The Book of the Dead (2022)

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Book of the Dead : by Douglas Preston Lincoln Child - The Book of the Dead, The Book of the Dead An FBI agent rotting away in a high security prison for a murder he did not commitHis brilliant psychotic brother about to perpetrate a horrific crimeA young woman with an extraordinary past on the [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Book of the Dead : by Douglas Preston Lincoln Child - The Book of the Dead, The Book of the Dead An FBI agent rotting away in a high security prison for a murder he did not commitHis brilliant psychotic brother about to perpetrate a horrific crimeA young woman with an extraordinary past on the
  • Title: The Book of the Dead
  • Author: Douglas Preston Lincoln Child
  • ISBN: 9780446576987
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Hardcover
The Book of the Dead
[PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Book of the Dead : by Douglas Preston Lincoln Child, The Book of the Dead, Douglas Preston Lincoln Child, The Book of the Dead An FBI agent rotting away in a high security prison for a murder he did not commitHis brilliant psychotic brother about to perpetrate a horrific crimeA young woman with an extraordinary past on the edge of a violent breakdownAn ancient tomb with an enigmatic curse about to be unveiled at a celebrity studded New York galaThe New York Museum of Natural HistorAn FBI agent ro
  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Book of the Dead : by Douglas Preston Lincoln Child
    317 Douglas Preston Lincoln Child
The Book of the Dead

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  1. I normally never buy NY Times bestsellers, as it s usually the morons of America that cause the shittiest books ever written to end up on this list The Book of the Dead was an exception I made This time American readers got it RIGHT I just finished this book and I m still reeling This book is the way a thriller mystershouldbe written It s full of complex, well developed characters, it has an evil genius part Hannibal Lecter, part Sideshow Bob conspiring to ruin lives, a cooped up mysterious girl [...]

  2. This was so good I couldn t put it down Another epic thriller by the tag team of Preston Child Okay, so here s the thing I can t say too much on the plot of this book because it s the third one in the Diogenes series You would need to go to book 5 Brimstone to start the book trio between the Pendergast brothers.Aloysius is an FBI agent and reminds me of Sherlock Extremely intelligent, calm and resourceful Minus the whole cocaine habit Ha Diogenes is his brilliant, psychotic brother and he makes [...]

  3. Usually I really enjoy these novels so I was disappointed that I didn t enjoy this as much I didn t think the Event that caused so much hatred between the two brothers was that impressive in terms of the lengths Diogenes went to to destroy his brother This was definitely the poorest of the Diogenes trilogy.The next in series is also not popular with fans of the series as it is in a different setting and without the supporting cast so I may give that one a miss.A tepid contribution to the series [...]

  4. I am marking this 5 stars, but it is like 4.5 stars I hate to take any stars from Preston and Child, but, while the book was great, I did not care for the climax very much The story was an action packed resolution to the Diogenes trilogy in the same vein as the other Pendergast novels that I have come to know and love I think where the book and the climax lost me as it almost felt rushed to resolve both the book and the trilogy.I am currently reading The Count of Monte Cristo and I saw shades o [...]

  5. Great conclusion to the Diogenes Trilogy within the Pendergast series Nothing like a bombshell ending to make you immediately want to pick up the next book.

  6. One dreary December evening some years ago, I slogged in to my local Fred Meyer, stamping snow off my shoes, and encountered a tall, friendly, dapper gentlemen hawking paperback books near the door He introduced himself as Douglas Preston and said the book, Relic, was being made into a movie I thought, Yeah, sure So why are you standing here in a deserted grocery store in Kennewick, Washington, on a night like this I sort of felt sorry for the guy, so I bought the book.About 24 hours later, comp [...]

  7. If you haven t read Preston Child, you re really missing out on one of the best series of thrillers written, period Forget James Patterson, folks, these guys know what they re doing and do it better than pretty much anyone Why Thorough, well researched storylines, but not the type i.e Da Vinci Code that bogs down the thrust of the storytelling Oh yeah, and most of their novels feature one of the most compelling protagonists in modern fictionSpecial Agent Pendergast Many of their books feature Pe [...]

  8. The Book of the Dead is the last of three in the Agent Pendergast series I m not sure why it s a trilogy, though, because there are actually six or 7 books with that character and they re all somehow related Dance of Death and this book focus on the hatred and battle between the Pendergast brothers, FBI Special Agent Aloysius and his brilliant but murderously pathological brother Diogenes The previous book left off with Diogenes framing his brother for some horrific crimes and then stealing mill [...]

  9. Warning I tend to enjoy books in a series and when I ve developed a relationship with the characters This may not be the best written book in the series, but it feels like it to me because it is so true to the characters.Raise your hand if you really think a detective can be as near omniscient as Sherlock Holmes Uh huh I didn t think so Now, that being said, if you still enjoy suspending your disbelief enough to enjoy the improbable mastery of minutiae that Arthur Conan Doyle ascribed to Holme [...]

  10. i found this book in the bargain bin at the borders where my sister works the cover interested me and i asked my sister about it, and when she said that people asked her about it a lot, i bought it since with my discount it came to about 2 was a great book and i m sorry i read it first because its the last book in a trilogy made by the two authors about their FBI protagonist, special agent pendergast i highly suggest this book, its awesome and i rarely care much for mass market paperback thrille [...]

  11. I picked this book up from my local library for a dollar I believe it was a dollar well spent The creepy factor was right up there I like how the authors used modern day techniques to achieve horrific situations This was definitely a thrill ride and I enjoyed my time on it.

  12. Remember those old movies that blended cartoons and live action Like Who Framed Roger Rabbit or Cool World This book reminded me of those, perhaps the latter than the former The book starts with promise, presenting some compelling scenes and introducing some believable characters Than we re introduced to the villain and the hero, two ridiculous cartoons striding through a world of normals The plot quickly spins out of the realm of the remotely plausible, as the cartoons seem to infect those aro [...]

  13. This book is the last of the little trilogy within the Pendergast series that started with Brimstone and Dance of Death While I was really looking forward to reading it, I started out a bit slow, first because I was in the middle of a different book when my library order came in, and I started playing Dishonored on my 360 and was trying to figure out what I was doing without dying too often.But then I got a few chapters in and couldn t stop reading All sorts of suspenseful things were going on a [...]

  14. The Book of the Dead is a novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child published on July 1, 2007 by Warner Books This is the seventh book in the Special Agent Pendergast series Also, it is the third and final installment to the trilogy concentrating on Pendergast and his relationship with Lieutenant Vincent D Agosta in their pursuit to stop Pendergast s brother, Diogenes Preston and Child call these books the Diogenes trilogy The three books in the trilogy start with Brimstone in 2004 and continue [...]

  15. I feel like all my reviews for the Pendergast series are starting to sound the same, I m gushing as if in love about how fantastic the books are but its still true, this story is phenomenal and it makes you want to read another and another, this could easily have thirty volumes and I would still want to read them all, as usual this book reads smooth as silk while the action cuts like a knife.The Book of The Dead is the standard great stuff that one would expect from the insightful and intelligen [...]

  16. I enjoyed Douglas Preston s recent best selling sci fi thriller, Impact also reviewed here on Facebook , but did not much like this one, a bit of airport trash he co wrote with Lincoln Child It s not as bad as Ted Bell s Spy reviewed here pwoodford blog p 1314 , but it s pretty bad all the same My biggest problem The Book of the Dead is one of a series of novels, with a cast of characters introduced and presumably fully developed in earlier novels Unfortunately, though I think the authors inten [...]

  17. Well, I guess the magnificent run of Pendergast novels couldn t last forever This was a good book, but I felt cheated The Tomb of Senef with its colourful history and its macabre curse offered so many real opportunities In the end, when The Event was revealed, the whole thing just fell flat Also, I wasn t too impressed with the wrap up of the whole Diogenes sequence What s this Is this the same Diogenes who was so masterfully powerful in Dance of Death Pendergast, 6 I don t want to reveal any sp [...]

  18. If you can get past the plot, which is utterly preposterous, this is a pretty good action read I found myself flipping past the criminal mastermind s rantings because after awhile, they get boring I also I fail to see what help it is when he quotes things in French got that , Italian can guess at that , Russian nope , and Greek nope again , and then does not provide translations Maybe the point is to let the author impress his readers That got boring too My interest picked up when the tables tur [...]

  19. I always love picking up a Pendergast novel for when I want a fun and quick detective story The finale of the Diogenes trilogy within the series didn t fail Seriously though, with all the things that happen at that museum, you d think they d have shut down new programs by now Your sense of reality definitely has to be suspended for this one but it s a fun ride.

  20. I just love the mix of history and thriller Especially the museum history is fascinating I ll try to get of these.

  21. The Book of the Dead is another so so entry in the Pendergast verse and brings the Diogenes trilogy to an end hopefully.It suffers from the same malaise as the previous couple of books in that the antagonist is boring and the story boils down to Batman chasing the Joker in the Dark Knight There is no mystery and the protagonists are basically boring while having the ability to foresee random events And the ending is ambiguous enough without any form of closure.Oh well I hope the next book will b [...]

  22. Another possible 3.5er I actually really enjoyed this book, possibly than the last, but am too haunted by one problem to actually up the rating When all is said and done, this book had all the excitement of the series, and tied up a lot of loose ends from the previous Diogenes books, while also leaving a few open ends, or at least one big one My big problem here is how the Hugo Menzies problem from Dance of Death was never solved Supposedly, if I remember correctly, they were looking for old Hu [...]

  23. DNFAudiobook Narrated by Scott Brick Not one of my favourite narratorsI ve had 3 attempts to listen to this book, without success.I persevered because of all the excellent reviews it received, but in the end I just gave up.One of the reasons I may not have liked it is that it was narrated by Scott Brick, whose voice tends to put me to sleep.I ll give it another try sometime in the future, but it will be the paperback or ebook edition.

  24. I always enjoy the reliable thriller mystery, with a dash of horror read in between my other readings However, I should have read Brimstone and Dance of Death first Shame on me for not reading reviews and blogs on this I was still entertained by the clever Agent Pendergast and his cohorts I ll be back to read by the Preston Child team soon.

  25. Drawn to the cover, I picked this book up at a book sale I m so glad I did I loved it If I d taken this on relaxing vacation, I jjust know it would have taken only days to finish It was a quick and engaging read I will definitely be going back to read this series from the beginning.

  26. I did not care for this book at all There are too many subplots 1 the opening of an Egyptian tomb at the NY Natural History Museum is plagued by murders, 2 a clever prison breakout, 3 a weird young lady living in a sumptuous mansion in New York, 4 two brothers, one good, one evil and each gifted in his own way, are connected by a traumatic event that occurred when they were little boys All of the disconnected subplots and the sheer volume of characters left me thinking I needed to take notes I w [...]

  27. The Book Of The Dead by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child svartling 2018 02 book So, now I ve read book seven about Agent Pendergast, the Book Of the Dead It was very good, definitely one of the best yet in this long series Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child are very good authors of suspense, mystic, and thrillers I like this book series and .I don t want to spoil anything, but it still feels like it ended with a cliffhanger when it comes to Pendergast mad and evil brother Diogenes.I really like [...]

  28. Capitolo finale della Trilogia di Diogenes Da met in poi al cardiopalma, si conferma la bravura di PrestonChild nel descrivere ambienti bui e claustrofobici, in questo caso la Tomba di Senef Il finale non mantiene del tutto le promesse, debole in rapporto alla complessit che il libro costruisce capitolo dopo capitolo ma il giudizio resta comunque alto e adoro Aloysius Pendergast sempre di pi

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