The Other Alice (2022)

The Other Alice Best Download || [Michelle Harrison] - The Other Alice, The Other Alice What happens when a tale with real magic that was supposed to be finished never was This is a story about one of those stories Midge loves riddles his cat Twitch and most of all stories Especiall The Other Alice Best Download || [Michelle Harrison] - The Other Alice, The Other Alice What happens when a tale with real magic that was supposed to be finished never was This is a story about one of those stories Midge loves riddles his cat Twitch and most of all stories Especiall
  • Title: The Other Alice
  • Author: Michelle Harrison
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Other Alice
The Other Alice Best Download || [Michelle Harrison], The Other Alice, Michelle Harrison, The Other Alice What happens when a tale with real magic that was supposed to be finished never was This is a story about one of those stories Midge loves riddles his cat Twitch and most of all stories Especially because he s grown up being read to by his sister Alice a brilliant writer When Alice goes missing and a talking cat turns up in her bedroom Midge searches AlWhat happens when a ta
  • The Other Alice Best Download || [Michelle Harrison]
    231 Michelle Harrison
The Other Alice

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  1. I was hooked from the first page, and The Other Alice never let me go.Oh how long has it been since a fantasy novel enchanted me Made me want to start writing fantasy myself again The Other Alice has the characters from fiction books come to life in the real world premise that s rarely been done well, in my experience Oh my goddesses, Michelle Harrison s expertly planned out and wonderful children s book did it justice so, so well I didn t like 13 Treasures , but The Other Alice drove the skepti [...]

  2. By N, Age 10, and A, age 7.We loved this book The writing is really beautiful and we could feel what the characters felt.We liked the Alice in Wonderland links, but this story is very original The idea of characters coming to life is both exciting and scary There is adventure, mystery, riddles, shock, surprise, fear, fun, curses and magic.We had so much fun trying to solve the riddles.Our favourite characters were Tabitha, the talking cat, and Piper, who has a magic flute There are some scary bi [...]

  3. Read this for school s book club and to see if would be ok for my daughter I loved it it kept me gripped all the way through A bit derivative this was similar to Inkheart but then I loved Inkheart so I didn t mind it Will definitely be recommending this to the group

  4. Enjoyed that A great story about stories A touch of sorcery mixed with a generous dollop of old wives tales and fairy tales I enjoyed its adventures, even the dark chinks in the cloth of tales Just a tiny thing niggled at me, I was sorry that it s cover made it appealing to girls as it s hero was a boy Just a very small grumble and only expressed as I thought it limits its audience.

  5. I was sent an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.The Other Alice is a book aimed at children aged 9 and upwards, however I am a big kid at heart so thought I would have a read before I gave it to my eldest girls to look at.Filled with magic, mystery and a cast of characters that are highly entertaining, this story is definitely one to keep you turning the pages.A clever concept as it is a book within a book, except there is an added twist, this second book has come to life, well i [...]

  6. This book takes us in a new world of fairytales with action, twisted plot and charming characters We are caught in the swirl of adventure, always willing to know what happens next Even if some parts of the story seems to be a little too obvious, the author surprises us many times whitout letting us the time to get bored.

  7. I am planning on re reading this many, many times Michelle Harrison did such a amazing job that I couldn t believe it If she ever comes out with a sequel to it, I would definitely read it This book is so inspiring andgical I was not prepared for the twists that took place, and it s something I feel should have a place at as many libraries as possible Keep on reading,Wisp

  8. So I really wanted to like this book as I loved the authors 13 treasures series.This book really fell apart for me with the magic aspect Too many things were explained as just magic without a plausible explanation It was if magic was used as a way to explain something the author couldn t come up with a better explanation for Example It was too quick and easy to say that Gypsy all the sudden had the ability to speak just because she had put someone else clothes on very convenient to give this cha [...]

  9. Michelle Harrison is an amazing writer, combining fantasy, adventure and a little mystery to create a book to read and re read I loved her rich language and the way she describes settings and characters is as though you are actually there and meeting the character yourself.It is about a girl called Alice who is a brilliant writer and her brother, Midge She is writing a book called The Museum of Unfinished Stories, and ironically, she is unable to finish it herself For most normal people, this is [...]

  10. It s beautiful in it s writing style as I always expect from Michelle but I m struggling majorly with anything with even the faintest whiff of fantasy about it of late no matter how good it is Setting aside for now.

  11. This book is everything I ever wished for dreams to be as a child It s magical and wonderful and I m extra happy that I bought a copy for my niece I can t wait to share it with her

  12. If I am to tell the truth, I must say the other Alice was a gripping, heart breaking book which really made me feel for Midge, Piper and Gypsy Unlike most books, we, as a reader, were able to understand the characters as if we were them There were times when I felt sad and sorry for the characters like when Gpsy found she was not a real human and when they all disappeared into the story but they were times when I just could not stop smiling like when the reason I chose not to finish this sentenc [...]

  13. 3.5 starsInkheart is the children s book that many know for characters coming out of or into stories This novel uses a similar idea, another dark theme, and weaves a tale of a storyteller into that of her characters More recently Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Meer have quite successfully created a book about a girl and a storybook prince falling in love and meeting Between the Lines so it s an idea that is quite popular with young people Midge s older sister Alice is a natural and gifted writer [...]

  14. I have always believed that stories are magic, and this is truly a magical story.The other Alice had me captivated from the get go cause I really believe that no matter the age, even if it s supposed to be a children s book, all of us who like stories and have ever tried our hand at writing one, can relate to.I liked all of the characters and even the villain I thought a pretty good one But what I liked the most I think was the over all message about creating our own monster and therefore being [...]

  15. Alice writes wonderful stories that her little brother Midge loves to listen to But she bears a curse that means she must finish every single one of her stories, no matter how silly the ending When she tries to write a novel she gets stuck and being unable to finish ends up bringing the characters to life, including some who are very dangerous.Despite the dangers, I found myself wanting to live in one of Alice s worlds She makes any simple thing seem magical where it would normally seem boring I [...]

  16. 3.5 stars I usually don t like when books are described as cross between but I m going to make an exception for once This book felt like very weird cross between Inkheart, The Book of Story Beginnings and Alice in Wonderland, while touched upon other fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty There were aspects of the story I didn t connect with and some were incomplete I thought, but it was still an intriguing read.

  17. I ve always liked stories that have played with the idea of bringing characters from books to life, and this is no exception It was a cute, fun, imaginative read, if a bit cliche in places The characters were fun, though the protagonist was a bit cardboard cut out Really liked the fairytale references, especially the very light Alice in Wonderland theme obviously.

  18. this book is so clever in the way it was written the plot and characters are remarkable and i just wanted to sit down and write a book as soon as i had finished i recommend this book to EVERYONE i hope that you enjoy this book as much as i did.

  19. A beautifully written story or stories I proof read this before handing it over to my daughter and I have to say, I enjoyed it possibly than all of the others, which is a huge deal as I absolutely adored one wish and unrest

  20. The Other Alice, to me was such a good book For several reasons Firstly, I have never read a book or watched a movie, which has a character that is a writer, that so realistic Alice silver, is the perfect way to look at a writer She is normal looking girl, this sounds a little weird But so many times, in books and movies They portray a writer as a drunk man or depressed man Though Alice, is a funny and kind and everything a writer actually is like I like to write a lot, I m a writer, and I m not [...]

  21. Loved how the characters came to life in this book It was just incredible, the amount of detail that went into each character Essentially a book within a book Definitely recommended

  22. This book really captured my imagination A story within story, where characters walk off the page and magic finds a place in the real world this book was everything I hoped it would be and When Midge s sister, Alice goes missing, he knows something really bad has happened to her Then he finds a talking cat, a girl who looks eerily like his sister, and a strange boy thief who can charm anyone with a song The three only have one thing in common They were characters in his sisters book Yet now, so [...]

  23. Mich machte das Cover und auch der Klappentext aufmerksam auf das Buch The Other Alice versprach ein Buch zu sein, das eine Geschichte pr sentierte, ber die viele Leser und Autoren nachdenken Was passiert eigentlich mit meinen Figuren, wenn ich eine Geschichte nicht beende Verschwinden sie Haben sie ein eigenes Leben Oder machen sie gar etwas vollkommen anderes Michelle Harrison ist der ganzen Sache einmal nachgegangen und pr sentiert somit eine Geschichte, in der das M dchen Alice eine Geschich [...]

  24. Very important point Midge is a boy.It will sound silly but I only discovered that point nearly at the end of the book, I thought all along that he was a girl.We follow his adventure and investigation when his sister Alice disappear, which strangely coincide with the irruption of strangers in his city, some sinister than the others.Midge will have to be brave and face lost boys, talking animals, dangerous women, all to help find his sister and lift the curse that has been cast upon her And what [...]

  25. If 13 Treasures was the story that brought Michelle Harrison to us as a storyteller, and Unrest was the book to show how powerful, scary, and disturbing a storyteller she could be, then her latest novel, The Other Alice, is the book that shows she has truly come of age There can be no doubt that Lewis Carroll s classic was in Harrison s mind when she named the title character as the threads of the real, the unreal, and the might be real run through this book With characters coming to life out of [...]

  26. Full review now available on the blog thewritinggreyhound The Other Alice is one of those classic YA fantasy stories that seems to instantly become timeless Crammed full of rich storytelling, the myriad of characters are woven seamlessly alongside the storyline, pulling together to create a vivid tapestry which tugs at the imagination.The Other Alice is as much about a little brother trying to find his missing big sister as it is about fiction vs reality Combining part mystery and part fantasy, [...]

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