Dark Prince (2022)

Dark Prince Best Read || [Christine Feehan] - Dark Prince, Dark Prince Carpathians are an immortal race of beings with animal instincts Every Carpathian male is drawn to his life mate a Carpathian or human female able to provide the light to his darkness Without her the Dark Prince Best Read || [Christine Feehan] - Dark Prince, Dark Prince Carpathians are an immortal race of beings with animal instincts Every Carpathian male is drawn to his life mate a Carpathian or human female able to provide the light to his darkness Without her the
  • Title: Dark Prince
  • Author: Christine Feehan
  • ISBN: 9780843955286
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Dark Prince
Dark Prince Best Read || [Christine Feehan], Dark Prince, Christine Feehan, Dark Prince Carpathians are an immortal race of beings with animal instincts Every Carpathian male is drawn to his life mate a Carpathian or human female able to provide the light to his darkness Without her the beast within slowly consumes the man until turning vampire is the only option Raven Whitney is a psychic who has used her gift to help the police track down a serial kilCarpathians are an
  • Dark Prince Best Read || [Christine Feehan]
    490 Christine Feehan
Dark Prince

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  1. Once upon a time there was a young woman with a dream A dream that women the world over could live in freedom as equals That they would have the right that many women have been denied for hundreds of years, possibly to live healthy, happy lives with partners who love and respect them and provide for their needs.Then that young woman read Dark Prince and her dreams were shattered.Actually, this is all a lie because that young woman, the woman writing this review yes It is I didn t actually finis [...]

  2. 4.5 You Are My Lifemate StarsFirst read June 2012Reread January 8, 2016Reread January 20, 2017 Some Spoilers Your pain was so sharp, so terrible, I couldn t ignore it I thought you might like to talk Death is not an answer to unhappiness I think you know that In any case, I ll stop if you wish it RavenSometimes when it s been a while since you read a book you can forget just how wonderful it is You remember it was special, that you loved it It stands out in your memories, but memories normally p [...]

  3. Narrator Juanita ParkerLength 12.5 hours Published by Books In Motion, December 2005How to Woo Your Life Mate by Mikhail Dubrinsky Leader of the Carpathians1 Never call her by her given name Always call her Little One It makes her feel special.2 Lurk outside her window in your animal form and admire her bum with your dark, burning eyes You have super powers for a reason Use them.3 Infect her dreams and mind molest her If she says no do what you want anyway Women love it when you take control Any [...]

  4. Please check out of my reviews at bookaddicthavenI ve waited a long time to check out a Christine Feehan book and I think that maybe I set myself up for disappointment Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed Dark Prince However, I expected to be blown awayd I wasn t.I listened to the Audible edition of Dark Prince and I can t say that I d recommend that version to others The narration just didn t work for me I think that if I had read the Kindle version, I probably would ve enjoyed this story a lot Unfo [...]

  5. When I try to evaluate this book, I close my eyes and picture old fashioned weighing scales On the left, is the negative aspect about this novel On the right, the positives will be measured The negativeTruly, there was only one My only real complaint was this I ve noticed that Ms Feehan will use very long sentences, and as many words as possible in most sentences to convey her story She will write things repetitively, instead of just once although I think a lot of authors have this tendency It m [...]

  6. Several years back, I was working for one of the largest banks in the country My office was about a block away from the Sears Tower in downtown Chicago, right in the middle of the financial district One morning, I arrived at work to find two preventative maintenance men in the elevator bank One of them was a Blue Collar God Not even kidding He stood out beautifully amidst all the other pasty cube dwellers with their spare tires and beady little banker eyes He was rough around the edges in the go [...]

  7. Reviewed for THC Reviews 2.5 stars In all honesty, I had been looking forward to trying Christine Feehan s books for quite some time, so the fact that Dark Prince did not resonate with me, is incredibly disappointing I freely admit that perhaps my expectations were too high The positive ratings for Ms Feehan s books seem to far outweigh the negative, and I ve seen many paranormal romance fans rave about her stories and hold them up as being among the best and brightest that the genre has to offe [...]

  8. Thanks to a quarter life crisis that has left me bereft of the simple pleasure of enjoying a good book, I ve been relegated to flipping through comics and smut romances in an effort to distract myself from the general tragedy that is my life While most of them have been reasonably bad, I have not felt compelled to write a review about any of them.That said, Dark Prince being the first in the Carpathian Series was so very laughable that I find myself rising from the gloom if only to warn others w [...]

  9. The guys in this book can give Kristen Ashley s alpha assholes a run for their money Just turn one of KA s alphas into a shapeshifting vampire hybrid, give him immense power, and you ve got it.So, we have a race of brooding shapeshifter vampires who need females or they will turn into the bad vampires who are consumed with bloodlust and death Like lawyers shiver cookies I m in Mikhail is the prince of the hybrids He is in so much darkness that he is thinking of killing himself Broody male Just b [...]

  10. This was the book that started by Carpathian addiction Christine Feehan s Dark Prince was so very different from the normal romance novel back in 1999 Her Alphas could write the book on Alpha behavior and their love for their mates is the stuff of dreams If you ve never read one of her books, then I can t recommend Dark Prince highly enough.cially is you are a paranormal romance fan If heroes who literally NEED their heroines and will do anything to lure, attain, and keep their heroine are the s [...]

  11. I don t like giving up on books, but there are often good reasons for me to do that, either the book just doesn t work for me at the moment or the book just doesn t work at all for me For me was this book the later on and I read about 100 pages before I decided to throw in the towel This book just didn t work for me mainly because the main character Mikhail just made me mad I can t stand a character that is so annoying to read about, from his Raven in his woman nobody shall touch her attitude to [...]

  12. Ok, well um what can I say This series has been recommended so many times I think I hyped it up in my mind I was not disappointed but I didn t love it as much as BDB or Immortals after dark seriesD SPOILER ALERT Another reviewer had a couple of negatives which I agree with 1 The book seemed to start too fast with no real background to the Carpathians OR Raven It made it harder to connect to them 2 The fact there was no angst whatsoever about Mikhail changing Raven when so much had been made earl [...]

  13. Simply awful.I have nothing against paranormal romances I ve read quite a few, although I generally prefer urban fantasy mystery books with some romance.I had heard such good things about Christine Feehan I thought I d give her books a try Unfortunately, I couldn t make myself finish this, and I did try Really I almost got through it, but ultimately gave up.The story isn t particularly original unless you consider the fact that Feehan probably came up with this plotline in the first place But no [...]

  14. Now, if you read my reviews, or take a peek at my shelves, you know that it s a rare thing indeed for me to give a one star review, let alone not finish a bookBut this one I just I couldn t finish it.I tried I really did But when I find myself playing Pac Man online instead of finishing a book, we ve got ourselves a problem.I m a fan of Feehan s Ghostwalker series Though even many of them are rather poorly written and let s face it, they really are , they re typically enjoyable and were able to [...]

  15. From November 2014 updates below Holy Moly I have been a reader of romance since I was about 12 years old which means I have been reading romance novels for 35 years and this novel, plus the next one which I read as well, have gotten me so hyped up lol Amazing HOT Beautiful descriptions and language Suspenseful Intriguing So freaking sexy and romantic I will now probably be sequestered in my room, reading the rest of the series, for weeks to come lolI am very glad I didn t pay much attention to [...]

  16. Finally I cannot tell you how happy I am to finish this book Instead of 10 hours, the audiobook felt like it was twice as long and I had it in 2x speed for most of it.I can imagine that when this book came out in 1999, it was fresh and groundbreaking If I had read it back there, I would have definitely been intrigued But as a 2011 PNR reader, I can only tell you that this book bored me beyond tears and I couldn t stand the dumb characters and an overwrought dialogue that would go on and on repea [...]

  17. 2017 Summer Lovin Reading List Not my cuppa tea, your mileage may vary It does provide a unique spin on the vampire mythos There are two forms, the virtuous Carpathian and the corrupt vampire When a Carpathian goes bad, he or she becomes a vampire Their problem Hardly any Carpathian females and those who still exist seem to have only male children Without a life mate, the Carpathian men are eventually reduced to a state where they can t see colour, can t experience much emotion, and can hardly a [...]

  18. Christine Feehan was bold and daring when she created the Dark series Published in 1999, Dark Prince won several awards, including Best New Author for Paranormal Romance and Best Shape shifter Christine Feehan brought to life a world of never ending twists and dramatic and breath holding moments that will leave you pushing all of those wonderful chores aside until you have finished the book The Dark series is centered around an immortal species, the Carpathians Shapeshifting, magic throbbing, he [...]

  19. Book Basics Genre Paranormal RomanceSeries Book 1 of The Dark Series about the Carpathian Race.Writing Third Person Dual POV Main Characters Raven Whitney, American psychic who in the past has used her talents to track down serial killers at great cost to herself On holiday in the Carpathian Mountains to recover after tracking a particularly depraved mind.Mikhail Dubrinksy, Prince of the Carpathians, a species of immortals, who need blood to survive and cannot be out in Sunlight Centuries old, a [...]

  20. I loved it No complaints A great way to start a series Wonderful world building So well written I loved Mikhail and Raven I think Gregori might be my favorite

  21. It was truly a torture to read through this book Admittedly, this was my first Christine Feehan book so it took me sometime to adjust to her style of writing and getting used to the premise setting etc However, having finished this book, I can honestly say that it just didn t work for me and in fact bothered me quite a bit.Normally I love having a hot and sexy guy in the story, and sometimes I wouldn t even mind him being somewhat bossy and arrogant However, Mikhail, the male protagonist in this [...]

  22. Call me old fashioned, call me a sucker, call me a soft touch, I just loved this paranormal love story and I fell in love lust with the Carpathian males Mikhail Dubrinsky, Prince of the Carpathians, impossibly arrogant but tempered with a vulnerability that had me emotionally invested in his story.Raven Whitney, human, gifted telepath and emotionally physically depleted from tracking the twisted mental paths of serial killers Raven has escaped to the Carpathian mountains to heal, unaware her lif [...]

  23. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Mikhail Dubrinsky is the leader of the Carpathians, a powerful race that is dying out due to lack of females Raven Whitney, a human, is vacationing in the Carpathian Mountains after using her telepathic skills to help catch a serial killer Raven senses Mikhail s distress and the two of them realize they have a connection to each other Raven may be the life mate that Mikhail thought he d never find and she represents hope for the Carpathians.Ugh I really ha [...]

  24. An extended rape fantasy metaphor for people into abusive relationships, constructed by repeatedly copying and pasting cliched phrases.But I owe this book a debt of gratitude, I suppose I need things to listen to on my commute I download them from my library s Overdrive collection Selection can be limited, and I generally have a rule that I won t listen to something that I think I m likely to read on paper, because I miss stuff when I listen This book has finally convinced me to ditch that rule [...]

  25. I wanna read this series but damn there s like 30 flipping books ain t nobody got time for that

  26. Christine Feehan s first novel, Dark Prince, was first released in 1999 and has now been re released in a new Author s Cut Special Edition I recently had the opportunity to read it I knew it was one of the early paranormal romances that had shaped the subgenre and its tropes If I m not mistaken, this may be the first instance of lifemates who not only don t want to, but physically can t be unfaithful to each other once they forge their mystical bond Another example is sequel bait the hero of thi [...]

  27. My best friend gave me the first 13 books of Christine Feehan s Dark Series last year, and it was quite a while before I started the first book, THE DARK PRINCE Because of the covers I thought they were historical romances which I am not a fan of I had read her Ghostwalkers series which I liked so I decided to try this series.I started reading and couldn t put it down I fell in love with the Carpathian prince He is so lonely that he considers suicide and then he meets Raven who brings light and [...]

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