The Walking Dead, Book One (2022)

Free Read The Walking Dead, Book One - by Robert Kirkman Tony Moore Charlie Adlard Cliff Rathburn - The Walking Dead, Book One, The Walking Dead Book One This hardcover features the first issues of the hit series along with the covers for the issues in one oversized hardcover volume Perfect for long time fans new readers and anyone needing a slight Free Read The Walking Dead, Book One - by Robert Kirkman Tony Moore Charlie Adlard Cliff Rathburn - The Walking Dead, Book One, The Walking Dead Book One This hardcover features the first issues of the hit series along with the covers for the issues in one oversized hardcover volume Perfect for long time fans new readers and anyone needing a slight
  • Title: The Walking Dead, Book One
  • Author: Robert Kirkman Tony Moore Charlie Adlard Cliff Rathburn
  • ISBN: 9781582406190
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Hardcover
The Walking Dead, Book One
Free Read The Walking Dead, Book One - by Robert Kirkman Tony Moore Charlie Adlard Cliff Rathburn, The Walking Dead, Book One, Robert Kirkman Tony Moore Charlie Adlard Cliff Rathburn, The Walking Dead Book One This hardcover features the first issues of the hit series along with the covers for the issues in one oversized hardcover volume Perfect for long time fans new readers and anyone needing a slightly heavy object with which to fend off the walking dead
  • Free Read The Walking Dead, Book One - by Robert Kirkman Tony Moore Charlie Adlard Cliff Rathburn
    171 Robert Kirkman Tony Moore Charlie Adlard Cliff Rathburn
The Walking Dead, Book One

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  1. Book One is apparently volumes 1 2, but even though I ve already read and reviewed the first one, I still ended up reading most of it again as a refresher In other words, I skimmed the first few pages, realized I d forgotten all of the plot details, and started reading in earnest immediately.Stop judging me, Rick Since I m somewhat late to The Walking Dead phenomenon Kelly has theorized that I m some sort of ALIEN goddess from the stars , I m going to try not to spoil anything for the other peop [...]

  2. I m 99% percent certain I ve never said this before, but I prefer the layered story of the television show.My first official graphic novel if one does not count the adventures of the Archie gang or Mad magazine at my cousin s house thirty years ago and I find that like McDonald s, graphic novels work better for me as rare treat instead of steady diet Still, its worth a try I came to the comic via the television series, curious to see Kirkman s original vision While it is interesting to see the [...]

  3. When I began to travel the path of the Walking Dead in comics This is the first volume of the hardcover editions of The Walking Dead , collecting the comic book issues from 1 to 12.My general rating is an average result of the sum of the ratings of each chapter in this harcover edition.Creative Team Writer Robert KirkmanIllustrators Tony Moore Chapter One Charlie Adlard Chapter Two Additional gray tones to inking Tony Moore Chapter One Cliff Rathburn Chapter Two Chapter OneDAYS GONE BYERating 5 [...]

  4. This review contains spoilers for the entire series, be forewarned Anyway, wow Homeboy does not like women There are a lot of things about this that were done really well, but I was actually feeling sick reading it because of the relentless misogyny I mean, really Some of the female characterization was downright offensive, like the unattractive, humourless middle aged woman who dies who dares to question the fact that the men are out hunting while the women are doing laundry she is brushed asid [...]

  5. How to review The Walking Dead It s a household name It s legendary Who knows the impact it s had upon indie comics, the horror genre, and drama television.Let s start with the zombie elephant in the room Maybe it s heresy to say, but Tony Moore is a better illustrator in my opinion His lines are sharp, his characters unique, his action unmatched Charlie Adlard is solid, but his character design is lacking by comparison I ve heard he gets phenomenal later on, but there was a huge shift between v [...]

  6. If you re a Walking Dead viewer wondering if the comic is as good as the series the short answer is that they both excel in very different ways I d call it a draw, and there s absolutely no reason to take sides Even than Game of Thrones and ASOIAF, the show has transcended the source material by altering the plot and the fates of several major characters, adding entirely new faces like Daryl Dixon who has become a wild card for comic fans and a favorite for many As someone who followed the comi [...]

  7. After trudging through pages and pages of one dimensional character sludge and one too many sequences of dialogue about canned food, I just couldn t do it any I enjoy post apocalyptic survival stories as much as anyone, but I expected so much especially considering all the hype surrounding this title from the rave reviews on and GoodReads to the upcoming TV show From panel to panel, you get humans trying desperately to fulfill the first level of Abraham Maslow s hierarchy of human needs breathi [...]

  8. I love the differences between TWD TV show and the graphic novels it was adapted from.I ve read The Walking Dead, Issue 1 which is a free book covering only the first day of TWD graphic novels just to see if I d like this medium, and I can honestly say, TWD is my first graphic novel and now I m addicted to this series.Sadly, my library doesn t have book two but it does have the rest of the books so I m forced to buy it because I m desperate to know what happens next and how it diverges from the [...]

  9. Wonderful artwork and good writing I read this in French translation while in Paris, but I assume it was just as well done in the original BUT It doesn t really add anything original to the whole zombie thing, and starts the same way as 28 Days Later Not to mention that all the ass kicking and fighting is done by men, men, men the women wash the laundry and scream and run from zombies and drop their guns and are fought over by men And the only woman in the book who complains about this is portra [...]

  10. Over the next ten weeks, I will be reviewing one Walking Dead book per week, to try and stave off the hunger for episodes of the show I will try and keep these a spoiler free as possible, but readers should be aware that a review may mention spoilers from previous books in the series Each one of these books comprises twelve issues of the comic Officer Rick Grimes wakes up in the hospital after being shot by an escaping prisoner No one responds to his calls for a nurse, and when he ventures out [...]

  11. I was introduced to the Walking dead via the television series, which I especially enjoyed so I ve been keen to see how the originating graphic novel compares.So the comic I found it a slightly strange experience Rather than balance dialogue with narration, the Walking Dead is only populated by the out loud voices of the characters At first this did wonders leading towards the bleak setting, however I struggled at times with panels dominated by speech bubbles.The artwork is gruesome as to be exp [...]

  12. I wish I had read these before I watched the show The characters are much raw, and I identify with them less I even dislike most of them, including Rick I do realize that in an actual situation like a zombie apocalypse, it would be extremely unlikely that one person would remain the voice of reason in every stressful situation Everyone would snap once in a while The lack of a reliable leader made each setback almost unbearable I have to say that I like Rick s character better in the show Howeve [...]

  13. It s readable, but these zombie apocalypse stories are starting to feel a little redundant to me There s certainly nothing new in this one, and the writing is decidedly sub par It really lost me at the sexism, though just like World War Z I guess it s good to know that someone s going to be looking after the laundry when the world ends On the other hand, Kirkman s grasp of masculine behavior struck me as cartoonish and inauthentic as well Does every man have a secret cowboy deep inside, just wai [...]

  14. We just got these at the library and I m finally getting around to reading them, after enjoying the first two seasons of the show The comics do not disappoint The artwork s great, and the dialog and writing are excellent If you ve seen the show and not read the books, you ll likely be a bit surprised by how QUICKLY everything seems to happen in the comics stuff that takes half a season on TV takes maybe two or three issues in the book The comics really emphasize the way that Rick and his group n [...]

  15. Since I have become somewhat obsessed and season 3 is coming to a close, I thought perhaps I should give the Graphic books a try This would be my first experience with a Graphic book I was a little bit hesitant at first and will admit it did take me a bit to get into the groove, but once I did I actually enjoyed it than I thought I am not so sure I would have, had I not started with the TV series, but I definitely think that the two together enhance The Walking Dead experience on a whole I am f [...]

  16. Not surprisinglyl the stars.Since I can t have thisI decided to give the comic a try I really enjoyed this I have never read a comic or graphic novel before this, but after all the amazing reviews I have read on GR, I thought it was about time I am a HUGE fan of the show and I was really shocked how different this was It was so fun to read and get both perspectives.Book 2 here I come

  17. 4.5 starsI enjoyed this a lot, i even liked the fact that it was very different from the tv show so i didn t know what would happen next The artist changes though, starting from the 7th issue or chapter 2 in this book and it was kind of a let down for me to be honest, because the art was absolutely flawless in the beginning The art is still really good but i can t help but compare it to the first issues The plot was great, though i gotta admit i liked that of the tv show better I guess i shouldn [...]

  18. The Walking Dead was the first graphic novel that I have ever read It took a bit of time understanding and getting used to how graphic novels are read but once I got use to it I really enjoyed it So much so that I had to convince the fianc now to open up book 2 so I could start reading it I did watch Season 1 and Season 2 before I read the novels We will talk about my thoughts on the novel vs the show later I enjoyed the story and the artwork in the first two volumes I liked that fact that with [...]

  19. Understanding the reader helps me to understand their review So let me tell you my attributes so you can judge my review of this piece.First, I m not a huge graphic novel comic book reader The artwork doesn t hold my attention which means I fly through the pages gleaning the story mainly from the dialogue Which leads into my impatience for drawn out stories If I had to wait for each issue to come out, I d go crazy Having a compendium like this makes it enjoyable for me And finally, I ve been wa [...]

  20. Since the series is too violent for me to watch on TV, and my husband watches it over and over and over again, he bought me the graphic novel for my birthday It s the first graphic novel that I ve ever read, and I enjoyed the experience As for the book itself, I found the story to be very compelling and the characters well drawn, but then it has this zombie thing going on, which I understand is the whole purpose of the book The title is The Walking Dead so one doesn t have to be a rocket scienti [...]

  21. As a longtime fan of the TV series, this book had been gifted to me several months ago and has since been sitting on my shelf For me, it s so difficult to get into such an already well established comic series because they just get to be so expensive Luckily, this is one of the rare graphic novel series on my library s shelf so I had no qualms about starting it when I d genuinely be able to finish without spending an arm and leg I loved getting to know the characters of this story, particularly [...]

  22. GREAT book Not that I expected anything different I love the TV show and it was really great to go back to the start with this comic and see the characters grow and develop all over again I really liked being able to compare plot points and character arcs This was just so fun and the art style is amazing I love that this is much darker than the show There is swearing and sex and some vulgarity but I think it works so perfectly because it feels realistic than the show where someone dies and they [...]

  23. This is the first graphic novel I have read, as an adult, and am very impressed with the introduction into the genre This is a great story of horror that has the reader literally sitting on the edge of the seat What I enjoy most about the Walking dead the most in the unpredictability of it Characters can die at any given moment This creates continued suspense throughout producing a real page turner.

  24. This is my first graphic novel and I loved reading it There were some issues with it though How women are portrayed in the comics Weak and only useful as sexual objectsexcept Michonne that is I also had trouble with the timeline as a reference The only indicator was the seasons I also like the fact that there s characters in the book that aren t on the tv show.

  25. What a gripping read Characters are brilliant and the tension and stress of living amongst the zombies is really well written Love the illustrations too, wonderfullly graphic, gory undead Cannot wait to get started on Book 2 and also watch the TV series.

  26. Frankly, Kirkman isn t a very good writer His characters are weak and his dialogue rarely rises above clunky What generally carries one of his books is the high concept behind it and the plot driving it Like Invincible, The Walking Dead is mostly plot driven The characters are thinner than the paper they re printed on and their motivations are just as flimsy.The TV series is far better in this regard, with a firmer grasp on how to dole out the story as well as sustaining tension It was a good id [...]

  27. Like most people, I was introduced to The Walking Dead through the TV Show I m a massive zombie fan I have no problem watching the cheesiest zombie films going And I have my end of the world plan in place So it was great to have a awesome TV show to watch.I fell in love with The Walking Dead instantly Season one and two were amazing but after that the love started to sour slightly I m a binge watcher, I wait till everything is on boxset then go for it But I started watching season 3, week by wee [...]

  28. I recently borrowed this book from my local library.I recommend this to all The Walking Dead fans I have to say, I am torn between this graphic novel and the television series I know the television series came around because of the comics graphic novels, but in parts I would say that the television show is a little better Now, if you are a fan of the television show first, you may feel the same I have been a fan since if first came on, and just recently gotten the chance to start the book series [...]

  29. 2.5 stars I prefer the show, hands down The comic blows through plot points at a breakneck pace and relies on a whole hell of a lot of tell not showing Characters feel flat and one dimensional Dialogue is laden with exposition There s almost a complete lack of tension or organic build up to dramatic moments so they come across either abrupt or downright silly And the art, which was very good often taking advantage of full page single panels for a perfect, gorgeous, gory reveal for the first 6 is [...]

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