet anders, einfach r cksichtslos, nur zwischendurch kam die alte Violet zum Vorschein Die Liebesgeschichte fand ich ehrlich gesagt auch einfach zu gezwungen ohne dies w re es auch nicht schlimm Ich fand es war nichts ganzes und nichts halbes Aber im gro en und ga [...]

  9. Ein gelungener Abschluss der Reihe Zwar h tte ich mir den Kampf am Ende ein wenig ausf hrlicher gew nscht, aber das ist meckern auf hohem Niveau.Die Charaktere haben eine so unglaubliche Entwicklung durchgemacht und ihr Entschlossenheit f r ihre Ziele zu k mpfen und einzustehen ist berw ltigend.Insgesamt fand ich den ersten Teil am Besten, aber auch Teil 2 und 3 sind nur knapp an den 5 Sternen vorbeigeschlittert.Von daher klare Empfehlung f r diese Reihe.

  10. 3.5 STARS I didn t like this book as much as I liked the second part of the series but I still think it was a great conclusion to this trilogy The only things that bothered me a little were that the beginning was really slow and that whenever events from the other two books were mentioned, they were also once again thoroughly described It just really disrupted my reading flow I usually don t mind those recaps of the other books because they do help if you don t read all the books in a row, but I [...]

  11. The Black Key is an entertaining and captivating dystopian series, blending fantasy with an oppressive rule and a band of heroines that are determined to end the oppression The Jewel begun Violet s journey as a Surrogate, chosen by the Duchess of The Lake to bare her an heir and a sibling for Garnet, the former playboy Prince After their brazen escape, Violet, Raven and former Companion Ash have retreated to the White Rose, a rural haven for those seeking solace from the merciless royal court Th [...]

  12. Ein gro artiges Ende einer au ergew hnlichen Reihe Ich war etwas besorgt nach den Ver nderungen bzw Geschehnissen in Band 2, aber das Finale hat mich von vorne bis hinten packen und begeistern k nnen Das Juwel ist eine ganz neue, interessante und erschreckende Dystopie, die ich jedem empfehlen kann

  13. Oooooooookay I haven t even read the second book yet to get this far, but you know what Heck yes Untitled No problem gaspsThere s a coverd a title and it s beautiful

  14. The Black Key was the last book in The Long City series It also picked up right where the second book, The White Rose, left us with the cliffhanger It shows us Violet trying to find and save her sister Hazel at any cost However, she was also a huge influence to the rebellion because she was one of the leaders but family will always come first to her.I really liked how the story unfolded and how this book ultimately ended this pretty amazing series It was a pretty quick read and was very hard to [...]

  15. H O L Y B A N A N A S The Lone City trilogy is one of the best YA trilogies I read so far 3The world building and magic system is awesome the story is so gripping, intense and sometimes very emotional and what matters most we ve got Violet, a very selfless, caring and strong female protagonist who improves every single book a bit her companions are so lovely and very well written as well The trilogy has to offer than just beautiful book covers PLEASE please please read this trilogy if you have [...]

  16. WHY What did I do to you to deserve this tormentous waiting time Like, I was reading and said Okay, I understand there is another book so I shouldn t have much hope in everything ending But then BOOM Im here, wondering why is it so so so difficult to read a really amazing series that doesn t leave a HUGE cliffhanger And no This cliff is NOT relaxing nor amazing as the cliff un the book

  17. 3.5 4 starsI enjoyed this series a lot It s totally underrated, imo Thankfully The Black Key is a satisfying conclusion for Violet, Ash, Garnet, and Raven, with once again quick pacing that had me racing through its pages and a sprinkle of romance Looking forward to books from Amy Ewing

  18. I expected a lot plot twists, instead the story was expected, there wasn t anything even a bit surprising It was a bit of a let down after that amazing series.

  19. This series has super paced paced writing and keeps you wanting at every chapter If you enjoyed The Selection s pace and writing style you will love this If you enjoyed the caste system and magical elements of The Red Queen you are sure to enjoy this story from beginning to end

  20. Der letzte Band der Trilogie war ein guter Abschluss der Reihe, aber im Nachhinein hat mir der erste Band echt am Besten gefallen Jedoch fand ich die F gungen im letzten Band echt spannend aber die Reihe hat mich einfach nicht total berzeugt.


  22. 3,5 starsIt s been quite a while since I ve finished an entire series, and it feels kind of really good Like I feel so accomplished and glad that I got to see this Story unfold from beginning to end And I did really enjoy it Overall this series does have some flaws, definitely, like the, sometimes frustratingly bland, main character or the very simple distinction between good and bad Or, related to the main character thing, how the books would majorly focus on Violet I know she s the main charac [...]

  23. J ai largement pr f r ce dernier tome au pr c dent M me si je trouve toujours certaines choses exag r es, on peut dire que cet ultime tome ne manque pas d action Il se lit toujours autant vite et on ne s ennuie pas une seule seconde Certains v nements m ont bris e le coeur mais j ai toujours du mal m attacher Ash et Violet.Mes personnages pr f r s restent Lucien, Raven et Garnet.

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