Dexter By Design (2022)

☆ Dexter By Design ✓ Jeff Lindsay - Dexter By Design, Dexter By Design The macabre witty New York Times bestselling series and inspiration for the Showtime series Dexter continues as our darkly lovable killer matches wits with a sadistic artiste who is creating bizar ☆ Dexter By Design ✓ Jeff Lindsay - Dexter By Design, Dexter By Design The macabre witty New York Times bestselling series and inspiration for the Showtime series Dexter continues as our darkly lovable killer matches wits with a sadistic artiste who is creating bizar
  • Title: Dexter By Design
  • Author: Jeff Lindsay
  • ISBN: 9780752885179
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Hardcover
Dexter By Design
☆ Dexter By Design ✓ Jeff Lindsay, Dexter By Design, Jeff Lindsay, Dexter By Design The macabre witty New York Times bestselling series and inspiration for the Showtime series Dexter continues as our darkly lovable killer matches wits with a sadistic artiste who is creating bizarre murder tableaux of his own all over Miami After his surprisingly glorious honeymoon in Paris life is almost normal for Dexter Morgan Married life seems to agree withThe macabre w
  • ☆ Dexter By Design ✓ Jeff Lindsay
    118 Jeff Lindsay
Dexter By Design

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  1. Day Four, fourth book done I will admit that this one was much harder to get through than the previous three books Alas, I finished it, so I m still on track with my Seven Days Seven Books challenge There s not much good to say about this one The story line is preposterous Dexter just happens upon a crazy artist in Paris only to come home to find not one but two crazy artists running around Miami Add to that the forced storytelling devices used to add the kids to the fun again and I think I gave [...]

  2. Doakes is back And Chutsky Even a couple new speed bumps in Dexter s road Still liking the series and Dexter s increasingly complicated quandary of human performance, but this one had a lot rabbit runs, going up, down, all around, but without Dark Passenger for company I miss that interplay So, this seemed slower even though Dex was all over the map, literally On the other hand, I love the aesthetics of this one The spectacle shows dedication to detail, which I appreciate The commentary about a [...]

  3. Hmm I am not quite sure what to make of this I felt like I was waiting to get into the thick of it but before I knew it, I finished the book and I don t mean that in a good way I think it s an improvement over Dexter in the Dark but I still don t think it s as good as the first two books in the series It lacks that dark, twisted humour that makes the Dexter books such fun, despite the fairly grim subject matter I know a character needs to evolve and change, but I m not liking much the new ish De [...]

  4. Jeff Lindsay seems to be running out of steam The first two books of this series were amazing The third was awful This installment, the fourth, is slightly better than the last.I love Dexter but a lot of the quick wit and snark that was so prevalent in the first two books seems to be seriously lacking in Dexter By Design At least the Dark Passenger is back, though Hoping for a grand finish in the next book.

  5. De data aceasta, Dexter se confrunt cu un pasionat al artei transgresive, care creeaz folosind cadavre iar Doakes, n ciuda st rii sale deplorabile, este n continuare pe urmele anti eroului nostru.Volumul este mai slab dec t cele anterioare, av nd destul de multe pagini plictisitoare n plus, avem parte, din nou, de reac ii neverosimile sau ataraxice din partea personajelor abia acum sora lui Dexter i pune unele ntreb ri cu privire la moralitatea activit ilor acestuia, iar faptul c fratele lui Dex [...]

  6. Book 4 in the Dexter series is a return to familiar territory The 180 that was the revelation of The Dark Passenger as a very real, albeit supernatural, being is largely ignored in this book I had less trouble with that storyline than I would have thought, but I was not sad to see it dropped Unfortunately, the renewal has not been replaced with anything, but instead we are treated to a Dexter story that is mostly going through the motions At about half the book, I thought it would be quite enjoy [...]

  7. It has to be bittersweet to be Jeff Lindsay On the one hand, he s got it made He made the big time a creation of his has flourished and attracted international attention and acclaim through that perennial taste maker, television On the other, it really has to suck His lovable psychopath with a pseudo conscious, Dexter, has taken on a life of his own removed from the constraints of the page and the control of his creator Dexter s fate is now written by a team of scribes penning furiously for Show [...]

  8. I ve begun to ask myself why I keep reading these The first novel was really good The second was entertaining Then came the third novel we ll just forget about that one it was so odd No I mean it was ODD Obviously this is the fourth novel and as the description mentions Dexter is now married and has two lovely step children I ll let you find out why he adores them so on your own He returns from his honeymoon complete with observations about Paris done in Dark Deadly Dexter style We re encounter [...]

  9. Dull, disappointing Dexter but at least it was better than the last one After a very promising start, Lindsay has apparently ran out of steam with his brilliantly conceived title character, Dexter Dexter by Design features a hackneyed plot, full of predictable perils and plenty of deus ex machina moments I know, it seems silly to use this word when describing a story about a psychopathic serial killer who hunts down and kills criminals while maintaining his alter ego as a blood spatter analyst f [...]

  10. After the only partially entertaining misstep of Dexter in The Dark I was hoping for a return to the killer charm of the first two books in this series The first two chapters in this fourth installment titled Dexter By Design began to fulfill that exception The devilish wit was back along with a smart introduction to the theme of murder as art Yet soon the novel descended into being the most disappointing of the series Like the third book, it isn t that it is not entertaining But the author seem [...]

  11. Dexter books are enjoyable, although the characters are pretty one dimensional, especially compared to the TV show Debra has one mode in this book grumpy and swearing Rita is a vapid waste Dexter is pretty slow, as the author tries to build up to something, the reader can see it coming and just wishes he d get on with it Pacing is slower than I remember in the other books I really don t need to know about Dexter choosing what parking space to take, or the details about his drinks and the flight [...]

  12. Jeff Lindsay must have been sweating sticky burrs waiting to see how this book would be received Of course, the three previous Dexter books had done very well, so well that somebody went and gone and made it into a TV series, a CABLE TV series, complete with butts and the eff word and everything But now will even Jeff Lindsay s dearly devoted fans prefer the original article Book Dexter or will they be so used to C Thomas Hall s Dexter or Anthony Michael Howell or is it Philip Michelle Thomas Ma [...]

  13. Love these books As I ve said in other Dexter reviews, I do love the show , but it s really unfair to compare the two.The author comes up with wickedly devious murder scenesuff I ve never even thought about before The murders in this book turn out to not actually be murdersbut things rapidly progress in that direction The mystery seemed to be about one thing and then it switched and became another, throwing the reader off guard There s some trouble with Dexter s foul mouthed sister, Deborah, and [...]

  14. This has enough of the entertainment value of a Dexter book to be worthwhile, but a lot of the dark fun of a first person sociopath s narration was missing, in part because Dexter doesn t really get to ply his trade in this book Lindsay is leaning towards the cat and mouse nemesis plotlines that also permeate earlier books, but part of the fun was how quotidian murder used to be for dexter, as much a part of his routine as going to the gym, and accompanied by wonderfully detached observations o [...]

  15. 4 Dexter Morgan Mild mannered Miami P.D blood spatter expert by day, serial killer of bad guys by night Books in this series are the basis for the Showtime CBS TV series1 19 11 Re read Original 2008 Review BRILLIANT ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT Or, since it s Dexter, perhaps I should say Bloody Brilliant Or Bizarrely Bloody Brilliant Dexter and his new wife Rita return from a honeymoon in Paris where they ve visited several art venues, from the classic to the truly bizarre Coincidentally, on his return [...]

  16. I enjoyed Dexter by Design, but not as much as the previous books in this series The killer wasn t as dynamic, and the staged deaths were a little bit too much That said, my favourite part was the overly done art exhibit that Dexter went to in France, which was in just the first chapter That was deliciously dark and disturbing to take a page out of Dexter s alliteration book One thing that really irritated me, and made me bump the rating down one whole star, was Dexter s incessant need to critic [...]

  17. Book Info Genre Supernatural Thriller Police ProceduralReading Level AdultRecommended for twisted peopleTrigger Warnings murder, desecration of the deadMy Thoughts This is a crazy book I found myself extremely amused by Astor s declaration that nobody speaks French and Dexter s response that several people in France do I also found Dexter s assessment of the bodies they found to be humorous, not to mention his thoughts on the clothing and various accoutrements that accompanied each Deb I wanted [...]

  18. It took three books for it to finally happen, but at long last Dexter and Deborah are going to have to address the elephant in the room how does a devoted law abiding policewoman get by knowing that her adopted brother kills people for fun Can she get by Dexter is the only family Deb has left is that familial connection worth sacrificing everything she stands for Will she have to turn him in Really, when you think about it, it makes absolutely no sense that this didn t get addressed sooner I sup [...]

  19. finally finished another book only took me forever trying to kill this slump.overall, I enjoy the dexter novels this one wasn t amazing, but it wasn t terrible prolly gonna start the 5th one soonill a little turned off by this weird supernatural thing that may or may not actually exist, but it s a lot less prevalent in this one than the last so at least there s that.

  20. 4.5 stars There was no sign of life, and no large heap of body parts dragged to the curb waiting for pickup Being an avid fan of the TV series and now going back to the original material, I can see where purists may be put off by the difference between the two mediums, which happens when books are adapted to screen however I am able to totally appreciate the book arc completely It would have been very difficult to transfer 2 keys characters to TV without red flagging social services, and the dev [...]

  21. As much as I love Dexter and Jeff Lindsay s work, I have to say that I m starting to love the shows Book 3 Dexter in the Dark really took a downward turn for the series in my mind, and Dexter By Design seems to try and remedy that Dexter is or less back to being darkly disturbing and macabre Dexter, but Lindsay is trying to develop him in ways that show him maturing as a parent and person and or less reversing roles by sitting on the sideline He s no longer the nonchalant murderer by night, b [...]

  22. Yay i think im the first person that found the plot after about an hour of searching Being a blood spatter analyst who hates the sight of blood has always made Dexter s work for the Miami PD tough But it means he s very neat when it comes to his out of hours hobby murder Of course, the fact Dexter only kills bad people helps too.Now Dex is facing a disturbing situation He s used to blood at work and blood when he s out with the dark passenger the voice that guides him on his deadly outings But h [...]

  23. Book four of the Dexter series does not follow the path of book three, in which there is an almost supernatural element involved with the Dark Passenger backstory With book four we re back to basics, with Dexter doing what he does best Whilst it isn t the best of the Dexter books it is another gripping read filled with the usual lovable Dexter moments his wit in particular keeping you smiling throughout.Filled with the characters we have come to know and love or possibly hate, in some cases , we [...]

  24. En Dexter por Decisi n propia Jeff Lindsay nos entrega una obra donde nuestro protagonista, Dexter Morgan, pasa su encantadora luna de miel parisina balance ndose en los delicados hilos de la cordura y en la incesante b squeda del Pasajero Oscuro, que cada vez parece alejarse aun m s de l Los mayores tes de Dexter de caer en la monoton a de una vida normal lo aterran, y busca por todos los medios reencontrarse con su verdadero Yo Me gust bastante, aunque a tiempos lo encontr algo mon tono cosa q [...]

  25. Dexter isn t quite himself in this book I wonder if it s because he recently got married Anyhow, he stumbles and bumbles his way through while a killer goes after his family And he has another person clued into the fact he isn t normal like he tries to portray And Sergeant Debs is in the hospital This maybe another reason he s not his put together self But he barely gets himself together and solves the problem Plus it seems Dex is growing feelings Hmmm

  26. For a serial killer, Dexter can be a funny guy Overall, this book presents a nice next step in the series However, I really didn t care for the underlying case that the police were trying to solve in this one What saved this book is the deeper insight and context that it provides to Dexter s immediate family, which is starting to play a larger role in the overall story.I intend to keep reading this series as it is unique for the genre.

  27. I honestly can t remember anything about it Did it involve Paris, Louvre, and a baby Maybe I think this marked the decline in the writing quality and utter loss of interest on Lindsay s part.Shame.Shame.

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