The Rag and Bone Shop (2022)

Unlimited The Rag and Bone Shop - by Robert Cormier - The Rag and Bone Shop, The Rag and Bone Shop Terse and terrifying this final book from Cormier will leave a lasting impression Jason almost is a shy ineffectual child who takes being bullied as a matter of course but if he sees someone e Unlimited The Rag and Bone Shop - by Robert Cormier - The Rag and Bone Shop, The Rag and Bone Shop Terse and terrifying this final book from Cormier will leave a lasting impression Jason almost is a shy ineffectual child who takes being bullied as a matter of course but if he sees someone e
  • Title: The Rag and Bone Shop
  • Author: Robert Cormier
  • ISBN: 9780440229711
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
The Rag and Bone Shop
Unlimited The Rag and Bone Shop - by Robert Cormier, The Rag and Bone Shop, Robert Cormier, The Rag and Bone Shop Terse and terrifying this final book from Cormier will leave a lasting impression Jason almost is a shy ineffectual child who takes being bullied as a matter of course but if he sees someone else being pushed around he may strike back When the seven year old girl who lives next door is murdered Jason is horrified He was the last one to see her alive He wantsTerse an
  • Unlimited The Rag and Bone Shop - by Robert Cormier
    233 Robert Cormier
The Rag and Bone Shop

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  1. Look, Jason I am only stating what they think I am trying to show you the seriousness of your situation You are their prime suspect They have evidence against you No one else fits the profile A seven year old girl has been murdered, and the police are convinced her killer was the last person to see her alive a twelve year old boy Now, a hot shot detective has been called in to try and coax a confession from the boy But, will he cross a line to get the desired results This was an unsettling read [...]

  2. I m trying very hard not to like this book I know that sounds prejudiced, but at least I m honest In fact, I decided after being introduced to Robert Cormier s style that I would not like this book I have always been a fan of happy endings Let me clarify by happy endings, I don t mean And they lived happily ever after I mean emotional resolution and satisfaction The world may be crumbling around the characters heads sometimes literally, since I read too much fantasy but the characters still mana [...]

  3. Oh my, oh my, oh my I don t feel that I am exaggerating one bit when I say that this book stands apart from anything else that has ever seen publication I know that s an outrageous claim, but it is absolutely true Hours after reading it, the panicky, weighty feeling of this book courses through my veins and shadows my every thought From the earliest stages of the plot, dark, frightening storm clouds loom close by and it becomes increasingly obvious that we are headed for a devastating upheaval t [...]

  4. The Rag and Bone Shop is an exciting, suspense filled read that sucks you in and keeps you reading page after page in anticipation of finding out what happens The premise for the story is that a 12 year old boy named Jason is the last person to see his 7 year old friend alive Her brutally murdered body is recovered and the police suspect him They bring in an expert interrogator to get him to confess and much of the book focuses on the interaction of the interrogator and Jason in the small, hot i [...]

  5. I do not know of any other so called YA author who quite so comfortably and effortlessly crossed the increasingly indistinct border between novels for younger readers and novels for adult readers in the course of his writing career I personally hate these rather artificial boundaries that are imposed on literature I think dozens of fine, noteworthy novels go unread by older readers because they are marketed as YA I am not referring to the endless stream of dystopian novels and serial fantasy sag [...]

  6. What started off as just one out of his numerous interrogations, Trent discovered in the end right after the kid confessed that he was the wrong suspect Trent was infamously known for his interrogations, up until Jason He would get the truth out of anybody the worst criminals who were bad to the bone But Jason was just a little boy, who was completely innocent But Trent was so good at interrogating, he made Jason fake confess about him evidently being the killer Luckily, they found out who was t [...]

  7. Because my writing and books are compared to Robert Cormier, I ve been on a reading binge lately with regards to his stuff You will see a large list of his books that I ve read in the last month or so.The Rag and Bone Shop My favorite of Cormier s work The suspense will keep the reader on the edge of their seat all the way through Trent, the bad cop interrogator, will make the reader squirm with uneasiness My only complaint is the very last part Don t worry, I won t spoil it, but Cormier s edito [...]

  8. This was literally me finishing this book For the record, I learned how to embed gifs just for this review Ok, so I asked a friend, but the result is the same Is this book well written Yes Is it an intense read Yes None of that changes the fact I will not get back the time I spent reading it.

  9. I loved this book Of you just want a day read ad this book.The Rag and Bone Shop is a great suspense style book There was a murder of a 7 year old girl and that brings a 12year old boy Jason spoilers removed Anyone that wants a suspense filled day read this is the book you need BEWARE beware there is a twist at the end.Great Book

  10. The Rag and Bone Shop by Robert Cormier The main characters are Jason Durant, a 12 year old boy and a man named Trent who is an interrogator for the police The story takes place in Monument, Mass He was looking forward to the summer vacation when suddenly the town was hit with the murder of Alicia Bartlett, a seven year old girl She was Jason s friend There was no weapon, clues, or fingerprints The only thing the police knew was that Jason was the last person to see her alive Lt Braxton from the [...]

  11. The first time I read this book as a teenager, I loved it The second time, I loved it again Maybe the fact that I love this deeply disturbing book is a bad sign for my mental health, but I think that it is an amazing little novel of such power Its commentary on manipulation and the power of suggestion is great Twelve year old Jason s friend Alicia is murdered, and he is brought into questioning The book traces through the interrogation, from the perspectives of both the interrogator and Jason It [...]

  12. I found this to be one of the most unique mystery novels I ve read yet Cormier did an excellent job with this young adult detective story The whole plot is based around the interrogation of a murder suspect 12 year old Jason who is the last person to see the 7 year old girl who was murdered What makes this book so powerful is we know that Jason is innocent the entire time So where s the mystery you re wondering Well it revolves around the twists and turns that go on between the interrogation of [...]

  13. This is a creepy mystery that kept me at the edge of my seat while reading The plot is very simple A young boy named Jason is the last person to see young Alicia Bartlett alive, therefore, he is accused of murdering her The detectives bring in an expert interrogator who is known for getting confessions to do just that with Jason Nearly 75 percent of the book is the interrogation The result of the interrogation is very surprising and the end of the novel is so I think this book is suitable for a [...]

  14. I thought that this book was pretty good The only thing that was bad about the book is it was pretty slow and did not have a lot of action through the first 130 pages Once you get to the end it gets very interesting and makes you sit on the edge of your seat For a horror book this did not have as much horror as I thought it was going to have which was a disappointment to me because I was looking forward to it If you want a good book with some scares this is your book.

  15. Another masterpiece of the dark and disturbing from Cormier, this, his last book.At our last YAL class, the others in my group couldn t get over how completely dark The Chocolate War was.I must lie down where all the ladders start,In the foul rag and bone shop of the heart.How much of Jason did Trent get right Or were Jason s last reasonings caused by Trent Do Jason and Trent s thoughts on what we are capable of apply to each of us Yes.

  16. This was a very different kind of abuse story Another disturbing Cormier novel, but this one a quick read I always wonder, at the end, why I did that to myself Why am I so drawn to these, knowing before I even begin that I m going to be disturbed and depressed as a result I ll never look at the issue of interrogation and confession the same way again Worth reading.

  17. OMG SO SCARY Not as in horror movie, but as in totally freaky The whole time my heart hurt for the poor kid and it reinforces the idea that adults can t be trusted Cormier is a fantastic writer with amazing, horrible endings.

  18. Chilling look at the power of persuasion I ve only read 2 of Cormier s books this one The Chocolate War , but both have had this manipulation of children by adults as a central theme Very disturbing.

  19. I picked this up as an audiobook and couldn t put it down You think you know how it is going to end until the end It leaves you going NOOOOOO I really enjoyed the book It did give me nightmares As a mother of teens, my heart just aches.

  20. A quick, but troubling read This book highlights the fact that children s psyches are fragile than is commonly believed.

  21. SATISIFED CORMIERThis book is a whirlwind It s about a shy thirteen year old boy who is trying to help out his town, when a murder is on the loose and kills his innocent seven year old friend He was the last one to see her, but he knows that he didn t kill her or did he He is secretly interrogated by Trent, a man with a perfect record at getting people to confess, that he goes at great lengths to get Jason to confess, even though Trent knows that he didn t do it The book messes with your mind a [...]

  22. REQUIRED TEXT ROBERT CORMIER.When Jason s young neighbor is found dead in the woods by her house, he becomes the prime suspect as local political powers insist on catching the murderer His interrogator, unwilling to break his perfect record, convinces Jason to confess just before the true murderer confesses, leaving Jason confused and convinced that he really could kille he s done it before, right Intense read I love the way Cormier articulates the psychological effect Jason experiences in that [...]

  23. Robert Cormier is a great writer he has been called the single most important writer in the whole history of young adult literature He has written a bunch of books that has won awards The Rag and Bone Shop was not one of them it is still a very interesting book Sadly Richard Cormier passed shortly after completing this novel This novel will take you in at the dark corners of the human heart, and the choices that can shape ones soul for good or evil.I honestly liked this book it was very detailed [...]

  24. Liz Ropp Review 11The Rag and Bone Shop centers around a young boy named Jason who is a suspect in a murder case in fact the cops are so sure that he did it that they have called in special investigator named Trent to get a confession out of him With each chapter alternating between Trent and Jason, the author, Robert Cormier, drives deep into the minds of a scared middle schooler and a man who hates himself but is not willing to change This book, like others by Cormier, made my heart sad It was [...]

  25. The Rag and Bone Shop by Robert Cormier Bleak, interrogation, friendship,guilt, identityCormier uses William Butler Yeats last lines of The Circus Animal s Desertion to title his bleak, young adult novel about a boy who is examined down to the deepest part of his heart by a professional interrogator only to find innocence This innocence turns to guilt when Mr Trent, for greed, political, and power purposes, plants that guilt into the fragile, coming of age heart of Jason While Jason is completel [...]

  26. I wish I could give this book a thousand stars I must lie down where all the ladders start, In the foul rag and bone shop of the heart This novel is amazing False confessions are recognized now, but they weren t always recognized Jason only wants to help and the police are feeling pressure from political leaders to find the murderer of Alicia They hear about Trent and his interrogation skills and call him in, with their sights set on Jason The majority of the book is inside the interrogation roo [...]

  27. Plot SummaryJason is a young boy who liked Alicia Alicia was murdered, and the police suspect that Jason was responsible because he was the last person known to be seen with her Trent, an interrogator who has been successful in getting suspects to confess, tries to get Jason to confess Jason was called in for questioning,so the remainder of the book focuses on Trent trying to get that confession Jason tells him that he did not commit the crime, but Trent uses many of his tactics to extract a con [...]

  28. In this horrifying novel, 12 year old Jason is suspected of murdering nine year old Allison The police force, under pressure, decide they re pretty convinced Jason is the culprit and so being in Trent, an interrogator known for always getting a confession out of the supposed perpetrator The novel explores guilt its cause, its contagiousness, and its cure and what happens when a young boy is psychologically manipulated into confessing a crime he didn t commit This book is haunting After reading i [...]

  29. REQUIREDThe Rag and Bone Shop explores the idea of truth and the need to check the power of the police specifically interrogators This is an unusual young adult novel because it switches between the narrative perspectives of a successful police interrogator, Trent, and a young boy, Jason Jason is a quiet boy, removed from the other boys his age His friend, Alicia, was discovered dead in the woods Jason was the last one to see her before she died The police tag Jason as their number one suspect, [...]

  30. A seven year old girl named Alicia has gone missing in Jason s neighborhood On a second search throughout the town, the police find her murdered body in between two large trees Jason is immediately considered the prime suspect because he was the last person to see Alicia before she was murdered The police, the senator and the citizens of the town want answers The police call in an expert interrogator named Trent who is known for getting confessions from suspects Jason is called into the police s [...]

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