Unattainable (2022)

✓ Unattainable ☆ E.M. Jade - Unattainable, Unattainable What do you want from me I demanded Dean examined my eyes and looked disappointed in what he saw Do you remember anything He asked with hope What are you talking about I was with Shane then I woke up ✓ Unattainable ☆ E.M. Jade - Unattainable, Unattainable What do you want from me I demanded Dean examined my eyes and looked disappointed in what he saw Do you remember anything He asked with hope What are you talking about I was with Shane then I woke up
  • Title: Unattainable
  • Author: E.M. Jade
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 178
  • Format: ebook
✓ Unattainable ☆ E.M. Jade, Unattainable, E.M. Jade, Unattainable What do you want from me I demanded Dean examined my eyes and looked disappointed in what he saw Do you remember anything He asked with hope What are you talking about I was with Shane then I woke up here He ll kill you for this I warned Dean threw back his head and laughed That little mosquito can try Then he lowered his eyes and cocked a smile I dar What do you want from me I deman
  • ✓ Unattainable ☆ E.M. Jade
    178 E.M. Jade

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  1. Ok I m so confused it says its published, but its not And wasn t it supposed to come out in May Does anyone know when this is coming out, because I really want to read this book And I hate waiting Edit It comes out july 28 so far away

  2. After the heartbreak of book one I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Unattainable The story started out much slower than I had anticipated, and it continued through much of the story This second installment was much different from the first in that with the separation of Dean and Miranda we alternate chapters, and follow the two of them separately It is a book long heartache to watch Miranda with her unknown past, and the slow by progressive deterioration of Dean knowing that he must eve [...]

  3. Again she introduced new characters, vampires and slayers alike and it left me wanting You know how at the end of a movie the characters come to this life changing moment and they move forward for the better This wasn t it Lina has killed two people and she should be dead but dean cant bring himself to do it He goes the whole book trying to make her remember him, and she is jerking him around the whole time talk about kicking a dog when he s down I feel sorry for the characters but not the way t [...]

  4. When I read the 1st book, I knew I wanted It left me crying and screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at the end of the bookWhat a cliffhanger Ms.Deb Apodaca left me on the 1st bookNow she left me with a bigger cliffhanger on the 2ndI have read my share of vampire books, but this one is one of the best I have readDean is a vampire slayer who really love to kill vampiresBut there are rules when it come to killing themDean love interested is red headed Mindy.Dead and Mindy known each other since chi [...]

  5. Great Book Loved it just as much as the first one Have put this and Captivated on my favorites shelf Sometimes, I feel like writers follow the path of least resistance and their stories are somewhat predictable in the end Not so much that it ruined their story, but in a way that when you finished reading it, you realize that you thought or had hoped it was going to end that way and you were just fortunate enough to enjoy a few bumps in the road That is not the case with this series As I was read [...]

  6. I was so excited to read this book, that once I started I refused to put it down until it was finished I love how in this book you get to explore Markus character The progression of the story was really good, but I was a little disappointed in the fact that you are never quite certain if Mindy has powers or not You are certain of one but Shane takes credit for it You are left wondering if she can actually control a slayer or not or if it is just Dean s love for her that makes him do the things [...]

  7. I enjoyed this book As others have mentioned it is a bit short The plot does stagnate at a few points, but the action makes up for it My biggest complaint aside from the length is the numerous spelling errors Nothing annoys me than someone using you re instead of your You re was used incorrectly at least twice That aside I can t wait to find out what happens to everyone view spoiler I m dying to know what happens with Marcus and how Dean is going to take being a vampire I mean who actually turn [...]

  8. Book 2 of the Affliction series, and totally worth the time As I said about book 1, this is a new spin on vampires and slayers It s not the same song and dance that other books are coming out as Different points of view throughout the whole story Makes you wonder who is the good guy and who is the bad guy The last few pages of this book made me jump up off the couch and read them standing up I need book 3

  9. May give a spoileris book was frigin awesome, even better than the first i felt so sorry for deam its like his life was in turmoil all the time poor lina she was so sweet and lost most of the time, and shane finally surprised me.In my opinion if the author would have elabeated about what happeed when she went missing, like at school or how her mother and friends felt when it happened, the story would have been even better

  10. This is story is not what I expected I did enjoy this one as much as the first, I love Markus Doctor Watson of the Alliction Series world and Dean Definitely not Twilight, true fans would know the difference, would say it is of Vampire Diaries meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer Can t wait for Alliction 3 to see if Mindy and Dean can find their happy ending , and is there hope for Markus and Violet

  11. Omg Deb Apodaca has done it again with the flip flop Just when things get in Deans reach something else happens In the second book of this series you can feel the pain and the longing Dean has for Mindy and it s heart wrenching You feel every emotion felt by every character It s powerful, it s intense, and emotion all wrapped up in one book that just explodes Excellent book Just excellent I loved it and I will continue to follow Deb Apodaca s writing always.

  12. This was a good read Although I flung myself mad at Mindy this time around I did love the new characters and what they brought to the story The turn of events made me teary eyed and left my jaw on the floor I did find it a tad slow, but I still can t wait on the next book to see what happens to Dean and the other characters.

  13. This one isn t as cliche as the first in the series I greatly enjoyed it but almost quit reading it because of all the errors Misspelled words, even wrong words it annoys me.Dean can t believe Mindy is what he hates most and with no memory of her life, he means nothing to her He s just another target, until they re both on deaths door and the unthinkable happens

  14. The only thing i do not like about this book is that it was short and the way it ended, I waited months for this book to come out for it to just end so quicklyI can only hope there will be to this series.

  15. This book was even better than the first I was pulling my hair out for most of the book Twists and turns and ups and downs were amazing and I couldn t believe the ending I can t wait for the next book

  16. I greatly enjoyed this excellent Part 2, just as I was equally captivated by the first novel She is an extremely talented writer The tension is awesome, the romance is not overwhelming I can t wait for her follow up novel

  17. It s good, but it s a total set up for the third book We gain a few characters and kind of loose a few characters I guess I was looking for a little drama with Dean and Lina I can not tell anything from Shane

  18. So much emotions, sadness, fury and lots of fucked up ass shit I feel so bad for Dean And I wish I have a loyal friend like Markus This book has left me sad esp after reading few books that made me feel happy My heart goes out for Dean, so so sad

  19. I just loved this 2nd book it sure sucked me into it just like the 1st book did very good read I was wondering if there is going to be a 3rd book out and when I should look for that one also.your a wonderful Author.

  20. AMAZING nuff saidI love this book i woudnt have written it another way else if youre reading this Ms Apodaca virtual high five i like the ending how she remembered, and i cried just a little mkay its worth it just saying bye.

  21. That ending Wow, that ending Please tell me there is a third book in this series Honestly, if you haven t picked this series up, it is well worth it READ it

  22. It disappeared from Barnes and noble website after I downloaded a sample so I tracked it down to It was soo worth it Great book

  23. It Didnt take me long to read either book and thought they were great, cant wait for the 3rd now sooo many questions about what happens next

  24. This book was pretty good, although it took me a while to get through it I have lots of theories about what is going to happen, so I will read the next book when it comes out.

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