One Dark Throne (2022)

One Dark Throne Best Read || [Kendare Blake] - One Dark Throne, One Dark Throne The battle for the Crown has begun but which of the three sisters will prevail With the unforgettable events of the Quickening behind them and the Ascension Year underway all bets are off Katharine One Dark Throne Best Read || [Kendare Blake] - One Dark Throne, One Dark Throne The battle for the Crown has begun but which of the three sisters will prevail With the unforgettable events of the Quickening behind them and the Ascension Year underway all bets are off Katharine
  • Title: One Dark Throne
  • Author: Kendare Blake
  • ISBN: 9780062690456
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
One Dark Throne
One Dark Throne Best Read || [Kendare Blake], One Dark Throne, Kendare Blake, One Dark Throne The battle for the Crown has begun but which of the three sisters will prevail With the unforgettable events of the Quickening behind them and the Ascension Year underway all bets are off Katharine once the weak and feeble sister is stronger than ever before Arsinoe after discovering the truth about her powers must figure out how to make her secret talent work in hThe battle
  • One Dark Throne Best Read || [Kendare Blake]
    228 Kendare Blake
One Dark Throne

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  1. Full Revew Update Spoiler free Easy 5 stars Good grief What even happened What did I just read I went into this book not knowing to expect The first book was certainly unpredictable, and this one even less so But holy crap guys, what a ride this was Prepare for a rollercoaster Going back, I loved the first book BUT It took me til about half way to get into it There were just so many characters and my brain got lost frequently But once everything with Joseph hit though, I got sucked in to that ri [...]

  2. For hours, from beginning to end, this book was all consuming So far none of my most anticipated sequels have let me down, glad this book kept up that trend We reunite with the sisters sometime after the events of Beltane And as expected none of the sisters are quite the same Mirabella who is out for revenge, Arisone who has now discovered her deadly gift and Katharine who is essentially back from the dead, and as usual, nothing is as it seems.My sister rankings Katharine Arsinoe Mirabella I kno [...]

  3. Once, I was a mouse, she says and strips off her glove She reaches into the cage to stroke the rodent s tiny bald haunches But I am not any Since this worked out so well last time After the bloody events of the Quickening last book, one would be forgiven for expecting, nay, anticipating murder, mayhem, and violent mind games this round One would expect the queens to focus tunnel vision like on the prospect of winning and continued existence.Right Not as beautiful as that Nicolas bends and kisses [...]

  4. 3.5 stars That was a lot like my experience with Three Dark Crowns where I had a hard time getting into the first bit, was interested enough in the middle to keep going, and then LOVED the last 30% SO MUCH.I think it was just really hard for me to initially get at the story through the present tense writing But by about halfway through I was totally into the style and did see how it brought something to the story So it s not really a complaint just definitely took some getting used to Aaaah that [...]

  5. Actual rating 4.2 Story The story was good It wasn t a slow story any, there was always something happening, but I finished the book and kind of forgot everything except Billy, duh And I thought there would be of a cliff hanger Characters Let s describe the characters in the second book Jules is a cool badass, Arsinoe finally knows that she s a precious strong queen, Katherine is a crazy head but remember her ending in the first book, no surprise at all , Mirabella was forced in the background [...]

  6. I have no idea why but I seriously love this world and its characters I gave the first book 3 stars because it was pretty good but kind of slow This second book I could not put down I loved it I see a lot of mixed reviews on it and that s ok because I can see why some might struggle with it However, I was truly entertained and look forward to the third book next year

  7. So, when I first read this book Katharine was easily my favourite queen, after reading this book I can easily say that she has been knocked off that spot and I loooove Arsinoe 3 It took me forever to get into this book, the pacing was just slow it took me so long to actually start enjoying it but the last say 150 pages or so were so good, full of action and just awesomeness and so good As I said at the star the Arsinoe easily became my favourite I felt like that was because she was a big focus i [...]

  8. Der zweite Band des schwarzen Throns stand dem ersten meines Erachtens in absolut nichts nach Ich fand den Schreibstil wieder klasse, genau wie die vielen verschiedenen Blickwinkel aus der die Geschichte erz hlt Auch fand ich es nie verwirrend wer grade erz hlt auch wenn der POV manchmal mehrmals im Kapitel wechselt Die Plottwists waren auch echt wieder krass, grade am Anfang und am Ende sind viele Sachen passiert mit denen ich nicht gerechnet habe Auch die Entwicklung der einzelnen Charaktere w [...]

  9. 1 03 17 I think I remember reading from one of the comments below that wouldn t the previous queen know who she gave birth to and which kids had which powers Then it got be thinkingWhat if she actually did know What if she sabotaged the whole game The previous Queen was a Poisoner, for generations the Poisoners have been taking the throne and they intend to for generations Causing the other provinces wanting to have their queens to win Naturalists and Elementals because they think the Poisoners [...]

  10. 30 Sep 17 Review of Three Dark CrownsThis book was all over the place, and I say this with great sadness I wanted to like this than Three Dark Crowns unfortunately it was the other way around And I didn t even find TDC particularly great.There will be some spoilers here the serious spoilers are marked, but still some unmarked ones as well, so be warned.I say all over the place mostly in terms of internal consistency The characters say one thing yet do another The world politics consist of cert [...]

  11. Ive been dying to get my hands on One Dark Throne ever since reading the explosive ending of Three Dark Crowns last November I was worried Id have a difficult time remembering all the details and characters, but after a few chapters it all came back to me and I was able to follow the story easily I love the world and the idea of a hidden island ruled by a matriarchy I also thought the animals were fantastic The belief that one sister must kill the other two in order to rule might seem dark and b [...]

  12. When I first read the premise for Kendare Blake s Three Dark Crowns I was immediately enthused Triplet queens forced to murder each other in a winner takes all competition SIGN ME UP It s like Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones On ACID Then I finished the last page and HOLY CLIFFHANGER BATMAN Lemme tell you, if I didn t WORSHIP Kendare Blake, I d despise the woman Being forced to wait for One Dark Throne has gotta be the most exquisite torture known to man Forget waterboarding, Guantanamo needs [...]

  13. I received an ARC from HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review.I was a big fan of Blake sThree Dark Crowns naturally I was super excited for its sequel and I was lucky enough to have been granted an ARC The first few chapters did not hesitate to jump right into the plot, picking up where Three Dark Crowns left off.Given that the three queens are now determined to kill their way to the throne a huge turnaround from the first book I was expecting a lot of action and death Call it violent, b [...]

  14. WrensReads Review I seriously have no idea where to start with this review I absolutely loved this book and I m so angry I read it in one and a half days and didn t make it last until the third book was in my hands I can t count how many times I was literally praying to the Lord please oh please don t let any of these queens who are born just to kill each other die or their friends who help them kill each other I mean, this whole book is about triplets who have to kill one another so only one qu [...]

  15. Three Dark Crowns wasn t a terrible book, but it wasn t great, either It felt like a rough plan for the beginning of a story than an actual published book the characters weren t particularly fleshed out and, despite all their threats and plans, nothing much happened I decided to persevere with the series for the sake of Blake s triplet queens, who had such promising characterisation that I was willing to look past the myriad problems I had with the rest of the story Unfortunately, One Dark Thro [...]

  16. 1.5 starsWithout a doubt, the thing which has let down both books in their pacing Dear God, this series is painfully tedious I struggled to find even the slightest thrill to keep me going This one, in particular, dragged on and on It is probably due to the amount of time the characters spend caught up in mundane drama, most revolving around their love lives The actual war between the siblings rarely took the main focus and when it did, it was an incredibly mild, watered down version of what I ho [...]

  17. if joesph doesn t die then what would be the pOINTEdit Okay, so, the book itself has a few twists which I didn t expect, but everything else was kinda eh I feel like some things were easy way outs view spoiler Like Kathy being the way she is bc of being possessed and not, you know, character development hide spoiler Overall, the writing itself certainly isn t the worst I ve suffered through, but nothing magical I didn t fall in love with any of the characters, which is kinda easy for me even whe [...]


  19. You know, I gave the first book in this series THREE DARK CROWNS three stars I thought it was so strange and so oddly paced, and I just didn t know what to make of it But I ve been thinking that I might need to up that rating, because the truth is, for MONTHS after reading it, I couldn t stop thinking about the characters and wondering what would happen to them next And as soon as this book came available for purchase, I HAD to buy it Which leads me to think, you know what I probably liked THRE [...]

  20. 3.5 starsIt was an improvement from the previous book I guess This series is a mixed bag for me so far I can see how others may love it while others may hate it By no means do I have any justification on whether this series is good or bad I m somewhere in the middle sort of leaning toward good Plus, there are still two books left and the next two could actually be good So at the moment, I like the series, but I don t love it overall It has the potential, don t get me wrong, but I feel like it ha [...]

  21. First of all, I would like to thank Edelweiss and HarperTeen for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.One Dark Throne is the second installment of the Three Dark Crowns fantasy series by Kendare Blake and is due to be published this fall It is a solid follow up novel to the best selling Three Dark Crowns and equally intriguing As everyone surely remembers, the ending of the first book consisted of two major and well executed plot twists that, in my opinion, were very surpris [...]

  22. Three Dark Crowns was a big surprise when I read it earlier this year I got completely sucked into the world of Fennbirn and the rivalry between the triplet sisters I was so excited when I got this ARC, so thank you HarperCollins HarperTeen for letting me read An easy 4.5 stars.One Dark Throne picks up where the first book left off view spoiler with Katharine s return to Greavesdrake after being pushed into the Breccia Domain by Pietyr, and Mirabella reeling from what she believed was an attack [...]

  23. I LOVED this book just as much as the last one, maybe even The Queens, their powers, and just the overall concept of the book is amazing True to the title a queen is crowned I had my suspicions as to who will be crowned but what happened ,and the circumstances under which it happened was something I didn t expect.The Ascension Year has begun and remember Katharine was pushed into the Breccia Domain and she crawled back out it completely changed her Arsinoe is a poisoner and no one but Jules and [...]

  24. L ho praticamente divorato in neanche 48 ore AMO QUESTO LIBRO Molto pi bello del primo, avvincente, non c mai un attimo di respiro Davvero ben scritto, con personaggi meravigliosi.Non si finisce un libro cos , per I FEELS Datemi gli altri due, vi prego.

  25. I received an advance copy of this book for free Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss This was an interesting second instalment, and I liked the ending.Arsinoe showed real strength in this book as did Mirabella Katherine on the other hand came across as a little deranged.The storyline in this was about the three queens competing for the crown, with Arsinoe hiding her secret, and Katherine seemingly the only queen ready to kill for the crown.The ending to this was pretty good, and it will be int [...]

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