Bakemonogatari, Part 1 (2022)

✓ Bakemonogatari, Part 1 ✓ NisiOisiN - Bakemonogatari, Part 1, Bakemonogatari Part There s a girl at their school who is always ill She routinely arrives late leaves early or doesn t show up at all and skips gym as a matter of course She s pretty and the boys take to whispering ✓ Bakemonogatari, Part 1 ✓ NisiOisiN - Bakemonogatari, Part 1, Bakemonogatari Part There s a girl at their school who is always ill She routinely arrives late leaves early or doesn t show up at all and skips gym as a matter of course She s pretty and the boys take to whispering
  • Title: Bakemonogatari, Part 1
  • Author: NisiOisiN
  • ISBN: 9781942993889
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
Bakemonogatari, Part 1
✓ Bakemonogatari, Part 1 ✓ NisiOisiN, Bakemonogatari, Part 1, NisiOisiN, Bakemonogatari Part There s a girl at their school who is always ill She routinely arrives late leaves early or doesn t show up at all and skips gym as a matter of course She s pretty and the boys take to whispering that she s a cloistered princess As the self described worst loser in her class soon finds out they just don t know what a monster she is So begins a tale of mysterious maThere
  • ✓ Bakemonogatari, Part 1 ✓ NisiOisiN
    368 NisiOisiN
Bakemonogatari, Part 1

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  1. Review also published hereBakemonogatari is an odd one for certain Well, I guess that is actually a given for any one of NisiOisiN s works He is a strange writer at the best of times, and the Monogatari series could be considered his magnum opus in terms of peak strangeness The series is as divisive as I can see any piece of media with a cult following getting Some love it to bits, others will hate it to their very core Some may appreciate the witty wordplay with little moving parts beyond metap [...]

  2. Saving one of the best for last seemed to be what happened to me this year in terms of my reading.I ve mentioned before how Monogatari is a truly unique and beautiful work of fiction It takes real, human characters, breaks them down and analyzes their psyche and motivations through symbolism, and it still has time to make inappropriate jokes and have sappy love confession scenes This book contains the first two arcs of the series, being the Hitagi Crab and Mayoi Snail arcs And even though the hi [...]

  3. Like reading a confusing anime, filled with sexism and casual paedophilia I d rather watch the anime then I d at least get to listen to a great soundtrack and watch nice animation It gets a 2 rather than 1 because I finished it Not my cup of tea A shame, since it could have been, but the fanservice is just smothering my excitement oh well At least the talk about names and kanji was super nice, I have a feeling that works out better written out than animated

  4. Bakemonogatari, Part 1 is the first in a three part tale of Koyomi Araragi and how he deals with and interacts with different aberrations that he has come into contact with The stories themselves are rather short but enjoyable This particular novel deals with two characters, the stationary obsessed Hitagi Senjogahara and the elementary school student, Mayoi Hachikuji.I m still not entirely sure what it is about Nisioisin s writing, or this series in general, that draws me to it, but I really do [...]

  5. So Good So So Good Senjougahara has to be one of my favorite characters in a book ever Looking forward to volume 2

  6. It s hard to see how this book gets so much acclaim.You have your loser passive protagonist who is a vampire without any real interesting parts He meets two girls suffering from uninteresting animal themed curses who hate his guts, abuse him, and are generally unlikable all around Of course, he has to go save them, despite them physically abusing him at times which is ok, because he heals fast The saving is also particularly uninteresting, because apparently we can t have much in the way of actu [...]

  7. It s hard for me to tell how much of this book I enjoyed because of how much I enjoyed the TV show.The TL DR hero boy keeps meeting girls with supernatural problems He takes them to his mentor, and finds a way to resolve the issues either as the main actor or as a supporting one A lot of word play happens, and imagine that Aaron Sorkin was writing the dialogue.The anime was quite faithful to the book, so it feels like a comfortable retelling as far as I m concerned But that also means that most [...]

  8. Picked this up after The Pale King gave me braindamage which as a result put me straight back to being the target audience for this book This book can be considered quality literature if you re permanently 15 yrs of age it s written like an anime script if anime scripts were written in English by a guy who would rather do something else in his life.If I could get my money back from in exchange for this book then I WOULDN T because the money Nisio Ishin has the less he writes, which is a good t [...]

  9. It s actually like 3.5 Stars for this one, but the three star rating seems about right to me.That being said I know this novel is a good one As in, well written and acclaimed by many I get that It s just that I wasn t able to enjoy it And that s where the stars come from my personal enjoyment of a book People will be quick to tell you that the dialogue and the characters in the Monogatari series are top notch, and I kinda have to second this They are good Not very good, not groundbreaking, not [...]

  10. I ve tried my hand at reading a few light novels, but none of them ever really held my focus, until Bakemonogatari I have not seen the anime yet, so I decided to start at the source material first I was genuinely surprised by how well written this book was The banter between characters is perfect, and he sets the pace of the conversations so well From chuckling to laughing aloud, I didn t want the conversations to end The characters are flawed in their own ways, at many times in very dark or dee [...]

  11. I read Kizomonogatari before this one While the plot was interesting, the storytelling was the strongest point of the book.So, when I started Bakemonogatari, the monster book, I was expecting something similar As it was written earlier in his career, it sometimes goes over the limits of what can be considered smart dialogue and gets a bit annoying reason why it lost 1 star.However, what I was not expecting at all, was an almost xxxHolic vibe to the book, where traditional Japanese ghost stories [...]

  12. This is probably the most bizarre novel I ve read Nisioisin knows what he s doing, and has fun doing it The novel is completely character focused and comprised almost completely of straight dialogue The plot is of an underlying theme a mere side dish The characters are strong and unpredictable Because of the character focus, I wouldn t call this novel a page turner but the character interaction is odd, interesting, and incredibly humorous Dialogue is authentic, in a unique and sometimes confusi [...]

  13. I have had several recommendations to get into the Monogatari series, happened to see this at the store, and picked it up to see what was going on I did not enjoy large portions of the writing style, but various events in the book kept dragging my interest back to it The third act of the second story contained in this volume lifted it from two stars to three, and I might be persuaded to get the second volume, but the second volume will really have to be something to keep me in on this series The [...]

  14. 2.5 Just plain weird I couldn t follow half the plotline and the dialogue didn t make much sense.I really didn t like the main character He seemed so winy and a little dumb.Though, I liked some of the other characters, and I thought the ending was cute.

  15. 2.5 stars.The supernatural stuff was interesting but the dialogue got a little too rambling for my taste.

  16. Interesting and very ODD little book Somewhat unusual young man UNDERSTATEMENT But can t say without spoilers helps young women under various curses Interesting as a Canadian reader as the mythologies involved are totally foreign and quite unusual.Recommended.

  17. The book takes place chronologically after Kizumonogatari when Araragi is attacked by the beautiful vampire He turned back to human and feeds his blood to the now small vampire, Shinobu But in this new tale, our familiar delinquent Araragi encounters by fate a series of bewitched maladies in which he tried to solve their problems with the help of the familiar Meme Oshino The first girl he encounters is the Senjogahara, a girl who got her weight taken away by the Crab of Weight after her traumati [...]

  18. Bakemonogatari is one of the most unique light novels out there The character based novel s anime adaptation is the highest selling anime of all time As I said earlier, the novel has a very unique craft This is shown by this conversation I don t like you Why not Because you suddenly smacked me from behind But you said you didn t like me before I smacked you Then it s karma from a previous life You and I were mortal enemies in our past lives I was a lovely princess and you were the evil demon kin [...]

  19. Because I m a glutton for punishment I bought this book despite not having likedKizumonogatari, because it s NisiOisiN and I liked his other stuff Because this one didn t have that shounen type of story where Araragi has to fight three aberration hunters one by one, I actually had an easier time reading this It now resembles xxxHolic now that we have other aberrations making an appearance Also btw I haven t watched the anime I m not sure if it s the translation but some of the exchanges here ma [...]

  20. After reading Kizumonogatari I was really excited to get to this Unfortunately, how you respond to this book is dependent on how tolerable you are with anime cliches In the afterword the author said that he wrote this as a fun paranormal story where his characters can ramble, and it shows Pages of dialogue are devoted to characters talking about nonsense, and there are so many jokes that go on far longer than they should that it can feel almost like a task to finish this However, between the pag [...]

  21. This is the sequel to Kizumonogatari, but it was written before it There are references to a story that takes place between this and Kizumonogatari that will no doubt be written in a later vol of this series.Bakemonogatari part 1 contains two short stories that follow Araragi as he helps girls in trouble while being verbally abused along the way.I m not sure if it s because I was so tired this week or if the character s energy was just too much, but the banter was exhausting at times Still there [...]

  22. Written in a very humorous voice, NisioIsin has wonderfully made a masterpiece for this generation thriving for something that is a total melting pot of many popular genres The story of this series is the best I ve ever read It points right into the human psyche of those who are under certain infamous problems like sexual abuse and broken family Not to mention the knowledgeable speech from all the characters, I felt like I m reading a textbook of any subjects rather than a novel, but the tone an [...]

  23. This book was a very enjoyable read, and works as a great start for the Monogatari series This series strong suit is the characters, and they certainly have a lot of personality and sass This book includes the arcs Hitagi Crab Mayoi Snail The writing is great, and I feel that the translator did the best they could with Nisioisin s original work.Definitely read this one _

  24. The original light novel that is the basis of one of my top 3 favorite anime series of all time, an excellent translation of the crazy Japanese wordplay that is contained, and very gripping stories with some nice and unexpected twists.

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