Mercury's War (2022)

✓ Mercury's War ☆ Lora Leigh - Mercury's War, Mercury s War Nothing matches Lora Leigh s latest entry in the series about genetically altered Breeds with feline DNA and the humans who awaken their desire Someone has been slipping the Sanctuary s secure inform ✓ Mercury's War ☆ Lora Leigh - Mercury's War, Mercury s War Nothing matches Lora Leigh s latest entry in the series about genetically altered Breeds with feline DNA and the humans who awaken their desire Someone has been slipping the Sanctuary s secure inform
  • Title: Mercury's War
  • Author: Lora Leigh
  • ISBN: 9780425224182
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Mercury's War
✓ Mercury's War ☆ Lora Leigh, Mercury's War, Lora Leigh, Mercury s War Nothing matches Lora Leigh s latest entry in the series about genetically altered Breeds with feline DNA and the humans who awaken their desire Someone has been slipping the Sanctuary s secure information to a pharmaceutical company Now it s up to Ria Rodriguez to pose as a clerk and uncover the leak Yet she has no idea of the danger she s about to encounter or the pasNothing match

  • ✓ Mercury's War ☆ Lora Leigh
    123 Lora Leigh
Mercury's War

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  1. Mercury was one of most animalistic Breeds ever created He was stronger, had better senses and was one of the best soldiers in the labs until one day when he went into feral displacement and killed people when he thought he lost his mate Mercury was put on a drug program that pushed his animal side deep inside him until he barely had extra abilites but he survived As part of his job as a Breed enforcer for Sactuary, Mercury is assigned to protect Gloria Ria Rodriguez while she does some short te [...]

  2. Breeds 16Feline Breeds 10Featured Couple Mercury Lion Ria Human Location Virginia Mountains Feline Breeds baseBeing a Breed s mate is cool because when a couple is experiencing the Mating Heat, their aging process is also delayed Thus, the mated couple can live many years young and happy For example Callan Merinus don t seem to age at all although than 10 years have passed since the day they have mated This is a well kept secret between Breeds, but some ruthless people want to steal their secre [...]

  3. The latest in Lora Leigh s Breed series is Mercury s War This story delves deeper into the troubles at Sancturary and the mystery of who is leaking what information to the enemies of the Breeds When the lioness Mercury believed was his mate was taken from the labs, he went feral and on a rampage When he was eventally restrained, he was given drugs to cage his beast Since that time he has learned control and never allowed his other nature to control him Now he s faced with a human woman that he b [...]

  4. I m dying to get to Lion s Heat, but being a bit compulsive about reading books in order I knew I had to get a few of LL s books on the TBR pile out of the way first Mercury s War wasn t bad, but it wasn t quite at the level of some of my Breeds favorites Dawn s Awakening, Elizabeth s Wolf Breeds, 4 , and Soul Deep I thought the story except for all the technical stuff codes, security systems, etc was pretty easy to follow someone s trying to steal secrets of the mating heat and the lack of agin [...]

  5. This is why I love Lora Leigh WOW the chemistry between Mercury and Ria is AMAZING And Mercury himself OMG break me off a piece of that This is going straight to the keeper shelf, 5 stars Would def recommend to any and all Lora Leigh fans, or really anyone else into the paranormal genre However, I wouldn t recommend beginning the series w this book, having the background of the Breeds and knowing and understanding all of their idiosyncrasies is a must to know what s going on w mating heat and th [...]

  6. Reviewed for queuemyreview The drama The suspense The action The romance Oh boy, the romance Mercury s War by Lora Leigh had me straining my eyes to finish the story as quickly as I could This is the 16th book in Lora Leigh s Breed Series and in my humble opinion her books are only getting better with time Mercury Warrant is a lion breed that has spent most of his adult life trying to repress the lion inside of him When he was a young man, Mercury is told that a lioness breed thought to be his m [...]

  7. Muyyyyy bueno.De inicio a fin mantiene el inter s como muy pocos de esta saga han logrado Ella fuerte y llena de sorpresas El casi perfecci n SPOILER Casi me desmoron por completo cuando ella tiene la crisis cuando se separan por favorrrrrrrrrrr muy bien desarrollada, la desesperaci n del personaje y los leones cuidandola yeiiiiiiiii.Lo que sucedi con la Dr noooooooooooo fue triste ya quiero ver el libro de ella Muy bueno Muy bueno

  8. I am really taking my time with this series They are so good that I try to space them out between the other books I read I have loved Mercury for a while now and was so happy to finally read his book Another great read by Lora Leigh

  9. Originally read 8 9 11 8 11 12 This is another favorite of mine in the breed series The circumstances of the mate bond force the characters to build a connection on their own and Mercury and Ria are left to figure out whether or not you can forge a true, lasting relationship without a mate bond.Because there is no mate bond, Mercury and Ria have the luxury of falling for each other at an easy pace I ve come to realize that the books I like best in this series are the ones that don t conform to t [...]

  10. Complicated A lot of families and relations were thrown around in this one and I finally had to right down who was related to keep it straight Also, the Breed hierarchy became complicated than I was interested in knowingt a good thing.The games that were referred to repeatedly that Dane and Ria played were silly I didn t get the game part The secret s Ria kept from others didn t seem like it should have been a secret to me I didn t get it Why she dressed the way she did seemed like a pitiful ex [...]

  11. Mecury s War the 16th book in Lora Leigh s popular Breed Series, was a total hit for me I actually got choked up while reading it, and it s been a long time since a romance novel albeit PARANORMAL has moved me that much.In Mercury s War we get Mercury s story a lion breed closest to the lion side than many of his breed brothers sisters In Leigh s Breed world, the genetically enhanced hybrids mate for life if a partner dies then the one left behind suffers they become feral and never will find an [...]

  12. 16 Breed series One StarThis exciting sexy series is one of my absolute favorites, but this one was a huge disappointment Ria, the heroine, is just a itch She s so insecure, so annoying, just an angry and thoroughly unlikeable character I mean, we re talking throw the book at the wall type dislike of a character If I read one time poor little me, I grew up an orphan I didn t even want to keep reading this book Fine, make a character an orphan, but don t beat the reader over the head with it Yec [...]

  13. When there is a suspicion at the Sanctuary that someone is a spy in their own camp they decide to bring in Ria Rodriquez, a talented woman at finding leaks Ria has grown up in foster homes and never having a home until she turns eighteen Dane Vanderale offers her a job, for both him and his father Leo She finds a family and home with them, feeling like she has found she has a place where she belongs, even though Dane has been quite frustrating as most breed males only can be When she goes to the [...]

  14. Disclaimer See, here s the problemI have a love hate relationship with the Breed books I really need plot than porn sex and I was ready to cross this series off my list but my vbff, V, told me to give her four favorite books a chance and I m glad I listened to her So that s what I said when I read Dawn s Awakening and I m still glad I listened to her While this book certainly has a whole espionage tale with someone stealing information and who knows what else, the heart of the story is about Me [...]

  15. When the scientists and trainers laughed as they told him his potential mate was dead, Mercury Warrant went berserk and the laughers died violently More than ten years later Mercury still resented his own existence, that he was different from the other breeds He didn t fit, he coped He didn t have his lion, he wouldn t feel mating heat Dr Ely warned Jonas that assigning Mercury to Vanderale s auditor, Ria Rodriguez was a mistake Ely argued Mercury was a danger to himself and everyone at Sanctuar [...]

  16. A break from a series can do wonders Ria was an outstanding female character I loved that she was independent yet she knew when to give in It was a pleasure to read about her and her insecurities.Merc knew what he wanted and he went after it Two outsiders finding solace in each in other I liked it I really disliked the fact that his friends didn t have his back when Ely implied that he was going feral I actually felt heated over it, but I needn t have worried Ria came out swinging in a room full [...]

  17. I love this book Mercury is a favorite Super hot steamy scenes I have read it several times and love it with each read

  18. Enforcer Mercury Warrant is said to be the greatest Breed ever created, beast than man Unfortunately, the beast had been drugged into oblivion years ago, after Mercury s enraged violence after the death of his mate.He s been off the drugs for years now, but the advantages of his unique genetic makeup are long gone and so is the beastUntil Gloria please call me Ria Rodriguez shows up in Sanctuary with the mission to evaluate if the Leo s money is well spent.The paper pusher act is just a cover, [...]

  19. A long time ago Mercury Warrant thought he lost his mate When he found out about the death of the young lioness, he went on a bloody and brutal rampage and the scientists had to inject him with gene therapy to calm the feral beast within While it may have solved the problem of his rage, it silenced the animal within him, hampering his Breed capabilities He s been living with the handicap quite well, until Ria Rodriquez walked into his life and now his hormones are all over the place Ria is at Sa [...]

  20. Mercury s War is Lora Leigh s 16th book in the Breeds Series and it s a really great story This is one of my favourites so far.Mecury Warrant is one of the greatest breeds ever created read Lion Dna who we have met in previous books has been assigned to work with Ria Rodriguez, the representative of Leo Vanderdale THE ALPHA LEO of the breed discover who the traitor is in Sanctuary that is sending secret information on the Breeds to their enemies.There are a lot of secrets revealed in this bookRi [...]

  21. WOW Where do I begin This was a Fantastic book I loved it just as much as Dawns Awakening Maybe just a little bit Mercury s War has every thing in it,Drama,Falling in love, Great characters Jonah, Dane, Callen and Kane YAY were all in this one Ria,Has to be my fave female in the series now OMG she is so funny Just because I want to dosent mean i should,Hell i want cheesecake but i know better goes right to my hips.Does that mean i have to eat it anyway Are you comparing me to cheesecake LMAO I [...]

  22. I rate this a 4.5.Description from publisher Someone has been slipping the Sanctuary s secure information to a pharmaceutical company Now it s up to Ria Rodriguez to pose as a clerk and uncover the leak Yet she has no idea of the danger she s about to encounter or the passion she s about to ignite in one of the greatest Breeds ever created.Someone has been slipping the Sanctuary s secure information to a pharmaceutical company Now it s up to Ria Rodriguez to pose as a clerk and uncover the leak [...]

  23. Wow just as good as the others I have read from her Actually I think this is one of my favorites from the author Just really intense and the sex was nuclear.

  24. Originally Reviewed onBewitching Bibliophileohhh my gawd did the plot thicken in this one I as so saddened for Mercury, hurt for Ria, scared of Ely and just couldn t understand why Jonas was sooo stupid well yes I do because he s Jonas Ria has been assigned to go over the files and the money that has been flowing into Sanctuary from Dane s company, he wants an accounting of everything so Jonas assigns Mercury to Ria to help her hinder her in anyway possible Mercury is considered a surviving mate [...]

  25. Five things that are guaranteed when reading BREED of Lora Leigh1 Hilarious Dialogues This writer ALWAYS makes me laugh I love her humour Somewhere in the book, i always find myself laughing or chuckling Besides, women don t like to have their breasts leered at You should know that by now Doesn t mean I understand it, he said and shrugged The fact that I find your breasts interesting shouldn t be such an issue You appear to have nice breasts You should wear blouses that emphasize that rather tha [...]

  26. Unexpectedly Mercury s War has become one of my fave Breeds book, if not my most favorite I was scared with the whole H had a mate that died theme bec when I read Bowen s story in Immortals After Dark with the same theme , I hated Bowen He was tied with Ulliem as my least favorite IAD hero I hated what the heroine had to go through, I hated the way the H treated her Also this theme was used in the Psy Changeling s Kiss of Snow I loved Hawke the H but his actions towards the heroine was still cri [...]

  27. Mercury and Ria Mercury was Awesome I liked Ria too but I must admit I liked her a bit less by the end Ria is sent in undercover by Dane to use her computer skills to rout out a hidden enemy from Sanctuary Mercury is assigned as her bodyguard during her stay Mercury believes he had met his mate when he was quite young while under the control of the Council But then she was reported dead while on one of their missions He is convinced that he can never find another love and so doesn t even try But [...]

  28. As this is book 16 I will presume that you have some knowledge of the Breeds Series.There are spies to be found in Sanctuary Dane Vanderale sends in Ria Rodriquez undercover to flush out the traitor and what is going on The Leo and family want to visit their other son Callan Lyons, Pride Leader of Sanctuary and Dane is not going to compromise on security especially as his mother Elizabeth has just given birth to twin girls.Ria is to be guarded by Mercury Warrant, a fierce breed who never lets h [...]

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