Imagine a Place (2022)

Imagine a Place Best Download || [Sarah L. Thomson Rob Gonsalves] - Imagine a Place, Imagine a Place If you can imagine a place you can go there Imagine a place that makes you feel as free as a bird Imagine a place where getting there is worth whatever it takes Imagine a place that makes you feel li Imagine a Place Best Download || [Sarah L. Thomson Rob Gonsalves] - Imagine a Place, Imagine a Place If you can imagine a place you can go there Imagine a place that makes you feel as free as a bird Imagine a place where getting there is worth whatever it takes Imagine a place that makes you feel li
  • Title: Imagine a Place
  • Author: Sarah L. Thomson Rob Gonsalves
  • ISBN: 9781416968023
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
Imagine a Place
Imagine a Place Best Download || [Sarah L. Thomson Rob Gonsalves], Imagine a Place, Sarah L. Thomson Rob Gonsalves, Imagine a Place If you can imagine a place you can go there Imagine a place that makes you feel as free as a bird Imagine a place where getting there is worth whatever it takes Imagine a place that makes you feel like it s always been your destination Imagine a place made out of pure imagination Imagine a Place is a gorgeous companion to the critically acclaimed Imagine a Night anIf you can imagi
  • Imagine a Place Best Download || [Sarah L. Thomson Rob Gonsalves]
    337 Sarah L. Thomson Rob Gonsalves
Imagine a Place

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  1. Wow I don t know what else to say, but wow If you simply took the words and put them to paper, it wouldn t necessarily be a story It might be something to ponder for the older reader But, when you add the illustrations, it is simply magic The words and the illustrations blend perfectly together that one can t exist without the other I want to buy a copy of this just to keep for myself Sarah Thomson wrote the book and this was illustrated by Rob Gonsalves There are apparently other books in the s [...]

  2. A surreal, trompe l oeil wonder What is the visual trick in each picture, and how is it accomplished Looking for the seam between the shifting images will make your head spin Give to fans of optical illusion, Escher, Magic Eye, Eye Spy, Chris Van Allsburg, etc.

  3. Another book of tromp l oeil transitions between one thing and the next Autumn leaves to butterflies, for instance.

  4. Wow There is no end to the imagination and this book illustrates this Mind blown Love this book My children were ooohing and ahhing.

  5. We loved the optical illusions in all the paintings Those were fabulous The writing didn t grab us like we would have liked but still a book we plan on buying.

  6. This is a picture book with very vivid and imaginative illustrations There is some text, but the main focus of the book is the pictures accompanying the text Each picture is actually two pictures that morph into one and can be interpreted in different ways While there is little text, this book would still be useful in a reading class as a way to entice readers into reading The pictures are very creative and full of details and reluctant readers might be drawn into the book through the images Thi [...]

  7. These breathtaking illustrations which blend reality seamlessly into the fantastical are enough to make imaginations run wild A reader could sit and stare at the details for hours and still not notice everything The text is simple and plot almost non existent, which emphasizes the focus must clearly be on the illustrations While not ideal for read aloud because of the details in the illustrations, this book could be great in a classroom to get the students into creating similar forms of art, whe [...]

  8. This book s beautiful cover and full of possibilities title caught my eye one day at the library, so I gave it a quick read I enjoyed it It didn t blow me away, certainly, but I loved the art style and the book did a good job of inspiring thought and creativity Definitely a nice book when you need a reminder of that childhood imagination you had once upon a time.

  9. Imagine a road paved with sidewalks that lead to plush green lawns fenced by rounded, wooden enclosures Brick, red homes with arched entrances and multiple chimneys rise from within these gapless barricades In the distance, these same homes float off in a blue, reflective sea, its fences becoming boats with trees as their companions Flood Fences is the cover to Rob Gonsalves s Imagine a Place picture book accompanied with Japanese translated text by Sarah L Thompson Gonsalves, a Canadian painter [...]

  10. I love this series At first I thought why not just do the images alone They are so awesome But the words pull you further into the world of the picture So wonderful.

  11. Imagine a Place is full of remarkable, beautiful M.C Esher like artwork, making the book a delight to view The writing is nicely done, mainly one or two sentence inspirational phrases about life But really, you hardly notice the words I don t think my kids paid much attention to me during read aloud time.But it didn t matter, I too just wanted to look at the illustrations Trees slowly become birds, piles of rocks seem to become lovely old Victorian houses and a creek full of stepping stones seem [...]

  12. It s strange that the author gets first listing for a book like this I m not sure how the creative process works for this series, and perhaps it is the words that serve as a prompt, but in reading it, it is all about the art and the words seem like an imperfect accompaniment, a shadow of the fascinatingly surreal settings depicted I found this book because it was referenced in a gaming blog as a source of imaginatively strange images It seemed familiar, but I figured it was worth a reread anyway [...]

  13. If you can imagine a place,you can go there.Imagine a Place is a book that meets you in familiar surroundings and then takes you far, far away Its pictures tell incredible stories and its words echo like poetic song.A visual play on perspective brings a dolls house to life, turns snowfields into spring blossoms, oceans into mountains, and a few piled bricks into a city Wind blown curtains become dancing couples and a sea shell brings the white wash of the ocean into a bedroom.One can t imagine a [...]

  14. Thomson, Sarah L 2008 Imagine a Place Illustrated by Rob Gonsalves.Imagine a Place is a companion or perhaps follow up is the right word to two previous books Imagine a Day and Imagine a Night I ve not read those two The book combines poetic text with beautiful illustrations Both have the intent to make you think, to engage your mind For me personally, the illustrations were effective in that than the text I loved the illustrations Here s a sample of the text Imagine a placewhere you bend and s [...]

  15. Imagine a Place by Sarah L Thomson with illustrations by Rob Gonsalves asks the reader to imagine ordinary places realized in extraordinary ways.The cover for instance, takes a normal looking block of homes and slowly, la an Escher tessellation, become house boats, except that they are still red brick homes with grassy yards Another page hows a library room built entirely of books.Rob Gonsalves s acrylic surreal panoramas bring Thomson s poetic text to life This is one of those books that should [...]

  16. Imagine a place where time is countedby ticks and tocks, but space is measuredin sunsetImagine a place where each turn takes you home.Imagine a placewhere the tang of pineMeets the salt of seawhere adventure findsa waiting heartImagine a place where words shelter youideasuphold you,andthought lead youto the secretinside the labyrinthImagine a place where castle and cloudShift from square to squareand the world liesin the winner s handImagine a place where the sigh of wavesspill from your suitcas [...]

  17. This is the third book of the Imagine Series and I rank it high for it s illustrations but I don t think the text stands up to the quality you ll find in Imagine a Night Night is so much in that it entices the reader to Imagine a story beyond the text that is revealed in each picture This book s text is like exclamations of feelings and doesn t pull you into the illustrations I still recommend this asthe paintings of Rob Gonsalves can stand on their own.wordless

  18. This would be a great book to use in the older grades to bring out the creativity in your students Imagine a place this leaves the mind wide open to express its imagination in multiple ways Students can write their thoughts, draw them or verbalize them to showcase their imagination Without imagination, life if boring We each have our own interpretations and imaginations No one will imagine in the exact same way Another wonderful bulletin idea Let students show their imagination to the school

  19. Like the other Imagine books, we are taken on a variety of visual destinations described through the use of limited descriptive words The paintings are dreamy and fill our imagination as they were destined too Children can fill in words through the illustrations providing their perspective and story the images are brought to life These series can lead to many discussions and writing workshops where students can practice the use of descriptive words to match another piece of art, writing or their [...]

  20. Really, I looked at the words are nice but the pictures are wonderful and I wanted many as prints These are the types of paintings where one thing becomes another, or is another at the same time A man walks out onto rocks in a river until the rocks become a castle A stream surrounded by snowy banks is also the sky, the moon surrounded by snowy clouds probably my favorite Skiers glide down a slope of snow that become the cherry blossoms of trees.

  21. I do so love the clever surealist type paintings that form the basis of this book, and the others in the Imagine series I ve never been one to get poetry, and the words here, which I see as poetry don t speak to me nearly as much as the images They are worth reading just to look at the images themselves Important for children to be exposed to this kind of image also, so they can see the possibilities behind the obvious.

  22. The sentences are simple while the pictures are complex and mesmerizing The beautiful combination creates a wonderful book about the opportunities that await if one just believes I paired this book with a nonfiction book about Martin Luther King with my second graders in the library We talked about his dream, and then this book was a springboard for the kids writing their own dreams for the future.This is a must have for any library.

  23. Drawn to it by the beautiful illustrations The accompanying text is suitably appropriate, but the illustrations are simply amazing I learned a new word today trompe l il which describes the artistic style of the illustrations Google it It s a children s picture book, so a short read, but get it for the art.

  24. Fantastic landscapes spill off the edges of each page, playfully capturing the essence of the verses, inviting a stroll into a dream like place.Play some favorite classical music as you engage in thoughts triggered by the words and images about states of matter, thinking beyond horizons, mixtures of seasons, and .

  25. This book allows you to get lost Lost in your imagination, the descriptions and the beautiful illustrations Each page offers new ideas, new optical illusions and creative ideas We could spend a lot of time simply talking about what we see in the pictures Very clever and imaginative

  26. This is an absolutely stunning book The paintings are gloriously detailed and imaginative I would love to have several of them blown up poster size for my class room The poetry of the prose fits perfectly with the pictures, and one could spend hours studying each one, and imagining a place

  27. Gorgeous illustrations play with perspective and illusion Rocks in a stream become castle turrets Curtains billowing become dancing ladies The text is a bit obtuse, but I would LOVE a print of the library image

  28. I didn t care about the words in this book, but the paintings were beautiful and fascinating I love how the artwork blends two ideas or two places so seamlessly You can t help but spend a full minute or two examining the illustrations before turning the page.

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