On the Prowl (2022)

Free Download On the Prowl - by Patricia Briggs Eileen Wilks Karen Chance Sunny - On the Prowl, On the Prowl Alpha and Omega by Patricia BriggsThe werewolf Anna finds a new sense of self when the son of the werewolf king comes to town to quell unrest in the Chicago pack and inspires a power in Anna that Free Download On the Prowl - by Patricia Briggs Eileen Wilks Karen Chance Sunny - On the Prowl, On the Prowl Alpha and Omega by Patricia BriggsThe werewolf Anna finds a new sense of self when the son of the werewolf king comes to town to quell unrest in the Chicago pack and inspires a power in Anna that
  • Title: On the Prowl
  • Author: Patricia Briggs Eileen Wilks Karen Chance Sunny
  • ISBN: 9780425216590
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
On the Prowl
Free Download On the Prowl - by Patricia Briggs Eileen Wilks Karen Chance Sunny, On the Prowl, Patricia Briggs Eileen Wilks Karen Chance Sunny, On the Prowl Alpha and Omega by Patricia BriggsThe werewolf Anna finds a new sense of self when the son of the werewolf king comes to town to quell unrest in the Chicago pack and inspires a power in Anna that she s never felt before Inhuman by Eileen WilksKai has a secret gift of sensing thoughts and desires What she senses in her neighbor Nathan could be dangerous Because he haAlpha and Omega
  • Free Download On the Prowl - by Patricia Briggs Eileen Wilks Karen Chance Sunny
    176 Patricia Briggs Eileen Wilks Karen Chance Sunny
On the Prowl

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  1. Review first posted on fantasyliterature On the Prowl is an anthology containing four urban fantasy novellas So here s the deal All four are part of longer urban fantasy series, and I can t really recommend any of them as stand alone reads I happen to be into Patricia Briggs series at the moment, so I picked up this book at the library so I could read Alpha and Omega, but none of the other three stories had much appeal for me, and one of them Mona Lisa Betwining was positively off putting I give [...]

  2. Alpha and Omega by Patricia BriggsI ve actually read Alpha and Omega twice now It s such a wonderful story Very short, but that s okay, because we have two full length stories with one of my supercouples now I can t describe how much I love this story I did write a long review which I added under Alpha and Omega separately I ll just say that Ms Briggs did an exemplarly job of writing this story that is full of underlying intensity, but written so simply Charles and Anna are two characters that I [...]

  3. Alpha and Omega byPatricia Briggs this story introduces a new character to the world of Mercy Thompson and elaborates on a off screen event in or between Blood Bound and Iron Kissed The character Anna is a lot like Kitty Kitty and the Midnight Hour at first, being at the bottom of the pack The nature of the short story stops much character development, but I enjoyed the peek into their lives, the plot and interaction drawing the reader along at a quick pace I look forwards to reading about them [...]

  4. In love with Anna and Charles, and learning about pack hierarchy according to werewolves is really interesting.

  5. Patricia Briggs story was okay It was nice to see something of the other son Though once again, the woman is extra special Eileen Wilks story was interesting, though definitely paranormal romance than urban fantasy It s a good start for a series and I m almost tempted to go out and find that series.Karen Chance s story was all right I liked the male protagonist, but I m not really sure I care for the plot twist.Sunny s story was not urban fantasy I m not sure I d even qualify it as paranormal r [...]

  6. Okay, okay, let me just tell you that within this book there are about four novellas Oh, and let me just point out that the first novella within this entire damn book is the only good one It s 100% less cringe worthy as well The other three I just wish that I would ve blacked out on I really want to forget reading them I was cringing the entire god damn time I don t know if I m ever going to get back the hours I spend reading this book AND YES I SAID HOURS Because of the constant cringing opport [...]

  7. Although I have not read all of her books as of yet, Patricia Briggs is one of my favorite authors.The Mercy Thompson series really appealed to me I love shape shifter romance books, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the series continue the relationship between Mercy and Adam.The Alpha and Omega series is a spin off of the Mercy Thompson series This series is based on the relationship between Charles and Anna.Charles is a very dominant werewolf He was born a werewolf, the only of his kind A [...]

  8. So, I have read the entire book and all the novella in it and really enjoyed but I am reviewing this after having just had a little reread of Patricia Brigg s Alpha Omega novella.Alpha Omegaby Patricia BriggsThis is where my love for Patricia Briggs started, with this short but powerful novella This is the first in the series, of the same name as the novella Alpha Omega It gives you such a great hint of the massive world the Briggs has created with werewolves, fae and vampires, although her book [...]

  9. This review is only for Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs.I really enjoyed the first book in the Alpha and Omega series The book is set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson series but follows Anna, an Omega wolf who has been abused by her Chicago pack for three years, and Charles, Bran s son who we met in Moon Called I really enjoyed reading this story in third person because I knew what Charles was thinking the Mercy Thompson series is in first person, so it s harder to know what Adam reall [...]

  10. only reading Patricia Brigg s Alpha and Omega This was a really sweet and short story on how Charles and Anna met I am definitely looking forward to the courtship in the next book I had been told that Anna had been abused and she was but thankfully not as bad as my imagination lead me to think I enjoyed getting to know Anna and Charles especially since it s been awhile since I read the first Mercy book I m really liking Anna and I hope that continues Charles is very interesting and I just like g [...]

  11. Finally caved in and got the precursor to the Alpha Omega novels My excuse is that I wanted to try out my new eReader And as expected I really liked the first story, although I already roughly knew what to expect from it I guess that is the nice thing about book series You make freinds and it s familiar and nice to meet them again The second story by Eileen Wilks was pretty good as well Interesting idea of the borders between realms breaking down and talents emerging The heroine should appeal to [...]

  12. AMENDED 02 12 11 I m re reading this because I m going to listen to the Alpha Omega series and the first story about them meeting is not in an audiobook Note to publisher Please make this an audiobook This is one of my favorite anthologies 2nd read Loved the Patricia Briggs and Eileen Wilks stories Karen Chance s Claire 2nd story I ve read with this character is okay She s an okay character Sunny s story is good, but you have to read the other stories in order to understand this story at all Not [...]

  13. I only bought this for the Briggs story which is a prequel to her Alpha and Omega series.I d give it five stars, but I ve read reviews of the other stories and it seems the PB story is really the best and the others fall quite short So I can t, in good conscience, give the whole book a five But, if you re into Patricia Briggs, this is a really great novella about what happened during Moon Called when Charles the marrock s other son went to Chicago to check things out I can t wait to get started [...]

  14. I picked this up solely for Patricia Briggs I find it a little odd that a Briggs story is part of this collection the other three contributors seem to be firmly in the sex soaked PNR category, and Briggs isn t At least, the Mercy Thompson books aren t, despite what their covers look like it s a hard sell when someone, particularly a male someone, has understandable difficulty looking past the tramp stamped Mercy doppelg ngers that scream hot werewolf sex Not, of course, as loudly as the cover of [...]

  15. Ok i only got this book for Alpha and Omega so thats the only story im reviewing DIn Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs, we meet Anna, a recently turned werewolf, whom everyone believes to be a true submissive wolf But when Charles Cornick arrives, son of the Marrok werewolf or king as we humans understand better , arrives to investigate some problems in the Chicago pack, he knows immediately that Anna is than anyone thinks, and is one very special female he could easily fall for This was my fi [...]

  16. I read the short story Alpha Omega by Patricia Briggs, the precursor to the Alpha Omega series that takes place in Mercy Thompson s world and runs concurrently with that series So I guess I ll be switching back and forth according to the best reading order post that Sonia sent me.

  17. Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs was the prequel for the Alpha Omega series that focuses on the relationship of Charles and Anna In this short, we see how Anna and Charles first met and really get a feel for what Anna s life had been like before she met Charles Really an excellent short, definitely recommend reading it before Cry Wolf that way you won t miss anything Action packed, emotional, and just a little darker than the Mercy Thompson series but overall just a great short story to begin [...]

  18. NOTE THIS RATING IS ONLY FOR THE PATRICIA BRIGGS NOVELLA FOR NOW Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs 4 stars read August 4, 2011 I loved this short prequel to the Alpha Omega series, which is also a spin off of the Mercy Thompson series AO features Charles Cornick, son to Bran the Marrok and brother to Samuel, and Anna It takes place around the time of Mercy book on, Moon Called, after Bran is made aware of the situation in Chicago.I liked Charles a lot in the Mercy books, even though he wasn t a [...]

  19. One of these things is not like the others I really enjoyed the first three stories in this anthology, all of which were on the paranormal romance side of urban fantasy, just where I like it I was familiar with the worlds already established in Briggs and Wilks stories but think it would have been fine if I hadn t been Chance s world was new to me, but stood alone perfectly well Good characters, good conflicts I actually feel inspired to continue with Wilks Lupis series, which had previously bog [...]

  20. Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty This anthology delivers tantalizing views into well loved worlds Fun reads that can be enjoyed without prior knowledge of the series.The Review I don t normally read all of an anthology I will go to the sections with my favorite authors and then call it good On the Prowl is not your usual anthology The novellas are long enough to satisfy my need for details yet short enough to wet my appetite for I had not previously read anything by Eileen Wilks [...]

  21. On the Prowl is a paranormal romance anthology from today s hottest authors On the Prowl features a female werewolf who comes into her own a Lord who crosses paths with a fiery mage a mixed blood Child of the Moon who faces an uncertain future and a woman whose sixth sense proves to be a dangerous talent.I only bought On The Prowl because of Susi She told me I d really need to read it if I wanted to read Patricia Briggs other Urban Fantasy series Alpha and Omega book Cry Wolf as the anthology wa [...]

  22. This book was a fun collection of stories and I really enjoyed them all, but though some were initially great and all were pretty enjoyable, I m finding it now hard to remember just five days later the various happenings in each story So I think I ll leave it a just four stars Alpha and Omega by Patricia BriggsI really liked Charles Anna was a character I was less enthused about, as she seemed awfully meek, but when she proved herself to be possessed of a strong backbone, I grew fonder of her an [...]

  23. On the ProwlAlpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs I have loved this short story since the first time I read it On the Prowl is the only anthology I ve ever bought because of this story But, I do think that you really need to read Moon Called first or else you just wont understand what in the world Charles is doing in Chicago But this is a great beginning to Brigg s spin off series Love it, love it, love it And always something great to pick up for a quick re read.Inhuman by Eileen Wilks This was a [...]

  24. I picked up this anthology years ago to read the Alpha and Omega short story I had just got into the Mercy Thompson series and decided to read the start of the spin off series I didn t like it as I didn t know the characters and I lost interest in the entire series This week, many years later, I decided to give it a second chance The reason Well, having read all the Mercy books so far, I now know a lot about Bran s pack and figured that I d now be interested in reading about them Last night I [...]

  25. On the Prowl Anthology Alpha Omega Alpha Omega, book 0.5 by Patricia BriggsWow I had forgotten how good this short was It s set in the same world as Mercy Thompson s Presenting a new character, Anna, and an old one, Charles Charles is kind of old, but he s a blank slate Readers first meet him in Moon Called and gets smatterings of mentions in Mercy s books He s the son of the Marrok so it s bound to happen He s also the executioner for the pack and a key in keeping it running Charles is a charac [...]

  26. After reading the first 3 and feeling a little meh about the content I was hopeful about Sunny s contribution The Mona Lisa series is one of my favorites, but I was not impressed with this novella Since I have read the Mona Lisa series, I definitely thought it was the best of the 4, but I can see how it could be confusing if you were new to the series It would not have been a series starter for me.Monere short story gets 2 stars and this is one of my favorite series do yourself a favor and read [...]

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