Stroked (2022)

✓ Stroked ↠ Meghan Quinn - Stroked, Stroked Reese King Olympic medalist underwear model Greek god His body is chiseled from rock sculpted by the weight room and refined by water On a daily basis his skin is completely bare for everyone to s ✓ Stroked ↠ Meghan Quinn - Stroked, Stroked Reese King Olympic medalist underwear model Greek god His body is chiseled from rock sculpted by the weight room and refined by water On a daily basis his skin is completely bare for everyone to s
  • Title: Stroked
  • Author: Meghan Quinn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Kindle Edition
✓ Stroked ↠ Meghan Quinn, Stroked, Meghan Quinn, Stroked Reese King Olympic medalist underwear model Greek god His body is chiseled from rock sculpted by the weight room and refined by water On a daily basis his skin is completely bare for everyone to see tan and defined only covered up by a minuscule piece of spandex There is no denying his sex appeal I hate to admit it but I m head over heels infatuated with him ThereReese King Olympic
  • ✓ Stroked ↠ Meghan Quinn
    399 Meghan Quinn

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  1. I follow behind him, like a lovesick puppy, wishing he would give me a little attention May be a pat on the head, a lick to the neck, a penis to my vagina Anything would really do right about now This sports romcom was a pretty entertaining read for me The sexual chemistry between the main characters was electric, some moments were really emotional and at times I even found myself tearing up But for the most part I was giggling and chuckling, of course Reese is at the end of his swimming career [...]

  2. I m late to the party on reading a smexy times book with an athlete in it Most likely because my idea of exercising would probably go something like this.Ain t nobody got time for that BUT this was a Meghan Quinn book And I found this.So I decided I had some time Kelly and I have decided that Meghan Quinn should be our real life friend but we haven t stalked her enough yet for it to happen This chick writes some funny stuff Check out The Virgin Romance Novelist and The Mother Road if you don t b [...]

  3. Bellini ruined this book for me, simple as that I don t think I ve ever hated a character so much before in my life She was absolutely horrid And the sad fact is, she wasn t even the main character, just a bitchy secondary A secondary character should not be able to ruin a book so much for me, but Bellini overshadowed the romance and story of Paisley and Reese to the point I just couldn t ignore her I think Bellini was supposed to be so crazy that it was funny, but for me she was just so crazy I [...]

  4. 3 Olympic StarsReview Vanilla Spice BooksMy love for the quirky humor and sweet story of Hustler by Meghan Quinn Jessica Prince had me excited for this one The premise of a hot swimmer who has earned himself the moniker of The Silver Stroke because he can t win an Olympic gold medal for the life of him Count me in So why only 3 stars I ll explain Reese has been a swimmer since he was a teenager He was an Olympic contender twice and while he managed to win many silver medals he never made it to t [...]

  5. Story Rating 4 STARS Hero Rating 4.5 STARS Heroine Rating 5 STARS Romance Rating 4 STARS Heat Level 3.5 STARS Humor Level 5 STARS Ending 4 STARS Overall Rating 4 Fun and SEXY STARS I was just finishing up a book wondering what I was going to read next when I saw my good friend Shelby trains flying monkeys was reading Stroked which I had been wanting to read too So I decided to give it a go and I really enjoyed it, SO thank you Shelby Stroked was a fun and sexy read about a sexy Olympic swimmer n [...]

  6. 4 Timely, OTT Hysterical Stars Never let it be said Megan Quinn doesn t know comedy, snark and swoon worthy romance She has the type of humor you pray your bestie would have when out drinking or shooting the sh t after a crazy day She has this knack of taking something actual and mixing it with farce to the point where it balances between the danger zone and just rightWith this book, she did it right In Stroked Stroked 1 , she has taken the Olympics and coupled it with a heinous level of human b [...]

  7. If I didn t like Reece and Paisley so much, I would have quit Bellini was a nightmare She was over the top annoying and I could have reached through my kindle and choke slammed her Her presence was unnecessary in my opinion and ruined it

  8. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum EDIT Because FREEEE today 12 22 Make your spirits bright, all you horny little perverts Oh, there s a Meghan Quinn book available to review OMNOMNOMNOMNOM Being the red blooded Murican I am, I was totally down for a real patriotic type of read especially one about a swimmer turned reality television star and his quest for gold in the Rio Olympics Yeah yeah yeah I know Divers aren t swimmers but seriously tomato tomahto when it comes to gifs After all, the [...]

  9. Just throwing this out there right away, I loved Reece Paisley If this was a book with just two POV, Reece Paisley s, I would have been head over heals in love But of course it couldn t be that simple Had to make it three POV s Bellini I have nothing nice to say about her, so I am just going to end my review with, I love this author, loved Reece and Paisley and I m looking forward to getting of them in the next books in this series They were hot, they were cute, and they stole my heart They des [...]

  10. 3 StarsOverall Opinion This was a little disappointing I had some issues with the OTT villain, Bellini she was just too OTT at times Getting her POV just made her even obnoxious, but it was a different technique the author used so I can appreciate that I also had some issues with the pacing and lack of closure, and was confused by a scene towards the end see below sex scene spoiler that I felt was completely unnecessary Overall it wasn t anything outstanding, but it was ok for what it was It wa [...]

  11. I have reached the conclusion that I absolutely trust Meghan Quinn I know that she will always deliver a combination of funny, over the top drama and swoony romance You know you re in for a ride when you read her books You know you re going to get some really funny stuff and you re amazed at the stuff that comes out of her mind, lol Stroked is no exception, this was ridiculously funny, emphasis on the ridiculous When I found out Meghan was writing an Olympic themed romance, I was sold And when I [...]

  12. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewI want to explode, right then and there His deep kisses are throwing me into a downward spiral, arresting my breath, seizing my heart, and occupying every inch of my skin with desire filled chills He s consuming me with just his mouth to the point that I feel myself evaporating , our bodies molding together as one Olympic medalist Check Underwear Model Check Body like a Greek God Check.If those three facts doesn t check off your checklist as [...]

  13. DNF 57%I m so disappointed This book has all the makings of a fantastic story It kind of reminds me of a cross between an Olympics based romance and one of my favorites, The Devil Wears Prada well, the movie version at least because I didn t read the book Don t judge It s a shame that one character can ruin a good story.The big problem is the antagonist, Bellini It s fine to have an unlikable villain, but she is one dimensional and so over the top that it s unrealistic There are chapters written [...]

  14. 1.5 Nope nope nope nope I get why this book was liked by so many people, but I just couldn t I hated that Bellini character so much I just couldn t finish the damn book Maybe if I liked the MCs , I would have tried, but can t say they were too interesting either I mean, they feel like tools And maybe they get better, or evolve, or whatever, but I don t have the patience to wait and see It got the 0.5 star because well, it s hard to make me hate a character as much as I did this chick And though [...]

  15. This book came out just in time for the Olympics It was a good sports romance but I had to have extra patience with one of the characters Why can t I ever win with you I m smarter She winks It s the jock in you Paisley is stuck with a terrible PA job after a slight microphone mishap at her last job She was essentially an untouchable in Hollywood and she took the only job left in the entertainment industry she could get, Bellini Chamber s personal assistant With reality star diva Bellini comes he [...]

  16. I love Meghan Quinn s romantic comedies Her humor is belly laugh inducing while being slightly over the top that s what I love about them When I heard she was doing a sports themed romantic comedy, I knew I had to read it The fact that the athletes are swimmers Total bonus Reese is an Olympic level swimming god He s about to compete in his final Olympics and he s starting to think about life after retirement Reese gets talked into being a fake boyfriend for Bellini, a Paris Hilton type with a re [...]

  17. Your looks might have gotten me interested, but it s your heart that will keep me around HOT HOT HOT Stroked is awesome I read all Meghan Quinn s books and I really can t seem to get enough of her stories I love love love her sense of humor and this book is no exception Stroked is ridiculously hilarious, and with the hotness of the Greek god Reese I m in heaven Stroked is told in three POVs which was interesting Reese, Paisley and the crazy villain Bellini You are probably wondering why Bellini [...]

  18. 3.75 stars with 5 star potential.I had a REALLY hard time with this rating because I really did like it but there were a few details that bothered me.Reese is a super hawt Olympic god, however he s never gotten a gold medal and is know as The Silver Stroke because he chokes at the big games He s also dating a raging b who s a reality TV star people love to hate I just hated her Paisley AKA Mauve stupid nickname the b gave her is not a normal fluffy h She wears combat boots and has tattoos She is [...]

  19. 3 STARS This was cute but I felt as though it dragged on quite a bit Not too enthusiastic about reading the next two about Bodi and Hollis.

  20. I worry about Meghan Quinn I worry about the kind of mind that can come up with the kind farcical situations she dreams up and I pray to god that nobody lets her drive a vehicle.I would also like to one day not love what she writes I d like to just one day go Eh, it wasn t so great Ya know, just for shits and gigs to keep things interesting But as soon as I think I know what to expect from this woman and her quirky humour, she surprises me again Meghan Quinn is queen of the Rom Com This book is [...]

  21. ARC Provided by the Publisher and NetGalley Reese, Paisley and Bellini are all integral to the story, and at the same time add different elements to the story I am going to separate them as Reese and Paisley worked for me, while Bellini didn t really.Reese was interesting, the idea of an elite athlete who is frustrated at always placing 2nd is intriguing You are able to connect with him a lot than the usual athlete heroes, as he feels authentic and reachable The idea that even in what looks lik [...]

  22. 3 starsHaving read this author s two other books and completely loving them, i must say i surprisingly didn t love this one so much Although there were bits of her classic funny and quirky moments, this story still lacked a deeper plot line and characters I skimmed through a lot of this book just to see how it all played out in the end.What started off as an insta lust became an over dramatic secretive relationship all to save a job position while bowing down to ONE OF THE MOST UNPLEASANT, VILE [...]

  23. Because it took me FOREVER to finish I can t really give it than 3 starsI can t exactly pinpoint what didn t work for me, because it kinda had a bit of everything I like in a book But somehow I found myself doing all kinds of choirs instead of reading, and that s not a good sign I guess I was just a bit bored throughout the whole thing If that Panini chick or was it Bellini Eh potato potahto hadn t had her own POV I might have enjoyed it She annoyed me like crazy, what a waste of skin And word [...]

  24. What a great story The whole cast of characters was fun to read about I loved Reese and Paisley I did not love Bellini Talk about a nut job Even though I didn t like Bellini, everyone s reaction to her was hilarious I loved that she gave horrible nicknames to everyone That just made me laugh I loved that Paisleys roommate walked around naked every morning I loved that Reese s friend Hollis wanted a bromance with jimmy Fallon I especially loved how alpha Reese got with Paisley and that he never g [...]

  25. I don t know why it took me an eternity to read the wonderful and wanton woman inducing writing of Meghan Quinn Obviously, I ve missed out on A LOT of awesomeness There is a bounty of books from this author that I need to pounce on like a lion to its prey At least I m no longer a Meghan Quinn book virgin Stroked sealed this delicious deal I m proud to say that I finally popped my Meghan Quinn cherry with Stroked, and stroked is what this story did to me inside and out I FELL IN INSTA LOVE with t [...]

  26. 4 hilarious starsThis is an ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Stroked is a standalone romantic comedy by Meghan Quinn This book was a light hearted read that was quirky, hilarious, witty, sexy, passionate and hot as hell It captivated my attention from the very first scene till the last one And peace out people, this is not a love triangle Thank God for small favors.Meghan Quinn is a genius at delivering words that will have your belly aching from laughing too hard, maki [...]

  27. 1 2MEET BELLINIBellini is a self absorbed, stuck up, rude, insensitive human being that thinks everybody was put on earth to cater to her needs I wanted to punch her in the throat every time she talked She treated everybody like they re gum on the bottom of her designer shoes SAY HELLO TO REESEReese is at the end of his swimming career He s retiring after the Olympics He s down to earth, a sex god Reese knows what he wants and it s a black haired grey eyed beauty named Paisley He makes sure she [...]

  28. Release Date July 20, 2016 Genre Romantic Comedy Sports Romance 4.5 Pretty Little Stars Every single time I pick up a book from Meghan Quinn I am guaranteed to have a good laugh You know, the kind that you do a few snort, snorts and almost pee your pants This is NO different with stroked In fact, this one made me laugh so much that my husband started to think there was something wrong with me What is it about this one that made me laugh and let out a couple of snorts you ask BELLINI Woah Typical [...]

  29. 4 Reese and Paisley StarsI have rarely read a book where I started off seriously considering not continuing with it but finished it thoroughly enjoying the two main characters Reese and Paisley I felt so torn between loving this book and feeling utterly exasperated with one aspect of it The story centres around Olympic swimmer Reese, who is facing the twilight of his athletic career with one last shot at Olympic gold He meets his fake girlfriend s new assistant , Paisley, and sparks, hearts and [...]

  30. Do you know what the yummiest man alive is.r me it s a swimmer All sinewy muscles and water droplets running down their washboard abs whew yuuuummy Reese King, Olympic swimmer and just HAWT He has a sleeve tattoo on his left arm that extends around his left pectoral, down his shoulder blade and wraps around his entire arm straight to his wrist It s intricate in design, as if someone tore off his skin and revealed a mechanical engine for his arm rather than the fine tuned muscles he s created It [...]

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