Danzig Passage (2022)

Danzig Passage Best Download || [Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene] - Danzig Passage, Danzig Passage Opening in the Zion Covenant series tells the courageous and compelling stories of those who risk everything to stand against the growing tide of Nazi terrorism that is sweeping through central Danzig Passage Best Download || [Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene] - Danzig Passage, Danzig Passage Opening in the Zion Covenant series tells the courageous and compelling stories of those who risk everything to stand against the growing tide of Nazi terrorism that is sweeping through central
  • Title: Danzig Passage
  • Author: Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene
  • ISBN: 9781414301112
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
Danzig Passage
Danzig Passage Best Download || [Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene], Danzig Passage, Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene, Danzig Passage Opening in the Zion Covenant series tells the courageous and compelling stories of those who risk everything to stand against the growing tide of Nazi terrorism that is sweeping through central Europe under the dangerous and deceitful guise of Hitler s Third Reich A new study guide is included in each book
  • Danzig Passage Best Download || [Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene]
    314 Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene
Danzig Passage

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  1. The series continues with new characters being introduced and new story lines developed Some of the books merge well together but with others it feels as if is a completely new story In general, the series is still worth reading especially when in the mood for something easy

  2. The best way to summarize the heart of this book can be found in the book as quoted by Winston Churchill, NEVER GIVE INTO FEAR, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE IN When all around you are succumbing to evil, there will always be at least one person who keeps his head about him and stays the course of righteousness and what is morally right I really love the story line to this book and all of the Character developments and how each handled the trials and tribulations that they had to endure and overcome [...]

  3. I loved this book It was possibly my favorite book so far by the Theone s All the stories were really amazing I especially loved Jacob and Lori s story I can totally see them getting married someday as well as Alphie and others It was really an exciting book and I really loved all the different POV s and how they wove together The stories are really challenging of people who stood up for Jesus even when that meant tragic death and persecution It also made me see how there is a big picture.ough i [...]

  4. I loved this installment of the series It dealt a lot with children escaping the Nazi regime, and how families were torn apart by Hitler I truly love how much these books have opened my eyes to so many things that took place leading up to World War II There were so many people that closed their hearts and minds to the things going on, but thank goodness there were the few who helped, even if it signed their own death warrant Another great read

  5. Another great book in this series These books make history seem real, and not just something I read about in a history book Besides that, the events in this book made me think of modern times, with all the terrible things that are in the news these days Danzig Passage reminds me that there are so many people in the world besides the ones in my immediate circle.

  6. One day I will write a longer review of these books, this series They are wonderful on so many levels I highly recommend the series to anyone who wants to learn about the lead up to WWII and the war itself It is not a war book, but about lives and people and how they were affected Very well written and researched.

  7. A number of new characters introduced here Otto is back from the first two books and helps with one group The other group is a bunch of teens children connected to the Lindheims, who also show up in this book, but they are not the main focus The odd duck out here is Lucy, a Bavarian woman used in the Aryan breeding program The tagline on the front says For those who desperately cling to the tiniest glimmer of hope, even the last illusions are being extinguished the illusions of the Jews that the [...]

  8. Another Winner in this Series I have been rereading the books in the Zion Covenant series for the first time in several years, and this book definitely ranks as one of my favorite books in the series What I like best about this book is it intertwines the themes of good vs evil and miracles It was very easy to stay engaged in the book, from the beginning to the end.

  9. Well written I ve read the 4 books prior to this one also Found myself emotionally drained because of the tension in the story Will need to psyche myself up to read number 6, but believe it will be just as well done.

  10. Danzig is the name of this city in German, but the polish equivalent is known as Gdansk A major port and thoroughfare for trade from Sweden to England to Poland and beyond They highlighted this particular area because the book focuses on how 10,000 Jewish children were able to be sent to England for adoption from the Third Rei ch so everyone that was capable tried to make it to Danzig in hopes of greater freedom in England The story continues to follow the main characters, but also takes a spin [...]

  11. An exciting book that is hard to put down, because you want to see what happens next One major theme of this book is to discover the Truth through fiction Many times you can see God working in people s lives through circumstances, and answered prayer There is also a study guide at the end of the book that can be used to open awareness of God s influence throughout the story This book, like all the previous volumes in this series, is a great book for teens to understand about previous history an [...]

  12. Another fantastic book in the series Had to stay up into the wee hours of the morning to finish it Couldn t put it down Last time I read this book was in 1993 and of course, I couldn t remember much of it so it was very exciting I don t often have my heart thumping wanting to know what was going to happen Now on to Book Six.

  13. I am grateful for heroes especially those committed to God But my heart is torn with sorrow as I read of the lives of people fighting against evil or fleeing from evil Wish I could reach through the pages and help somehow The same horror that existed in the late 1930 s, early 1940 s is trying to get a foot hold in Americad our leader apparently approves.

  14. Danzig Passage by Brock and Bodie Thoene opens on Kristal Nacht, or the Night of Broken Glass, November 9, 1938 The Nazis imprisoned the father of Lori and Jamie Ibsen The Nazis thought Karl Ibsen was a threat Nazi cause because he refused to turn Jews away or preach Nazi propaganda sermons Lori and Jamie Ibsen are in hiding with Jacob and Mark Kalner in their old church, which they think the Nazis have forgotten Thoene grips the readers when the Nazis make a surprise entrance to the church, and [...]

  15. I really, really liked this book It s a 4.5 probably The characters were wonderful, the tension and action and emotion was beautifully done and made it so I decided to stop reading this before bed I m a wimp at times, I know But I m usually the last one awake, so I get spooked My favorite mini story was probably the Ibsen and Kalner kids in the church As a pastor s kid, and a soon to be former pastor s kid, I really sympathized with the Ibsen kids in knowing the best hiding places in the church [...]

  16. Just when I was starting to really like these books the Thoene s had to go and add way too many characters to easily keep straight They introduced three new interweaving story lines which included at least two new characters each which often overlapped in theme Two of them involved young children trying to get out of Germany to safety Even though this series is already long, I feel like this book would be much better served to have been split up into two or even three books.The good parts were a [...]

  17. I m really enjoying this WWII series that I started right after I got the first 3 books at Christmas, but after reading 5 in a row, I need to take a break from them They are wonderful historical novels, but I did have a hard time getting started with this one There are a lot of characters, real political characters from the time and the fictional ones, with many different story lines going on simultaneously These each have taken me quite a while to get through I ve only gotten through 5 since Ja [...]

  18. I am giving this one four stars simply because it took me so long to short out all the new characters It was distracting to find myself, 200 pages into the story, still asking how the characters fit in I understood the need for their introduction, and by the end I was invested in each of their stories In fact, I read until 3 00 a.m just to make sure the children were safe Probably not the best book to have finished, my son s first night, at his very first week long Scout Camp I wanted to make su [...]

  19. I really didn t want to put this book down.I enjoyed the way so many stories converged into one Still horrified by what happened I was struck by the comment that when people wondered why they hadn t prepared to defend themselves against something like Kristalnacht, they came to the conclusion that there was no way they could because noone ever aniticipated something so horrible could actually happen The story is still depressing in that we know there is no happy ending for so many people, and I [...]

  20. So, it took me forever to read this book I didn t like all the pain and agony in that book and yet, what book is free of that We re living life and there is pain everywhere I thought I was going to have to say that I didn t actually like one of Thoene s books, but guess what happened The last 10 chapters grabbed me and I read with gusto until I had finished And now I want to know what happened to them I want to read the next book.Maybe later.Enough of Hitler for now.

  21. For the longest time, I was not liking this book as much as the others because there were too many story lines, making it hard to keep track of what was happening There were also so many different characters that it took me quite a while to remember who was who without flipping back to previously read sections However, I must say that as I neared the end, I was totally absorbed in it The ending was well worth the initial discomfort

  22. This is my review for all of these books They are set during WWII and have some gory sp true stories, but they re melded into the same characters I love these books, but I haven t read them for years They sit on my shelf tempting me And, now that I ve looked them up to rate them and tell other people to read them, I see that there are I am very excited I ll have to go and look for them.

  23. Heart wrenching All young people should be required to read this before they graduate from high school and maybe even younger if they re good readers Children need to grow up to be responsible members of society, and American children especially need to know the price of freedom and the insanity of throwing it away A fabulous series and a classic for all time.

  24. This book was a slow start but really ramped up in the last 100 pages But then it ended without resolving any of the story lines I was so disappointed I do have the next book on my shelf but was unable to start it right away I am now ready to read book 6 knowing the story will continue right where is left off.

  25. This one is definitely my second favorite I was completely caught up in the lives of almost all the characters introduced, though I never really could connect with Karl Ibsen The sibling attitudes of Alfie, the Kalners, and the Ibsens were refrshingly funny, and the transformation of Lucy s character was terribly interesting I loved her part in rescuing the Wallich family.

  26. The writers again introduce new characters while retaining the old There is a very thrilling part where some Jewish children have to flee Berlin while being chased by the GestapoI really could hardly put the book down The writers do a good job of providing a mostly happy ending, but don t sugarcoat the terrible things that were happening to people throughout Europeuly chilling

  27. This book has than the usual number of stories going at one time, and setting the stage for each one took some time It took me a while to settle in, but once I did, I couldn t put it down As usual for this series, the historical backdrop is compelling Highly recommend, but start at the beginning and read the series in order

  28. This was book 5 of 9 in the series There are now approximately 60 characters, each with their own detailed story line and I m dying to know what happens to all of them Tonight when I listened to hear about Hitler s latest blunder on the nightly news I realized I ve been reading a lot of WWII books lately My brain is stuck in 1939.

  29. This is book five of the series about WW11 It s hard to stay this long in a world where Hitler exists, it s very emotionally draining It has great character development though I find myself needing these people in the story to find an escape to freedom I have learned a bunch of history Always a good thing.

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