Twelve Angry Men (2022)

Free Read Twelve Angry Men - by Reginald Rose David Mamet - Twelve Angry Men, Twelve Angry Men A landmark American drama that inspired a classic film and a Broadway revival featuring an introduction by David MametA blistering character study and an examination of the American melting pot and th Free Read Twelve Angry Men - by Reginald Rose David Mamet - Twelve Angry Men, Twelve Angry Men A landmark American drama that inspired a classic film and a Broadway revival featuring an introduction by David MametA blistering character study and an examination of the American melting pot and th
  • Title: Twelve Angry Men
  • Author: Reginald Rose David Mamet
  • ISBN: 9780143104407
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
Twelve Angry Men
Free Read Twelve Angry Men - by Reginald Rose David Mamet, Twelve Angry Men, Reginald Rose David Mamet, Twelve Angry Men A landmark American drama that inspired a classic film and a Broadway revival featuring an introduction by David MametA blistering character study and an examination of the American melting pot and the judicial system that keeps it in check Twelve Angry Men holds at its core a deeply patriotic faith in the U S legal system The play centers on Juror Eight who is at firsA landmark
  • Free Read Twelve Angry Men - by Reginald Rose David Mamet
    242 Reginald Rose David Mamet
Twelve Angry Men

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  1. You would think they would ve forced us to watch Twelve Angry Men in law school, but they didn t After reading the play and watching the movie a few weeks ago, I feel like every American should have to read Twelve Angry Men The play centers on a jury deliberation During several heated hours literally and figuratively , twelve men discuss whether the verdict they come to will exonerate a young man for the murder of his father, or condemn him to a death sentence that the judge explained he had no [...]

  2. The following will be a twelve thousand word dissertation on the seventy page long play by Reginald Rose Or maybe not Maybe I ll simply stick to reviewing Recently I ve been reading several plays and short stories In part because I m required to like this one and in part because I enjoy the difference in media So I shall promptly go over what makes Twelve Angry Men different.The play itself covers the case of an apparently guilty boy claimed to have stabbed his father The prosecution appears to [...]

  3. Oh WellI just think he s guilty I thought it was obvious This is a passionate play about twelve jurors who must decide whether a boy who s charged with premeditated homicide of his father, is guilty or not Only one member of the jury believes there s a reasonable doubt as to the guilt of the accused, and forces the other jurors to examine the evidence thoroughly The fierce argument that follows is a powerful warning against rash judgment and condemnation based on ignorance, prejudice or casualn [...]

  4. First of all, go and watch the film version of this with Henry Fonda, as it is one of the greatest films of all time I have yet to meet one person that did not like nor appreciate the importance of that film There were eleven votes for guilty It s not easy for me to raise my hand and send a boy off to die without talking about it first This short play follows a jury, as they try to pass a verdict on a homicide case Juror 8 believes there is reasonable doubt while all the other men have ridiculou [...]

  5. I made some comments about this play in my review of The Affair As an afterthought, I think it is worth mentioning something about the maleness of both Females are involved in none of the overt process of decision making in either work But nonetheless, there is a striking difference between them Twelve Angry Men is just that But The Affair has a strong female presence The men who have wives are highly influenced by them It is the women who impel the men to action and it is the women who want jus [...]

  6. I love this It s so brilliant in so many ways I remember reading this in school and thinking how unfair it was of the main antagonist juror, 3, to disregard all points regarding anything that might lead to a not guilty verdict simply because of his own personal prejudices and opinions It s interesting to me now how that tells me as much about myself as it does about the characters Back then, I thought that Juror 3 was a mean man, almost evil, and that he just wanted the defendant to die to make [...]

  7. The twelve angry men in this play are members of a jury deliberating during a homicide trial They must come to an unanimous decision of guilty or not guilty to prevent a hung jury Their decision has serious consequences since a guilty charge will result in a death sentence Eleven jurors are ready to make a snap decision of guilty and head home, but one dissenting juror has a reasonable doubt He prompts the other jurors to examine the evidence closely.The young man on trial is a minority from a [...]

  8. Pocas veces en la vida podemos encontrarnos en una situaci n donde la vida de una persona depende de las decisiones que tomemos y de los factores que influyen en esas decisiones En esta obra un jurado est deliberando la muerte de un hombre por el asesinato de su padre, mismo que el acusado afirma no haber cometido Con una sentencia de 11 de doce votos que lo sentencian como culpable, el jurado 8 es la nica oportunidad con la que cuenta para salvarse.Ente las dudas de un jurado esta historia se d [...]

  9. Aunque aparentemente simple, esta corta obra es una interesante y aguda reflexi n acerca de la percepci n de la inocencia, la fiabilidad del sistema judicial y el papel de los prejuicios humanos en ambos.M s que un caso criminal, es un estudio humano y un recordatorio de eso de que siempre creemos imposible una sola persona s puede hacer la diferencia.

  10. no doubt a typical example of what a muthafakking best of the best muthafakkers isstill be in one century for sure

  11. I was very excited about reading Twelve Angry Men I ve seen the film, so when I saw that the play was a choice for class reading, I couldn t wait to read it.My immediate response to the text was that I couldn t put it down I was compelled by the 8th Juror s arguments and by figuring out each individual s demeanor and attitude, I loved discovering and about each character as I read about their interaction with other characters As I continue reading, I m not only motivated by the ultimate ending [...]

  12. WOW What a play This was amazing stuff Though you can sense it is getting up there in years, it doesn t seem nearly as dated as many of the things of its era I had heard of this my whole life but never really known much about it It didn t take long to realize that I was dealing with a major work of incredible power Heavily recommended.

  13. Amazing.Never having seen the play, I picked this up as a Book You Can Read in a Day and read it in a little over an hour There is so much packed into so few words I loved it.

  14. Nota mental 1 Cuando veas anunciada una obra de teatro con doce actores muy conocidos y de entre ellos por lo menos seis est n considerados primeros actores , tienes que hacer un m nimo esfuerzo por ir a verla Si esta obra se llama Doce hombres en pugna , siempre puedes por recurrir a una bonita adaptaci n en audiolibro, como en mi caso Calidad de la representaci n aparte muy buena, con Dan Castellaneta AKA Homero Simpson en ingl s y H ctor Elizondo , la obra es una de aquellas piezas de teatro [...]

  15. Interesting.I read this play as I m considering taking part in the production and I really enjoyed it In the 12 angry men, you see all the different types of people You have juror 8, who stood against all the others, did not give in to peer pressure and stood his ground On the other hand of the spectrum, we have juror 3, a bitter, stubborn and biased man The play has a very strong message It s so easy to condemn and judge someone from the safety of our comfortable jury rooms homes offices We re [...]

  16. It takes a great deal of courage to stand alone When I like a book, I can give it 5 stars without a single word, but this one is different.What can I call it it s us the people we meet every day and how they think, act and feel.You may see them act as if they know the whole truth about anything They may feel they re unwanted or unimportant.And they get excited sometimes and they want to take revenge on a wrong person.But at the end, they admit their guilt.

  17. This play only takes place in a jury room, and the setup to the plot line is never revealed all at once An interesting point of this book is that there are no names, only the numbers of the jurors and the witnesses of the case as the old man , or woman These twelve jurors are appointed to deliberate on the trial of a teenage boy who allegedly stabbed his father, and it looks like a open and shut case in the beginning, but the evidence that is revealed during the story makes it much difficult to [...]

  18. 3.5 starsI find that I truly don t have much to say about this particular read It was for school, obviously Now that I think about it, I don t think I ve ever picked up a play for simple pleasure reading but that s not the point This story should ve been right up my alley since it s largely a thriller, but it was pretty monotonous and a little slow I did think it was engaging and realistic It cast a pretty accurate from what I believe picture of life in 1957 America, but it was anticlimactic and [...]

  19. I have read this a few times This time while walking I listened to the audio This is our American jury system What I found so interesting that this was in the 1950 s but they had the same concerns The dangerous times we are living , the racial and socioeconomic concerns as well as right vs wrong

  20. Prior to reading, I knew that this play was about a jury deliberation, but other than that, I knew very little I had heard of both the play and the movie, but I had never seen either one I was really looking forward to reading it, as I thought my legal background would make it that much interesting.It did not take me long to completely change my mind I found it very difficult straight reading, as I was annoyed at having to flip back to the front to review who juror number four or five or two wa [...]

  21. I remember seeing the movie years and years ago, and it being a powerful thing Reading the script was just as powerful, and I think it will always be timeless The way the judicial system works, the way it shows how people are peopleg.

  22. I read Twelve Angry Men at some point during my middle or high school years, but I don t remember exactly when I also recall watching the original motion picture, and recently, I ve seen the updated movie I was always really intrigued by the premise a man is on trial for murder, all the evidence confirms his guilt, one lone juror stands up for him and converts everyone else to a plea of not guilty it s very Hollywood It s been a while though, since I ve read the actual play.When I first started [...]

  23. Why should Reginald Rose s Twelve Angry Men work If anything, it starts with what I would have thought a tired premise jurors all men, 12 of them, and fairly angry in deliberation So what Well, for one thing, a man s life is at stake To make matters worse, I ll admit that I am not usually a fan of reading plays In fact, I was sure that this one, with its twelve nameless characters, would be a real struggle to get through Who can tie a character s character to a name like Juror 8 I really don t t [...]

  24. Esta historia es un Cl sico contempor neo y parte de la cultura popular, les aseguro que al menos una vez han escuchado de su menci n en alg n medio.Yo recuerdo un cap tulo de How I met your mother donde hacen referencia, tambi n recuerdo un cap tulo de Malcolm in the middle, donde hicieron un capitulo completo basado en esta historia.Cosas importantes a saber de esta historia Es un guion teatral, no una novela Por lo tanto, son solo di logos Es una historia cortita Tengan en cuenta el a o en el [...]

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