Windwitch (2022)

[PDF] Download ☆ Windwitch : by Susan Dennard - Windwitch, Windwitch Sometimes our enemies are also our only allies After an explosion destroys his ship the world believes Prince Merik Windwitch is dead Scarred yet alive Merik is determined to prove his sister s tr [PDF] Download ☆ Windwitch : by Susan Dennard - Windwitch, Windwitch Sometimes our enemies are also our only allies After an explosion destroys his ship the world believes Prince Merik Windwitch is dead Scarred yet alive Merik is determined to prove his sister s tr
  • Title: Windwitch
  • Author: Susan Dennard
  • ISBN: 9780765379306
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
[PDF] Download ☆ Windwitch : by Susan Dennard, Windwitch, Susan Dennard, Windwitch Sometimes our enemies are also our only allies After an explosion destroys his ship the world believes Prince Merik Windwitch is dead Scarred yet alive Merik is determined to prove his sister s treachery Upon reaching the royal capital crowded with refugees he haunts the streets fighting for the weak which leads to whispers of a disfigured demigod the Fury who bSometimes our ene
  • [PDF] Download ☆ Windwitch : by Susan Dennard
    372 Susan Dennard

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  1. The holiest always have the farthest to fall Merik Nihar is dead.Yes, that s right Admiral Merik Nihar, the Prince of Nubrevna, the Windwitch with the infamous temper, died in a horrible fashion Except he did not Forgotten and broken, physically and emotionally, he crosses the filthy streets of Nubrevna, streets filled with the famished and the poor, he seeks revenge against those who wronged him and lets his wrath guide him, only to discover black tendrils and smoke, and a greater darkness, tha [...]

  2. 2.5 STARSThose of you who follow my reviews regularly know that Truthwitch was one of my favorite reads last year and main protagonists Safiya Merik even made it to my top favorite ships of 2016 To say that I was super excited to read sequel, would be an understatement I simply could not wait to get my hands on Windwitch So imagine my disappointment when it did not meet my expectationsAlmost everything that I loved in the first book Safi Iseult interactions, Safi Merik banters and chemistry, fas [...]

  3. I loved this addition to the series but it didn t quite match my obsession with Truthwitch It felt like the forward progression of the story stalled a bit But with that being said, I can tell a lot of new foundations were laid in this book and I CANNOT WAIT for the next book Video review to come.

  4. This book felt a bit like the Falling Kingdoms series in that there are so many different characters and stories going that everyone only gets a little bit of progress in the book overall which definitely isn t a bad thing There were a lot of POVs in this story, but I didn t particularly care as much about Merik s transformation into the Fury or Vivia s struggles And I wasn t too into Safi s story, but still adore her as a character So much sass But I LOVED every part with Iseult and Aeduan The [...]

  5. Buddy read with the loveliest VeraActual rating 4.5 stars Though we are safe with our friends near, we are safest with our enemies nearer Wow, what an emotional ride this book was I honestly must admit that mostly all my expectation about this book were based on Aeduan Iseult relationship And when I found out they will have shared chapters in this part, my joy was limitless But, oh boy, this book had a couple of surprises in store for me.First of all, the world building became wider, richer, le [...]

  6. The holiest always have the farthest to fall Well that was a disappointment Truthwitch was one of my favorite books of 2016 and I was already anticipating Windwitch before I even got through the first book It was one of the first books I read last year and the wait for the second book was unbearable But sadly, this was not what I was expecting I expected fast paced, action filled storylines but instead we got quite the opposite Everything that I came to love in Truthwitch was nonexistent in Wind [...]

  7. WOW Susan, you have outdone yourself I loved Truthwitch, but THIS BOOK has far surpassed book one The characters The drama The intense, high stakes mixed in with the mystery and the world building, and the my heart hurts from this book andgood grief I am so impressed Dying for book 3 I NEED IT NOW, SOOZ So proud of you

  8. This is going to be a short review because I didn t like it too much and there is nothing much to say I m really happy for those that liked or loved the book There is nothing like loving what you read For me this sequel just wasn t for me I liked the first one good enough BUT I just couldn t really get into this one I love Iseult and Aeduon I was hoping to read about them I loved little Owl and since I m not going to read any of the series, one of my friends will have to tell me all about them [...]

  9. 3.5 There were advantages to being a dead man stars Why do you hold a razor in one hand So men remember that I am sharp as any edge.And why do you hold broken glass in the other So men remember that I am always watching The problem I sometimes face with multiple PoV books is that sometimes it feels like nothing is happening Wait just let me explain Windwitch starts out with a bunch of dire things happening and for the first few pages it felt intense, like super intense and it was amazing and the [...]

  10. A three and a half to four stars to a great sequel Windwitch took me to an eventful trip back to the Witchlands As Alexandra Bracken has said, this is a world that I would want to inhabit forever.This novel jumps back in where the first book ended if not a bit farther into the future All four main characters Safi, Iseult, Merik, and Aeduan, are separated creating a multi perspective narration for the readers with one character added As the subplot for each character progressed, I dived in furth [...]

  11. 1 Truthwitch One of my goals for 2017 was to DNF books, instead of forcing myself to finish them, but I didn t expect to utilize that goal so soon, especially when I gave Truthwitch five stars.DNF 50% This is so god awfully boring, I m bribing myself with rewards every 5% Also, I can smell an unnecessary romance love triangle happening, and I m not in the mood for a romantic lead to become a villain I know SJM is this author s best friend, but still I thought this series was going to be about be [...]

  12. 3.5 stars Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Windwitch by Susan DennardBook Two of The Witchlands seriesPublisher Tor TeenPublication Date January 10, 2017Rating 4 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from Sometimes our enemies are also our only allies After an explosion destroys his ship, the world believes Prince Merik, Windwitch, is dead Scarred yet alive, Merik is determined to prove his sister s treachery Upon reaching the royal capital, crowded with refugees, he haunts the st [...]

  13. Treachery, intrigue, and relentless action in this second installment of Susan Dennard s WITCHLANDS series.

  14. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsWINDWITCH picks up pretty closely where TRUTHWITCH left off, which is to say, it hits the ground running As you should recall, the first book ended rather explosively, so we re dealing with the almost immediate aftermath Merik, a broken shadow of himself, is newly arrived to Nubrevna b c death wish, as far as I can tell , and Safi and Iseult are for all intents and purposes at opposite ends of their world, with only their flashy when in danger stones connecting them.I foun [...]

  15. 3.5 The holiest always have the farthest to fall Windwitch was, to put it simply, better than Truthwitch in some respects, and worse in others, and many of the things I said about Truthwitch are true for this book as well I still don t like, for instance, the way Dennard writes her action sequences, which I can t follow to save my life, I find them so confusing and distracting, and sometimes even somewhat too long I still am waiting for the plot to get serious, because I d like to see, after two [...]

  16. So although I despised Truthwitch, I m probably going to read this still because I still so badly want to know about Iseult and to see if I start enjoying this series any better because it has so much potential BUT WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE ABOUT MERICK I FUCKING HATED MERICK, HE WAS THE WORST CHARACTER IN THE ENTIRE CAST OF CHARACTERS

  17. HAHHAHAH why did I read Truthwitch right after BEA This doesn t come out until 2017 HAHAHHA KILL ME NOW But ALSO Truthwitch was amazing SOOOOOcally I will be rereading Truthwitch a shit ton of times before this book even comes out

  18. Originally posted on Super Space Chick Personal Thoughts Truthwitch by Susan Dennard was one of my favorite books of 2015 I was lucky enough to read it early thanks to sprinting to the Tor booth on the first day of BEA so obviously, I was feeling super hyped about reading Windwitch which is the second book in the Witchlands series It was one of my most anticipated releases for 2017 I feel like I might say this a lot but I swear it s true I just get really excited about new books, OKAY and I love [...]

  19. Why do you hold a razor in one hand So men remember that I am sharp as any edge.And why do you hold broken glass in the other So men remember that I am always watching The StoryThis book was both beautiful and terrifying as each of our witch s lives are torn apart and transformed in the sequel to Truthwitch Dennard expands on the world that she brought us previously and each character s story unfolds to show power and depth than we would have expected from an already vibrant story.Though this b [...]

  20. Second Book Syndrome, I spot you.I feel so conflicted about Windwitch It was one of my most anticipated sequels but it just didn t live up to my expectations, albeit not being a bad book per se.The first book had me hooked for several reasons Those, however, disappeared in the sequel A fast paced plot Negative Safi and Iseult kicking ass together Negative Safi and Merik banter Negative Albeit offering an entertaining storyline and some extras like an LGBTQ character, Windwitch was clearly a fill [...]

  21. This book was intense The author really, really pushes her characters shows them no mercy.You must read Truthwitch before you will understand what is going on in this book.Windwitch carries the series forward with 3 different stories Merrik, the Windwitch, as he tries to find proof that his sister tried to have him assassinated Safi, the Truthwitch, who is with the Empress of Marstok when their journey is sabotaged Iseult, the Threadwitch, who is trying to get to Safi, while she is also being hu [...]

  22. 3.5I really have enjoyed this series so far The first I loved and this one sets up for the third book really well Really excited to see where these characters go because there were some pairs to team up that I did not see coming based on book one

  23. This book was so FREAKING beautiful Wow, just Wow I didn t expect to love it so much Truthwitch was good, a great start, even if I had few problems with the first 100 150 pages, but after that the story had flown by But THIS one Where do I even start It was well written, with an amazing story and multiple POVs all the characters were fantastic and all of them had an incredible character development the friendship between Safi and Iseult is one of the most beautiful I ve ever seen Threadsisters t [...]

  24. Beautiful cover If we are going on the focused characters, I m so not dropping this.I want Aeduan s book so much Please.

  25. What a disappointment I was truly looking forward to this sequel to the YA fantasy, Truthwitch, which I really enjoyed last year.Despite the first book s many flaws, I was able to overlook the poor plot structure, minimal world building, and characters that made stupid decisions simply because it was entertaining I don t think people can quite explain why they like those cheesy action movies that have nothing to boast, quality wise they re just super fun to watch.That s how I felt about the firs [...]

  26. The second book in The Witchlands Series, Windwitch, will completely shock and surprise readers in the absolute best of ways The book has a slightly different tone from the first and takes the reader deeper into the fantastical world that has been introduced in Truthwitch This story begins to give the series the feel of an epic saga, as it contains various points of view, characters, and subplots There are numerous diverse characters as well in Windwitch, making this book both interesting and di [...]

  27. Such a fantastic and amazing sequel I love how the plot has expanded, punctuated with shocking twists, making it even exciting and captivating to read Susan Dennard has such a lovely writing style, her descriptions intricate and lively, that makes reading the story even smooth and pleasurable Again the characterisations are so in depth and I love so many characters, both old and new ones But my all time favourite pairing is definitely Aeduan and Iseult I practically swooned and savoured every [...]

  28. I m so glad I liked this one than the first I think the shift in focus really lent to my enjoyment, and I just thought that it did for the world building and plot development I ve seen where people don t think a lot happens in this book, but I d disagree So much changes and grows and is expanded The characters have developed so much and their situations have really been fleshed out I wasn t the biggest fan of Truthwitch, but I m definitely on board for Windwitch and the rest of the series I c [...]

  29. THAT COVER But oh, there is a problem Windwitch continues the tale begun in Truthwitch, with a focus on Merik Guess who hates Merik Yes, it s me.

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