Tales of Pirx the Pilot (2022)

Free Read Tales of Pirx the Pilot - by Stanisław Lem Louis Iribarne - Tales of Pirx the Pilot, Tales of Pirx the Pilot In Pilot Pirx Lem has created an irresistibly likable character an astronaut who gives the impression of still navigating by the seat of his pants a bumbler but an inspired one By investing Pirx with Free Read Tales of Pirx the Pilot - by Stanisław Lem Louis Iribarne - Tales of Pirx the Pilot, Tales of Pirx the Pilot In Pilot Pirx Lem has created an irresistibly likable character an astronaut who gives the impression of still navigating by the seat of his pants a bumbler but an inspired one By investing Pirx with
  • Title: Tales of Pirx the Pilot
  • Author: Stanisław Lem Louis Iribarne
  • ISBN: 9780156881500
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
Tales of Pirx the Pilot
Free Read Tales of Pirx the Pilot - by Stanisław Lem Louis Iribarne, Tales of Pirx the Pilot, Stanisław Lem Louis Iribarne, Tales of Pirx the Pilot In Pilot Pirx Lem has created an irresistibly likable character an astronaut who gives the impression of still navigating by the seat of his pants a bumbler but an inspired one By investing Pirx with a range of human foibles Lem offers a wonderful vision of the audacity childlike curiosity and intuition that can give humans the courage to confront outer space TranslIn P
  • Free Read Tales of Pirx the Pilot - by Stanisław Lem Louis Iribarne
    126 Stanisław Lem Louis Iribarne
Tales of Pirx the Pilot

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  1. I remember reading a bunch of Stanislaw Lem quite a while ago Tales of Pirx The Pilot was certainly one of them and it was with some fondness that I picked up another copy while looking for another specific book I am happy to report that I was not disappointed This book is a solid 4.0.These stories of Pirx are an odd amalgamation of interesting science and young juvenile action adventure, but done in a very readable and convincing way Without revealing too much, I found that Lem s testing of the [...]

  2. This is a collection of stories, which are very fun to read Prix always perseveres, although seemingly incapable of doing so The story about Terminus stuck with me the most possibly, because I found it to be the saddest of them all.

  3. Stanislaw Lem s science fiction tends to be dense and philosophical political This book was different, in that the adventures of Pirx, an average sap who stumbles into these situations, are based on hard science and yet retain that philosophic air I enjoyed this book very much must read it again

  4. Izskat s, ka ogad s k u ar pamat gu vec s fantastikas ieskr jienu No vienas puses jau gribas pabeigt Fantastikas pasaul s riju p c iesp jas tr k Ta u v l vair k motiv tas, ka s rija satur patie m kvalitat vus darbus, kuri aptver lielu da u no anra klasikas o gr matu l dz im biju las jis tikai krievu valod , jo latviski, k jau liel k da a no Lema gr mat m, t s nebija atrodamas pat komisijas gr matu plaukt.Pilots Pirkss ir parasts cilv ks vid jais, vi m c b s ne ar ko pa u nav izc lies, nav uzr d [...]

  5. I couldn t stop reading this book Lem s sci fi is funny and quirky, yet still wicked smart A highly plausible imagining of future space travel, I was completely enthralled by the descriptions of alien landscapes and rocket ships alike I must admit that I was far from compelled by Pirx upon his introduction, but grew to enjoy his straightforward nature and the development of his competence My only complaint is that a couple of the stories tend towards the formulaic Pirx encounters some strange, a [...]

  6. Pirx is not the best I have read by Lem, but, for me, these simple tales are very satisfying The progression is chronological but with large gaps as Lem captures interesting episodes of Prix career from young cadet to full fledged navigator Over time, Pirx loses his air of the preening day dreamer spinning fantasies of glory While Prix grows into his profession and into adulthood, Lem never let s us forget that space flight is a serious business and that the cost of getting better at it is often [...]

  7. Zbi r opowiada o Pilocie Pirxie w niezwyk y spos b ukazuje pewne zagro enia, kt re mog w przysz o ci wyst pi podczas podr y mi dzygwiezdnych Pu apki zwi zane z rozwojem technologii jak i te wynikaj ce z naszej ludzkiej natury Dla przyk adu opowiadanie Test przedstawia r nice pomi dzy byciem doskona ym w teorii a odporno ci na stres, Patrol skupia si na b dach w technologii, kt re w niespodziewany spos b mog doprowadzi do ludzkiej mierci Opowiadanie Albatros oraz Terminus ukazuj mroczn stron podr [...]

  8. Tales of Pirx the Pilot has much of the humor of Lem s other works without the complexity Pirx is an Everyman, he s not a hero like many of his literary colleagues though he gets the job done, nor a comedic bumbler like Bill the Galactic Hero, though he has his share of bumbles He s a working class pilot, going to what appears to be pilot trade school, learning his craft, and taking his suitcase into his first commercial ship like a factory worker with his lunch pail than a modern jet pilot.It [...]

  9. I got a collection of three different Lem novels at the Oxfam This was the first, the back had it listed as mysteries It really wasn t It was very technical 50s science fiction written in the late 70s It was another case of In the Future There Are No Women Which was a bit disappointing Even in translation though the stories had a very clear and visual style My problem was that I found Pirx terribly dull, stereotypical young pilot, and there were no real other characters in the book I m glad I st [...]

  10. While I didn t enjoy these stories as much as the Ijon Tichy series still two books to read in that series, one of which is sadly still untranslated they re still worth reading I think I was a little put off by the dated ness of the tech so many people back then thought we d rush into space on atomic reactor powered rockets, building advanced moonbases and such, but not have any way to communicate beyond a newspaper or radio, or have women involved in the stories at all Heinlein was a notable ex [...]

  11. Loses nothing in translation is that good or bad Come to think of it I don t think Hemingway would lose anything in translation either The message is definitely in the content and not the form Worth it even if only for the story about the schizophrenic robot holding memories of dead shipmates.

  12. Easy readable More about humans and characters then about technology or philosophy Moon landscape descriptions were spectacular.

  13. Tales of Pirx the Pilot takes a restrained approach to science fiction, one which could almost be described as realism except for the nuclear powered rocket ships, moon bases, and robots The book consists of five episodes from the life of Pirx, a rather ordinary guy who becomes a rather ordinary rocket pilot, with the first two stories happening while he is in training and the next three from his career Pirx is not the best rocket pilot ever he does not defend earth against alien invasion or dis [...]

  14. Excelente muestra de buenos relatos de ciencia ficci n de la llamada hardcore El autor dedica mucho a la descripci n y la introspecci n, posiblemente como forma de describir la soledad inherente al espacio El humor y la aparente indolencia del protagonista es un contrapunto excelente a la seriedad de los planteamientos Muy instructivo Muy recomendable.

  15. I am inordinately fond of Stanislaw Lem, as his books were my introduction into the world of quality sci fi What he had for absurdly weak competition were stilted Soviet writers like Belyaev and Efremov, or adventure heavy Jules Verne and his modern followers Lem was the first to show me that the main, and frequently the only, thing worth looking at in science fiction is not what alien worlds or new technologies await us it s how we react to them, how we change in response, and what doesn t cha [...]

  16. I decided I should read Lem, especially as I ve been finding the concerns of much male authored US science fiction of last century somewhat tiresome and there are these attractively packaged Harcourt Brace Javonovitch paperbacks of some of his books available on But they ve already fucked up the collection as the only two I ve bought so far this one and Imaginary Magnitude are sized slightly differently Argh Anyway, Pirx is a space pilot and sort of an Everyman, although he typically wins throu [...]

  17. Ein Satz ReviewDer technologische Fortschritt von Prix Welt wird in den farbigen Geschichten ins Innere verlagert Die Reisen durchs All sind de und unspektakul r, Aliens gibt es nicht, die gesellschaftlichen Hierarchien ndern sich nicht Chefs sind unantastbar und Frauen kommen nicht vor , doch in der Kabine des Raumschiff tobts, in den zentralen Schaltstellen einer delokalisierten, havarierten Kommandobr cke, wo Fliegen Test , Katzen Terminus und Irrlichter Die Patrouille auftauchen, ist die H l [...]

  18. Stanislaw Lem is a Polish science fiction writer who died in 2006 His writing is set in a futuristic, space travel setting but really explores the inner world of his characters With Pirx, he explores in separate chapters that could or less stand alone, phenomenon of lateral thinking and problem solving, sensory deprivation, the fatal mental errors we can make in stress situations, our urges to avoid anything associated with death and dying Albatross , and the ways we projected in this case upon [...]

  19. This was an interesting book It wasn t an adventure filled SF book with spaceships zooming hither and yon, but was rather thoughty than I was expecting Several of the stories ended rather abruptly, without a real resolution.The writing itself was very interesting It had a feel to it that wasn t like anything I m used to Was it really significantly different than I m used to from SF writers from the US Would I have noticed a difference if I didn t know Lem wasn t from the US I don t know, but it [...]

  20. Postanowi am si w ko cu wzi za demony dzieci stwa Przyznaj do Pirxa i do Lema w og le szko a mnie zniech ci a i d ugo nie umia am prze ama uczucia nie podoba o mi si jak mia am lat jedena cie, nie bior si za to teraz Dobrze, e si prze ama am, bo Pirx jest po prostu wietny wietny bohater, wietny cz owiek, wietne opowiadania ykn am w podr y, na dwa razy, bo w t i z powrotem Chc wi cej takiej fantastyki Ulubione opowiadanie Albatros.Ciut wi cej ziarnomysli 2016

  21. The future that wasn t and won t be, but interesting because imagined out of Poland Space flight with cathode ray bulbs, impossible, but other things are solid as imagined, such as what it would be like to live with another person, who you don t know, in isolation in a space ship or on the moon in a station These are good stories, worth reading But when reading a book that has been translated from another language, do we enjoy the author s story or the interpretation of the author s words

  22. It s a bunch of short stories about this character, the eponymous Pirx They re good science fiction and pretty good for short stories The only problem I had was that the american version is cut up into two books of five stories each, and the Polish version has them all in one Whatever, right They seem to repeat themes quite often, but they re sometimes funny and usually strange and the last story, terminus, is good even by short story standards My short story standards are very high.

  23. I got this in an ebook sale at a while back I ve been a fan of Lem for a long time, and I thought I d read this back in high school, but when I read it this time none of it seemed familiar The story isn t as humorous as something like The Cyberiad or as inventive as The Futurological Congress The stories were still interesting, but newcomers would probably want to look to other books by Lem first.

  24. A collection of stories that follow the career of Pirx, a space pilot top loaded with self doubt who somehow manages to get through one misadventure after another, often involving faulty technology and bureaucracy The tales start from his days as a cadet, and end with the flight of a rickety old ship bound for Mars with a mysterious past and a robot that knows the fate of the previous crew Lem can be a mixed bag, but I rather enjoyed this.

  25. Kolejne podej cie do tej ksi ki W czwartej klasie podstaw wki by a to dla mnie m czarnia i niestety teraz by o niewiele lepiej S ysza am, e s lepsze ksi ki Lema, dlatego naprawd nie rozumiem dlaczego akurat ta jest w lekturze moim zdaniem pierwsza do usuni cia z lektury Praktycznie nic si tam nie dzieje, wi kszo tekstu to rozmy lania pilota Pirxa Nawet s uchanie tej ksi ki by o dla mnie straszliwie nudne Nie polecam.

  26. Goes a long way with a strange kind of fake technological mysticism, where readers are led to the magic waters three times only to be diverted to a somewhat lame scientific diagram, explaining everything but revealing nothing special Until Terminus Where we finally get to play and imagine a soul through the science Otherwise, we re in space and on the moon Been there done that.

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