Among the Barons (2022)

Among the Barons Best Read || [Margaret Peterson Haddix] - Among the Barons, Among the Barons Luke Garner an illegal third child spent his first twelve years in hiding For the past four months Luke has lived among others using the identity of Lee Grant at the Hendricks School for Boys But Among the Barons Best Read || [Margaret Peterson Haddix] - Among the Barons, Among the Barons Luke Garner an illegal third child spent his first twelve years in hiding For the past four months Luke has lived among others using the identity of Lee Grant at the Hendricks School for Boys But
  • Title: Among the Barons
  • Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • ISBN: 9780689839108
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
Among the Barons
Among the Barons Best Read || [Margaret Peterson Haddix], Among the Barons, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Among the Barons Luke Garner an illegal third child spent his first twelve years in hiding For the past four months Luke has lived among others using the identity of Lee Grant at the Hendricks School for Boys But just as things are finally starting to go right Lee s little brother Smits arrives at the school and Luke finds himself caught in a tangle of lies that gets complex wiLuke Garner an
  • Among the Barons Best Read || [Margaret Peterson Haddix]
    350 Margaret Peterson Haddix
Among the Barons

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  1. I liked this installment plot better than the last one Luke Garner is pretending to be Lee Grant at a school filled with hidden third children when Lee s younger brother Smits shows up at the school The Grants are a powerful Baron family, but Luke feels pity for Smits and his grief Luke is quickly caught up in a plot to determine why Lee was killed, with a number of competing interests with vastly different agendas.

  2. This was a very good book, Luke Lee s little brother Smitts is going to start at Hendricks school His body guard Oscar seems weird, he carries around ax so if there s a fire he can save people Luke is afraid that Smitts is going to tell people that he s a shadow child.

  3. Personal ResponseI think that this book is great The plot in this book has a lot of action to it I also think that the characters in this book are very easy to have personal connections to The author describes the characters in a way that makes them feel like real people.PlotLuke loves living at Hendrick s School for Boys The fake identity of Lee Grant has gotten him the most freedom he has ever had Mr Hendricks asks Luke to look after a new student to the school The new student, Smits Grant, is [...]

  4. I think I m done with this series.A lot of the characters actions didn t make any sense I know this is supposed to be a kids book, but come on.I found the Grants particularly stupid They tell Luke their plan to have him fake his death so they can mourn publicly, then tell him he ll have to go back into hiding after Why not just lie and say that they d get him a new ID afterwards so there s a higher chance that he will go along with the plan There s been an assassination attempt on the president [...]

  5. Among the Barons by Margaret Peterson is an outstanding novel and a great fourth installment to the Shadow Children book series Out of all the books in this series that I have read before, this one is probably my second favorite, right behind Among the Betrayed, which is the third book Just like all of the other books in this series, there a plenty of twists and turns that make you rethink many of the things you read In this installment, the point of view goes back to Luke, but Nina is in the st [...]

  6. well when you are a third child in this time you either have to be in hidding or the population police will get you and either kill or torture you well luckly for luke he gets an fake id imposing as Lee Grant so he can stay safe in the hendricks school for boys, but is he really safe or is things going to get worse, like Lee s brother coming to the school all of sudden after lee suppose to be dead and smits seeing lee, would it make him tell the population police and make lukes life rough, or is [...]

  7. As Luke continues living at Hendricks School for Boys using his fake identity, Lee Grant, he has become a leader of sorts, helping the other 3rd children acclimate to life without hiding But when his younger brother , Smits arrives to live at Hendricks, his secretive identity may be in jeopardy Why have the Grants sent him to be with Luke after his real older brother died a tragic death Smits shows up in a huge limo, with a surly attitude, and a sledge hammer wielding bodyguard As tensions grow [...]

  8. Personal ResponseThis was one of the best books I have read in awhile The suspense of what could have happened to Luke if he made a wrong move kept me reading I think if Luke had not gotten to know Smits like he did, Smits would have turned him in He would have then been locked in prison by the Population Police PlotLuke spends most of his time living and Hendricks School for Boys He lives under the name of Lee Grant, who comes from a very rich family When he finds out that Smits, Lee s younger [...]

  9. Personal Response Among the Baronswas a very interesting book to me This book caught my attention like no other book I have ever read My favorite character in this book is Luke Gardener, because he is very smart and always knows the right thing to do I m really glad that I decided to continue this series because it is my favorite It is the best and the only series I have ever read.Plot This book started where I thought book four would have started, Luke gets summoned by Mr Hendricks Which means [...]

  10. Among the Barons is the fourth book in the Shadow Children series In Among the Barons, we return to the story of Luke Garner, Luke is an illegal third child in a society which only accepts 2 children per household due to a shortage of food When it became unsafe for Luke to hide with hide with his family, he was given a fake identity and was sent off to Hendricks School for Boys Hendricks turns out to be a safe place for illegal third children After Luke has to face struggles with an infiltration [...]

  11. Plot summary Among the BaronsAt Hendricks School for Boys, Luke Garner has managed to adjust to his new life as Lee grant having adopted this fake name when he came out of hiding Things change when the Grants, a prominent Baron family who donated the name of their son when he died in a ski accident, decide to send the real Lee s brother, Smithfield a.k.a Smits , to the school and visit Lee Smits is troubled by the death of his brother, and tells Luke, the new Lee, his stories of times he and the [...]

  12. Personal Response This book is my 2nd favorite book from the series It s still good and its really important book among them Still simple to read,understand and fun to read It s a little different what Luke is used too.Plot In the novel Luke garner is living his new life as lee grant That s his new name he is adjusting to his new life at the Hendricks school for boys The grants, one of the richest and most powerful families in the country, gave Luke their son s identity, when there real son died [...]

  13. Among the baronsBy Margaret Peterson Haddix Do you like books that keep you in supens and you want to keep reading to see what will happen next If you like to be at the edge of ur seat trying to figure out what will happen next this book wich is part of a sereis is the right book for you The setting in this story is a school called Hendricks school for boys The setting in this story is very important because it is where evrithing thakes place.The most important people in my story are Luck,Smits, [...]

  14. This is the fourth book in a series that I have been reading The series is about a government that has total control over the people In this society, third children are illegal This story is an adventure of a third child trying to escape the population police I like to read right when I get home from school This gets it out of the way before I am too tired to enjoy reading In Among the Barons, the success of civilization is based on population control Only two children are allowed per family and [...]

  15. First sentence Hey, L Mr Henricks wants to see you Premise plot Among the Barons is the fourth book in Margaret Peterson Haddix s Shadow Children series In this fourth book, Lee Luke faces new challenges and dangers Lee s brother Smits has come to the boys school His parents have sent him because he s been troubled the past few months His trouble His brother Lee is dead remember Luke has assumed his identity in order to come out of hiding and Smits can t talk about it with anyone, or grieve in a [...]

  16. In AMONG THE BARONS Shadow Children 4 I was pleased to find that the storyline had circled back around to Luke at the Hendricks School for Boys.Just as Luke Garner under the ID of Lee Grant is starting to make a home for himself at the boarding school, starting to make real friends, people he can trust, other boys with a secret in common well it would be an understatement to say complications arise Smits, the real Lee Grant s little brother enrolls at Hendricks with an imposing and interfering b [...]

  17. This is one of the best series for upper elementary aged kids Each book in the series is full of suspense that causes the kids not to be able to put the book down You would really want to start with book 1 and read them in order as so much builds upon each other Margaret Peterson Haddix is excellent at presenting topics and situations that really get kids thinking Her books are well written and provide an excellent springboard for classroom or small group discussions not just about the book but [...]

  18. Luke is still under the name of Lee Grant, the son of the richest family in the county The book starts when the grants send their son Smits to the same school as Luck Smits is a stuck up brat and is crule to everyone but Luke His behavior suprizes every one Then the grant ask Luke Lee and smits to come back home after the scholl they were in had a fire When there the Grants ask Luke to fake his death and to go back into hiding as a third child Then Luck meet Oscar who is woking against the gover [...]

  19. Great Book In this book it was about how Luke Lee went to the Grant family and face many things He found out who Oscar was and it happen to him that Oscar was part of a group that were planning to overthrow the government Luke never seen such a great house in the world The Grant s house were huge with tons of servants ready to do every single thing of their chores With all the servant around, Luke doesn t have any privacy like talk to Smith about him as a third kid On a party night Luke was able [...]

  20. Not so great The first one was really good and then as it went on it got stupid If there were no Hendricks School the series would be ten times better Among the Hidden and Among the Betrayed were the best and the other two were ok Seriously Luke in disguise of Lee Spoiler alert Smits gets to live with Luke, Matthew, and Mark I really hope the next one is better

  21. Kinda random that they went to Nina s POV for the third book and then back to Luke s for the fourth, but I like Luke better anyway Slightly None of the characters are really spectacular but the story itself is interesting enough The series seems to be picking up and change seems to be on the horizon.

  22. Among the Barons was an amazing book for me, just like all of the other books in the series I like the way Haddix explained the love between Luke and his supposed to be brother You probably don t know what I mean by that but if you read the first book, you d understand.

  23. Among The BaronsPersonal ResponseAmong The Baronsby Margaret Peterson Haddix is a really good book and a good series of books I have enjoyed reading the first through the fourth books The book in itself was by far one of the better ones in the series I really enjoyed this book and the other books in this series.PlotWhen Luke was called to Mr Hendricks office, he thought it was another check up to see how he was doing When he got into Mr Hendricks office, Mr Hendricks greeted him and said, your b [...]

  24. I don t know about you but I never seem to find a book that I can enjoy One day when I was walking through the library when I found Among the Barons and couldn t put the awesome thing down I would give this a strong four out of five stars There is many reasons behind the rating but here is three The first reason is that the book was very interesting right from the start Second is the book never seemed to slow down and went by really fast Third is it is very different and not like any other book [...]

  25. Among the Barons is the fourth of seven books in Margaret Peterson Haddix s Shadow Children series The series is built on the premise that severe food shortages and drought have led the country, run by a totalitarian government, to forbid couples to have than two children Those who chose to ignore the law have dire consequences if caught Luke is a third child who is the main character of the series.I liked the first two books in the series but not the third one, so I put off reading this fourth [...]

  26. I give Among the Barons by Margaret Peterson Haddix a 4 star rating It was a very interesting book that explains the progression of Luke s life in the Hidden Children series The target audience of this book and the other books in the series are people who love mystery and suspense I really liked the second half of the book as you enter to a rich and powerful family under a fake identity and the parents know the truth They do not like you I really liked the book for the second half of the book th [...]

  27. Better than 3, but the storyline is not advancing enough for me Four books in and there still isn t a believable reason for the government s decision to make third children illegal There is a disconnect between the excuse that there should be no third children because there is not enough food and why the government is completely unsupportive of farmers and all the vast expanses of open space that we see from time to time What is the real motive The world outside of the exact location where the m [...]

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