Deeper (2022)

[PDF] Deeper | by ¸ Roderick Gordon BrianWilliams - Deeper, Deeper The Tunnels adventure is far from over for Will Burrows In his quest to find his father Will is plunged even deeper underground And as if things weren t bad enough already in the heat and darkness h [PDF] Deeper | by ¸ Roderick Gordon BrianWilliams - Deeper, Deeper The Tunnels adventure is far from over for Will Burrows In his quest to find his father Will is plunged even deeper underground And as if things weren t bad enough already in the heat and darkness h
  • Title: Deeper
  • Author: Roderick Gordon BrianWilliams
  • ISBN: 9781905294626
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Deeper | by ¸ Roderick Gordon BrianWilliams, Deeper, Roderick Gordon BrianWilliams, Deeper The Tunnels adventure is far from over for Will Burrows In his quest to find his father Will is plunged even deeper underground And as if things weren t bad enough already in the heat and darkness he stumbles across a Styx plot with terrible implications for the world above and a sister who isn t finished yet
  • [PDF] Deeper | by ¸ Roderick Gordon BrianWilliams
    359 Roderick Gordon BrianWilliams

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  1. This was perfection This is one of the best books ever written I know those are big words, but they are not an overreaction This book is by far the best adventure book I ve ever read Even though it is 800 pages long, it keeps you on the edge the whole time That is how good it is DEEPER continues the adventure from TUNNELS, where Will, a teenage boy, is drawn to a world built under our own, where people have lived for hundreds of years And as the title suggests, with each book we go deeper and di [...]

  2. As I read this book I was glad that it moved a lot faster than the first one There was one part for me that was kindof slower so I skimmed a few chapters My one critique of these books would be the endings When I read Harry Potter or Fablehaven, I loved it because I felt like the book had an ending, but still left you wondering what would happen in the next book These books, Tunnels and Deeper, make me feel like they just ran out of ideas so they ended it there, in a random spot I like a little [...]

  3. La segunda entrega de T neles, porque la aventura no pod a terminar en un s lo libro.Esper cerca de un a o para encontrar la segunda parte, me la le en el margen de dos semanas y gracias a este libro logr encontrar la comunidad de MundoT neles MT y muchas cosas m s El estilo de escritura sigue siendo el mismo Algo pesado en algunas partes, desbordante de imaginaci n y capaz de hacerte imaginar los sonidos y olores con s lo describirlos.Will sigue siendo el mismo chico curioso, valiente e intelig [...]

  4. Ugh Maybe my opinion is deep seated in my claustrophobia since I am one of the few that didn t like it I didn t care for the first book but i was told this one is better Granted I was completely intrigued at the idea The underground dystopia was a new spin I felt had great promise The description is great The story is well written as far as writing goes but The characters suck I don t find any of them like able The only characters I liked were killed off in the last book And what s the end game [...]

  5. Deeper by Roderick Gordon just is not great The setting takes place in a proclaimed colony below the Earth s surface The main character, Will Burrows, is a colonist who was carried to the surface world as an infant by his rebel mother, Sarah Jerome When Will s adopted father, Doctor Burrows, goes missing to the colony a decade and a half later, Will took it upon himself to find him He finds his way down to the colony while searching for Doctor Burrows, and is subsequently punished for being invo [...]

  6. The sequel to its predecessor, Deeper, is like that attraction at Disneyworld that you want to ride over and over and over again.One of my pet peeves with books is bad cliffhangers I hate it when you finish a book with a cliffhanger ending, and you really want to know what happens next You finally get your hands on the sequel, but chapter one doesn t pick up from where you left off it takes a couple chapters to get back to where you left off Deeper is not one of those books.Deeper quite literall [...]

  7. DEEPERBook by Roderick Gordon Brian WilliamsReview by Jacob Cole First off let me tell all who read this that I have never read a book for the fun of it In fact the only time I ever read books is books is because of reports and projects, but Deeper and the whole Tunnels series is something different, way different I stumbled on the books Tunnels and Deeper about two years ago at the book fair I read about half of it and then it sat on my shelf for six months until six grade roled around and then [...]

  8. Once unto the breach, dear friends, once Or close the wall up with our English dead.Well that was intense This sequel to Tunnels starts immediately as the other book finished, hurtling in to the Deeps and boy are they some deep Deeps.A lot of this book is spent with the protagonists in pitch darkness, stumbling around in the bowels of the Earth It s hot and horrible, grim and grisly The story is split in to five parts, with over fifty chapters between them, so it s not a quick read The first c [...]

  9. This book really bothered me, because I so wanted to like this series, but the characters drove me crazy There was no consistency in their personalities, and their emotions didn t feel authentic One minute Will is in total shock over something traumatic that happened, and can barely even hear the people talking to him, and then two minutes later, he s bouncing around all excited, the traumatic thing forgotten And I don t get Chester and his occasional hostility at all As far as Cal, I thought I [...]

  10. I rated the book a three because it s lengthy and mostly uninteresting with only a few parts worth reading The ending was unsurprising and abrupt, the characters were unsociable and there were no personal connections to be made with the story The book was confusing and makes little sense if you haven t read the first, and seems like a continuation for other books in the trilogy Unless you enjoy the first book or the author, I don t recommend the book to casual readers.The three main characters, [...]

  11. Reviewed by Joan Stradling for TeensReadTooAfter digging through the subterranean world of modern day London in search of his father, fourteen year old Will Burrows ended up on the run from the diabolical Styx army with his best friend, Chester, and his newly discovered brother, Cal.As they travel deeper into the earth, they find dangers none of them ever dreamed possible And the worst danger of all is the one from Will s murderous sister, Rebecca, who is leading the Styx army in an evil plot th [...]

  12. Wow.ce The writers give us a lot of things there on the Deeper.Deeper is like the second world There are island, ocean, animals old time also plants And many things else which related with science s difficult for me to explain.Will together with his brother Cal and friend Caster decided go to the Deeper for looking his foster father, amazing that they can survive live in the Deepers which is imposibble to live there, found things that they never expect And especially met and joint with Elliot a [...]

  13. I feel like the adventure within the story was continuous I also liked how within some chapters, the P.O.V changed between Will, Sarah Jerome Will and Cal s mother , and or Dr Robert Burrows Will s topsoil father At some points in the book, I thought the story slowed down a bit, but Deeper makes up for this with its seemingly endless action and suspense Even though it is a relatively long book, being 655 pages the longest book in the series , I thought it was a relatively easy book to read I wou [...]

  14. The start was quite slow for me and many times I just did not wish to continue, but still for various reasons I did, and I am happy for that.The story gets even darker in this book and I was surprised to see that, somehow I did not imagine this story as bloody as it is.I was delighted to find that the development went from slow to fast paced and that the story had many surprises in store for me.The characters started to be interesting in my eyes and the new ones were than perfect to make the a [...]

  15. A great continuation of the first book The imagination and suspense created in Gordon s mind is out of this world I loved it as much as the first book And even though it s about 600 and something pages long, it goes rather quickly The mystery that the mother has to solve is very intriguing, because you know what she doesn t The split adventures between the groups of characters runs surprisingly smoothly as they slowly trudge closer and closer to each other without knowing.

  16. ini lebih menuju pusat bumidisini, will burrows, nama anak yang bertualang tersebut, tau kalau dia ternyata dulunya tinggal di bwah tanah, namun ibunya membawa lari ke dunia atasdia kembali ke bawah tanah untuk mencari ayah angkatnya yang hilang waktu menggali ke bwah tanahmakin seru az

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  18. it was good the charcters were jermiah seth kaiden kira they were trying to figure out what was napping

  19. Excellent sequel to Tunnels Great plot, great characters and amazing writing Enjoyed this one as much as the Tunnels Recommend highly Can t wait to read the 3rd installment FreeFall.

  20. I devoured the book It s simply genious I d read it all over again even though I didn t got to finish the series, I d read it all over again even after 50 years A must read

  21. This is a difficult book to review.1 It is well written and gripping but2 NO child this is classified as YA, which is can be thought of as young as 12 should read about a mother losing her mind and therefore performing self mutilation Self mutilation is a common fad for teenagers and if it is ever mentioned, it should be seriously discussed and presented as a terrible thing, not presented as something perfectly acceptable for someone to do when they can t handle their emotions.3 The mother is co [...]

  22. The book Deeper is a continuation of the first book in the Tunnels series It starts off right where the first book left off where Will, his brother Cal, and his friend Chester are in the Miners Train which is going to a place called the deeps Unlike the first book in this series, this book switches between many different characters who are in different places throughout the book which could make it a little confusing at times Although there are different subplots, the main plot of the story is t [...]

  23. I ve read the first 3 books of the Tunnels series and this review covers all 3 of them I really enjoyed the first book, Tunnels There is great sense of mystery, adventure, and discovery in the story The characters are flawed and accessible, but also thoughtful enough to prompt some reflection from the reader The pace starts moderately and gains steadily to an engaging gallop from the midpoint to the end My only complaint with book 1 is my disappointment in the minimal attempts made to keep the u [...]

  24. This book was about a boy named Will and his friend Chester who ended up in a underground wasteland ,because they got kicked out of the underground colony Will and Chester got taken in by a renegade and they became good partners The main conflict for Will was to find his dad who also ended up in the wasteland The story is filled with lots of action towards the end Drake is my favorite character ,because he is fearless and brave.I have a personal experience that relates to will trying to find his [...]

  25. This book continues the strangeness of the first The weird version of Christianity continues, which makes me wonder Is the author purposely twisting the Bible, or is that what he truly believes Maybe I m reading too deeply into this Either way, it s a great story that is excellently written The character development is less than I d expected, considering what the characters are going through, but it is enough that I m not shouting at the book for their foolish decisions view spoiler Although whe [...]

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