Eden (2022)

Free Read Eden - by Stanisław Lem Marc E. Heine - Eden, Eden A six man crew crash lands on Eden fourth planet from another sun The men find a strange world that grows ever stranger and everywhere there are images of death The crew s attempt to communicate wit Free Read Eden - by Stanisław Lem Marc E. Heine - Eden, Eden A six man crew crash lands on Eden fourth planet from another sun The men find a strange world that grows ever stranger and everywhere there are images of death The crew s attempt to communicate wit
  • Title: Eden
  • Author: Stanisław Lem Marc E. Heine
  • ISBN: 9780156278065
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
Free Read Eden - by Stanisław Lem Marc E. Heine, Eden, Stanisław Lem Marc E. Heine, Eden A six man crew crash lands on Eden fourth planet from another sun The men find a strange world that grows ever stranger and everywhere there are images of death The crew s attempt to communicate with this civilization leads to violence and to a cruel truth cruel precisely because it is so human Translated by Marc E Heine A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book
  • Free Read Eden - by Stanisław Lem Marc E. Heine
    248 Stanisław Lem Marc E. Heine

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  1. I m not sure how to rate this book Some books build their story like sculpting as you can see it slowly taking shape from two piece of rock to work of art Or painting where you can see whole picture slowly being formed Eden is like photography, in small time span masterful pictures is created on what it was before just dull piece plastic and silicone does this metaphor make sense outside my head I don t know but I m too tired and drunk to think too much so I m just going to roll with it Eden ha [...]

  2. Brilliant and disturbing Lem s theme with this book as with Solaris, Fiasco, His Master s Voice and others is the complete lack of understanding or commonality between human and alien intelligence Six astronauts crash on an alien planet about which very little is known They re forced to search for resources in order to survive and repair their ship and are quite naturally eager to explore the strange planet, at first Every encounter with the remnants of the alien civilization, and with the life [...]

  3. Science fiction is a difficult genre to map out At an earlier time, perhaps the term dictated certain ideas that we now identify as old school science fiction rockets shooting off to space, alien contact that was often, especially in the 1950 s, paralleled with communism scares, exploring the universe in search of unknown planets It seems like a paradox to force those words together by hyphen science fiction For one part is set in stone, movable if only in the realm of theories The other lies in [...]

  4. This is an incredible book My favorite sci fi authors are a pair of Russian Brothers Boris and Arkady Strugatsky and a Pole, Stanislaw Lem The latter was responsible for such masterpieces as Solaris and The Futurological Congress To these, I must now add Eden.A space ship with a crew of six crash lands on the beautiful planet Eden But what they find is almost totally incomprehensible to them large, ominous plants factories that produce strange products whose morphology varies cities full of stra [...]

  5. OCENA overall rating 3 5 starsRadnja story Ideja plot idea Okru enje setting Pripovedanje writing style Likovi characters UTISAK summary Jo jedan prikaz poku aja uspostavljanja kontakta sa vanzemaljskom civilizacijom i prokaz osnovnog problema da mi ljudi sve sagledavamo iz na eg zemaljskog konteksta Likovi su arhetipovi nau nika i kao takvi zastupaju stavove u skladu sa granama nauke koje prou avaju Odli ni opisi vanzemaljske arhitekture.

  6. This is the second book I read by Lem The first was The Futurological Congress a work of comic genius a brilliant combination of sci fi, philosophy, and witty word play Eden has none of the humor or word play of The Futurological Congress Its philosophy consists of speculations about the nature of an alien species and its civilization as well as the recognition that none of their hypotheses may be correct, that the aliens might be incomprehensible to them I had difficulty following some of Lem s [...]

  7. Eden Raj, a mo e piek o dla tych, kt rym nie by pisany Sam tytu powie ci sugerowa mi r ne pomys y na rozwi zanie fabu y, ale Mistrz zrobi to w, ma si rozumie , o wiele lepszym stylu Wspaniale opisana obco warunk w zastanych na tytu owej planecie Bardzo dojrza a powie , pobrzmiewa w niej co solarisowego, a filozoficzne dysputy czyta si z prawdziw przyjemno ci Ksi ka intryguje od pierwszej strony i niezwyk ej sytuacji, w jakiej postawiono bohater w, a po ostatni Rewelacja 9 10

  8. Eden Stanislav Lemin 1959 cu ild yazd v sosial c h ti il n xan elmi fantastik romand r Kitab qalaktikam zda f rqli bir g n sistemind ki planet Eden , q zal v ziyy td enmi bir g mid n v onun hey tinin h m g minin t miri il m ul olmas , h m d onlar n bu yad d nyan k f etm c hdl rind n b hs edir Bir zamanlar planet atmosfer s rh ddind ara d r lm olsa da, lakin ilk d f m lum g mimizin q zas il bu d nyaya insan aya d yir Eden, Yerd n radius olaraq ki ik, atmosferi t n ff s etm y lveri li v b riyy t t [...]

  9. I love Lem, but this was not one of my favorites Eden attempts to tackle similar themes as Solaris , but it wasn t as effective as that masterpiece.Six humans crash land in planet Eden All but one is identified throughout the book both by the narrator and in dialogue by their profession I m not clear why Lem made this choice, nor why he allowed one character to have a name, but it adds a sense of reading a fable Though these characters are developed to an extent, they still remain cyphers In the [...]

  10. Eden is a beautiful and highly disturbing tale of first contact with alien intelligence The novel has unfortunately been disregarded and overlooked throughout the years in favour of its famous sibling Solaris The topic is a recurring one in Stanislaw Lem s universe contact with an alien intelligence is ultimately doomed from the start Humans and aliens are so different from each other that they do not have a common frame of reference to understand each other from Lem has pursued this thread thr [...]

  11. Interesting novel It plays on the same tune as Solaris, which was published two years later the encounter of humans with extraterrestrial intelligences where there is nothing or almost nothing in common and most of the deductions humans make about the aliens are unwarranted.The novel is divided into two parts In the first, the humans explore glimpses of the aliens society and understand nothing In the second the last two chapters they are able to communicate with an educated alien and get an app [...]

  12. Wstrz saj ce wra enie, jakie zrobi a na mnie ta ksi ka, pami tam do dzi Sprawdzaj c po dzisiejszym Lemconie w Artetece krakowskiej, co Lema czyta am, a co chcia abym jeszcze przeczyta , trafi am na nieoznaczony nadal Eden Ciekawe, jak wpasowa by si w prelekcj o spotkaniu z Innym Obcym u Lema, Wattsa i Egana Miros aw Go u ski , w kt rej nacisk k adziono na niemo liwo porozumienia tu akurat kontakt zostaje nawi zany, z obcym innym mo na si porozumie , ale ko czy si to tragicznie, gdy ludzie niechc [...]

  13. At first this novel follows the typical first contact scenario written by Lem, typical for the author but very unusual when compared to all the other sci fi books at that time Lem in his books about first contact with other civilization suggested that this contact might by just so incomprehensible that it might not be possible, achievable in the way that we as intelligent creatures could comprehend Solaris and The Invincible are other examples of Lem s vision of such frustrating first contacts s [...]

  14. When people think of Lem, they probably think of Solaris first, as is understandable with its having been made into a movie 3 times now Lem harshly censured most science fiction, finding it too anthropomorphized and familiar Why do all aliens speak English with a British accent Why do they all seem to be humanoid, with their arms and legs in the same place as our own Why do the people of Earth even bother to explore space if all they re looking for is a mirror in which they can see themselves In [...]

  15. Stanislaw Lem is still my favorite SF author this one is a very common Lem book, alien worlds so alien that most things that happen are and stay unexplainable where this one comes off the usual path is that in the end, there s actually a bit of explanation Of course, like usually with Lem, it stays short and many things remain unexplained but that s the good part.My main grudge with Lem is that his descriptions just don t activate my head s inner cinema , maybe that s the translation but I remem [...]

  16. Interesting take on what first contact with aliens might actually be like the sheer incomprehensibility of something completely out of the human norm A human ship accidentally crashes on a little studied planet and tries to piece together the inhabitant s civilization from their own observations, knowing that the human point of view might not apply.Lem s writing is a little simplistic perhaps due to translation , but he creates a fantastic world populated with incredible creatures and improbable [...]

  17. This has been sitting on my bookshelf for years I thought I had read it, curious to remember what it was about, I picked it up and started in Well, I just didn t stop Certainly I had not read it beforeI think that one of the things Lem does best is describe alien landscapes, buildings, creatures, and other incredible unknowns with a completely credible sense of their reality The reader is able to share the same sense of wonder and often ambiguous fear that the book s characters do as they strive [...]

  18. This is good science fiction It s weird and amazing and horrifying, and it makes you curious, and gives you answers, but never enough answers Good sci fi However, it does offend some of my modem sci fi sensibilities Some men land on a planet they know nothing about Have people landed here before No, I think just some flyby probes, or something along those lines and have no defined mission Of course, they set off into the world and immediately begin breaking and shooting things Despite this rough [...]

  19. Plucked this off the stack for some much needed sci fi distraction There are some brilliant moments scattered throughout, embedded in Lem s ambivalence towards technology and the politics of complex societies The contrast between alien Procrustean socio biological engineering and the reassuring familiarity of human science robotics, nuclear power could not be horrifically stark in some ways, while their underlying uses end up being disconcertingly similar in others Yet for the most part the wri [...]

  20. Ogromne wra enie w tej pozycji Lema bior opisy obcej planety Trzeba nie lada wyobra ni aby okie zna wszystkie twory autora Podoba o mi si r wnie , e po niemrawym pocz tku pozycja wyra nie si rozkr ca, dawkuj c czytelnikom kolejne wydarzenia prowodz ce do fina u No i jak to u Lema nie mamy tutaj oczywistych rozwi za znanych z klasycznych hard s f.Niestety du wad ksi ki s dla mnie ludzcy bohaterowie Lem zdecydowa si u ywa nazw zawod w zamiast klasycznie imion i szczerze m wi c ci ko by o odr ni ja [...]

  21. I found this to be a difficult but very rewarding reading experience When I finished it I felt as if I was waking from a years long dream It s appropriately disorienting you re there with the characters with all the dense descriptions of an alien world, structures and life forms of which they ve never conceived before Then the realization, the sudden understanding in the end, is heartbreaking It was mind bendingly amazing I always wonder if the descriptions in Lem s stories lose anything in the [...]

  22. Politik vurgular ndaki inceli i ve dehay inkar etmemekle birlikte bir bilim kurgu okurunun zellikle ilgisini ekebilecek bir konuyu biraz hantal ve s k c hale getirmi Lem.Anlat m n ak c olmamas n ge tim, ani ve heyecanl olaylar k saca ge i tirip uzun ve felsefi soru turmalara sayfalar ay rm.Karakterlerin varolu lar birbirlerinden ay rt edilemiyor Sanki hepsi ayn karakterin farkl yans malar gibi Birbirlerinden ay rt edici renkleri yok Siyah beyazlar.Solaris i daha ok sevdim.

  23. Po raz pierwszy przeczyta am t ksi k jakie 25 lat temu Mam do niej ogromy sentyment i wracam co kilka lat na powierzchni Edenu To wizyta, kt ra zawsze niepokoi jak e plastycznymi opisami krajobraz w planety Dzi rozbawi a mnie troszk zaawansowana technologia Ziemian W ko cu, jest to jednak powie z 1959 roku.Tak jak chyba we wszystkich ksi kach Lema, tak i tu znajdziemy drugie dno przes anie, a raczej pytania, kt re pojawi si w przestrzeni I na kt re autor, nie po raz pierwszy nie daje nam odpowie [...]

  24. One of those rare science fiction stories that accurately portrays aliens as truly alien Viewed through the perspective of the explorer crew, without explanation, the activities and mentality of the aliens are completely incomprehensible I imagine if we ever encountered an alien race, this is pretty much exactly how it would happen.

  25. Son sayfalara yakla rken, bunca olay rg s kalan sayfalarda nas l ba lanacak ki, dedim kendi kendime A kland a klanmas na ama eksik bir eylerin hissiyat oldu bende Bu g zel kurguyu, aceleye gelmi bir z m b l m ile ba lamasayd Lem ke ke.

  26. Eden is, in my eyes, the very reason why science fiction should be read brilliantly addressing questions and themes, that are fundamentally human about our permanent anthropocentric ways and how inapplicable they might be, all set in a vividly disturbing and unforgettable, truly alien world.

  27. Pretty heavy handed but also horrifying The description of the factory eternally producing recycling was my favorite part, even though it was brief.

  28. Despues de leer la novela su titulo resulta paradojico.Esta novela de Lem ,como alguna otra,es un alegato contra el antropocentrismo,antropocentrismo que deforma la realidad observada y hace imposible la comprension de la mente y sociedad alienigena,su evolucion social y sus motivos.Despues de un aterrizaje catastrofico en el planeta Eden,asi llamado por su belleza visto desde el espacio ,los astronautas encuentran un planeta enormemente extra o aqui la la descripcion de Lem del paisaje,las fact [...]

  29. Lem, mi querido Lem.Si bien tengo ciertas quejas con respecto a este libro si g lido ritmo en la primera mitad, viene a ser la principal , es inevitable no compartir el entusiasmo de sus h roes que, en la vena del resto de su obra, son hombres de ciencia y no de violencia cuando estos discuten sus hip tesis y descubrimientos con respecto a Ed n, el planeta en que se estrell su cohete y que deciden explorar hasta lograr repararlo.Muchas descripciones, tanto de la maquinaria, como del paisaje urba [...]

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