Letters to the Lost (2022)

Unlimited Letters to the Lost - by Brigid Kemmerer - Letters to the Lost, Letters to the Lost Juliet Young always writes letters to her mother a world traveling photojournalist Even after her mother s death she leaves letters at her grave It s the only way Juliet can cope Declan Murphy isn t Unlimited Letters to the Lost - by Brigid Kemmerer - Letters to the Lost, Letters to the Lost Juliet Young always writes letters to her mother a world traveling photojournalist Even after her mother s death she leaves letters at her grave It s the only way Juliet can cope Declan Murphy isn t
  • Title: Letters to the Lost
  • Author: Brigid Kemmerer
  • ISBN: 9781681190082
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover
Letters to the Lost
Unlimited Letters to the Lost - by Brigid Kemmerer, Letters to the Lost, Brigid Kemmerer, Letters to the Lost Juliet Young always writes letters to her mother a world traveling photojournalist Even after her mother s death she leaves letters at her grave It s the only way Juliet can cope Declan Murphy isn t the sort of guy you want to cross In the midst of his court ordered community service at the local cemetery he s trying to escape the demons of his past When Declan readsJuliet Y
  • Unlimited Letters to the Lost - by Brigid Kemmerer
    262 Brigid Kemmerer
Letters to the Lost

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  1. Letters to the Lost is out today Thank you so much to everyone who helped spread the word 3 I m just gonna leave this riiiiiiiiight hereRev s Book book show 3

  2. When I first saw this book I thought it would be a dumb, cheesy, and extra adorable cute contemporary with some like, forbidden romance or some shit that would make you sob your heart out for the characters I DON T READ BLURBS LMAO OK and I avoided it for months Since this was may s favorite sappy contemporary, I ASSUMED it would be what I described OH HOW WRONG I WAS SOMEONE FEEL FREE TO PUNCH ME IN THE FACE What I got was a book about labels, judgement, grief, love, acceptance, friendship and [...]


  4. this book is like an artsy european movie, sad yet nothing happens and unbelievably boring but you stay to the ending of the movie just because you paid for a ticket.

  5. You know when you need a book but you re not even sure what you exactly need and then you win some theoretical lottery bc YOU PICKED THE RIGHT DAMN BOOKThat s me right now s I m LEGIT a sucker for anything resembling You ve Got Mail you can blame Peppa Pig for that This is like my 5th retelling book with a similar plot and gosh damn give me .But honestly this book was so much than just passing cute notes back and forth, it was about sorrow and grief and friendship and family and giving yourself [...]

  6. Had they not lost someone important in their lives, Declan and Juliet never would have connected.But they have, and now they need each other s support.LETTERS TO THE LOST held my attention considerably well Honestly, I thought I was in somewhat of a book slump, before I picked this book up, because I couldn t bring myself to finish the other books I had started.But maybe it wasn t me Maybe those books in question were the problem Or maybe Brigid Kemmerer s new novel saved me For that, I am extre [...]

  7. Beautiful Just beautiful I love that it is not a love story There s so much to it It s so much deeper It speaks about grief, coming to term with your losses, judgement and assumption based on very limited knowledge and self acceptance It wasn t cheesy, neither was anything romanticised But it dealt with these themes in a very mature and realistic way and it was just a stunning read, enveloping my heart.

  8. 1 Letters to the Lost 2 More Than We Can Tell I d heard somewhat mixed reviews from my friends on this book, but after learning that the ARC of Brigid s I d been approved for, More Than We Can Tell, is meant to be read after this one, I decided to go ahead and read it and I couldn t put it down Don t get me wrong, Letters is an incredibly sad story filled with grief, pain, and regret, but there s also something tremendously heart warming and comforting in Brigid s writing What you wrote implies [...]

  9. Oh this was a pocketful of heartbreaking and heartwarming surprises I really loved the author s other book Thicker Than Water, but I didn t expect to fall sooooo wholly in love with Letters To the Lost PEOPLES, THIS BOOK IS PHENOMENAL It s sad and it s sweet and the characters were so dimensional and complex and real It was also DARN INCONVENIENT because I didn t want to put it down The pages just flew past, with me feeling all the things which seems like a health hazard to my emotions.There the [...]

  10. We re all united by grief, and somehow divided by the same thing.Don t you just love being so excited to start reading again after a reading slump of like, 3 months or so, and then ending up not enjoying the book at all Because I sure do not When I picked up Letters to the Lost, I didn t expect anything from it My friend Sana recommended it to me after she read some cute contemporaries recommended by her friend When I first read the synopsis of it, I did get intrigued because it was short and si [...]

  11. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Juliet Young writes letters to her mother and leaves them at her grave She never imagined someone would write back DEEP BREATH This book intrigued me from the moment I read the blurb I like to find balance among all the books I read and since recently I ve read many lighter, sexier romances, I was craving something a little heavy and serious This book immediately came to mind because the blurb really stuck with me the idea of characters becoming close without ever having [...]

  12. Okay full five starts and added to favourites because I can t stop thinking about this novel and how much I love it Rounding it up to five stars because I think it deserves it takes deep breaths I m crying This was so beautiful I can t even, bro My heart got broken, mended and melted multiple times What I loved most was also is the same thing that broke my heart Declan s struggle with the labels and how people kept judging him without really knowing much about him at all And while he had his bes [...]

  13. I know this was clich d I know it was emotionally manipulative Right now, I don t care Because I stayed up until 3am reading this and my emotions are shot to bits Rating this four stars from underneath my veil of tearsSomeone pass me some chocolate please PMS is a bitch

  14. 3.5 stars rounded up to a 4 Me Too are words we are currently hearing a lot in the media, and these two words also pack a powerful punch in this book.Juliet Young has always written letters to her mother who traveled the world as a photojournalist When her Mother dies, Juliet continues writing her letters without thinking the letters will ever be answered Then one day a letter was answered with two words Me Too Two simple words that have a lot of meaning Just who has answered back and why Declan [...]

  15. 5 stars I feel so lucky that so far all the YA books that I ve read have been winners for me I have to admit I haven t been reading too many of them lately since it s getting harder and harder to find good ones But I want to say this one, this one right here is the reason I ll always read YA Letters To The Lost was so much than the blurb so so much .So here it goes Juliette, has recently lost her mom she feels lost without her, and so she starts writing her letters and leaving them at her grave [...]

  16. 2.5 stars Declan s the stereotypical senior class train wreck who s dealing with a lot of problems in his life He s doing court ordered community service at the cemetery when he finds a letter Juliet left on her mother s grave He writes back and eventually they start emailing They both go to the same school but aren t aware of who the other actually is The plot s kind of predictable from the beginning obviously they both have issues they will help each other through and then their identities wil [...]

  17. I received an advance copy of this book for free Thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing Plc UK ANZ and NetGalley There is agony in that picture Every time I look at it, I think, I know exactly how she feels This was a YA contemporary story, about two people brought together by grief.Juliet was an interesting character, and it was clear that losing her mum had really destroyed her I did think that the letter writing seemed to help her though, especially when Declan started writing back Declan was anothe [...]

  18. You were the first person to see all of me, Juliet The first person who made me feel like I was worth than a reputation and a record DeclanHave you ever experienced the pain of being judged I bet you have Sometimes, it can become so hard to ignore what other people say or think about us We are naturally social beings, conditioned to value our so called image or reputation We tend to protect it at all cost in fear of being ostracized by the people in our lives This shouldn t be a surprise becaus [...]

  19. Well this was really and unexpectedly great It s got a lot of things I love going for it secret correspondence, slow burn romance, also heartbreaking story content I really enjoyed it, a lot than I was expecting to, and I m glad it was my first read of 2018 Tw for this book suicide, alcoholism, death discussion of death lots of that

  20. 4.5 STARS Spoiler Free ReviewTrigger Warning Suicide, Alcoholism But never is okay, too Jules Never is always okay This was not what I expected not one little bit I LOVED THIS I ve started to go into my books completely blind, if it s something I want to read I try and avoid updates and all of that before actually reading it so I have zero expectations going in Letters to the Lost is about a girl who is mourning her mother and she writes letters to her grave, a guy sees the letter and writes bac [...]

  21. I m a sucker for the secret admirer trope Even though most of the time it s predictable, I always enjoy it and this was no exception There were twists and turns I wasn t expecting, and the predictability of it wasn t really an issue because the author didn t keep the admirers a secret from the reader I think that s the problem with some books of this trope, the author tries too hard and it becomes unrealistic, because how the hell could they both be so dense when so many clues are dropped So the [...]

  22. Am I ready for a story such as this No I m still not over a certain book Am I going to read it anyway Some people never learn.And sometimes I ask myself dumb questions.

  23. If I could use one word to describe this book, it would be beautiful.I was a mess the entire time reading from start to finish and I loved the characters so so so so much

  24. Really didn t expect this book to have such a profound affect on me as even approaching page 200 i was likehh Turns out, the second half of the book will smack you right in the face and make you feel every one of Juliet s and Declan s emotions as they grow closer and of their story unravels.There is some typcial YA cringe along the way, however, what i primarily liked about this book was that it wasn t your typical YA love story and that that aspect, for the most part, held off till the very en [...]

  25. i just don t think the bad boy who acts like a total dickhead because tragic backstory but really has a heart of gold will ever be my typed the same goes for girls in the same trope, like not for me but i can see the appeal if i close one eye and try hard.

  26. I was really excited for this book, but never got around to it Even with a few friends telling me it was amazing And maaaaaan, it totally is I loved Juliet and Declan They both have so much grief that it s palpable Their friendship is so precariously balanced and it s absolutely delicious reading it all unfold There were sweet moments and heartbreak and a few really really really great scenes I didn t see coming I could have done with a million times kissing and maybe an epilogue, but I loved t [...]

  27. 4 5 starstriggers attempted suicide, abuse and neglect all non graphic Holy hell on a cracker, this book broke my heart and soul I went in assuming this would be an emotional read, as it centred on grief and loss But I was not prepared to fall in love with the characters, to love the gradual growth of their trust and love for one another During first few chapters I felt disappointed, I didn t feel much emotion and the story line was so slow moving and clich But everything quickly picked up and s [...]

  28. So I m not going to lie I read this before my daughter was even born And, if you don t follow me or my life Which I m sure I many many people do not , that happened in the middle of March Yeah I know Shame on me Because this book It was SO SO good It deserved all the pre praise it could possibly get and I failed it I got the ARC, loved it, devoured it, even, and didn t get a chance to write this review as my baby girl was born oops and YAY But, instead of giving it up because I read it so long a [...]

  29. We re all united by grief, and somehow divided by the same thing In my life I have experienced two unexpected and shocking deaths The first was my grandmother who died less than one week later from complications of her cancer diagnosis The second was my sister s boyfriend who was run over by a drunk driver four days after his twenty second birthday.I don t tell you this as a cry for attention or that I m looking for any type of pity party, but so because while both of these deaths were complete [...]

  30. A little clich d but cute all the same This book surprised me because there was a lot of hurt in this book and the hurt that the characters felt was very palpable I wasn t surprised that these characters were going through stuff, it mentions it in the book blurb but their grief and their suffering was very raw and it really translated well, whether it was the way the story itself was done or the way it was told Juliet and Declan are going through different things and it s really heartbreaking I [...]

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