The Poet's Dog (2022)

[PDF] Download ↠ The Poet's Dog : by Patricia MacLachlan - The Poet's Dog, The Poet s Dog From Newbery Medal winner Patricia MacLachlan comes a poignant story about two children a poet and a dog and how they help one another survive loss and recapture love Teddy is a gifted dog Raised in [PDF] Download ↠ The Poet's Dog : by Patricia MacLachlan - The Poet's Dog, The Poet s Dog From Newbery Medal winner Patricia MacLachlan comes a poignant story about two children a poet and a dog and how they help one another survive loss and recapture love Teddy is a gifted dog Raised in
  • Title: The Poet's Dog
  • Author: Patricia MacLachlan
  • ISBN: 9780062292650
  • Page: 178
  • Format: ebook
The Poet's Dog
[PDF] Download ↠ The Poet's Dog : by Patricia MacLachlan, The Poet's Dog, Patricia MacLachlan, The Poet s Dog From Newbery Medal winner Patricia MacLachlan comes a poignant story about two children a poet and a dog and how they help one another survive loss and recapture love Teddy is a gifted dog Raised in a cabin by a poet named Sylvan he grew up listening to sonnets read aloud and the comforting clicking of a keyboard Although Teddy understands words Sylvan always told hiFrom Newbery
  • [PDF] Download ↠ The Poet's Dog : by Patricia MacLachlan
    178 Patricia MacLachlan
The Poet's Dog

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  1. I forgot to mark this one as read because finishing it was not a tremendously memorable event The cover is gorgeous but there is something about the story that felt a bit off to me I found it somewhat confusing as a read aloud book because it jumped around to tell the story in an attempt to slowly reveal plot details Good but not amazing.

  2. A charming little fable about children, lost during a snowstorm, who are taken in by a dog Because, you see, children and poets can understand dogs when they speak, and so Teddy and Nickel and Flora wait out the storm, eating delicious things cooked by little Flora, and hearing stories from Teddy about his person, the poet Sylvan A wonderful winter book

  3. Sweet story about words and the value they have in our lives Beautiful writing, reminding us of the beauty in a bond with a dog.

  4. This book was stunning I loved it This book takes what you know a story like this to be like, but then flips it around and tells it to you from the perspective of a talking dog I cried, but it was beautiful and moving So many wonderful things I could say about this book.

  5. This is quiteight I m sure a certain type of person would find it profound and beautiful, but that person is emphatically not me.

  6. 3.5 5 starsThis was a nice quick read that held emotions than seemed possible for such a short book.I saw this on display at my library and decided to pick it up, it looked intriguing because it was told from the dogs point of view and seemed to maybe be wintery because of the snow I m trying to get into the Christmas spirit sort of Since it was a Juvenile book and less than 90 pages I thought, why not The flashbacks to the dog s time with Sylvan, the poet, really added on a bit of depth and tr [...]

  7. I have been a fan of Patricia MacLachlan s for many, many years I truly love her Unfortunately, publishing this title as is does not do MacLachlan any favor It is an extremely short volume Generally that would not be much a problem However, there is just too much of everything left out Even a reader with the best imagination would have difficulty trying to flesh out the tale Several pages were emotional and magical The best a children s author could hope to achieve In a way it only makes me sadd [...]

  8. A moving story about life and death and what lives on The Poet s Dog is Teddy, an Irish Wolfhound, and he is the thread that connects the past and the present Through him, the love of his former owner, Sylvan, who gave him words, and taught him to save others, lives on A slim and meditative book about love and caring for others during hardship.

  9. Another poignant book by Patricia MacLachlan Pure pleasure to read with a sweetness of a talking dog, a snow storm and two beautiful children.

  10. Four and a half Almost five A beautiful story narrated by Teddy, a dog Teddy lived with a poet teacher in a cabin in the woods until the poet died He taught Teddy that poets and children understand the language of dogsd Teddy sees it play out with the poet s studentsme can hear him and understand Most cannot, because they are not poets.After the poet s death, Teddy lives in the cabin, with the help of another poet who visits and keeps things running But one night, during a huge snowstorm, Teddy [...]

  11. Let me preface my review by stating that as a middle school teacher, I usually read books through the dual lenses of what I think and what I think my readers will think There are some books where what I think, what my readers think, and what younger readers think is similar This book I can t tell yet.It s about a talking dog who rescues two children from the harm of a storm There is a device for the talking dog the talking dog belonged to a poet who read out loud to him and learned to express hi [...]

  12. I have to start this review by saying I love Patricia MacLachlan I truly do Publishing this title as is I don t think did the author any favors nor will win her a new audience It is an inexplicably short book There is generally nothing wrong with that but of everything needed to be told A reader can have the best imagination possible but there is just too much left out There are a few incredibly beautiful, emotional pages I ultimately walked away feeling Is that it It seemed like a lengthy ver [...]

  13. What a beautiful little story little it s very short and I read the whole thing in about 20 minutes That did not lessen my delight with it Is it a bit of magical realism Whimsy This is the kind of story that speaks to me She says the dog can talk to the poet OK, then I believe it The dog is able to talk to the children and they can all survive in a little cabin I m on board I think what I really liked about this was that the focus was fully on the dog his love for and grief for his human compani [...]

  14. Teddy was raised by Sylvan, a poet According to Sylvan children and poets can hear Teddy Teddy is a gifted dog He understands words and is delighted when people are able to listen to him When grown ups know they can talk with Teddy they are poets Sylvan used to read to Teddy, but the house they lived in is empty now When Teddy finds Nickel and Flora, two children trapped in a snowstorm, it s handy he can communicate with them He brings them to Sylvan s home to keep them safe.Nickel, Flora and Te [...]

  15. I so wanted to like this than I did I adore MacLachlan s understated, lovely writing I liked this but could not suspend enough belief to love it I am sure my students, especially sensitive, dog loving tweens will love it.

  16. For those who know me personally and for those who only know me virtually my love of dogs is apparent to all When I say I love dogs, I mean there has never been a human being as wonderful as any of my four dogs If I should meet a human who surpasses the pure generosity, compassion, loyalty, love and joy of a dog, then surely there is reincarnation A dog must have been sent back in the form of a human to show us how to better live our lives.Even before I read the first page of the first chapter o [...]

  17. I m never disappointed by the books of Maclachlan She writes with depth of feeling and wonderment that lasts after the book is finished.An Irish Wolfhound who was previously rescued by her poet owner Sylvan, finds two children in the snow As the sleet and gusting winds pound them, the dog walks them to safety.As the power flickers off and on, and the snow pelts the windows, all is calm and cozy in the cabin In grief, Teddy the dog misses his owner who died In hope, the children long to know that [...]

  18. I loved this read aloud with my kids It s a heart warming story of love devotion between a dog and his owner It has the best elements of sacrifice, friendship, redemption out of tragedy and perseverance in hardship.

  19. A blizzard, two lost children, a dog in mourning, and a warm cabin in the woods where a special friendship is born these elements come together beautifully in MacLachlan s heartfelt and magical tale.

  20. I didn t know how much I needed this book until I finished reading it It made my 2016 a little bit brighter and renewed my love of reading Thank you, Patricia MacLachlan

  21. 6 star bookPut this on the shelf next to Sarah Plain and Tall, Ivan, and Dance in the Desert Only poets and children can understand the language of dogs A poet s dog recuses two children in a snow storm and they all learn about love and life i was weeping at the end of the book And he the poet read to me He read Yeats and Shakespeare, James Joyce, Wordsworth, Natalie Babbitt, and Billy Collins He read me Charlotte s Web, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Morning Girl and my favorite story, O [...]

  22. A very quick read a short story of 88 pages , MacLachlan s story is precise, warm as much as it is cold, yet uplifting When two children find themselves alone in the forest after their family car veers off the snow thick road, they are rescued by a talking dog at least, he can be heard by children and poets Whilst the storm rages, he becomes their guardian and it is during this time, the three of them learn about the power of words over lives and the nature of the human and canine spirit I don t [...]

  23. Any book that includes a narrating dog, I m all in This is a sweet story with the theme rescue is love It s a book geared for children under 12, so that may account for the minimal character development, but I m grateful there s no tragic lesson on loss, as many dog stories go Overall, I m excited to read this to my son one day.

  24. Being a writer is not easy, you know It is, now that I think of it, either full of sorrow or full of joy Like being a dog, I say Oh, my heart 3For old soul kids who will read Kate DiCamillo in a year or two Or young soul adults still waiting for the day they ll hear their dog speak back.

  25. Beautiful yet somewhat sad story about a dog who rescues two kids from a storm shortly after his master passed away.

  26. What a gorgeous, exquisite story, full of heart and love and grief and hope and joy and lyricism I could not put it down once I started it Highly recommended.

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