Practical Ethics (2022)

[PDF] Practical Ethics | by ¸ Peter Singer - Practical Ethics, Practical Ethics Peter Singer s remarkably clear and comprehensive Practical Ethics has become a classic introduction to applied ethics since its publication in and has been translated into many languages For thi [PDF] Practical Ethics | by ¸ Peter Singer - Practical Ethics, Practical Ethics Peter Singer s remarkably clear and comprehensive Practical Ethics has become a classic introduction to applied ethics since its publication in and has been translated into many languages For thi
  • Title: Practical Ethics
  • Author: Peter Singer
  • ISBN: 9780521439718
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
Practical Ethics
[PDF] Practical Ethics | by ¸ Peter Singer, Practical Ethics, Peter Singer, Practical Ethics Peter Singer s remarkably clear and comprehensive Practical Ethics has become a classic introduction to applied ethics since its publication in and has been translated into many languages For this second edition the author has revised all the existing chapters added two new ones and updated the bibliography He has also added an appendix describing some of the deepPeter Sing
  • [PDF] Practical Ethics | by ¸ Peter Singer
    453 Peter Singer
Practical Ethics

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  1. Practical Ethics is one of those books that authors cite all the time, but which I had never actually read In terms of discussing personal ethics in a humanist framework, there s nothing better than this book Singer goes through the issues so clearly and yet conversationally, and also thoroughly addresses criticisms of and weaknesses in his arguments However I was unprepared for Singer appearing to be in favour of euthanizing babies with Down syndrome and Myelomeningocele spina bifida pp 127 138 [...]

  2. Practical Ethics was recommended to me by my ethics professor She claimed that the book was the reason she became a vegetarian Reading this book will be an eye opening experience for many The discussions tackle the biggest questions facing ethics At what point should we consider a fetus a human being What is the value of one human life compared to another Why worry about saving the environment A highlight of the text is that Singer starts with a simple question or example which you will intuitiv [...]

  3. Of course this book is far from impartial But it offer good and scrupulous arguments for his choices The book is written in a very dry and unhelpfully, boring manner Yet the content of the book is far from boring.I m not going to write on this review, my dog is barking at me to take him for a walk.

  4. I am presently homeless and can only use the public library s computers for a limited amount of time each day, so this review is probably going to be done piecemeally.One thing I had been wondering about Peter Singer for some time now is what his position is on meta ethics It is well know that he is a preference utilitarian, and he spends the bulk of his books discussing the application of that normative system What I hadn t remembered from my previous reading of this book is that Singer lays ou [...]

  5. Read down in Savannah back in 2002 I picked up an archival copy back in 2004 Lots of good thinking here, but Singer s way too quick to consider something conclusively demonstrated I found his animal rights doctrine a particularly grotesque pill to swallow, and his arguments regarding abortion rather slipshod reasoning although not so much as the roe v wade decision itself I m staunchly pro choice, but certainly not due to Singer style arguments For that matter, the 700,000 Americans arrested eac [...]

  6. Peter Singer s Practical Ethics is a very considerate book Singer s writings about equality, the ethical treatment of animals, and ending world poverty are best, it seems to me I will reframe Singer s positions regarding these, not exactly as Singer put them, but being as charitable as possible as to what he was arguing for Singer argues that among the varieties of conceptions of equality, we should choose equality of interests of persons self conscious rational creatures and anything capable of [...]

  7. Interesting, not that I agree with all of it Pretty easy to read, thankfully, and clear.Edit on reread I can understand why this book gets some pretty extreme reactions, now I ve read it straight through like this His view of ethics builds up throughout the book, too, so if you don t read all of it, if you read some of it out of context, then he sounds pretty awful.It also should, if you re properly thinking about it, make you wonder why our society globally is the way it is, if we claim to be s [...]

  8. In Practical Ethics Peter Singer a moral philosopher and professor of bioethics at Princeton University puts forth the idea of a utilitarian system of ethics based on an equal considerations of interests To quote Singer The essence of the principle of equal consideration of interests is that we give equal weight in our moral deliberations to the like interests of all those affected by our actions This means that if only X and Y would be affected by a possible act, and if X stands to lose than Y [...]

  9. I wanted to Practical Ethics for some time now It s not exactly the light read, but if you decide to take it in your hands you will find yourself in a possession of a small treasure The sharp reasoning and clear language of the author will lead you on an intellectual journey where you will think through the variety of topics e.g abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, animal suffering, poverty, global warming, environment and ethics itself and quite possibly will change your position on some of them [...]

  10. Practical Ethics is the one book I know that can, without fail start a heated argument in any company You just open to any page read a paragraph out loud Instant debate.Peter Singer makes a habit of bait and switching the reader Starting with what usually sound like simple, easy to agree with axioms he builds up easy to follow example Then proceeds to explain why, if you agree with the example, which most people do, you have agreed to something that most people would find unacceptable.Using this [...]

  11. Since I am not Utilitarian, I disagreed with Singer far than I agreed This is not a problem though because it was a good introduction to some views that otherwise would have been alien to my understanding His extreme views should not be discounted out of hand, but must be taken seriously and answered appropriately Among these are his views on animal rights and the treatment of the mentally deficient and infants He speaks a great deal against Speciesism, but seems to practice his own form of it [...]

  12. Praktische Ethik ist ein Standardwerk in der ethischen Lehre Peter Singer behandelt ausf hrlich die Grundfragen, welche sich beim Thema Moral und Ethik stellen Dank der leicht verst ndlichen Schreibweise, ist das Buch auch f r Einsteiger und nicht Gelehrte geeignet Grunds tzlich dies die Auseinandersetzung mit diesen Gedanken ein Muss f r jeden Menschen, der sein Leben besser verstehen und f hren m chte.Somit spricht eigentlich nichts gegen das Buch, das hier von mir auch empfohlen wird Warum ic [...]

  13. I haven t read this book I was going to but thankfully Peter himself told me not to Instead Peter said we should be boycotting this thing that calls himself a philosopher when really he is just spewing bullshit I understand 90% of the comments about this book was pre April 2015 so no one knew But this man this thing preaches Ethics but then says disabled babies should be killed to save on the cost of health insurance How is this Ethical Oh the irony I would LOVE to wake up one morning and hear t [...]

  14. I liked the chapter Why Act Morally the best It delved into some interesting but unresolved problems of the foundations of ethics, discussing the tension between self interest and universality, and the difficult example of happy psychopaths However, his tentative conclusion that the justification for ethics is that it makes you happier isn t entirely convincing How odd that the branch of philosophy that s among the closest to our daily experience, ethics, is an area that s still in a surprisingl [...]

  15. Finally finished this book Took me a while to get through because I was initially only interested in a few chapters I think this is the kind of book that you can get by with reading only the chapters you re interested in His views are very consistent and he explains them quite well, although I think that he could be a lot succinct I suspect that it is as lengthy as it is because he has a lot of critics and need to take slower, careful steps in his phrasing.

  16. I bought this book while in college for 50 cents I still refer to it For any person wanting a primer into ethics, this book is a good start Singer lays out clearly ethical scenarios and possible solutions.

  17. Interesting and challenging book I don t agree with many of his conclusions but he has put a lot of time into creating a strong argument for his views.

  18. This is a great philosophy book that offers a philosophical standpoint for many contemporary issues like abortion, euthanasia, or climate change Here are my reading notes A Base For EthicsIn order to talk about ethics, the author adopts a broadly utilitarian outlook Any ethical judgement is about factoring in than personal preferences Basing an ethical judgment on self interest is not what we mean by ethical Ethics require factoring in the interests of all involved.This factoring in makes our j [...]

  19. Ethik vom Kopf auf die F e gestelltIch m chte mir gar nicht anma en, mit den folgenden Bemerkungen eine wirklich ersch pfende Bewertung des Konzeptes ethischen Handelns, das von Singer in seiner Praktischen Ethik vorgestellt wird, abzugeben, doch finde ich sein Gedankenger st gleichzeitig so faszinierend und absto end, dass ich einige berlegungen dazu anstellen m chte.In der Ethik geht es zwar um moralisch richtiges Handeln, aber dennoch sind in diesem Zusammenhang Etikette wie gut und b se fehl [...]

  20. Most people who talk about Peter Singer have not read him, and a lot of the people who have read him, did not read him closely enough As is the case with many theories on eating and using animals, Singer s is not absolute He says that, although he generally opposes meat eating, that it would not be wrong to painlessly kill and eat a healthy chicken that is not self aware, has no family or friends that could from its death and that could not have been raised at all if was not going to be slaughte [...]

  21. What a treat This cogent book offers the reader a glimpse of the working of the mind of a first class philosopher The premise is that preference utilitarianism or hedonistic utilitarianism is valid This will lead to conclusions that are not quite or yet conventional A great part of the book is devoted to debunking speciesism It also covers several economic and environmental issues The book should not be treated as a manisfesto to be devoured unquestioningly Indeed, its chapter on metaethics is a [...]

  22. This is a nice book on the ethical questions we encounter in day to day life By and large author has dealt with the issues from all the sides, except poverty where he misses on the chain of producers to consumers how reducing rich people reducing the consumption is going to affect poor people involved in producing that good in the sweat shops in the third world Also I feel that the number of issues dealt with are less and there could be few important ethical issues from day to day life one coul [...]

  23. An essential introduction not just to ulitarianism using preference ulitarianism but to modern ethics in general.The version I read was the first edition which covered ethics related to killing concious beings, and the issue of poverty Singer s views are easy to digest and he openly discusses criticisms of his views while offering defences against these.Very readable, and very interesting and very short.

  24. Baz k s mlar anlamas biraz zor ama genel olarak t m konular halk n anlayabilece i basitlikte anlatm.De i ik bak a lar kat yor insana Bo vaktiniz varsa okuyun derim ama ok h zl biten bir kitap de il.

  25. Baz kitaplar abuk okunamaz,Peter Singer de pek ok felsefeci ve kitaplar gibi geri d n lerle okunmal.Ancak bence g n m zde uygulanabilecek ,erdemli bir yolda y r rken bize yol g sterecek,g zel bir kitap yazm.Peter Singer iyi ki var diyorum.

  26. I m not really a utilitarian, actually I m not at all one Singer makes valid points, though I m not completely sold.

  27. Difficult at times because it was the first philosophy book I ever read But very interesting and thought provoking.

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