Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index (2022)

Free Read Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index - by Kathy Griffin - Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index, Kathy Griffin s Celebrity Run Ins My A Z Index From New York Times bestselling author Kathy Griffin an A Z compendium of her celebrity run ins and the jaw dropping charming and sometimes bizarre anecdotes only she can tell about them Kathy G Free Read Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index - by Kathy Griffin - Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index, Kathy Griffin s Celebrity Run Ins My A Z Index From New York Times bestselling author Kathy Griffin an A Z compendium of her celebrity run ins and the jaw dropping charming and sometimes bizarre anecdotes only she can tell about them Kathy G
  • Title: Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index
  • Author: Kathy Griffin
  • ISBN: 9781250115638
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Hardcover
Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index
Free Read Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index - by Kathy Griffin, Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index, Kathy Griffin, Kathy Griffin s Celebrity Run Ins My A Z Index From New York Times bestselling author Kathy Griffin an A Z compendium of her celebrity run ins and the jaw dropping charming and sometimes bizarre anecdotes only she can tell about them Kathy Griffin s Celebrity Run Ins is Kathy s funny juicy index of all of the celebrities she has met during her many years in show business bursting with nev
  • Free Read Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index - by Kathy Griffin
    393 Kathy Griffin
Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index

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  1. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum When I saw Kathy Griffin was FINALLY putting pen to paper and releasing a Celebrity Run In book I was on it like white on rice In case you can t tell by my oh so very youthful not profile pics, I am a geezer B.C Before Children I even used to watch sitcoms so I have followed Kathy since waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in her Suddenly Susan days When that finally ran its course and Kathy was back to grinding on the comedy circuit, I watched all of her specials [...]

  2. I did my first ever video book review for the blog and it was about this book To see it go to bit 2jLMMp8 But, I m still going to write a regular, old review because that s how I roll.I ve always loved Kathy Griffin I watched every episode of My Life on the D List and I fell in love with her unending optimism and snarky sense of humor She seems like a normal person who just happened want a career in Hollywood and now that she s there, she points out all of the weird things that famous people do [...]

  3. Kathy Griffin is still working her Aw, shucks I m just a Midwest girl named Kathleen, how did I end up next to insert Big Time A List Celebrity here Well, let me tell you all about it like we are two middle school girls having a good gossip at our weekly sleep over schtick Not only is it unbelievable at this point, it s downright embarrassing Kathy has clearly crossed to The Other Side You can tell because she either completely censors herself or her celebrity run ins have become the most boring [...]

  4. Okay, I m totally going to name drop here, but I went to high school with Kathy Griffin Now, granted she was two years ahead of me, and the only time we encountered each other in our huge high school was when we did Fiddler on the Roof together not surprisingly, she had a lead role and I was in the chorus , BUT I want to say that when we did chat, she was the nicest of people Very sweet And I tend to think that despite some of her rather out there and or crass barbs in her act, she s still the s [...]

  5. I will always love her even if she hates the president I don t love Trump but she did go too far with the fake beheading thing What she did is a great example of how people can misinterpret freedom of speech to mean that you re allowed to literally say anything you want and not have any consequences you can t just go in the White House and say you re going to bomb it unless you re Madonna, which is great But at the same time, Kathy is incredibly intelligent and always makes me laugh so I m hopin [...]

  6. I can t help it I ve always loved Kathy Griffin Something about her makes me laugh Maybe its the attitude that she doesn t care what she says, but I ve always been a fan of hers I shake my head a lot at her, but still laugh at a lot of the things that comes out of her mouth I think you have to know she s a COMEDIAN People tend to forget that I also know she s not everyone s cup of tea Comedy is like any art its all in the eye of the beholder.I actually did this one audio book I m not a fan of au [...]

  7. Wow, this is total crap I often enjoy Kathy doing stand up, and her various TV shows have been fun She s got a shtick, and works it But there is NOTHING interesting in the first 15 celebrity run ins Nothing Blah News Flash Amanda Byrnes cared for a stray dog on location, and then didn t take it home with her to Hollywood Whatever are we to think of her And get this Drew Barry once promised to invite Kathy to dinner someday, but never has, and it s probably for the best Yikes, this was just crap [...]

  8. As a pop culture enthusiast that knows about celebrities than will ever be useful for my life I was ecstatic to get my hands on this book brimming with interactions of the people I d love to meet Bute excitement really ends there for me the interactions are obviously only from one person s pov which makes the book rather tedious over time and then even though Kathy Griffin is a comedian some of the things she says to the people featured in this book are on the rather rude side when it comes to [...]

  9. This audiobook was just fun to listen to I love how in your face and unapologetic Kathy Griffin is She just comes off as really authentic, and is also plenty self deprecating, which makes the ways she teases other celebrities even fun to laugh at, I think This was fun, because Griffin shared a lot of stories that felt like you were really taking a peek behind the scenes in the lives of celebrities Some of the stories made those celebrities look good, some made them look bad, and some just made [...]

  10. 4 stars in the sense that I thoroughly enjoyed this, not in the this was the best book I ve read in awhile sense I never know what I think about Kathy Griffin but after this I think I like her I love anything about celebrities and blind items and this was the best of both, without the blind part There are so many celebrities that she has stories about only a page or two each so it s quick , and the nicest part is that they re mostly current celebrities and the book is very up to date There were [...]

  11. Harmless fun Very gossipy A Z celebrity encountersloved it I enjoyed the little slices of life, glimpses into well known individuals behaviors in a very public and yet private way From Gloria Steinem to Salman Rushdie to Prince Charles You name themey re here in this telling OverallIt shows a pop history unlike any I ve read as well as growth of a very brave comedienne I walked away liking Ms Griffin, she is just a woman working hard and laughing Nothing wrong with that

  12. I am ambivalent about this book It was a gossip filled easy read,but with my TBR at a dangerous tipping point,I think my time could have been better spent.

  13. This is a conditional recommendation You either love Kathy Griffin and her comedy, or you don t If you don t, just go look up a Franzen novel review and leave me be.This is really fun, especially as an audiobook Kathy Griffin is very performative with her storytelling, so it comes across like an 8 hour version of her stand up which is intended as a compliment Didn t really enjoy the the encounters that were negative but not really funny because they felt a little grudge y and were sort of boring [...]

  14. Seems like a very honest and hysterical compendium of the stars that Kathy Griffin has encountered over the years Some she liked, some she didn t and quite a few didn t care for her, but Kathy s anecdotes ring true, and she finds humor in every situation.I was disappointed that some stars I like d were rude to Kathy Aston Kutcher, Anna Kendrick , and saw new dimensions to other celebs that befriended her Cher, Rachel Ray, Mr T, Maury Povich The paper book was good but the audiobook was wonderful [...]

  15. I love pretty much anything Kathy Griffin puts out her stand up, her reality show, her books re reading her memoir now too , and this was no different It s definitely not as biting or off color as a lot of her stand up, but it s still an interesting glimpse into her several decades in show business with a wide variety of celebrities I particularly enjoyed seeing her stories about Don Rickles, Joan Rivers, Cher, Tracey Ullman, and Weird Al, but that s just a drop in the bucket compared to the she [...]

  16. If you like Kathy, you ll like this It s not constant LOL like her standup though I saw an interview where she explained that a lot of these stories have been left out of her act for that reason they re interesting but don t necessarily get a laugh But I am kinda fascinated by celebs in real life stories and Kathy is such a fun storyteller I enjoyed it and would recommend the audiobook

  17. I loved this book Yes, you have the fabulous Kathy Griffin classically brazen humor, but there are also some stories that are sweet and tender and touching, too Some of my favorite highlights involve her flipping off Leonardo DiCaprio from the bathroom, watching Suze Orman broker a basketball deal, and having Pitbull scare and delight her at an awards show Great entertainment.

  18. I ve never been a fan of hers but these are fun little sound bite chapters that don t go into a lot of detail or depth Perfect book for reading while killing time between football plays or while watching Kathy and Anderson Cooper on New Year s Eve which is what I did.

  19. I like that she spills the tea in a way few others would dare, but the jokes she tells in this memoir fall really flat They re not offensive, just pretty corny and lazy I think her stand up is usually pretty funny, but that didn t translate to the book.

  20. Not as self referential as Official Book Club Selection but still one of the FUNNIEST people on the planet Do yourself a favor, get the audiobook version, her story about Harry Stiles is worth the price of the book ALONE

  21. There s no veil Casual interactions without much substantive information Disappointed but a worthy effort I like Kathy She s funny But this wasn t worth the money I spent.

  22. kathy griffin s books on audio are my absolute favorite i feel like she is hanging out in my living room telling me stories which is EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO HAPPEN so funny so smart so real i just love her, and i loved everything about this book , please.

  23. KG s a guilty pleasure, and this is a lot of fun Ironic that I was in the middle of this when she posted the pictures that got her fired from CNN, but enough said about that

  24. I don t care what anyone thinks of me, I find her hysterical and love her banter with celebrities I have seen her live stand up at least 3 times and laugh my but off everytime.

  25. This was funny, but I think I wanted it to be scandalous Still, it was fun finding out which celebrities are secret dicks and which are good sports I ll read just about anything Kathy puts out.

  26. So how do you rate a book that is clearly just a celebrity tabloid on steroids Those rags are my vice and I will shamelessly read them with a cup of coffee in hand, or wine if it s evening So over the Christmas break, this one was perfectly delicious The kind of book that I will read practically in one sitting, then pass to my mother in law and not care if I get the book back An enjoyable and at times touching read She is not my cup of tea on tv but through this book, I can see that Ms Griffin i [...]

  27. Kathy has met just about everyone in Hollywood This book reminisces about all of those meetings It s marketed as a humorous scandalous tell all but in reality it shows her respect admiration for her fellow artists A little too much gushing fawning led to a boring read.It does have bw photos sprinkled throughout the book, but i do wish they were glossy photos that there were of them.

  28. Really just a boring read Short stories about celebrities but you never feel like it s enough Bored to death after a couple chapters but I kept going Some stories were funny Jon Hamm but the rest were just kiss ass written chapters to celebrities she knows I felt like she was forced to write another book and just crammed part of her standup routine in a book just wasn t fun to read Sorry Kathy.

  29. I m a Kathy fan but ummm I m not sure that reading her index yes, index would qualify as a decent use of my time Though I did enjoy flipping my through the photos

  30. 3.5 STARSNot all of the stories were great, but some of them made me laugh out loud And a few were quite touching.

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