The Chosen (2022)

[PDF] The Chosen | by ↠ L.J. Smith - The Chosen, The Chosen Vampire Slayer She stalks the lonely back alleys of Boston the deserted industrial docks of the harbor seeking revenge on the vampires who killed her mother Rashel Jordon knows where they live But t [PDF] The Chosen | by ↠ L.J. Smith - The Chosen, The Chosen Vampire Slayer She stalks the lonely back alleys of Boston the deserted industrial docks of the harbor seeking revenge on the vampires who killed her mother Rashel Jordon knows where they live But t
  • Title: The Chosen
  • Author: L.J. Smith
  • ISBN: 9780671551377
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
The Chosen
[PDF] The Chosen | by ↠ L.J. Smith, The Chosen, L.J. Smith, The Chosen Vampire Slayer She stalks the lonely back alleys of Boston the deserted industrial docks of the harbor seeking revenge on the vampires who killed her mother Rashel Jordon knows where they live But they don t yet know that the black haired green eyed girl is as deadly as she is beautiful killing the Night People one by one Armed with a wooden stake martial arts andVampire Slayer Sh
  • [PDF] The Chosen | by ↠ L.J. Smith
    269 L.J. Smith
The Chosen

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  1. To he chosen Daughters of darkness Rashel, , , Quinn Night World L.J Smith , , Rashel Quinn , , , , , , Smith 90 , .

  2. First off, the character I felt that most of the character were very real and believable There was quite a bit of character development, especially compared to L.J.Smith s other Night World books and considering its size I loved how Rashel actually tried to do something about her bad situation I also loved Daphne She was a real breath of fresh air in this series of hunters and fighters She s not a fighter She s not a hunter She s just a regular teenage girl And the relationship that blooms betwe [...]

  3. Night World 5 The Chosen, by L J SmithWhen she s 5 years old, Rashel sees her mother and her friend killed by a vampire The vampire tries to get her as well, but even at 5 she s strong enough to resist his mind control Fast forward twelve years and Rashel is a vampire hunter, existing on the fringes of the Day and the Night worlds, keeping humans safe Rashel is a very strong character, comfortable in her body and determined because of her past She s a great fighter and has a sense of honor When [...]

  4. Rashel is a vampire hunter She started training ever since her mother and brother died when she was 5, and so she had been killing vampires at the age of 12 and getting a reputation making her be known as the cat, because she would leave a mark on the vampire she killed that looked like a cat had scratched it She was one of the most feared vampire hunters in the night world Well since she is the most feared vampire hunter there was also the most feared vampire and his name was Quinn and he kille [...]

  5. Debo admitir que ya me hab a rendido con esta escritora Hab a le do sus anteriores trabajos y los odie.Pero entonces consegu este libro y lo pens muchas veces antes de leerlo y debo decir que no me arrepiento.El mundo que creo la escritora me encanto, todo oscuro y misterioso Te hace pensar que estar criaturas sobrenaturales pueden vivir cerca y no te dar as cuenta, me pareci fant stico La protagonista me pareci muy bien estructurada y profundizada Me encanto que era todo una BAD ASS caza vampir [...]

  6. I liked this book but I wouldn t say I was crazy about it I liked the first few chapters best and I liked the outcome But I was a tad annoyed by Nyala s character, but then I suppose every book has one character you don t quite gel with On the other hand I really liked the character of Daphne, I could relate to her and she was just nice The kinda girl you could imagine being friends with I have to say its not as good as Secret Vampire or Dark Angel But its OK A quick read I was sometimes irritat [...]

  7. One star may be considered a bit harsh but it s really because the book had so much PROMISE I absorbed the first half of this book, excited for how it was going to unfold, how it was going to be less predictable than the other books in the series I felt well, I suppose I felt that the book had a sense of maturity that the others lacked due to the YA audience focus Sigh But the ending just had me so terribly disappointed by shattering my expectations that I just couldn t give it two stars I just [...]

  8. This is the second time reading the book, but I needed a way to have it on my reading challenge, since the first time I read it was sometime last year.

  9. The Chosen is book 5 in the Night World series.This book is one of my most favourite books of all time I absolutely love the relationship between Rashel and Quinn.

  10. Im a spoiler and spoiler is just an understatement Beware PERSPECTIVE OF RASHEL AND QUINN A vampire hunter known as The Cat Mostly scared of in NightWorldAlways leaves marks on the victims she killsAnd A ice cold vampire named QuinnThe vampire who all vampire hunters knew by reputationDeadlyPitiless Are soulmates.Ending Timmy turns out to be alive.Rashel and Quinn are soulmates till the day they die.Characters Rashel Jordan human,her mother and brother died when she turned five on the night of h [...]

  11. General review, spoiler free The Night World is the world with every dark creature you can imagine Every fictional creature you know came from somewhere The Night World Now, something weird, even for the Night World, is happening Soulmates are appearing again Two beings so connected, they are just meant to be Every story of this series meant to culminate with the end of the world as we know focuses on different characters and how all these end up meeting Amazing narrative Interesting characters [...]

  12. Okay, so I read this skipping a few books for the Night World series the only one I read before this one was book 2 Daughters of Darkness, and this one has got of that dangerous vampire feel that that one The MC, Rashel, is interesting, strong, and likable while having a messed up past, some demons of her own, but also determination and honor despite being a vampire killer The first two chapters actually kind of freaked me out just a tiny bit the horror of her situation, especially as a five ye [...]

  13. Is it me or are these just getting better This was cheesy, but less so than the other books Like I always say, I just wish these could be longer Minor Spoilers I m hesitant to give this book a 5 stars because of the shortness I really love the soulmate theory, but sometimes I just feel like it s an excuse to not write conversations and interactions between characters I mean the two characters barely spoke casually, they always argued about death They really didn t know each other, but they were [...]

  14. This is definitely my favorite so far I loved the main character She s so badass Her backstory was super dark, and I liked that this story went much darker than the others It s also the first one to leave on a bigger cliff hanger, which I appreciated The fact that this book was about the humans who know about the Night World was also great I liked getting to see a perspective that hasn t really been addressed before I also really liked that these people weren t weak and cowering They were strong [...]

  15. Amo stos libros, por m s que lo vuelva a leer me siguen atrapando ste libro me sorprendi la primera vez que lo le ya que esperaba un nivel de romance que abarcaria gran trama de las historia y Bom salen escenas de acci n y eso me encant Y me encanta el mundo, casi, el nico detalle que no llega a gustarme del todo es todo el poder que tienen los vampiros, pero bueno

  16. 3,5Fast, entertaning, fresh and interesting, but very short for me.R pido, entretenido, fresco e interesante, aunque muy corto para mi gusto.

  17. Re read I have reread this one, I think, three times and I still love it The best part is that I have forgotten bits and pieces so it feels all new to me

  18. Night World geht in die n chste Runde Nachdem ich den ersten Band Engel der Verdammnis bereits recht gelungen fand, musste ich nat rlich auch die Nachfolger lesen Da die Reihe nicht unbedingt von einer Reihenfolge abh ngig ist, habe ich mich direkt dem dritten Band gewidmet Der zweite Band Prinz des Schattenreichs wird aber selbstverst ndlich auch gelesen und rezensiert.Die Night World Reihe kann in beliebiger Reihenfolge gelesen werden, da jedes Buch in sich abgeschlossen ist Zwar kommen in jed [...]

  19. jai (Lilith Incarnate in Feminism-Miss Tarzanie in Manners-Greek Amazonsto men-Princess of wilderness)) justjaya says:

    Another typical hunter falling for the prey book But it was good to read Rashel was pretty badass I m not much of a fan of him

  20. Als die Freundin von Maggies Bruder eines Abends auftaucht und behauptet dieser sei beim klettern abgerutscht und verungl ckt sollte eigentlich ihre Welt zusammenbrechen Aber sie kann Syvia nicht glauben und folgt ihr um die Wahrheit zu erfahren Was sie schlussendlich dabei selber in Gefahr ger t h tte sie nat rlich nicht vermutet und trotzdem stellt dieser Abend ihre komplette Welt auf den Kopf und sie ger t in die F nge von Sklavenh ndlern, die sie, zusammen mit anderen Gefangenen, in das dunk [...]

  21. Rashel the vampire hunter The Chosen did not excite me Perhaps it was because it revolved around a vampire hunter and it was not the type of book I was looking for After telling us the background information of the protagonist, the story seemed to start later on I kept zoning out when I was being told of Rashel s vampire hunting adventures I thought it was interesting that there was a secret club that teens went to who were really into death and darkness, and I also liked Quinn the vampire On Ra [...]

  22. Avis sur mon blog read listen feelyrock Bon, bon, bon D j le cinqui me tome de la s rie Vous trouvez pas que a va vite Moi oui Enfin bref Je dois dire que m me si je n aime pas vraiment le style d criture de L J Smith, j aime bien cette petite s rie Chaque tome se lit facilement en une journ e, lorsqu on n a rien d autre faire C est un bon petit divertissement, ou dans mon cas, un bon entre deux J ai lu ce tome de la s rie Night World en attendant ma commande de livres VO il y a quelques temps d [...]

  23. Vampire hunter meets vampire, and they all live happily ever after.Rashel decided to become a vampire hunter because when she was very young, she saw her mother and her friend or possibly a kid her mother was babysitting I don t think the book was very clear on just who Timmy was in relation to Rashel killed by a vampire, and decided some payback was in order Then one night, on a mission, she runs into the vampire Quinn, and, true to the theme of this series, the two discover that they re soulma [...]

  24. Rashel je nebezpe nou a hledanou lovkyn up r Stejn jako v t ina lid lov c up ry i ona tou po pomst Up r zabil jej matku a i kamar da Timmyho Rashel pracuje sama na vlastn p st a nem r da, kdy se j n kdo plete pod nohy Sv ob ti probodne d ev n ch kol kem, nebo speci ln d ev nou d kou, na kterou je opravdu hrd Pot mrtv ho up ra ozna ko i mi dr pky, proto m Rashel p ezd vku Ko i ka.V ichni up i se Ko i ky boj a na jej hlavu je dokonce vyps na odm na Lovci up r Rashel obdivuj a n kte se od n sna nau [...]

  25. 3.5 stars Not quite a 4 stars but I bumped it up because I enjoyed it than the previous 2 installments Rashel is a vampire hunter and has been for many years after her mother s death by a vampire I wish LJS had view spoiler also mentioned that Timmy, Rashel s little brother, had died instead of making it so obvious that Timmy was turned Rashel never says to my recollection that Timmy died too, in fact it s rare for Rashel to talk think about Timmy at all As I was reading Rashel kept saying her [...]

  26. Hola a todos Aqu tengo la rese a del segundo libro de Night World y como si fuera poco no me canso de mencionar que Cr nicas vamp ricas la primera parte no fue muy de mi gusto por lo cual en un inicio no le ten a mucha fe a la continuaci n de esa saga bajo la visi n de Damon pero que agradablemente me lleve una tapadura de boca jajaj al igual que con esta saga de historias cortas.Night World como dije anteriormente se compone de historias cortas emplazadas en nuestro tradicional mundo, donde hum [...]

  27. MORE MORE P.S I love that book EXPECTATIONS Off we go continuing the famous Night World series THE WORLD We are back to vampires in this book Actually, vampires and vampire hunters to be precise CHARACTERS So this time it is Rashel that we follow Hmm I wonder if there will be a male main lead, that would be really cool Anyways Rashel is a vampire hunter When she was little her little brother and mother were killed by a vampire She was left to live with her uncle and aunty but they were killed i [...]

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