The Republic of Thieves (2022)

[PDF] Read ò The Republic of Thieves : by Scott Lynch - The Republic of Thieves, The Republic of Thieves With what should have been the greatest heist of their career gone spectacularly sour Locke and his trusted partner Jean have barely escaped with their lives Or at least Jean has But Locke is slowl [PDF] Read ò The Republic of Thieves : by Scott Lynch - The Republic of Thieves, The Republic of Thieves With what should have been the greatest heist of their career gone spectacularly sour Locke and his trusted partner Jean have barely escaped with their lives Or at least Jean has But Locke is slowl
  • Title: The Republic of Thieves
  • Author: Scott Lynch
  • ISBN: 9780553804690
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover
The Republic of Thieves
[PDF] Read ò The Republic of Thieves : by Scott Lynch, The Republic of Thieves, Scott Lynch, The Republic of Thieves With what should have been the greatest heist of their career gone spectacularly sour Locke and his trusted partner Jean have barely escaped with their lives Or at least Jean has But Locke is slowly succumbing to a deadly poison that no alchemist or physiker can cure Yet just as the end is near a mysterious Bondsmage offers Locke an opportunity that will either saveWith
  • [PDF] Read ò The Republic of Thieves : by Scott Lynch
    119 Scott Lynch
The Republic of Thieves

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  1. 3.5 5 StarsLet me begin by saying that if I read this book without knowing about Scott Lynch s struggle with depression during his 6 years time of writing this book, I ll probably rate this book lower This doesn t mean that the book received a better rating from me because of his depression itself, no it doesn t It s because the knowledge of that fact provide better understanding to some context in this book, specifically to why some parts are infuriating to read and why there are times when the [...]

  2. 4 5 False names are fun, said Calo Call me Beefwit Smallcock this review contains mass amounts of quotes and fanart because I m so inlove with these books and can t get enough You have been warned This is a tough review for me to write, mainly because I really love this series and consider it a favorite, so I had high expectations for this novel However my expectations for this one were not met and I m kinda disappointed I really truly feel it is the weakest story in the series so far Why Well t [...]

  3. You want a lesson, boy If you find yourself being born, climb back in as quick as you can, because life s a bottomless feast of shit And isn t that the truth Locke Lamora has been through hell, and his life is about to get even messy After dealing with a dreaded Bondmagi in the Lies of Locke Lamora, and somehow surviving, Locke has found himself on borrowed time after his experience in Red Seas Under Red Skies.Pumping through his veins is a deadly poison It is slowly eating away at his organs u [...]

  4. By this point I fully confess I AM DOOMED TO LOVE EVERY BOOK IN THE GENTLEMEN BASTARD SERIES Doomed I tell you Because it s hurting me but I m so obsessed I can t stop And although this one is actually my least favourite of the 3 so far s still freaking 5 stars So DOOMED, I say again, and then I fall on a heap on the floor because The Thorn of Emberlain doesn t come out till April and I m suuuuuuffering with the waiting NOTE the cliffhanger isn t actually as bad as the last book s NOTE 2 that do [...]

  5. This review doesn t really contain spoilers until the second part, when I say there are spoilers However, some vague information about earlier books is drawn upon in the first part If you re being cautious, don t read this review Upon first discovering its impending releaseSabetha Wait Wait, you mean we actually get to meet Sabetha Well, Jesus I ve been wanting to meet this Sabetha forever If she s the reason Locke is both obsessed with and wary of red heads, I want to know who she is If saying [...]

  6. Gentleman Bastards books are special and unforgettable to me for a good reason Mr Lynch used a strong, fun storyline that kept me hooked Republic of Thieves has two branches in a storyline and it is a fun read too The two stories blend perfectly with the events helping to reveal one another I think it s a complicated trick to present a story, but Lynch does it skillfully The main star of this novel is the political intrigue and the Bastards do it nicely with their sly and shrewd characters to ru [...]

  7. Word count about 250 000 or something, just a rough estimateRating Bouncing around like a unicorn on a pogo stick why do you keep on hitting me in the face with a brick while I m trying to have fun yes, you ve guessed it MIND NUMBING CONCOCTION OF AWESOME AND HORRID.I m sorry, but there is no way to keep it brief First of all, it s a long book Yes, reading it undeniably takes a while, but I ve very much enjoyed it in general Don t let the length discourage you from picking that one up There are [...]

  8. German Review on GosureviewsAfter 6 years I expected a better story Sabetha, teased in the previous two books, turns out to be a very weak and shallow character One of the main plot lines, their love story just doesn t work They don t really have any chemistry together and later in the book I actually got annoyed whenever they had a scene together It started very strong, but the main story was utterly boring and predictable, so much that I had a hard time finishing the book The end made up for i [...]

  9. Finally I sit down to write a thoughtful let s say, trying to review of the book.This is just the best book yet on Locke and Jean We are at a point in which we know the two are the closest buddies ever They are and continue to be the priority on everything and everyone for each other Their dialogues are pure gold I was listening to the audiobook while at the gym and I would giggle or laugh every now and again and people would stare at me as if I was crazy The jury is still out there on my mental [...]

  10. We are back on track I don t have time for a super in depth review but let s just say that some of the magic that was lost for me in Red Seas over Red Skies is now back again Part of the reason is the flashbacks to when Locke and Jean were kids running scams and seeing Sabatha when she was part of their team The other reason is Sabatha now SHE IS AMAZING You are either going to love her or hate her but I love her and I love Locke s reactions to her I m, uh, going up to the room to get ready You [...]

  11. 4.5 stars You re trying to be charming again, she said softly, but I choose not to be charmed, Locke Lamora Long last, after three hefty books, we finally meet Locke s lost love, Sabetha Belacoros.Quick crash course for those with short term memory loss Sabetha was a Gentleman Bastard and is hinted to be romantically involved with Locke, and then left for some unknown reason Locke still loves her, but is slightly bitter about it That s from the first two books In this one, we finally meet the el [...]

  12. Crooked Warden, Nameless Thirteenth, guide Scott Lynch s pen swiftly through Locke Lamora s next daring adventure Grant him new ways of tickling my fancy with poetic swearing, witty scheming, and vicious storytelling.So apparently the Nameless Thirteenth enjoys pissing on mortals and laughing at their prayers THIS is what I ve been waiting years for THIS didn t even have the same feel as the first two books in the beloved Gentlemen Bastards series It felt like a PG 13 version of an R rated movi [...]

  13. Blessed is the one who aids a thief, hides a thief, revenges a thief, and remembers a thief, for they shall inherit the night I used to think of the Gentleman Bastard series as a mediocre series, but this third instalment finally managed to impress me Action wise, this had quite a few Not enough to fully impress me, but quite adequate to keep things interesting This novel felt like a character development novel for Locke and the ever mysterious Sabetha.So we finally get to know who Sabetha is, [...]

  14. I really enjoyed reading this series I love the Locke and Jean bromance And I m delighted with the humour, though crude, is strangely eloquent However, the quality of the books seem to be dropping as the series progressed As engaging as the plot was, The Republic of Thieves did suffer from really uneven pacing some setpieces were dragged out, some rushed through What I did absolutely love from this book was the backstory Interludes which brought the reader back to Locke s much younger days in Ca [...]

  15. Of the three books in the Gentleman Bastard series Will there ever be any I liked this one least I really loved meeting Sabetha finally, and seeing Locke and her past I also loved that we get information on Locke s mysterious past I wish this one had kept up the same sense of urgency and suspense that the first two books had though I wasn t as captivated by the plot because this one focused so much on Locke and Sabetha s perpetually strained relationship I m looking forward to what will happen [...]

  16. Fantasy Review BarnSpoilers from the first two books guaranteed PrologueThe young man has found a rekindled interest in the fantasy genre Joe Abercrombie pulled him back in with The First Law George RR Martin tried to break him Eagerly the man searches forums for something new, something great, a series to follow for years to come Making his choice he grabs one of the shelf, thinking damn that is a long, awkward title 1The man, slightly older, fires up his Kindle It is finally here Eagerly he st [...]

  17. An unedited preview of the first 5500 words of the Republic of Thieves can be read here Publication has also been pushed back to September, 2013.I m sorry all you gentlemen bastards, but now we wait.

  18. As usual the worldbuilding is great You really want to be a part of this world, the scents, the buildings, the people The pace is a lot slower than the rest of the series and I found this one not quite as enjoyable as the prequels, but still a very good book.

  19. Quit being so hard on yourself We are what we are we love what we love We don t need to justify it to anyone not even to ourselves Yes You are absolutely correct, Locke So no matter how unhappy I am with this installment, no matter how lovesick you were with Sabetha, no matter how thinner this book s plot is compared with the first two, no matter how bored I felt when Patience is talking, I am still giving this four stars, because gods damn it, I am so biased when it comes to Lynch s witty writi [...]

  20. Seeing as this is the 3rd book in a series, I don t want to say too much about the plot I will say that I enjoyed this one much than Red Seas Under Red Skies but still not quite as much as the first book The Lies of Locke Lamora I appreciate that we finally got to learn about Sabetha, and the flashbacks in this book, YOU GUYS, the flashbacks were SO good I loved the theatrical and political aspects of this one a lot And as always, Locke Jean are the ultimate BroTP pretty sure I used that in my [...]

  21. full reviewThe Republic of Thieves is yet another outstanding and highly entertaining continuation of the witty, highly sarcastic and definitely R17 rated series Gentleman Bastards 4 StarsAgain, Scott Lynch had me on the floor belly up laughing for most of the series, and trust me The Republic of Thieves was just as fun as the previous 2 entries in the series I m a big believer of , and all the wonderful and some not so wonderful reviews in here Nothing is worse than reading a review that will g [...]

  22. The essence of The Republic of Thieves could be derived from one name Sabetha.Yes, finally Sabetha Belacoros is here And as expected, Sabetha s and Locke s relationship is central to the whole plot of The Republic Of Thieves.The book is divided into two parts The first one deals with the backstory of Locke and Sabetha at Camorr where they grew up and at Espara, where the Gentleman Bastards are sent to perform on stage by Chains The second plot starts right from where Red Seas Under Red Skies lef [...]

  23. 5 Stars I love this series It is one of my all time favorites, and Scott Lynch continues to impress me every time I pick up one of his books I had some issues with this book here and there, and at times some of the characters, mainly Sabetha, frustrated me I cannot, however, give this book anything less than 5 stars I love all of the back story we get and the world building and the relationship building and the character development and goodness it makes me want I may do a full review of this b [...]

  24. Without any doubts Gentleman Bastards is one of my favourite series to date even though from instalment to instalment it steadily goes down the slope with the full quintuple fuckdamn of stars for The Lies of Locke Lamora , three and a half star aboard for the Red Seas Under Red Skies and three very conflicted stars here If you remember, I had a feeling that the previous instalment of Gentleman Bastards was the book proper an accompanying pirate novella Now, the Republic of Thieves is also a comb [...]

  25. 3.5 rounded up bc Locke and the flashbacks god the flashbacks Here s to politics, said Sabetha Let s never hop in bed with it again If there s one takeaway from this book for me, that s it Also, view spoiler thirteen gods bless the Falconer hide spoiler Never EVER thought I would say that.After the first book, I know I d be a fool to NOT be wary of the Bondsmagi, any of them And they finally make a spectacular reentrance here, much to the chagrin of our heroes is that a spoiler nah happens too e [...]

  26. I ve been in love with this cover since i didn t even know who Scott Lynch was.I MEANLOOK AT IT AND THE TITLE 333

  27. Locke and Jean are back, and as if dying from poison wasn t inconvenient enough, trouble soon finds our pair and throws them into a new game this time into the very heart of Bonds Magi territory The Republic of Carthain.This book we get two main story arcs one taking us back to Camorr where we get of Father Chains and and the Sanza brothers very cool We also get the back story of Locke s and Sabetha s relationship which is only referred to in the last two books This story leads us to a particul [...]

  28. Full review over at Fantasy Book CriticANALYSIS This is a tough review for me as I had a lot of expectations for The Republic of Thieves First, there was the delay in finishing the book, for which Scott Lynch has my utmost sympathies for Next, The Republic of Thieves was the long awaited introduction of Sabetha and the tale of why Locke is so besotted with her and how it all came to be between them And finally, there was the climax to Red Seas Under Red Skies, which left readers wondering nearly [...]

  29. 3.5After hearing all the talk about this book over the last few years, I understand where everyone was coming from This wasn t as good as the previous books I blame the flashbacks Whilst they were interesting, I feel like the book would have been a lot better if they hadn t gone throughout the whole book Still, it was enjoyable for the most part I would have liked a greater emphasis placed upon the con itself, as that s what I ve come to like so much about the series Still the premise that s bee [...]

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