The Gates of Zion (2022)

[PDF] The Gates of Zion | by Á Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene - The Gates of Zion, The Gates of Zion Ellie Warne a young American photojournalist finds herself in Jerusalem in She unwittingly becomes a pawn in a political chess game when she photographs some ancient scrolls discovered by Bedou [PDF] The Gates of Zion | by Á Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene - The Gates of Zion, The Gates of Zion Ellie Warne a young American photojournalist finds herself in Jerusalem in She unwittingly becomes a pawn in a political chess game when she photographs some ancient scrolls discovered by Bedou
  • Title: The Gates of Zion
  • Author: Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene
  • ISBN: 9781414301020
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
The Gates of Zion
[PDF] The Gates of Zion | by Á Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene, The Gates of Zion, Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene, The Gates of Zion Ellie Warne a young American photojournalist finds herself in Jerusalem in She unwittingly becomes a pawn in a political chess game when she photographs some ancient scrolls discovered by Bedouins Who would guess that a few innocent photos could entangle her in such a desperate web of intrigue and peril David Meyer seems to love her dearly but Moshe Sachar has aEllie Warn
  • [PDF] The Gates of Zion | by Á Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene
    120 Bodie Thoene Brock Thoene
The Gates of Zion

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  1. First in a series depicting the creation of Israel.This book is mostly about a female journalist and her love triangle between a wise cracking ace, and fiery eyed zealot.Not bad, if not my cup of tea.

  2. This book was like reading a B movie Some books can seamlessly blend historical fiction, romance, adventure, suspense, cultural issues this is not one of them The closest is comes to fulfilling any of these would be historical fiction The characters are generally stereotypical and shallow, the premis is grossly biased, and I have to balk at any theme that makes one race of people the bad guy it takes a subject that is complex, historical, and sensitive and reduces it to the cognitive level of a [...]

  3. The reason I chose 5 stars was because this series usually I walk past, but on a friends recommendation I picked up the first book I was pleasantly surprised I loved this book So much that I bought the entire series in a nice collection I loved the History and the fact that the characters and the events are actual events and real people that lived in these most trying times of faith and perseverance I loved the fact that this book brought this History to life for me about the creation of the Jew [...]

  4. This book covers an interesting and often overlooked piece of history, the establishment of Israel for the Jewish people after World War II Unfortunately, the characters failed to draw me in or make me care about them The women are so beautiful it is difficult for the men to decide which one they love, and the women suffer similarly because both men are handsome and courageous The dialog is unrealistic and at times cringeworthy As others have pointed out, the bad guys are all ignorant and cruel [...]

  5. My High school English teacher recommended the Thoenes to us, but I never got around to reading them then I recently opened The Gates of Zion and could not put it down As a history lover, I appreciate their approach to being as historically accurate as possible I walked away with understanding of Israel s struggle for a nation As a reader, I loved the plot full of suspense, action, intrigue, and some romance for good measure For me, any historical fiction that makes me want to study out the sub [...]

  6. So disappointing After LOVING the other series called Zion Covenant I purchased the whole set of Zion Chronicles thinking it would be similar but it s awful I suspect they wrote the books in a huge rush and never ended up coming back to edit or flesh out the stories properly Someone has described them as a B movie and I couldn t agree I m kind of stunned that they were even published It is patchy and cliched and at times just plain boring because the characters are so 1 dimensional not to menti [...]

  7. I wasn t so sure I was going to like this book It was a book club selection so I was coerced into reading it I was greatly surprised to find it very interesting and enjoyable I don t think I will read the rest of the series, but I am glad I read this one I liked that I learned about an event in history that I never ever thought about before, the partition of Israel and Palestine or rather the creation of modern day Israel soon after the holocaust definitely biased towards the Jews and Christians [...]

  8. The Gates of Zion is a wonderful book When my mom first said we were reading it I was disappointed thinking it would be a boring historical book Definitely not This book was full of mystery and excitement The only thing that I didn t always like was that there was a bit of romance and so my had to mom omit parts of the book for that reason Other than that I really enjoyed reading this book

  9. A historical fiction novel filled with truth I loved every second of this book Set in 1947, we learn the story of Ellie Warne and how she came to love the Jewish people She learns to trust her heart even in the midst of incredible pain You won t be able to set this book down These two authors are fantastic writers who weave the story and the truth into a blend of perfect reading.

  10. A little slow to start, but picks up and then you can t put it down My favorite line from the book is Would she have ever known that God s love was bigger than heartache What a powerful and precious thought

  11. I loved this book I thought that the beginning was a bit slow but now I see why it had to be like that This wasn t the type of book that you can guess the ending, which I think is nice I can t wait to read the next book

  12. This was another series that I loved in junior high and high school and haven t returned to since It s actually pretty good for the most part, decently well written and set in an interesting historical period I like the romance quadrangle rectangle less now than I did as a boy crazy teenager, but thankfully that gets resolved in this first book I really love some of the supporting characters, particularly Grandfather Lebowitz and Uncle Howard, and I was surprised to find that parts of this book [...]

  13. A great book from beginning to end A wonderful story of the Jews attempting to settle in Jerusalem in the post World War 2 area after the fall of Nazism The persecution followed them even to their homeland where the Moslems continued to persecute from where the Nazis left off No dull moments in this story but action from the beginning to the end I am looking forward to reading 2 of the Zion Chronicles.

  14. Ellie Warne is an American photojournalist who is in Jerusalem in late 1947, at the historic time when the British territory of Palestine is divided into a Arab and Jewish states But what is proposed as the future path to peace, quickly descends into anarchy and bloodshed Ellie finds herself and her friends in danger on many fronts I found the momentous events surrounding the proclamation of the state of Israel to be very interesting As for the story itself, it was just another read.

  15. I think this book is wonderful It tells the history of Isreal what it went threw with the UK and Nazi Germany I know that the characters are fictional but history is in the book Can not wait to read Daughter of Zion I just bought it Rachael does show the trauma that she went threw She tried to kill herself and she is timid because of the trauma.

  16. Ellie is a photographer She loves to take pictures of Jerusalem It gets her in trouble sometimes, but she keeps doing it I loved Grandfather in this book He was a very kind old man The dog, Saul, was another great character.

  17. Best part about the book is its attention to historical detail It makes the book a bit slower of a read but an overall richer story.

  18. Reread this and enjoyed First half a bit slow, but enjoyed the second half Not as good as Zion Chronicles but hope series will pick up.

  19. Just re read Not quite as good as the Zion Covenant series, but still really good, and an easy way to learn about the birth of Israel as a modern nation.

  20. Historical fiction about the Zionists of Israel There was also included the story of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

  21. My first book by this author I enjoyed it and consider myself to be fairly picky about what fiction I give my limited time to read I avoid all Amish, Mennonite and other Christian chick books I chose this book for the Dead Sea Scroll history and changing times culture of Jerusalem in the late 1940s I look forward to reading the second book soon.

  22. It is 1947 and Palestine has just been partitioned by the UN, thereby creating the new nation of Israel But it is not to be peaceful beginning as the Arab population fights to keep what they see as being theirs and as the Jewish survivors of the Nazi death camps begin arriving to take what they believe is rightfully theirs Ellie Warne, an American photo journalist in Palestine working alongside her archaeologist uncle Howard, is caught up in the frenzy as her relationship with Moshe, a member of [...]

  23. Yet another series on my shelves that is just dying to be read again This series is one that will never leave my shelves.

  24. This is the type of book that really makes you think This time period is very popular with historical authors, but this is the first I have seen about the response of WW2 in the Middle East especially Jerusalem and Palestine.This novel tells the story of Ellie and her Uncle Howard who is an archeologist Ellie is an aspiring photographer and is working for the University photographing the artifacts unearthed by her Uncle She is involved with Moshe who is archeologist by day and a Jewish fighter b [...]

  25. Ellie is a photojournalist taking pictures for her archaeologist uncle in Jerusalem She is exploring a new relationship with her coworker, Moshe, and learning what life is like in the Middle East Moshe is a professor and historian, who spends his nights sneaking Jewish refugees back into Jerusalem He loves Ellie, and so he can only tell of his daytime life David was a pilot in WWII, and after the war signed up to fly planes around Jerusalem He loves Ellie, but they left their relationship on roc [...]

  26. This book takes you through the period in time known as the Palestine Partition 1947 1948 It is through the eyes of a few characters that the story is heard each with their own motives, dreams, fears and effects of the partition While it does touch at times on the actual history, it deals with the fictional lives of the main characters Some of them are Jewish, but some are not The plot, however, is the same for all A series book this is the 1st Very well written and researched book I knew when [...]

  27. I started out very hopeful for this book I was looking for a story in the same vein as Leon Uris Exodus, and, right away, this book brought me to the very same time period and location right at the moment of Palestinian partition in Old Jerusalem There is even an early scene featuring David Ben Gurion.Unfortunately, that is about all the history there is From there on, the story devolves into a sort of Hallmark movie of the week melodrama There are an unbelievable number of last minute saves and [...]

  28. Historical Fiction one of my favorite genres This is the first book that I have read by Bodie Thoene, at the recommendation of a good friend and neighbor I learned a great deal about the conditions in Jerusalem in the 1940s The plot is intriguing, the character development deep and believable Some parts are hard to read, only because they are so heartbreakingly indicative of the circumstances that the Jews lived in at the time I find myself wanting to call warnings to the heroes as they enter da [...]

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