City of Flowers (2022)

[PDF] City of Flowers | by ✓ Mary Hoffman - City of Flowers, City of Flowers Sky stepped out into the sunshine blinking still holding the bottle and a black man robed like the others took him by the arm and whispered God be praised it has found you Everything changes fo [PDF] City of Flowers | by ✓ Mary Hoffman - City of Flowers, City of Flowers Sky stepped out into the sunshine blinking still holding the bottle and a black man robed like the others took him by the arm and whispered God be praised it has found you Everything changes fo
  • Title: City of Flowers
  • Author: Mary Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9781582347493
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
City of Flowers
[PDF] City of Flowers | by ✓ Mary Hoffman, City of Flowers, Mary Hoffman, City of Flowers Sky stepped out into the sunshine blinking still holding the bottle and a black man robed like the others took him by the arm and whispered God be praised it has found you Everything changes for Sky when he finds a perfume bottle that whiskes him away to the city of Giglia an ancient city similar to Florence This may be the beautiful City of Flowers but thingsSky stepped o
  • [PDF] City of Flowers | by ✓ Mary Hoffman
    326 Mary Hoffman
City of Flowers

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  1. This third book in the Stravaganza series proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that author Mary Hoffman has captured lightning in a bottle with these surprisingly mature fantasy novels about time travellers the Stravaganti who move from our world to a parallel, magical Italy, several centuries in the past The city in this novel is Giglia our Florence , the Stravaganti Sky Meadows, a teenage boy who has grown up with a dad known to millions of adoring fans but not to him, and a mom suffering from [...]

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  3. The last in a trilogy that is notSince reading this book I have discovered that there are than three books in the series And I guess that there is scope for the story to continue beyond this third conclusion This book continues almost straight away from the previous and the quick pace continues throughout.I enjoyed reading this book but once again found the large number of characters confusing This book introduces another new Stravagante and it is clear by this point that they are, in some ways [...]

  4. This was the hardest Stravaganza book to get through and not because of its length There was just something about Sky perhaps it was mainly in the name that I just did not like, and out of the three family situations so far presented, I found his to be the least interesting and the most irritating because it is a family situation which authors and day to day people seem to beat to a pulp This, combined with the fact that compared to Lucien and Georgia, Sky was a little on the cardboard side, pre [...]

  5. The Stravanganza series never disappoints me I have this annoying knack to take a long time before I read the next one in the series, usually at least 6 months or even one or two years And everytime I return to the series and venture back into Renaissance Taila, the world welcomes me home and leads me into the story You know that feeling you get when you read or watch a spinoff series or TV show and you see old characters from the previous series Everytime I read these books, I always get that f [...]

  6. third installment in the series, and you do notice it The plotlines grow a bit thin, and the characters grow a bit rigid The newly introduced characters are, to me, not as likeable as the previous ones I had a few annoyances throughout the book people don t seem to change much everyone is deeply in love with someone I know it s a YA novel and that to a YA it seems very important, but to me all the different pairings and the tensions got a bit much Dr Dethridge, again we know he speaks in an olde [...]

  7. This was a bit challenging than the first two books On one hand the growing relationship between Lucien and Arianna was so very interesting, not to mention everything connected to Georgia and Nick those two are my favorite So I liked that tension and suspension but then on the other hand when it comes to the main protagonist of this book, Sky, I m kinda torn He wasn t all that bad although that Alice chick really got on my nerves but I just think Sky didn t play an important role in this book a [...]

  8. And this is where the Stavaganza series starts to wane a tiny bit I didn t enjoy this book as much as the first two, mainly because I felt that parts of the plot were justloose Perhaps it s because there are a couple of threads that Hoffman plans to take up in previous books And with someone like Rowling I d feel like I was in capable hands and all would be explained sorted out eventually But at the end of City of Flowers, I just felt as if parts of the plot could have been done better That and [...]

  9. Once again, I m going to say that I liked the first one best in this series I almost wish that the author had kept it at one book and not made it into a seriesI just don t like it too much any, unfortunately They re definitely interesting, but I haven t enjoyed any of these as much as I enjoyed the first one.

  10. My least favorite from the first trilogy It felt as if too many events were crammed into one book However, it was still a great read Love the new characters and the villains were fleshed out here and there However, it feels as if some parts of the book could have ended better, but Mary Hoffman makes up for it in the sequels The new main Stravagante of this book, Sky, seemed to have a less interest backstory Not saying that it s silly to have a teenage boy suffering from taking care of his depres [...]

  11. Wederom stravageren we naar Giglia Deze keer is Sky de hoofdpersoon Sky is de zoon van een moeder met ME en dus veel van de taken komen op hem neer Sky is het resultaat van een one night stand met worrior een beroemde muziekant Alleen moeder heeft contact met deze man Sky heeft nog nooit contact met hem gehad.De vierdubbele bruiloft van de Chimici s dreigt een bloedbad te worden door de vete tussen hun en een andere familie Het leest zeker fijn weg En vormt eigenlijk een goed beeld van de stad s [...]

  12. 14 v poikani t m nhetkinen suosikkisarja ja 16v koulukirjastopojan mulle vinkkaama Nelj t hte jo siit ett pojat l ysi t m n ensin Tarina viihdytt ja juoni etenee Salaliittoja, teinej , aikamatkustusta, perhehuolia, magiaa, taistelua kuolemaa, paljon uskollista yst vyytt ja pieni ripaus romantiikkaa Vaikkei sarja olekkaan siit uusimmasta p st , taidan ottaa t m n vinkkaukseen vitosille ja siit yl sp in.

  13. N o me convenceu N o li o primeiro ou o segundo, e j nem me lembro como este livro me chegou s m os penso que foi num passatempo mas no in cio deste terceiro livro depreende se muito bem o que aconteceu nos outros dois Por m, tal como disse, n o me convenceu, a hist ria algo confusa e a aventura n o perfeita , a meu ver.

  14. Mooi verhaal, goede personages en zeker spannend Het zou alleen handig zijn geweest als de lijst met personages voorin had gezeten Een goed einde van een trilogie die uiteindelijk geen trilogie bleef.

  15. Eftersom jag inte fattade n gonting s s g den Jag b rjade inte med f rsta boken i serien heller s det var kanske lite dumt Fast det stod inget p om att det var tredje boken Den hade inte ens n gon text p framsidan s

  16. I would recommend Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to someone who likes fantasy Personally this book and series is my favorite because the of the adventures and journeys it takes you on The series is a long and carried out plot all solved in the end but each book has its place in solving the mystery, also the book is full of magic and an endless amount of imagination.

  17. Sky n a pas une vie facile, entre un p re qu il n a jamais connu et une m re c libataire et malade dont il doit s occuper Et pourtant, les choses se compliquent encore lorsqu il trouve devant sa porte d entr e un flacon de parfum qui le transporte Giglia, une ville talienne du seizi me si cle L , il rencontrera d autres Stravaganti et les aidera mener bien une dangereuse mission.La cit des fleurs, troisi me tome de la saga Stravaganza, met nouveau en sc ne un adolescent choisi pour voyager en Ta [...]

  18. It started out really well Sky reminded me a bit of Nick from Infinity, which in my book is always a good thing I liked his relationship with Nicholas Duke and Georgia I enjoyed his interaction with a different city It is always good to experience old friends in books as well, so having Luciano and all the rest of them was great As far as the straightforward plot went, I enjoyed it, although I found Sky s purpose in Giglia confusing And where did this whole you must have a single, destined purpo [...]

  19. This book started off a little better, in my opinion, than the last book city of stars It might ve been because I was a little familiar with some of the characters than I had been while I read the previous book, or it was simply a better squeal However, as I continued to read, it grew and difficult to continue especially once it had passed, what I assume to be, the main climax of the story where the princesses marry the princes and the battle breaks out After that, it slowed down so much I ha [...]

  20. For some books, plot is everything For others, it is the characters that truly shine And for yet others, it is the setting that sets it apart City of Flowers, as the title might suggest, is one such novel Being whisked away into an Italian renaissance fantasy world is an experience that is simply a pleasure to immerse yourself in The parallel set in the past version of Italy, Talia, is as dangerous as it is beautiful, and there is some great atmosphere going on in many heart stopping scenes.From [...]

  21. Really I d give this book a 3.5 not a 4 but since they only have 1,2,3,4, and 5 stars I rounded up I didn t enjoy this book as much as I did the others I loved City of Masks and City of Stars I think as Mary Hoffman brings stavaganti into the story it gets worse I didn t like the part where they where in Easrtyh not Talia The Sky s father thing being the Warrior seemed very childish and not very well written to me espially him suddenly deciding to show up randomly in Sky s life after 17 years I [...]

  22. In some ways I want to give this book 5 stars the story is entertaining, I really liked the characters both the new and the old I even liked Georgia and Nicholas in this book than the one that was theirs so to speak and the story flowed well both in modern England and Renaissance Giglia Italy All you really could with for in an adventure YA fantasy novel.Three things however make me settle for a lower rating two which are superfluous and don t add anything at all to the story the book is long [...]

  23. Es centos Nudien Jau vair k k piecus gadus neesmu las jusi vair kas gr matas reiz , bet o atst ju un in t pamaz m Ja oti aizmiedza acis, var ja piedot tos lo ikas caurumus.Bet tad The Nucci could have been useful, said Sulien thoughtfully, but not since the death of Davide If they see the opportunity to attack the di Chimici they will be caught up in that, not looking out for the Duchessa We need Stravaganti here, said Giuditta I would have Rodolfo summon others of the Brotherhood from all over [...]

  24. This was quite good for the first half of the book The world of 16th century Talia Italy in our world was wonderfully evoked and there was all kinds of cool stuff going on family feuds, murders, poisonings, etc The characters from this world were interesting too, especially Giudutta and Sandro.The 21st century world and characters were a little plain, though I really disliked the character of Georgia, she was over emotional, while her friend Alice was over dramatic and kind of a drip Sky, the ma [...]

  25. I loved this book This series is just, amazing And I m freaking out because I put the fourth one on hold and it was due on the 16 but it s not ready yet I digress Anyways, there was some swearing which made me really sad I thought Come on Mary Hoffman You can do better than that But alas, it wasn t meant to be Besides that I really enjoyed it If you haven t read this book don t read on The climax was kind of messy Well, the first part anyways I mean, the wedding was going on and then all chaos b [...]

  26. Het tot nu toe spannendste deel van de trilogie Een heerlijk verhaal wat zich dit maal afspeelt in Giglia en in een klooster Deze hele andere omgeving brengt echt weer een nieuwe impuls voor het verhaal De spanning stijgt langzaam aan, niet alleen in Talia tussen de stravaganti en de Di Chimici s of de Di Chimici s en hun aardsvijanden de Nucci s Maar ook in de 21ste eeuw in Engeland waar de groep stravaganti steeds groter wordt en het bewaren van hun geheim lastiger blijkt De ontknoping in Tali [...]

  27. I cannot restrain myself from giving another Stravaganza book five stars true there were some things which annoyed me, for example, Sky s story was never really developed during the novel I was totally baffled by the confusing ages of some characters at one point Beatrice says that Arianna is younger than her Beatrice is nineteen but during that encounter with the maid Barbara, Arianna reveals that she is a year older than her maid who is eighteen I was also annoyed by how everyone seems to fall [...]

  28. OMG, I bought this off and the seller said it was in good condition like 100 pages are LOOSE And annoyingly I d already given the seller 5 star feedback before I noticed this Sure all the pages are there and in order, but that s hardly acceptable condition, let alone good Bah, humbug.I loved this third book, but not quite as much as the first two I wasn t as fond of Sky as I was of Lucien, and I think I really would have just preferred a female main character again Seeing that book 4 is yet anot [...]

  29. Sky finds a perfume bottle that takes him to Giglia, the city of the Di Chimici family There are four weddings coming up and threats from everywhere to turn the big day in a big disaster Every stravaganti has its own purpose to fulfill and it s just a matter of time until Sky finds out why he had to travel to another world.To my own surprise I really liked City of Flowers There are still too many characters but I now understand how they evolve around each other at least, I think I do Sky is the [...]

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