The Diamond of Drury Lane (2022)

✓ The Diamond of Drury Lane ✓ Julia Golding - The Diamond of Drury Lane, The Diamond of Drury Lane Set in s Covent Garden this book whisks you back to a bygone era and to embark on an adventure about one hidden treasure two bare knuckle boxers three enemies and four hundred and thirty eigh ✓ The Diamond of Drury Lane ✓ Julia Golding - The Diamond of Drury Lane, The Diamond of Drury Lane Set in s Covent Garden this book whisks you back to a bygone era and to embark on an adventure about one hidden treasure two bare knuckle boxers three enemies and four hundred and thirty eigh
  • Title: The Diamond of Drury Lane
  • Author: Julia Golding
  • ISBN: 9781405221498
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
The Diamond of Drury Lane
✓ The Diamond of Drury Lane ✓ Julia Golding, The Diamond of Drury Lane, Julia Golding, The Diamond of Drury Lane Set in s Covent Garden this book whisks you back to a bygone era and to embark on an adventure about one hidden treasure two bare knuckle boxers three enemies and four hundred and thirty eight rioters It is the tale of Cat Royal an orphan four foot four with long red hair and not a penny to call her own She lives in the Theater Royal on Drury Lane a place fill
  • ✓ The Diamond of Drury Lane ✓ Julia Golding
    338 Julia Golding
The Diamond of Drury Lane

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  1. This story is part of a series which includes Cat Among the Pigeons , Den of Thieves , Cat O Nine Tails and Black Heart of Jamaica.An orphaned 12 year old girl named Catherine Cat Royal lives in the Theatre Royal in late 18th Century London The owner of the theatre Mr Sheridan took her in and named her Cat Royal who becomes a mascot, maid cum runabout to the theatre, tidying, acting as a prompt during shows etc Cat overhears Mr Sheridan and a man named Marchmont talking about hiding a diamond in [...]

  2. Let me start off by saying Wow I did not expect that.This book surprised me, my friend had recommended this to me a while back and my idiotic answer you know I m good I got other books I need to read Biggest reason for this answer is because yes I judged the book by its cover, I am guilty of doing this so many times and then later be slapping myself because I didn t read those books sooner Slap Okay now that we got that overwith The main character Cat Royal is everything a herione should be she [...]

  3. The diamond of drury lane Cat Royal, 1 , 2006, Julia Golding Characters Cat Royal, Pedro Hawkins, Lord Francis or Frank, Lady Elizabeth or Lizzie, Billy Boil Shepherd, Lord Jonathan Fitzroy, Johnny Smith or Captain Sparkler, Mr Sheridan Cat s jolly, Syd, The Duke of Avon, The Earl of Ranshaw Father of Johnny, Marzi pain Marchmont 1387 398 9789645365156 9789645365217 1 20 Abstract MYSTERY, TREASURE, AND A LIFE ON THE STAGE The first episode of the adventures of Cat Royal is a big, fat juicy read [...]

  4. I quite liked this My husband snaffled it away from me and read it first, laughing out loud several times From the moment where Cat compares the theatre company to England, with Mr Sheridan as the king, and herself as the mail coach bringing news back and forth, leading Jonathan the prompter to describe himself as the bishop because he provides the word to those in need , I knew the author wasn t going to be lazy.So it s a good old fashioned melodrama, with thrilling escapes, jeopardy to spare, [...]

  5. I will admit it, the cover is what first caught my eye and made me read on, but in this case, judging a book by it s cover proved to be a good thing, as this is a little gem of a novel The story follows Cat Royal, an orphan living behind the scenes of the famous Theatre Royal in London, and the secrets she uncovers amongst the props and costumes The Diamond of Drury Lane is not just a fun romp It also casts the reader back to the late Eighteenth Century, from the mean streets of London, to the l [...]

  6. Tried to buy this one for Harper but had trouble finding anyone else besides me who liked it to same irrational degree that I did Thoroughly enjoyable and great good fun Eighteenth Century Britain Thieves and dastardly men Sinister doings backstage at a theater a freed slave coping with defining who he is in a world that is trying to define him as something very narrow indeed If not quite exceptional, the Cat Royal books are sort of Sally Lockhart Lite, and pretty much perfect for middle grade r [...]

  7. In 1790 London young Cat Royal is the ward of Theatre Royal Drury Lane the best theatre in all of London Cat loves the excitement of the theatre and the people she meets there, especially the former slave boy Pedro, who is now apprenticed to the maestro and the new prompt, Johnny Smith Cat accidentally overhears the theatre owner Mr Sheridan and another man discussing hiding a diamond in the theatre When she is discovered, Cat promises to keep the diamond safe She begins to suspect that Johnny h [...]

  8. I read this as a favour to my Mum, who is a teacher It is intended for 9 12 year olds, and I think it probably suites the lower end of this age range It read as a book that was written for teaching, in that there are so many themes you could pull out of it to base lessons or discussions around Cat is an orphan in 18th century London raised in a theatre by the owner and staff As orphan s go she is a fairly lucky one although she has been exposed to the rougher side of London, she has a safe and s [...]

  9. Title The Diamond of Drury LaneAuthor Julia GoldingYear 2006ISBN ISBN13 9781405221498 Type bookGenre Historical FictionLength Pages Reading Level 421 pages 9 and up.Publisher Studio name Egmont Books UK Plot This story takes place in the late 18th century England and centers on a young girl raised in a theater She is named after the theater The performers, workers and owners are her family She learns of a Diamond in the theater and enlists the help of a young performer to search for it They enco [...]

  10. The Diamond of Drury Lane follows Cat, a young girl growing up in the 1790s Cat is fortunate as she tells us, she was left on the step of Drury Lane Theater as a baby and Mr Sheridan took her in While she has no idea of her heritage she has a home and fascinating one at that.Unlike many of her peers Cat can read and write, taught to her by the previous prompt at Drury Lane She is also street smart and knows how to handle herself when left on her own.The story starts with a riot at the theater be [...]

  11. Ah, so satisfying in so many ways Catherine Cat Royal is a foundling adopted by London s Drury Lane theater, circa the late 1700s It s a position that lets her mingle with cast, crew, and audience members both high and low When she overhears theater manager Mr Sheridan saying how he is hiding a diamond in Drury Lane, her curiosity is piqued, although her discovery and subsequent protection of this diamond isn t exactly what anybody suspects.Add to this some narrow escapes from street gangs, tea [...]

  12. I like how this book has very interesting words that keep you wanting to read At the start of the book, it was very slow and nothing was happening and there were also no descriptions about the characters It finally started to get interesting when it was in the middle and to the end, there was a lot of drama and you finally got to know a little bit about the characters, but not what they looked like I rated this book 3 stars because 1 Mystery is not my favourite genre and 2 I did not really enjo [...]

  13. Oh, my This book series is amazing I m obsessed.When Catherine Royal Cat was a baby, she was left on the steps of the Royal Theatre in London The theatre people adopted her, giving her a roof over her head and letting them be part of their lives But Cat also has a tendency to attract trouble When she overhears the theatre owner talking about the diamond he s hidden in the theatre, he enlists her help to keep his secret hidden She doesn t know where the diamond is or what it looks like, but she s [...]

  14. 1st Book in the series 5 starsI enjoyed this book, it s dynamic , fun, entertaining and well written I wish it had a much bigger marketing campaign, it could have been almost famous like Harry Potter or Series of Unfortunate Events.I love Cat, she is clever, cunning and most of the time she manages to get herself into trouble but makes a great escape every time Pedro is a likable character, Syd too, I have an affinity for Billy the rest of her friends are great to interact with, as Cat does in [...]

  15. This series has sky rocketed itself to the top of my must buy list I started and finished it in one day Golding is a superb author I love all of her characters Besides Brian Jacques she s the only modern author who makes me cry because I want so badly to be friends with her characters And props to Cat for her smarts, she figures things out faster than heroines usually do And she isn t annoyingingly fiesty and quarrelsome either, she knows when to stop and let it go Add to that a creative myster [...]

  16. I read this last year, and I liked it alot set in old England Kat is an orphan taken in by the theatre on Drury Lane She is feisty and appealing to all, including a nemesis an unpleasant gang leader who is sweet on her She unfortunately spurns him in a public and humiliating way, not understanding the ways of the heart and how vulnerable this boy is to her She kicks off a chain of events that entangle lords, ladies, urchins and judges who are trying to find the Diamond of Drury Lane An altogethe [...]

  17. This lovely little book has the right balance of adventure, age appropriate realistic themes, and straight up fun to keep its readers pleased I m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the series has to offer.

  18. Julia Golding is pure genius I love this series couldn t put it down and read every single book consecutively over a couple of days I can t believe my brother got to meet her and he didn t even know who she was I think it would be incredible to meet her 3

  19. I m not one for writing reviews, but here s in simple terms of what I thought I loved it Intriguing A little young I think they could have used less characters and then develop those characters a little better.

  20. For some reason, I find it condescending when an author puts dear reader at least once in every chapter Aside from that HUGE annoyance, it was okay.

  21. The Diamond of Drury Lane by Julia GoldingRoaring Book Press, 2006419 pagesYA Historical4 5 starsSource LibraryRead for YA Book Battle and also because the sequels looked really intriguing.Cat Royal is an orphan living in the Theater Royal in 1790 London She has been unofficially adopted by the theater folk and has lived there as long as she can remember Living among the actors, writers, and designers as well as the gangs that control the seedier sections of town is a not too bad existence Then [...]

  22. Golding, Julia The Diamond of Drury Lane 2008 The Diamond of Drury Lane is a mystery story set in London in the1790s The main character, Cat Royal, is an orphan who was abandoned on the doorstep of the Drury Lane Theater, and raised by the theater manager, Mr Sheridan and his crew One night she overhears him talking to a mysterious stranger about hiding a diamond in the theater She promises to keep this newly acquired knowledge a secret, but accidently lets the cat out of the bag Suddenly everyo [...]

  23. Set in 1790 this is the charming story of Catherine Cat Royal, a foundling brought up in the Drury Lane theatre by the kindness of the owner, Mr Sheridan Still in her teens, Cat has become part of the furniture, sleeping in her nest in the top of the building amidst costumes and props and acting as the gopher, running errands and helping out She s not uneducated, but her lessons have been by the kindness of various theatre employees mostly the old prompt She s the one who, than anyone, has her [...]

  24. Cat is an orphan, but she considers herself to be one of the luckiest people alive You see, when her parents abandoned her she was left on the steps of the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane, and that s where she has lived ever since Life in the theatre is never boring, but it becomes even exciting with the arrival of a diamond and two new friends all of which seem to bring nothing but trouble into her life With dodging gang members on the street and nearly dying on wayward set pieces nowhere seems to [...]

  25. OK, I m going to attempt to duplicate the layout of the blurb for this book as well as I can here THE THEATRE ROYAL IN DRURY LANE, COVENT GARDEN, THIS PRESENT DAY, BEING 1SI JANUARY, 1790,Will be presentedThe Diamond of Drury Lane Written by Miss Cat Royal PRINCIPAL CHARACTERSMISS CAT ROYAL orphan and ward of the theatreMR JOHNNY SMITH prompt with a secretMR SYD FLETCHER leader of the Butcher s boysMR BILLY BOIL SHEPHERD evil leader of rival gangAnd a HIDDEN diamond WITH A NEW MUSICAL INTERLUDE [...]

  26. Young Cat Royal has lived in the Royal Theatre ever since she was found abandoned on its doorstep, and acts as the theatre s Jill of all trades and mascot, although she has ambitions to become a writer of fiction and plays When Cat accidentally discovers well, she WAS evesdropping that the theatre s owner, Mr Sheridan, is hiding a treasure somewhere in the theatre, she knows she must guard the secret closely But of course, she can t resist conducting her own search for the treasure, and dangerou [...]

  27. middle school upCat Royal adventures 1Catherine called Cat has spent her entire life backstage at the Royal Theatre in Drury Lane One day she overhears the theatre manager discussing the protection of a diamond to be hidden in the theatre Cat feels great loyalty to the manager for taking her in as an infant and decides to find the diamond so she can help protect it She also makes a few new friends Pedro, a young ex slave who is a gifted musician, Johnny, the new prompter, and Francis Elizabeth, [...]

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