Bloody Jack (2022)

Bloody Jack Best Read || [L.A. Meyer] - Bloody Jack, Bloody Jack Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary Jacky Faber Ship s BoyLife as a ship s boy aboard HMS Dolphin is a dream come true for Jacky Faber Gone are the days of scavenging for food and figh Bloody Jack Best Read || [L.A. Meyer] - Bloody Jack, Bloody Jack Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary Jacky Faber Ship s BoyLife as a ship s boy aboard HMS Dolphin is a dream come true for Jacky Faber Gone are the days of scavenging for food and figh
  • Title: Bloody Jack
  • Author: L.A. Meyer
  • ISBN: 9780152050856
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
Bloody Jack
Bloody Jack Best Read || [L.A. Meyer], Bloody Jack, L.A. Meyer, Bloody Jack Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary Jacky Faber Ship s BoyLife as a ship s boy aboard HMS Dolphin is a dream come true for Jacky Faber Gone are the days of scavenging for food and fighting for survival on the streets of eighteenth century London Instead Jacky is becoming a skilled and respected sailor as the crew pursues pirates on the high seas There Being an Account
  • Bloody Jack Best Read || [L.A. Meyer]
    102 L.A. Meyer
Bloody Jack

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  1. The audio version of this book does exactly what an audio version should do it not only gives voice to a darn good story, but it carries the reader listener into the heart of the story The audio version helps interpret the dialect that the story is written in, which also helps give Jacky her character in a palpable way This book is made for audio it has action, adventure, and emotion, all of which are vividly portrayed by the narrator I forget her name right now, but I ll look it up All this add [...]

  2. I loved this book REminds me of the True COnfessions of Charolotte Doyle, btu for an older reader From School Library Journal Grade 6 8 With the plague running rampant in London in 1797, Mary s parents and sister are soon counted among the dead Left alone and penniless, the eight year old is taken in by a gang of orphans and learns survival skills However, when their leader is killed, Mary decides to try her luck elsewhere She strips the dead body, cuts her hair, renames herself Jack Faber, and [...]

  3. This book is about as much fun as Harry Pottera coming of age story for a child with the odds stacked against her And yes, BONUS, the heroine is a girl I found it to be an engaging read with a novel setting and story line for me I m so happy I picked up on the series

  4. An extraordinary tale about a young girl who has everything and everyone taken from her and still unbelievably rises out of the ashes like a Phoenix to survive in a time of death and hopelessness A great, captivating story with a completely original cast of characters that show great bravery and wildly cunning wit throughout Mary Jack Jackie is a wonderfully imaginative and resourceful individual who I found to be extremely entertaining and couldn t wait to see what crazy thing she would do next [...]

  5. I love, love, LOVE all of the Bloody Jack books She does edge a little into Mary Sue territory at times, but not in typical ways for a female character She s kind of like an adolescent female version of Jack Ryan Patriot Games, etc.

  6. Excellent story I tend to like those gender bending characters in general, but Jacky was especially well done So many female action heroes tend to be modeled as boys in skirts ass kicking, bloodthirsty heroines out to prove they re not just some weakling girl Jacky is a girl She proves herself worthy in combat, but doesn t relish it She plays a boy because it will secure her food and freedom She challenges gender assumptions when her boyfriend wants to mold her into something she isn t Her littl [...]

  7. Excellent story I love the style of writingI feel like I m right with them on the ship Can t wait to read the others

  8. I love this book and just can t get enough of it jacky s fabulous and absolutely crazy Its just what I need, a good does of adventure following a streetsmart heroine who doesn t have a chip on her shoulder or an abusive family I think that the best part is that Jacky adapts to every situations and learns like a sponge She s bloody talented and completely wild.There is a smidgit of romance or love interest, which also manages to keep me hooked for the next book and the book after that and so on.D [...]

  9. Fun book about a girl from the London slums who boards a British Navy boat as a boy In my library it s a Young Adult book, but it s a good quick read, plenty of happenings and adventure It s told first person, so it takes a little bit to get used to the grammar A kid from the gutter s not going to speak the Queen s English, after all.After surviving on the streets of London, Mary s friend and protector is killed She takes his clothes and his shiv and heads off to find something for herself She [...]

  10. If you ve ever wanted girl adventure stories, Jacky is your girl What s , Meyer manages to handle the tired old saw of girl dressed as boy and make it believable, describing her adventures with clarity, vividness, humor, and sympathy Even the subjects one would consider somewhat dicey are well handled, probably because Jacky s voice is so very assured, we always believe in her, don t see the author wincing or smirking or pushing the puppets about Jacky is born to a nice family but they die and s [...]

  11. Sangat mudah menemukan anak anak jalanan di hampir setiap sudut jalan jalan di Jakarta, sepertinya di banyak kota di Indonesia Ada yang jadi pengemis, pengamen, pedagang asongan, dan pedagang koran Kebanyakan, dipaksa untuk melakukan pekerjaan itu, baik oleh orang tuanya ataupun oleh orang lain yang menyewa mereka Tapi, tidak sedikit juga yang memang melakukan pekerjaan itu karena ingin membantu orang tau dalam memenuhi kebutuhan hidup keluarga, atau bisa juga karena mereka memang sudah tidak pu [...]

  12. I don t normally read YA books because I m an A and not very Y, but this was a book club pick, so what are you going to do Well, it was because I would have never found this book on my own In fact, while reading it, I wished that this series had been around when I was younger.The story couldn t be simpler A young girl, Mary Faber, pretends to be a boy in order to become a ships boy She s an orphan whose only friend in the world was just killed so she takes off to the high seas and high adventure [...]

  13. Honestly didn t think I would like this one you know, cause I get seasick, and this being a story about sailors and ships.Jacky Faber has wonderful characteristics strong female, too much pride for her own good, and clever Her voice stays with you long after you close the book.The only thing that bothered me and this is going to sound really stupid are the run on sentences I hope I ll get used to it with the next installment.My favorite line The Captain is so happy, he s forgivin you for bein a [...]

  14. After reading Daughter of the Pirate King, I was in the mood for high seas adventure Featuring a cross dressing girl trying to escape a life on the streets by getting hired on as a ship boy on a royal vessel, Bloody Jack definitely fit the bill But it was funny, too I about died when Jacky thought she had contracted some plague and was going to die a horrible death because she didn t know what her monthlies were Bahaha Yeah, it starts out young, but by the end of the book she s about 15, so I k [...]

  15. Katherine Kellgren absolutely made this book for me Bloody Jack is a well written, well plotted historical adventure, but Kellgren s performance transformed it into something truly special She brought color and nuance to Jacky s world, pulling me right onto the deck of the HMS Dolphin I could hear the roar of cannons, the swell of the sea and the music played by the sailors in her voice I can t imagine experiencing this book in any other way Set at the turn of the 19th Century, Bloody Jack uses [...]

  16. Bloody Jack was an amazing story I don t think I could ve done half of what she did Jacky lived ever since her parents had died of the plague on the streets of London but when an old man named Muck kills the leader of the gang, at least that is who they think did it, then she feels that she is forced to leave Jacky takes his clothes, and his shiv, and comes aboard a royal navy ship as a ships boy There she is the only girl aboard, and she has stay under the radar, but she seems to naturally draw [...]

  17. Review edited in 2015, read in 2013 I at first thought, several years ago when I saw this, that it was probably border lining on being a children s book, or even a typical immature YA novel But it was everything I wanted to read right now.This came out in 2002, a year before the first of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, so no, it is not some kind of rip off, even with the character s name It is really good for anyone who loves those movies though I was actually so entranced by the imagery whi [...]

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed at least the first half of this, and enjoyed many bits after, so I d rather give three and a half stars if I couldKnow all those great old ballads where the girl cuts off her hair, sometimes binds up her breasts and goes off to sea With never a mention of how the hell she s going to continue to pass for a boy on a ship full of sailors no private bedrooms or nice, locking toilets Well, this book has the same plotline, except the heroine sensibly gets taken on as a ship s boy [...]

  19. Would have given this stars, because I mostly enjoyed the story and I like the main character, but 1 James Jaimy Emerson Fletcher Holy fuck I wanna punch that boy in the face I can t even put it into words, really, but he rubs me the wrong way something major The fact that wants Jacky to be lady like doesn t help.2 The fact that, when Jacky and Jaimy are fooling around, it is Jacky s job to make sure things don t go too far, because Jaimy can t think straight in these situations and can t help [...]

  20. It s a YA novel, but it s also great fun It s one of those books where I m like, There should be of these And there are It s a whole series None of the elements are terribly new or original or realistic , but it s all put together well and has just what well, I like to read A young girl, Mary Faber, is orphaned on the streets of 18th century London She joins a gang of kids and learns begging and even some thieving, but when a ghoulish thug who sells the bodies of dead street kids to medical sch [...]

  21. Great book I was sucked in from the first page An exciting story and a compelling main character I love Jacky s voice it s very strong I finished it this morning and today I got the sequel out of the library D yaay

  22. Why did I wait so long to read listen to this The audiobook RULED Except that I had a cockney accent all night last night.

  23. is it me or does any story having to do with the high seas not including jack sparrow not seem complete.

  24. 4.5 I listened to this as an audiobook and just really, really liked it I was alone with my 5 kids driving 13 hours on hardly any sleep but this book kept me awake and smiling the whole time The narrator has a perfect accent and tells the story as of she isn t even reading it I really loved the main character Can t wait to listen to of these.

  25. Summary Life changes forever when Mary s family dies of Cold and hunger.Mary finds herself in the streets of London with only the clothes on her back, which are soon stolen by a gang of urchins, who then adopt her into their group Charlie, Polly, Judy, Nancy, and Hugh teach Mary how to survive on the streets Begging, thieving, and running from the law become second nature to her Then someone murders Charlie and Mary decides life is far too dangerous for a girl, so she disguises herself as a boy [...]

  26. Bloody Jack was exactly what I needed, right when I needed it Its timing could not have been better I enjoyed every moment of it.1 Was the story fun to read YES It s an adventure story in the truest sense of the word It didn t ever slow down too much for me Mary survived the harsh streets as a girl, tricked her way aboard a ship, fought off pirates PIRATES, y all , and lived under the looming threat that some crazy guy wanted to strap her to a kite just to see whether it would still fly Never Bo [...]

  27. I ve always been fond of historical YA novels, though I m not sure they were called that when I was reading Johnny Tremain Come to think of it, I m not sure what they call them now I haven t picked up any in a while, though, so this one just sort of jumped out at me on the library shelf.It s a lot of fun It hits the plot points you d expect from the intersection of swashbuckling Navy adventure and cross dressing hero, but it does so with style It doesn t hurt that Jacky is a resourceful guttersn [...]

  28. I completely loved the first half of this book I loved Mary, I was totally enthralled by her experience on the streets of London and then on the ship and the whole thing was written in such a compelling voice that I really did not want to put it down.But then came the romance, which made Mary quite silly, and the book kind of lost me Don t get me wrong, I like romance, often even the dumb ones, but I felt like this particular romance really made Mary seem much less interesting and much whiny an [...]

  29. Wow I fell in love with this book and the main character, Mary Jacky Faber, immediately From Mary s rough start as a street kid in plague ridden London in 1797 to her elaborate deception as Jack, a ship s boy on the HMS Dolphin, I loved every minute.The voice talent on the audiobook is superb An absolute joy to listen to I had many things to do today and ignored all of them, caught as I was in the spell of this book I will read any book I can about this character.

  30. Audio bookAbsolutely wonderful story of a young girl who disguises herself as a boy to become a ship s boy on HMS The Dolphin Story is well narrated and the narrator captures the young girl s observations well I found myself smiling and laughing at Jackie s many adventures Well done Recommended for middle grades and higher.

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