Royally Screwed (2022)

[PDF] Read Í Royally Screwed : by Emma Chase - Royally Screwed, Royally Screwed Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward Pembrook Crowned Prince of Wessco aka His Royal Hotness is wickedly charming devastatingly handsome and unabashedly arrogant hard not to be when people are consta [PDF] Read Í Royally Screwed : by Emma Chase - Royally Screwed, Royally Screwed Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward Pembrook Crowned Prince of Wessco aka His Royal Hotness is wickedly charming devastatingly handsome and unabashedly arrogant hard not to be when people are consta
  • Title: Royally Screwed
  • Author: Emma Chase
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Royally Screwed
[PDF] Read Í Royally Screwed : by Emma Chase, Royally Screwed, Emma Chase, Royally Screwed Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward Pembrook Crowned Prince of Wessco aka His Royal Hotness is wickedly charming devastatingly handsome and unabashedly arrogant hard not to be when people are constantly bowing down to you Then one snowy night in Manhattan the prince meets a dark haired beauty who doesn t bow down Instead she throws a pie in his face Nicholas wantsNicholas Arth
  • [PDF] Read Í Royally Screwed : by Emma Chase
    248 Emma Chase
Royally Screwed

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  1. Royally Screwed is LIVE I m beyond thrilled to share this story with you hope you love it these characters as much as I do xoxo

  2. 4.5 stars If you were told that the world as you knew it life as you knew it would end in five months, what would you do You d make the most of the time you had left, of course Do everything you wanted to do everyone you wanted to do for as long as you could Until time was up Well looks like I ve got a plan, after all.Emma Chase writes the male POV like a boss Anytime I start one of her books, I look forward to reading it because of this I know whatever she writes will be sharp, fun, and sexy Ro [...]

  3. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED The fact remains, the day will come when you will be a husband and a father You will be a king What will Olivia be then Mine, I growl She ll be mine I absolutely LOVED this book It was a delightfully witty, heart warming, and romantic fairytale come to life It s the story of a normal girl whose entire world is turned upside down when a real Prince Charming sweeps her off her feet and into a whirlwind love story It was the ultimate romantic reading escape and I just did not [...]

  4. Let me share this whole new world with you AladdinOur lives may not always be fairy tales, but we can experience them in books every day We can feel the fantasy we can live the dream Who doesn t want to be a princess Emma Chase whisks you into a better than Cinderella fairy tale in Royally Screwed where you feel that fantasy as you dive into one delicious dream Alluring and all consuming, Royally Screwed is a modern day rags to riches romance with a sexy Prince and the perfect blend of heat, hum [...]

  5. I m so happy I could pee Yeah, that s me after finishing the book Imagine You re a waitress in NYC You are scrambling to keep your family bakery afloat but you are so in debt that the future is looking bleak You don t date either There s just no time for it, ok But you re hot So there s that So one day you re baking those pies, minding your own business when this this SEX IN A TUX rolls into your bakery With body guards And he is HAWT And his tux is too And then he starts talking and you re all [...]

  6. Emma shared this on her official FB account D BIG NEWS I m thrilled to announce that the film rights for Royally Screwed have been optioned PassionFlix, an amazing studio dedicated to turning romance novels into movies and series, will be bringing the sexy, sweet modern fairy tale of Prince Nicholas Olivia Hammond to life AHHH THIS IS GOING TO BE AN AMAZING And I m Oh my Goodness This book was absolutely fanfuckintastic D I laughed so hard and also Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward Pembrook aka h [...]

  7. Royally Screwed is a book that has been on my radar for quite a long time After finishing a couple of mediocre books and being in a bit of a reading rut, I thought that it might be the time to change it up with something sweet and fluffy It ended up being exactly what I needed to lighten the mood.Nicholas Pembrook is the Prince of Wessco His sex appeal is only rivaled by his arrogance He seems to have it all money, admiration, power, looks However, Nicholas knows that beyond the glamour and glit [...]

  8. The Prince and Me just got dirty.No complaints here I was known before I was born and my name will be blazoned in history long after I m dust in the ground Infamy is temporary, celebrity is fleeting, but royalty royalty is forever When it comes to Emma Chase, you know what to expect a generous dose of fluffiness, with a pinch of angst and a topping of delicious smut And the cherry on top A dirty mouthed, gorgeously wicked yet adorable male lead With these in mind, allow me to introduce you to hi [...]

  9. Can a hot, dirty talker, and loving Prince fall into the depths of love with a woman that has turned the tables not just only for him but for everyone else Yes, because Emma Chase has written it and has said she can As a bachelor, Prince Nicholas has a filthy mind, filthy mouth, and such a possession dominant attitude that make your panties melt Even though he has a status of a single, hot Prince, who is soon to take the throne after his majesty, The Queen his grandmother hands it over to him, N [...]

  10. And we ll never be royalsIt don t run in our blood That kind of lux just ain t for us, we crave a different kind of buzz Let me be your rulerYou can call me queen bee And baby I ll rule, I ll rule, I ll rule, I ll rule Let me live that fantasy A fantasy it was indeedEmma Chase and Drew won my heart in Tangled and it was an amazing ride for me, and one of my most enjoyable reads, because the lines were so original and hilarious Now it was Nicholas time to steal my heart and boy he did it in a roy [...]

  11. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer says:

    5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author I m not sure how I can go on to read another book after having finished this story, which to me was nothing less than PERFECTION This story utterly and completely swept me off my feet Emma Chase has been a favorite of mine ever since I read Tangled and each time she releases a new book, I can hardly wait to get my hands on it I m just going to say it I think Royally Screwed is Ms Chase s absolute best work so far She brought to life one of my childhood f [...]

  12. 3.5 STARSA cute, fun and enjoyable read The writing is great, the characters likeable But I ve read too many books and seen too many movies with the real prince falls for ordinary girl theme not to mention one well known and very true love story to be wowed Too formulaic for my taste.

  13. 4.5 stars If you were told that the world as you knew it life as you knew it would end in five months, what would you do Royally Screwed is the enchanting new story of a young modern day prince who falls in love with a waitress from New York While visiting the states, Prince Nicholas drunkenly wanders into a pie shop where he meets Olivia, a beauty who doesn t recognize him and spurs his advances Armed with wit and a sharped tongue, Olivia is at first appalled by the handsome foreigner But when [...]

  14. The most sexy, funny, irreverent, delicious love story on my shelf, andmy absolute favorite Emma Chase book to date

  15. Infamy is temporary, celebrity is fleeting, but royalty royalty is forever 3 His Royal Ass Stars I buddyread this book with the amazing Bea Check her review by clicking her name Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward Pembrook By the sound of his name you already know your heart is about to pop out of your chest and go crazy Because he is indeed such a swoon worthy royal character And perhaps the prospect of reading about a prince being labeled His Royal Hotness is the main reason why I was drawn into [...]

  16. 4,5 starsIt s a known factI am a total romance loverI am the ultimate romance fox Happily Ever After is my motto So, imagine my excitement when I read some of my friends reviews on Emma Chase s latest bookI was beside myself This is a modern version of the classic fairytaleWaitress Olivia Hammond from Manhattan is swept off her feet by a real prince and steals his heart for eternity It s the stuff that dreams are made ofNicholas Arthur Frederick Edward Pembrook, Crowned Prince of Wessco, is ever [...]

  17. LIVE amzn 2o9UJI4Olivia is struggling to keep her mothers pie shop open Which isn t easy when she doesn t have the help she needs and she s beyond stressed out So when an arrogant, too good looking, man comes into the shop and suggests she sleep with him for money, she s done She throws a pie in his face and tells him to get out So she never would have guessed that he d return, or that he d be a Prince with a very serious proposition for her Shockingly this is my first Emma Chase book I have a f [...]

  18. 5 sweet stars This is crazy, It s crazy right It s not just me Bloody insane And f cking fantastic I can t even express how much I loved this story Royally Screwed was sweet,funny and sexy.With the perfect amount of tension,sweet moments and hot scenes.Plus a good drama and an amazing writing ,entering you in the life of a prince that will make you melt and swoon wanting for Nicholas was charming,funny,protective,sexy and adorable.I loved him, and Olivia was also amazing She was sweet and so st [...]

  19. Title Royally ScrewedSeries Royally 1Author Emma ChaseRelease date October 18, 2016Cliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Nicholas Pembrook, Crowned Prince of Wessco lives under the microscope of the public and the press The intense scrutiny he lives under and the strict life choices he must adhere to has him drowning in his family duty But you could never tell that by his rehearsed charm and smooth personality He s always been responsible and caring, but he s no saint He likes his fair [...]

  20. cough That cover is the biggest lie You d think this book would be as amazing as that dude chilling on the bed looking winky face I was fooled I hate being fooled because NO I swear, there was so much pointless shit that could be summed up into 1 sentence Example No, I love my bed It was an eighteenth birthday gift from the King of Genovia It s a four column, gleaming piece of art, hand carved in the sixteenth century from one massive piece of Brazilian mahogany My mattress is stuffed with the s [...]

  21. 4 stars Review at Of Pens and PagesI can t resist love stories about princes and commoners, so the only way you could have stopped me from reading Royally Screwed is to physically restrain me or something morbid like maybe poke my eye out There have been hundreds maybe even thousands of rags to riches love stories, but if you give me a new one to read, I will do it and will most likely love it with every fibre of my being The hopeless romantic and Emma Chase fan in me could not resist this newes [...]

  22. Going to keep this review short and sweet.When you read an Emma Chase book, you just know you are going to get the following Laugh out loud scenes, relatable MCs, sexy heroes and sweet, spunky, likeable heroines, and a book that s low on the unnecessary drama and high on the sweet romance.And Royally Screwed had just that A prince is who is both self assured yet down to earth with an awesome sense of dry humor who meets and falls for a waitress who is independent but also a sweetheart I won t go [...]

  23. This book was absolutely, royally, fantastic Definitely one of those where I loved every single thing about them and couldn t put it down, not until I was done I m no stranger to Emma Chase, I read her Tangled series a few years ago and loved it, especially Tangled She s amazing at the male POV, her heroes are always so witty, funny and so hot and alpha Prince Nicholas is no exception, what an amazing hero Swoony to the max, I absolutely loved him from the first page, right until the end.So, thi [...]

  24. One word LOVE This is like a fun and charming take on The Princess Diaries meets The Prince and Me, and I couldn t be thrilled with it This was my first Emma Chase novel and I feel the need to go buy every one of her other books right this second Love Olivia, love Nicholas Love Henry and Simon and Franny and Logan and Ellie and Marty Tiaras and Crown Jewels for everyone

  25. 4 StarsGenre Contemporary RomanceType StandalonePOV First Person Dual I have screwed up, Royally I Love her It can t end this way Mine , I growl She ll be mine Prince Nicholas Pembrook of Wessco, has duties as a child of a royally family His parents passed away and it was just him his brother and his grandmother Nicholas knew what was expected of him but that didn t mean he was ready to take the throne until it was time However time was something his country aka queen grandma didn t have and he [...]

  26. 5 Royal StarsI love Emma Chase I ve read all of her books and met her a few times Every time I ve met her she spends several minutes with each of her fans regardless how long the lines are , there is just something about her that makes you feel special So when I realized she was going to write a new series I was all over that.Royally Screwed is a standalone and is part of the Royally series YAY for a series I would be crying ugly tears if there was only one book This is Nicholas and Olivia s sto [...]

  27. LadiesCan we take a moment to just appreciate the artwork that is THIS COVER Swoon A NEW SERIES BY Emma Chase How exciting, can t wait How about you

  28. 4 royally solid stars Dear Lady, this was so much fun More than what I thought it was going to be.I went into this book expecting some light hearted Cinderella kind of story and so color me surprise when I was half way through to the book and I was drowning in feels I was so invested in the characters and the story and it was really gratifying reading a good contemporary novel that leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy after you re done with it.Our main MCs are pretty great together and have an [...]

  29. Uhm I am sorry but I will be in the minority about this book at least for now Time will tellThis is a contemporary Cinderella story with frequent hot scenes in it Nothing else And not the best example of it if you ask me I didn t fancy the characters The plot was already a clich hot and rich prince falls for the poor American waitress And the plot twist was frustrating and sort of clich , again.Finally, the ending was something too predictable and not to my likingI think the problem mostly lies [...]

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