Elsewhere (2022)

[PDF] Download ✓ Elsewhere : by William Peter Blatty - Elsewhere, Elsewhere An incredible haunted house novel from William Peter Blatty the legendary author of The Exorcist Disturbing unsettling chilling and laced with a nasty streak of dark humor Elsewhere is a must hav [PDF] Download ✓ Elsewhere : by William Peter Blatty - Elsewhere, Elsewhere An incredible haunted house novel from William Peter Blatty the legendary author of The Exorcist Disturbing unsettling chilling and laced with a nasty streak of dark humor Elsewhere is a must hav
  • Title: Elsewhere
  • Author: William Peter Blatty
  • ISBN: 9781587670831
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Hardcover
[PDF] Download ✓ Elsewhere : by William Peter Blatty, Elsewhere, William Peter Blatty, Elsewhere An incredible haunted house novel from William Peter Blatty the legendary author of The Exorcist Disturbing unsettling chilling and laced with a nasty streak of dark humor Elsewhere is a must have for all fans of dark fiction Sure to become a time honored classic in the genre

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  • [PDF] Download ✓ Elsewhere : by William Peter Blatty
    324 William Peter Blatty

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  1. If The Haunting of Hill House the film The Others had a semiformed child and it became to be relatively unsuccessful pretty much forgotten by the public it would be this novel by the same author of The Exorcist Novel equaling and bettering the masterpiece horror film And a must read.

  2. Ah, this plot line never gets old a select group of people stay at an old mansion to prove it s not haunted I lied this plot line has gotten old Listen, select group of people THE MANSION IS HAUNTED It is ALWAYS haunted, or you wouldn t be in a book.I was shocked at how bad this was, given William Peter Blatty s pedigree The Denver Rocky Mountain News called it the first truly original haunted house story in decades Yes, it is strikingly original, assuming you haven t gone to the movies in the p [...]

  3. Sometimes good writers produce crappy novels Such is the case with William Peter Blatty s Elsewhere Blatty is a master of supernatural and horror fiction Hell, Stephen King might have remained a high school English teacher if Blatty hadn t kicked the door to the horror genre open with The Exorcist in 1971 Blatty s Legion is an equally important work in the field But Elsewhere isn t This is the same skeptics in a haunted house set up we ve seen many times before, from The Haunting to House On Hau [...]

  4. The only novel I ve read so far by William Peter Blatty is The Exorcist and I really liked it When I saw this novel, I bought it without hesitation, as well as for the author, even for the plot, quite intriguing.The elements for a good story are there a home with a sinister reputation, started with a painful event, strange and inexplicable phenomena, a group of very different peoples, each driven by their own reasons, but all determined to find out what is hidden at Elsewhere.I must say that the [...]

  5. Elsewhere by William Peter BlattyKnown for writing The Exorcist, author Blatty has some major shoes to fill his own Elsewhere is the perfect summertime read, it s creepy, has quirky characters and the ghosts are endless really The story is built around the main character, Joan Freeboard A tough, New York, cigarette puffing real estate agent who really digs her job and since the story is set in the nineties, she s rich One day a curious proposition walks her way and she bites A client has a massi [...]

  6. Elsewhere is the name of a creepy old mansion built in the 1930s on an island in the Hudson River north of Manhatten Given the listing, with the promise of a commission in seven figures if it is sold gives realtor, Joan Freeboard, an idea She gathers a small group including herself, a psychic, a parapsychologist, and a well known author and plans to spend five days living in the house so that it can be officially declared ghost free You know what happens the group arrives on the island during a [...]

  7. This review refers to the 1999 version, included in the anthology 999 Twenty nine Original Tales of Horror and Suspense, not to the 2009 hardback I am unsure if there are marked differences in the text Elsewhere is an eerie little haunted house story strong on atmospherics and clever dialogue, but it s one which ultimately disappoints with a pretty stock plot.Ambitious real estate agent Joan Freeboard is offered a huge fee if she can sell a notoriously haunted mansion on an island in the Hudson [...]

  8. William Peter Blatty won an Academy Award for a demonic horror film I shan t watch Elsewhere sounded like a ghost story, which is my cup of tea I thought it might be frightening than the norm and I bet it would be on film, with a disturbing soundtrack and camera angles In writing it s benign and strangeness rises very subtly I enjoyed it a great deal Paranormal elements do strike up and there is full disclosure of them at the end The exception is, exactly what took place with the dogs and the o [...]

  9. 2.5Dato che ultimamente mi voglio molto male e ho pensato a una nuova storia horror nonostante le mille che devo ancora scrivere, ho pensato di buttarmi su una lettura veloce per vedere se riuscivo a trovare qualche descrizione interessante sulle case infestate Quindi, cosa c di meglio di un agente immobiliare che deve vendere una casa infestata A dire il vero molte cose.Non so bene quale sia il problema di questo libro.Il mio istinto dice lo stile quello che mi ha colpito di pi in senso negativ [...]

  10. Valutazione neutra Avrei tanto voluto leggerlo in inglese ma non l ho trovato e alla lunga ho ceduto alla traduzione che sicuramente non fedele, lo si capisce gi solo dall orrido gioco di parole o suo tentativo di rendere l ubiquo termine fuck.Io l ho letto tutto d un fiato, sotto l ombrellone a bordo piscina Ottimo per un momento di svago, ma nulla di originale.

  11. I first read this in the anthology 999, where it was one of the few really good stories Since I didn t keep that volume, I was happy when Cemetery Dance republished the novella on its own, so I could have a copy in my permanent collection.Joan Freeboard is a hard boiled realtor tasked with selling the fabulous mansion Elsewhere Unfortunately, it was once the site of a murder and now has a reputation for being haunted Joan stands to make quite a bit on the sale, so she s determined to make it hap [...]

  12. Originally released in 1999, CDP releases this small but purdy hardcover, complete with spooky interior illustrations by Alex McVey.Real Estate agent Manhattanite Joan Freeboard has a problem she has to sell an isolated old house located across from the city on a small Hudson island that holds a dark past She manages to get a clairvoyant and a snobby writer friend to go with her and try to get to the bottom of the alleged hauntings.This short novel from legendary author William Peter Blatty THE [...]

  13. I have never read THE EXORCIST I saw the movie and thought it the look of it was scary and of course, the idea of being possessed doesn t sound like a good time The cover of this book is what drew me to it and I figured if he has been successful in the past, he wouldn t put out another book so many years later unless it was pretty good I wasn t disappointed SO happy to have followed up HELL HOUSE with this, a ghost haunted house story that didn t suck I wish that the witty banter done, I m sure, [...]

  14. Un tema classico, quello della casa infestata, che non smetter mai di sedurre gli amanti del genere horror Gli ingredienti ci sono tutti e i fantasmi e le sorprese non mancano Non si pu evitare, per , trattandosi di Blatty, di fare confronti con lo spettro che lo insegue dal 1971, lo spettro in carne ed ossa del suo capolavoro L Esorcista che, dalla carta stampata al grande schermo, ha tracciato un limite al di del quale non c ancora aggettivo tanto forte in grado di dare alla paura risvolti ver [...]

  15. SO disappointing Short, and dammit, I ve read the plot before seen it in a movie Think The Others, with smidges of The Haunting of Hill House thrown in for color So very disappointing Thankfully, it was only 222 pages of wasted time I was expecting from the author of The Exorcist

  16. It may not be as good as The Exorcist or Legion , but as an author I do not feel worthy to rate William Peter Blatty below five stars A touching and memorable view of what awaits us after death with delighthfully chilling moments Review in Bulgarian citadelata %D0 %D1%8F%D0

  17. I expected better from an author such as William Peter Blatty I was disappointed in the mediocre writing and boring plot.

  18. I hated this book just as much as I did when I first read it as Hell House and liked it better when I first saw it as the film The Others.

  19. Se avete letto l Esorcista, se ne avete apprezzato la tensione emotiva e le fantastiche scene durante le quali avreste voluto chiudere il libro del freezer e lasciarlo per il resto della vostra vita, beh dimenticatelo Questo romanzo un mix letale tra La casa degli invasati solamente in versione trash e moderna e uno qualsiasi tra i numerosi film horror indipendenti demenziali uno Scary Movie a basso costo di produzione, per capirci.La vicenda ruota attorno all Elsewhere, una casa sperduta su un [...]

  20. RECENSIONE PUBBLICATA ANCHE SUL BLOG DUSTY PAGES IN WONDERLAND Avere il proprio nome legato indissolubilmente ad uno dei capisaldi del genere di appartenenza pu essere una croce ed una delizia I vantaggi sono indubbi, ma il rischio che grande pubblico si ricordi solo del magnus opus , tralasciando il resto della produzione, elevatissimo.Cos sembra essere accaduto a William Peter Blatty, scrittore prima del romanzo e poi della sceneggiatura de L esorcista Parliamo del 1971 e dopo, cos successo Un [...]

  21. This was a good Halloween read I didn t find it very scary though, but it deals a good bit with the afterlife Entertaining SPOILER ALERT As I began reading this novella, I happened to read some reviews about how this story had hints of The Haunting of Hill House and The Others in it I agree with this, but I wouldn t say it ruined the story for me At first, this felt derivative of especially The Others, but this was written before the movie was I still enjoyed the story a good bit, and there were [...]

  22. A fun read, but not original or groundbreaking I d figured out the mystery early in the story, but I kept reading to see how it flowed I also suppose I expected to be terrified, given my experience with The Exorcist, but this is creepy spooky than I can t sleep tonight please leave the lights on.

  23. I really liked this one I hadn t read anything by Blatty before and now I m seriously considering it I thought the story was, in the end, a true haunted house story, but the writing caught me off guard It was so well crafted that I was distracted from the obvious I kept trying to figure out why I had a bad feeling and it was always staring me in the face I would definitely recommend this one for uneasy quick read

  24. WARNING MAY BE A SPOILER Putting a 1 star on here is NOT an easy thing to do I really REALLY wanted to like this book I was excited when my wife surprised me with it, because I wanted to buy it We all know WPB from The Exorcist, and of course you cannot compare Elsewhere to The Exorcist but he did set the bar high and of course we expect the guy who wrote one of the most terrifying book from the 20th century to deliver when he s writing a book about a haunted house called Elsewhere.I should have [...]

  25. No me ha gustado nada.La verdad es que parece incre ble que este libro est escrito por el mismo autor de la magistral novela El Exorcista Elsewhere me ha parecido muy mala El estilo es horroroso, de muy mala calidad y muy simpl n, los personajes y sus di logos no son nada naturales ni cre bles, la ambientaci n es nula o deficiente cuando lo intenta, el desarrollo es un galimat as de escenas sin sentido o muy t picas donde nunca pasada nada destacable En definitiva ha sido un v a crucis avanzar e [...]

  26. Elsewhere is a pretty fun, if not altogether innovative, ghost story This rather slim volume it s only about 240 pages is Exorcist scribe, William Peter Blatty s take on a haunted house yarn and he manages to put together an interesting and unexpectedly amusing tale I ll freely admit that I picked this one up on name recognition and my love for The Exorcist and wasn t disappointed The plot is nothing new you take an allegedly haunted house with a creepy backstory on a secluded island, populate i [...]

  27. There s a subgenre of haunted house stories that might be called psychics investigate haunted houses, most prominent and best among them being Shirley Jackson s The Haunting of Hill House and Richard Matheson s Hell House Add to that short but illustrious list Elsewhere, by William Peter Blatty, best known of course for his novel The Exorcist Elsewhere is a long novella than a full length novel I read it in a couple of hours but it packs a punch and paints some very memorable images and scenes [...]

  28. A quick read two hours tops if you re really dedicated , this is a decent haunted house book Moody than outright frightening, it s quite different from the book for which Blatty is most well known The Exorcist The story borrows heavily from many other, famous books, and particularly from The Haunting of Hill House, in that four people a real estate agent, a writer, a doctor of paranormal studies and a clairvoyant decide to spend a week in a notoriously haunted mansion to determine the source o [...]

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