The Hollow (2022)

☆ The Hollow ↠ Jessica Verday - The Hollow, The Hollow A love like no otherWhen Abbey s best friend Kristen vanishes at the bridge near Sleepy Hollow Cemetery everyone else is all too quick to accept that Kristen is deadd rumors fly that her death was ☆ The Hollow ↠ Jessica Verday - The Hollow, The Hollow A love like no otherWhen Abbey s best friend Kristen vanishes at the bridge near Sleepy Hollow Cemetery everyone else is all too quick to accept that Kristen is deadd rumors fly that her death was
  • Title: The Hollow
  • Author: Jessica Verday
  • ISBN: 9781416978930
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
The Hollow
☆ The Hollow ↠ Jessica Verday, The Hollow, Jessica Verday, The Hollow A love like no otherWhen Abbey s best friend Kristen vanishes at the bridge near Sleepy Hollow Cemetery everyone else is all too quick to accept that Kristen is deadd rumors fly that her death was no accident Abbey goes through the motions of mourning her best friend but privately she refuses to believe that Kristen is really gone Then she meets Caspian theA love like no otherWhen
  • ☆ The Hollow ↠ Jessica Verday
    362 Jessica Verday
The Hollow

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  1. Despite Washington Irving references, about 90% of this book focuses only on the lovestruck gazing at a mysterious friendly boy who likes to hang out at a cemetery Casper CaspIAN Not a friendly ghost at all, why d you ask Yup, I just gave away the big plot point of this book Which everyone, except the protagonist, is able to see from a mile away, with all the anvil sized hints the author drops.Now, the idea of this story sounded interesting our teenage protagonist Abbey knows that her best frien [...]

  2. I barely made it through one third of the novel And that was ENOUGH for me It wasn t suspenseful, as I expected ghosts and the supernatural variety, but instead, was met with the mysterious Caspian who was boring than mysterious I mean, he pops in and out of nowhere, with one or two words, and it s supposed to mean something Add to his enigma It s just annoying to me Get to the story, already All this build up is pretty pointless if it takes forever to get the plot rolling, which, by then, I wo [...]

  3. Embarrassingly lacking in depth, emotion, intrigue, and plot Also, the boy is named Caspian, for heaven s sake

  4. SummaryA love like no otherWhen Abbey s best friend, Kristen, vanishes at the bridge near Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, everyone else is all too quick to accept that Kristen is deadd rumors fly that her death was no accident Abbey goes through the motions of mourning her best friend, but privately, she refuses to believe that Kristen is really gone Then she meets Caspian, the gorgeous and mysterious boy who shows up out of nowhere at Kristen s funeral and keeps reappearing in Abbey s life Caspian clea [...]

  5. I loved this book The story is amazing and the writing is wonderful I also have some favourite quotes from this book that I need to find again The story is centred around Abby living in a small town called Sleepy Hollow where her best friend Kristen has been missing for many months I really liked how the writer focused the story around the town and its legend The Sleepy Hollow aswell as the people within the town The story builds up with Abby dealing with Kristen no longer being around and then [...]

  6. I must admit I ve been dying to read this book since last year when word leaked out In some areas The Hollow impressed me but in others, it fell short.First off judging from the summary you can presume that the story will heavily revolve on the death of Kristen or some feature of her correct Sadly it was about 10% Kristen and 75% Caspian swooning, 5% Sleepy Hollow legend, and 10% daily life activity Just chapters after the funeral with Kristen, Abbey somewhat falls in love with Caspian I was a b [...]

  7. I d known about this book for months before it ever came out I m even on Verday s mailing list The premise sounded cool and the cover looks awesome But it is true what they say, you can t judge a book by it s cover The story was boring and rather dumb so let me save you from five hundred pages of tedious description and boring day to day activities SPOiLERS FOLLOW There are three main parts to the story s plot.1 Abby s best friend Kristen disappears A few months later her body if found in the ri [...]

  8. I liked this book Not because the story was in any way symbolic, deep or profound not because the characters were rounded or ever properly explained, not even because the setting convinced me no, it was simply because no matter how hard I tried to pick fault with this book, tried to tell myself it was a bad YA crap out by a lazy author, I couldn t I enjoyed it too much.It was fun, original and kept me entertained for a good six or so hours The pacing was fine, and I liked that it was based upon [...]

  9. The last time I read this I was still in my Twilight phase and I gave this 5 stars and a fangirl review that had a lot of OMG CASPIAN IS SO HOT bullcrap It s funny how you read a favorite you haven t read for a good 6 years or so and end up hating it I hate when that happens I really do, but this book was so full of insta love and so fucking boring that I can t help but hate it.I can see why I loved this years ago though It s pretty much like Twilight Although Twilight actually has some paranorm [...]

  10. nervous laughter umm I don t actually think I read a story, because for some reason I was looking for one and couldn t find any Unless you call instant love with a boy named Caspian after a month of barely knowing each other a romance And you could see the big reveal from miles away It wasn t even a big deal I thought this book was going to be about Abbey trying to find out how and why her best friend died, but there was nothing but romance and Abbey going on her daily life, watching her break d [...]

  11. I can see why not a lot of people likedThe Hollow It was slow paced and very detailed, but in this case that s why I liked it It was a very vivid book filled with a lot of sorrow and regret It was a charming tale that put a good spin on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow The characters grief wasn t dulled down, so it made Abby believable Caspian great name is mysterious and alluring.All in all this was a decent read and I m looking froward to reading this trilogy

  12. inbetweenwritingandreading.bloI was walking through borders, Before it went RIP and I saw the cover of this book the old one and I just picked it up and bought it without reading the summary.Once home and reading the summary I just dived in and I LOVED it I saw a lot of reviews in which they argued the slow pace of the book, but, to be honest I just jumped into the story and it refused to let go until the very end.There were so many things circling the story Abbey s best friend mysterious dead, [...]

  13. Well, I m torn on this one.On the one hand It was extremely original.It was about Sleepy Hollow.It dealt with real issues and emotions The Characters were believable.It was a pretty fun read.The information on the perfume was kind of a neat, off beat topic.The descriptions of gifts and objects were inpecable.The TownOn the flip side It was extremely long, I felt like it took forever to read.Some of the dialoge was really bad and unrealistic.It was sad.I didn t get enough sleepy hollow, i got of [...]

  14. I m reading it on principle You can read about why here jessicaverday 201d here jessicaverday 201Oh dear, Trisha Telep made a big mistake and Running Press and Constable and Robinson did too little, too late, and too ambiguously to correct it Oh dear, Jessica, I m buying your books not the ones she s editing Oh dear, I hope this garners you a lot of press and gets people to realize that oh, dear, gay people and bi people are allowed to have YA stories about them, too.

  15. What a FUCKING disappointment This shitload of shit was nothing but a pure disaster and once again not the exciting type I can t understand why this book is tagged as paranormal or urban fantasy cause 90% of this crap was about Abbeys normal everyday life I m not making that up unfortunately I ll just let the pictures say what an absolute disaster this book was

  16. More reviews at dazzlingreads The book was there on the shelf with a facing display and a the girl with Gothic makeup caught my attention She looked at me, and somehow, I saw my own reflection Then, I read the book title The Hollow This picked my curiosity so I took it from the shelf and started to read It was something about a romance in the town of Sleepy Hollow and that was enough Seconds later, I was running with the book in my hands toward the cash line.This is how I first met The Hollow by [...]

  17. Update June 2010 I change my rating for this book After reading MANY books over the past few months, I realise The Hollow was actually not as good as I initially thought The writing may be good but the plot was icky Not much character development and no questions answered I can rattle the names of many authors who expertly wrote books in trilogies with good plots and a least some questions answered Initially I did not want to post my review so early but since everyone is excited about Hollow, I [...]

  18. I didn t like this book It starts off with Abbey at the memorial service of her best friend, Kristen, and it s quite intriguing Abbey doesn t believe she s dead, but she has no clue what happened Questions spring to mind automatically for the reader, but you ll have to wait a while for even a smidgen of an answer Then Caspian enters, and Abbey falls for him The only problem is, he s hot, then he s cold, and Abbey never really knows what s going on with them.That s pretty much the story what happ [...]

  19. Actual rating 2.5Abbey lives in the small town of Sleepy Hollow You know That one.Recently, Abbey s best friend, Kristen, disappeared near a bridge While most people believe that Kristen s death was an accident, Abbey suspects that something fishy is going on Then things start getting weirder, when some mysterious boy she s never seen before shows up at Kristen s funeral and then, naturally, starts stalking her everywhere You can probably already see where this is headed So, it turns out the boy [...]

  20. Abbey s best friend Kristen dies or so the whole town believes, because the body hasn t been found yet She finds consolation in doing the things she would ve done were Kristen with her Hanging out at Sleepy Hollow s cemetery Talking to dead Mr Irving Looking for new things There she also meets Casper Caspian, who seems to be than meets the eye.I read 3 4 of the book and skimmed through the rest The pacing of the book was kind of off Slow Not that much suspense Mrs Verday must ve thought the sus [...]

  21. Ah I no My god SO BAD I am honestly astounded how BAD this book was I was really looking forward to reading it for some reason, but this book was seriously the biggest let down I ve ever read.I m really mad, so instead of ranting, I m going to list Yes, lists are my friends Main character with almost NO personality Main character with only the trait of BLOODY ANNOYING AND SLAP WORTHY Main character trying to be distinguished by one tiny thing that just DOES NOT WORK Main character randomly throw [...]

  22. Actually 1.5 When I read a book I want to get emotionally involved I want to be taken on an adventure, get frustrated, sad, angry or explode with happiness I felt nothing but boredom.This story didn t peak till the last 30 pages or soIt was stagnant for 480 pages And what disappointed me even is that I knew what was coming, so it wasn t even a surprise for me The name of the book is The Hollow, where is the thrill Where is the horror The setting is Sleepy Hollow for crying out loud The only mor [...]

  23. This sequestered glen has long been known by the name of Sleepy Hollow When I received The Hollow in the mail I nearly threw my other reading selections aside, their bookmarks noting my reality of being rather far from completion, and I happily welcomed this exciting, inviting take on an old classic.You are greeted by obviously beautiful cover art, and a well chosen font style but then you open the rather large book to see nearly 500 pages of a much larger then necessary font Oh, the waste of pa [...]

  24. I picked up this book because I was intrigued by the incorporation of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow into the story and the very striking cover Sadly, picking a book mainly on the merits of its cover was not a smart thing to do.It was a chore to read this book Most of this story revolves around the day to day where it seems like the plot was nowhere to be found, nor was it actually moving forward I couldn t help but scream to myself, what is the point of all this Her life consists of Caspian, Caspi [...]


  26. Before we begin, I would just like to congratulate myself on finally finishing this book Even though I was supposed to be done 3 weeks ago, I still consider this to be on time It just shows how painfully behind schedule I am.But yes, I m proud I actually got shit done for the first time in months Especially because this is the third fucking time I ve written this review due to computer crashing and such.Now then On to the real party.The Hollow I have mixed feeling about this book Like, a large p [...]

  27. So, the story takes place in Sleepy Hollow which just so happens to be the city in which Washington Irving s short story named The Sleepy Hollow happens shocking and tells the story about Abbey, a girl whose best friend Kristen has just killed herself under mysterious circumstances While dealing with her loss, Abbey meets a boy named Caspian and is instantaneously attracted to him, and as her feelings for him grow stronger, Abbey starts to think that the happiness that he makes her feel will be [...]

  28. Verday s writing style is beautiful for a debut author and I really enjoyed this first and foremost I also really liked the protagonist, Abbey a refreshing change from some other annoying proagonist s I have read about in YA.I could also really connect with the book Abbey losing her best friend Kristen The emotions, Ms.Verday puts into her book are torrid and undestandandable I honestly felt Abbey s pain whenever she thought about Kristen God knows what I would do if I ever lost my best friend I [...]

  29. Well I m not entirely sure what to say about this one Basically, a girl named Abbey is living with distress of knowing her best friend Kristen is dead The beginning goes over this in brutal detail repeatedly Yes, Kristen is dead she died in a river we get it Anyway, Abbey is trying to navigate through life while she is constantly having nightmares and is unable to truly accept her friend as being dead since no body has been found She finds herself returning to their favorite hang out spot, the c [...]

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