Wolfsong (2022)

Wolfsong Best Read || [T.J. Klune] - Wolfsong, Wolfsong Ox was twelve when his daddy taught him a very valuable lesson He said that Ox wasn t worth anything and people would never understand him Then he left Ox was sixteen when he met the boy on the road Wolfsong Best Read || [T.J. Klune] - Wolfsong, Wolfsong Ox was twelve when his daddy taught him a very valuable lesson He said that Ox wasn t worth anything and people would never understand him Then he left Ox was sixteen when he met the boy on the road
  • Title: Wolfsong
  • Author: T.J. Klune
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Wolfsong Best Read || [T.J. Klune], Wolfsong, T.J. Klune, Wolfsong Ox was twelve when his daddy taught him a very valuable lesson He said that Ox wasn t worth anything and people would never understand him Then he left Ox was sixteen when he met the boy on the road the boy who talked and talked and talked Ox found out later the boy hadn t spoken in almost two years before that day and that the boy belonged to a family who had moved iOx was twelve when
  • Wolfsong Best Read || [T.J. Klune]
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  1. 5 Candy Canes and Pine Cones and Epic and Awesome StarsI originally read this book in preparation for a giveaway over on the blog but rest assured, said giveaway had NOTHING to do with me giving this bad boy 5 big ones.If it had sucked, I would have rated it however many suck stars it deserved, written a semi diplomatic this thing sucked reviewAnd then still done my blog wife duty and shamelessly plugged the giveaway.But thank fuck I didn t have to do that Because this thing was awesome Before t [...]

  2. Updated 10 5 16 Wolfsong is now available in audio I hope you enjoy it.Tjaudible pd Fiction WolUpdated 9 17 16 The audiobook for Wolfsong is in the process of being recorded as we speak After listening to auditions than I ve had with any previous book, I selected Kirt Graves as the narrator Never heard of him That s because this is his first audiobook.No pressure, right But man, did he nail that audition And what put him over everyone else was his voice for Gordo He was the only one that got it [...]

  3. Spoiler free review 4.5 stars RAWR T.J Klune writing a shifter book I m soooooo there First of all, I m a total T.J Klune fan girl, so when I saw that he was writing a werewolves book, I just about died I know what you all want to know does this book deliver The answer is YES Do you also want to know about the story, the really relevant things, not just a plot summary If the answer is YES, then read on T.J Klune has two main writing styles serious Withered Sere, Into This River I Drown and hila [...]

  4. 5 Stars.He said, There was never anyone else the entire time I was gone.There was never anyone else for me.Because even if you couldn t hear me when I called for you,the howl in my heart was always meant for you Every once in a while a book comes along that you weren t expecting and just blows you away.I d read friends reviews for this and got the sample but the only thing putting me of was that it s quite long and the lack of steam.Well,I started reading it and right from the first page it suck [...]

  5. ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT TO ENTER Signed paperback giveaway grabby hands Go to steamyreads to enter It s right on the front page Back in September my buddy Judith said, I was blown away by this book She said, I wasn t expecting it And I said, Sounds good, may be later Then my friend Jan read this book and said, SO MUCH TALENT And I said, Noted On TBR And then in October, on Instagram,Tillie Cole said, Holy shit you guys, read this book She said, It s beautiful She said, Everyone should read it And I sai [...]

  6. 5 stars So I have a friend who recommended this book to me I put it on my TBR and said I d read it soon Then a few weeks later, she said Hey Have you read this yet Since I was getting badgered LOL I looked it up to see if it was on audible It was, so I knew it was meant to be I started listening right away Wolfsong is a story of family, friendship, loyalty and love It s my first read by TJ Klune, but I plan to read many Especially if there are spin offs from this book I know a few characters th [...]

  7. And that right there, ladies and some ladies and probably a few gentlemen, is how you write a freaking shifter novel This is the tale of the Bennett pack of werewolf shifters, the oldest, most respected pack in the entire country, and how a human boy named Ox first heals the broken family at the end of the lane and then makes them stronger than they d ever been before.At the core of the story, though, are Ox Matheson and Joe Bennett How they meet, how they grow up, together and separately, how [...]

  8. You don t get to decide what you re worth because you obviously don t know You don t get to decide that any because you have no fucking idea that you re worth everything How does one review perfection I don t know But I am sure going to try.I knew from chapter 1 this was going to be a 5 star read That this was going to be the best thing I ve read in a while Or maybe even one of the best books I ve read, EVER.You know when a book is so good you have to go back and re read chapters because you jus [...]

  9. This smells of pinecones and candy canes Of epic and awesome.I don t exactly remember the smell of pinecones and candy cones right now.But I will always remember the smell of epic and awesome.It s a power some have A power a few people on Earth simply have The power of writing epic and awesome The power of creating epic and awesome.This is an epic and awesome creation And it s powerful In every sense of the word.I loved everything in this book I loved Ox I loved Joe I loved the pack, as a whole, [...]

  10. ON SALE FOR 1.99 amzn 2txcXrU7 1 17ALL THE STARS You don t get to decide what you re worth because you obviously don t know You don t get to decide that any because you have no fucking idea that you re worth everything This book THIS BOOK If I could use the praise hands emoji I wouldIS IS MY FAVORITE BOOK OF 2016 TO DATE Oh my god, the everloving feels This book made my soul hurt, in a good way.This book is the story of Ox and Joe Ox s dad left when he was twelve, leaving Ox feeling worthless an [...]

  11. What can I say TJ You blow my mind once again I cannot say enough how much I LOVE this mans writing The worlds and characters he creates are nothing if not brilliant The way he weaves a story together while at the same time managing to create so many different characters who are so unique in their own right in ONE book has me in awe of him Whenever I see a new book coming out by this guy it s an automatic buy for me He s a go to read He s unique in what he writes He has a way of grabbing you and [...]

  12. Another awesome re read, because once you start re reading a TJ Klune book, you have to re read them all This is by far one of the best shifter books, I have ever read I m not going into the plot or anything, because I couldn t even explain the awesomeness, that is this book I also don t want to spoiler anything.The only thing you ll need to know, is that this book is about candy canes and pinecones and epic and awesome This book gave me everything It made me smile, cry, swoon and laugh out loud [...]

  13. If I could convince you to try, Wolfsong would be the one.My hubby hates coffee and salad Now, to me, this is WEIRD How can he survive without coffee What could he find fault with in a nice fresh crisp salad Every time I have an extraordinary coffee or salad, I say the same thing to him If I could convert you, THIS will be the one My poor darling hubby then shakes his head at me, girds his loins and takes a sip or a bite Now, even weirder he hates the smell of coffee So the first problem is that [...]

  14. I can name on one hand and still have fingers left over the number of audiobooks that have felt almost life changing Wolfsong is one of them Maybe it s because Wolfsong is one of my favorite books ever But, honestly, I think the truly exceptional narration by Kirt Graves is the reason.Hands down, newcomer voice actor Graves nails everything in Wolfsong He is superb.From the character voices, to his pacing, to the emotion infused so perfectly in all the right placesThis audiobook is EVERYTHING Ev [...]

  15. We sort of Gang Banged TJ His book, I mean awkward Check out all the awesome reviews of a book that s sure to make a lot of 2016 Best Of lists I wish I had the words to adequately explain just how much I loved this book Right from the start 12 yr old Ox grabbed hold of my heart and he s yet to let go And I loved it He squeezed it so tight sometimes it made my face leak And I loved that too I wish I could smell him like Joe can I wish I could smell the epic and the awesome and the candy canes and [...]

  16. Men don t cry Ox s dad taught him that Well Ox cried a lot He cried during sad moments when he was twelve and his dad abandoned him and his mother.He cried during happy moments when he was fifteen and he got a shirt for present A shirt that signified that he was now part of the Gordo s team at the shop where he was working.And he kept crying when he felt like it until he became twenty five and he stopped sharing his story with us and the book finished It seems he had disappointed his father Acco [...]

  17. 11 23 16Audio ReviewThis audio book I ve always been iffy on audio books I really wasn t sure what to expect I ve been on a terrible slump lately and have been re reading all favorites This is one of my favorite books of the year and I thought let me try the audio Bloody hell it was awesome Great narrative It didn t feel like I listened to 18 hrs of book I was completely engrossed in the story 5 Stars P.S I think I ll listen to a certain unicorn next I m going to keep this one short and to point [...]

  18. 3 STARS Unfiltered review here prettymessreading.wordpress.cThis gave me a whole lot of male on male romance which isn t something would normally give a first look to, let alone a second I didn t know it was M M until I started reading it That was my own silly fault for not paying attention to the synopsis But, whatever I started it and I decided I needed to finish it.I enjoyed the inner dialogue with Ox at the beginning of the story because it brought out motherly emotions for me My son has a l [...]

  19. It s a flawless book and shows that you can take the fantastic and make it so very human Ox is so well named, solid and sturdy with everything swirling around him, he is the linchpin that holds everyone together I thought the supernatural would be what grabbed me but instead it s Ox s humanity and humility and loyalty I hope there will be Wildly recommended.

  20. 5 Huge Candy Canes and Pinecones and Epic and Awesome Stars Red, he said quietly Your eyes are red I m struggling with words to write a review that would make this book justice I probably can t come up with them This was awesome, OMG, so awesome From beginning to end, this book captured my heart I used to be a huge paranormal reader, not sure why I stopped reading paranormal on a regular basis, but I probably need to rectify that But this book, man, this book, was pure amazingness Mom Mom You ha [...]

  21. TJ Klune hates us Wookie Cry Face, he says We ve heard him warn us of Wookie Cry Face I say BRING IT I ain t skeered of no effin Wookie Cry Face I ve tackled your Wookie Cry Face before, TJ I am undefeated But after this book Seriously one of the worst book hangovers ever In the best possible way Damn him Ox is sixteen when he meets his future the family just down the road Ten soon to be eleven year old Joe climbs on his back and takes him home And his fate is sealed.Ox has never felt like he wa [...]

  22. 5 Stars It s always the ones who are the quietest who often have the greatest things to say I haven t read a really good paranormal, fantasy, shifter book in a really, really, really long time it came to a point where I wasn t even bothering to seek them out any That all changed when I read Wolfsong , because wow, this book was phenomenal and I don t say that lightly No review I attempt to write will do this book justice Ox has not had an easy life thanks to his abusive and alcoholic father When [...]

  23. Wolfsong hurt me Not for the reasons I thought it would but it hurt me it hurt me it hurt me I ve been reading it all day, I did, all the over winded hundreds of pages of it, I ve been reading all day and I couldn t shut out the voices that said would you stop this is abusive stop stop no don t you dare caring no this is abuse this is abuse this is abuse.In the end, I probably needed this reminder an abusive relationship is not always something that you can reject instantly because it doesn t st [...]

  24. 5 Song of My Heart StarsMost of my interactions with people on social media are with book people I get tons of book recommendations, want to know how many I have pending I have over 400 books recommendations pending for me to review on Suffice it to say it s hard to push a book on me.BUT there is always that one book pusher, that basically shoves a book down your throat and you just can t say no Even after EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE loves the damn book I m just gonna say it, I CAN NOT BELIEVE [...]

  25. It says a lot about a book when 400 pages don t feel as if they re enough.Just when I think TJ Klune couldn t possibly write a better book he goes and proves me wrong, wrong wrong Every book I ve read of his has been better than the last.Every Damned Time.When I finished Wolfsong I just stopped I just sat there I sat there on my couch and I just stared I stared at the wall and I breathed There was nothing else I could do I was still caught in the grasp of the story It wouldn t let me go So I jus [...]

  26. I am not going to even try to write my usual ramblings here.I just want to say that this book makes me feel like going over all my shelves and take stars away from books I ve rated 5.

  27. It smells like feelings in here Boy, does it ever So many feels, people While reading this book, my friends Todd, Renee and I chatted a bit about it Nothing terribly specific, because we were all at different points in the book Renee finished first and Todd asked her So, verdict Awesome Heartbreaking Worth it Wanna punch TJ in the dick My only thought was all of the above Yep, I m sticking with that Because I couldn t put it down Even when my heart was in shreds Even when tears were streaming do [...]

  28. Howls Hands down, my top read of 2016 Howls I ve never been touched by a book this way I mean literally This book feels you up It sits in your lap and smushes into your side and nudges your hands and nuzzles your neck It makes a sad whine when you close the cover and makes a happy little yip when you come back The book is a pack and it makes you one of its own It will bite you You cannot wait for it to bite you.This is nothing that I usually read Werewolves Shifting Paranormal With an intense ho [...]

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