Bloodline (2022)

Bloodline Best Download || [Sidney Sheldon] - Bloodline, Bloodline Sheldon s sweeping saga of greed and betrayal sabotage and danger and the ties that can killRoffe and Sons is a family firm an international empire filled with desperate cash hungry family members Bloodline Best Download || [Sidney Sheldon] - Bloodline, Bloodline Sheldon s sweeping saga of greed and betrayal sabotage and danger and the ties that can killRoffe and Sons is a family firm an international empire filled with desperate cash hungry family members
  • Title: Bloodline
  • Author: Sidney Sheldon
  • ISBN: 9781568650944
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
Bloodline Best Download || [Sidney Sheldon], Bloodline, Sidney Sheldon, Bloodline Sheldon s sweeping saga of greed and betrayal sabotage and danger and the ties that can killRoffe and Sons is a family firm an international empire filled with desperate cash hungry family members At its head was one of the wealthiest men in the world a man who has just died in a mysterious accident and left his only daughter Elizabeth in control of the company Sheldon s sweeping
  • Bloodline Best Download || [Sidney Sheldon]
    188 Sidney Sheldon

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  1. Brilliant did not want the book to end that s how good it was reading each chapter because it was well written paperback

  2. Me being the stupid person that I am, read the last page by mistake and therefore knew the end from the beginning but this book still made me doubt my suspicions Ahh Sydney Sheldon

  3. BLOODLINE is a 1977 novel by the great and the wise, Sidney Sheldon My grandmother told me that she saw a movie titled Bloodline before but she wasn t sure if it was the film adaptation of this book Out of curiosity, I learned that Bloodline was really adapted into a film in 1979, but it was a complete failure because Audrey Hepburn who played as the protagonist is older than the Sheldon character she supposed to portray Elizabeth In order to solve the problem, Sheldon revised his novel to place [...]

  4. All of us dream of somehow inheriting a vast fortune, but for Elizabeth Roffe, this inheritance comes with an invisible enemy Inheriting Roffe Industries after her father s mysterious death, things start happening that convinces Elizabeth that someone, or some people, are trying to take over her fortune even if it means taking her life.If the above plot has not moved you yet, then you probably have problems The first few pages of this book is strongly gripping, forcing you to turn the pages and [...]

  5. Sheldon s broad adventure of covetousness and treachery, damage and peril, and the ties that can slaughter Roffe and Sons is a family firm, a global domain loaded with urgent, money hungry relatives At its head was one of the wealthiest men on the planet, a man who has only kicked the bucket in a baffling mishap and left his exclusive little girl, Elizabeth, responsible for the organization Presently as this savvy, extreme, and lovely young lady sets out to spare not offer Roffe and Sons, she sh [...]

  6. Roffe and Sons is a family firm Sam Roffe dies in an accident and young beautiful Elizabeth Roffe takes charge The first 200 pages covers all the branches of the family across the globe which gives a quick picture of each member s need and greed The storyline picks up jet speed when Elizabeth refuses to sell the stocks The revelation of who conspired against her left me dumbfounded Absolutely stunning read After reading this book, I could decipher why Sidney Sheldon is still the master storytell [...]

  7. When Sam Roffe, a rich and powerful businessman, dies in a mountain climbing accident, it was up to Elizabeth, his daughter, to take over his vast global empire It comes with a bonus, though An enemy who s determined to get what he wants even if it means Elizabeth s life.The first few chapters of this book had me strongly hooked I couldn t stop flipping the page All the time I was on the edge, my mind spinning theories, fitting the puzzle pieces, playing with the clues and details I couldn t fig [...]

  8. I m very surprised that this has such a high average rating here on , I remember it as very much in line with his others It s been a while, so I may be off some, but I m not going to read or re read any of his books, because life s too short.

  9. When a pick a book from Sideny the first thing that comes into my mind is vengeance and then glamour, mafias, dons, sex, romance but this book is quite different though it has main ingredients of Sidney Glamour, love, sex, romance along with medical science research in depth , greed, sabotage, betrayal, murder,crime, mysteries.The book actually started after 200 pages, first 200 pages includes introduction of characters, at time it feel, the introduction is dragged a bit, although the accounts o [...]

  10. A world existing of male dominance is where Elizabeth Roffe, the sole heir to a multimillionaire father, lives An unloving father as hers is, dies a mysterious death while on a vacation Devastated as she is, its up to her to run her fathers company, but what she doesn t know that her family members on the board of directors are vying for the money put on shares, which according to the her father, shouldn t be made public On top of that, someone s trying to kill her Is it her father s super sexy, [...]

  11. Outstanding This book grab you from the very beginning to the last page from the beginning in my suspect list there were only 2 person and one would be the main culprit from them I knew for sure but I couldn t conclude which one it could be until the last page though I felt some hurry in the end and expected some explanation, it was absolutely a thriller full of suspense, tension, romance and MYSTERY.Sheldon is a boss writer He is THE MASTER STORYTELLER

  12. Rating 2.8Bloodline is my first Sidney Sheldon read Mystery and crime thrillers are my favourite genre, so of course I enjoyed the book, it was like a action mystery packed, fast roller coaster ride It s a 20th century book still the plots, character, everything is no less than a modern contemporary novel.But I m not fully satisfied with the book, there are enough negative points to justify my complaint.The book opens with the death of Sam Roffe president of the Roffe and sons It seems like an h [...]

  13. Bloodline is another fascinating novel by the author Sidney Sheldon.The book is divided into two parts BOOK 1 is only the introduction part tells about the background of all the main characters Book 1 is extends to 180 pages out of 409e 1st part might seem a little boring.The main story starts from BOOK 2.The Novel is incomplete.ter completing it i found many things does t have its end.As his other works this one too provides a fantastic read from the very beginning where the story begins with n [...]

  14. So, so good It s a one day read, if you want to spend around 5 hours reading I did I loved it I didn t want to put it down EVER It was really had to figure out who did it You literally don t know for sure until the very end Every single person has a motive I m so glad Mother recommended it

  15. Ich wei gar nicht, wo ich anfangen soll Dieser Roman ist von vorne bis hinten schlicht und ergreifend schlecht Nun ist Sidney Sheldon nicht gerade bekannt f r Tiefgang Im Grunde genommen sind seine B cher quasi Dallas und Denver Clan in Buchform Zumindest die Protagonisten sind im Normalfall berdurchschnittlich sch n, berdurchschnittlich reich und berdurchschnittlich intelligent Nat rlich werden sie kurzfristig vom Schicksal gebeutelt, aber am Ende des Buches kann der Leser gewiss sein l st sich [...]

  16. Bloodline featured another ingenious plot line concocted by Mr Sheldon In this epic, Elizabeth Roffe is the ugly duckling daughter of Sam Roffe Her father is heir to the Roffe and Son s empire one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world Unfortunatly, because of her gender, she will not inherit Roffe and Son s upon her father s death, as only men may serve on the board of the company To complicate matters even , there are no male heirs in the family to take his place, only females As [...]

  17. Certainly a good book to read May not be Sheldon s best, and there may also be claims that the book draws heavily from Sheldon s previous releases but still this book is certainly worth a read The typical twists are missing but the extraordinary narration makes up for the slow pace The reader is made to believe from the onset that Rhys is the criminal Though the climax reveals a different story, it was expected from Sheldon and the familiar mind blowing twist at the end is missing I personally l [...]

  18. This novel is unlike Sheldon s others It is not very captivating, the story seems to start only halfway through the book The writing is galore with attempts at lengthy descriptions which seem unnecessary The latter half has pace, twists and turns that one would expect from Sheldon The ending seems to have been written in haste, leaving the reader without a complete closure.

  19. jai (Lilith Incarnate in Feminism-Miss Tarzanie in Manners-Greek Amazonsto men-Princess of wilderness)) justjaya says:

    It was very thrilling from the start and took my breath away.

  20. A good book is one that leaves you wanting to turn pages immediately as you finish the current one Bloodline is definitely a page turner In this work, Sidney Sheldon attempts to mislead us as much as the nemesis of Elizabeth Roffe, the heiress of a pharmaceutical empire, tries to lure her into the abyss her father went into I can t say red herrings did not lead me astray, but in a story full of dubious characters, who am I to blame.Bloodline introduces us to the scandalous world of the elite, wh [...]

  21. By Sidney Sheldon Grade BBorn Sidney Schechtel in Chicago, Sidney Sheldon, from making his first sale of a poem for 5 at the age of 10, has made his way up to the sixth position of the list of bestseller authors of all time.The daughter of a rich and powerful father, Elizabeth Roffe is young, beautiful and sole heir to a billion dollar fortune Then tragedy strikes Her father is killed in a freak accident and Elizabeth much take command of his mighty global empire, the pharmaceutical company Roff [...]

  22. 3.5 very solid book and very enjoyable book, not necessarily what I was expecting, but good nonetheless The story revolves around Elizabeth Roffe and the descendants of Samuel Roffe who created a global pharmaceutical company Elizabeth is forced to take over after her father, a man she loved but had a distant relationship with, dies.The first half of the book goes into the extensive background of the Roffe family, beginning with their ancestor Samuel who started the company, then moves into deta [...]

  23. An amazing book ,written extremely well ,fairytale ending which is too good to be true.Sydney has nailed this book,be it the erotic or thrilling scenes they captivate you totally.The last 10 pages leave you breathless not because the protagonist is on the run but the pace of unimaginable events that keep coming one after the other in the ending of the book.Words fail me when describing the end because the who dunnit blame game has taken a whole new level when the police blame a person for the mu [...]

  24. A gripping thriller that kept me glued to the page with its complex network of interconnected plotlines, interesting characters and high level of suspense unfortunately, the ending fell a bit flat The final twist didn t really work for me, it rather seemed to be there only because the author felt he really needed something unexpected to happen on the last few pages And I guessed early on it would turn out this way, simply because the characters I like best always turn up either dead or as the ki [...]

  25. 7 18I can t remember how many times I almost screamed this book is ruining my life I must say I got a little bored in the beginning because the first third of the book was still the introduction of the characters and it just felt like it wasn t going anywhere with just that amount of pages left but it was surprisingly fast paced and, in the end, it still won the title as my favorite SS book Just WOW Everything written in the book was important, not a single word was wasted information I just lov [...]

  26. EngagingIt was brilliantly written to keep readers on edgeOne will not know who to point as the real suspect until the very last pageokay, I admit that I sneaked a peak at the last pageBuBut the suspense was intolerableMy fingers were aching for an answer, and I couldn t read fast enough to get oneEveryone has a good motive for intended homicide.Each character had their own dark side, and willing to put other s lives in jeopardized for the sake of their greed A very horrid truth even when writte [...]

  27. Sheldon will always get a five star from me Never disappoints me One word for this book Overblown Suspense I was so engrossed and over consumed by the articulated storyline Though, some natural causes slowed me down, however, I enjoyed every bit of and didn t want to finish it Sidney, oh I wish he was still alive to keep anticipating and getting updated about his yet to release book Bloodline is about fight, betrayal, malice and love, It is about how man will do anything for money and fame Lest [...]

  28. i liked this book a loti mean this is my first sydney sheldon novel and i liked itok so what did i like about this book well the fact that i completely guessed wrong i was really happy to be wrongi mean it wouldnt be a mystery if i had guessed right also i loved rhys williams.absolutely swoon worthy but ya theres a but, i gave it freaking three stars 1 There is like no romance and like atleast 50 pages of sex2 i didnt like elizabeth roffe sorry but teenage liz isnt my type 3 I didnt like the end [...]

  29. This would be the best introduction and familiarizing with the characters in a book By the time the main part of the story starts you are so much into the personalities described that you feel as though you ve known them your whole life Therefore the impact of all the events that take place later is tremendous As always the master of the unexpected proves his name with a thrilling plot Totally love Sheldon and his books Favourite

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