1916: A Novel of the Irish Rebellion (2022)

[PDF] 1916: A Novel of the Irish Rebellion | by ✓ Morgan Llywelyn - 1916: A Novel of the Irish Rebellion, A Novel of the Irish Rebellion Ned Halloran has lost both his parents and almost his own life to the sinking of the Titanic Determined to keep what little he has he returns to his homeland in Ireland and enrolls at Saint Enda s sc [PDF] 1916: A Novel of the Irish Rebellion | by ✓ Morgan Llywelyn - 1916: A Novel of the Irish Rebellion, A Novel of the Irish Rebellion Ned Halloran has lost both his parents and almost his own life to the sinking of the Titanic Determined to keep what little he has he returns to his homeland in Ireland and enrolls at Saint Enda s sc
  • Title: 1916: A Novel of the Irish Rebellion
  • Author: Morgan Llywelyn
  • ISBN: 9780812574920
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
1916: A Novel of the Irish Rebellion
[PDF] 1916: A Novel of the Irish Rebellion | by ✓ Morgan Llywelyn, 1916: A Novel of the Irish Rebellion, Morgan Llywelyn, A Novel of the Irish Rebellion Ned Halloran has lost both his parents and almost his own life to the sinking of the Titanic Determined to keep what little he has he returns to his homeland in Ireland and enrolls at Saint Enda s school in Dublin Saint Enda s headmaster is the renowned scholar and poet Patrick Pearse who is soon to gain greater fame as a rebel and patriot Ned becomes totally
  • [PDF] 1916: A Novel of the Irish Rebellion | by ✓ Morgan Llywelyn
    367 Morgan Llywelyn
1916: A Novel of the Irish Rebellion

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  1. If you want to understand the road to Irish Independence, I think this book is an excellent choice Although it is a book of historical fiction, the historical facts are clear and correctly presented A small group of fictional characters are added to the many known historical figures The book begins with a list of characters, clearly stating which are fictional and which are real It even states which of the historical figures died in the 1916 Rising There are maps and a long biography In every ch [...]

  2. I loved this book Of course, I am passionately interested in Irish history and, especially, Irish Nationalism The fictional characters in the book are compelling enough to keep you reading, and the history is colorful, fascinating, and accurate I appreciate the fact that she references all of her facts so that you feel you re getting the real story Of course, me being me, I still went online to compare the author s version with what was available in other books and was happy to find that she was [...]

  3. Over 500 pages, this is a hefty read Even though the book is a fictional novel, it has a whole cast of historical characters It has details that you want to slowly absorb and embrace I paced myself at 25 pages a night at bedtime Those who have pledged to read 3,000 books by year end will laugh at me I think if you have experienced 1916 A Novel of the Irish Rebellion you will agree with me, this work should be cherished at a leisurely pace.That being said, even at a leisurely pace I would find my [...]

  4. Llywelyn s four books on modern Ireland starting with 1916 and finishing with 1972 is perhaps the best overall introduction to Erie s sad and glorious history You fall in love with her characters and she fleshes out the bones of history with story telling second to none I would recommend these four books to anyone who wants to understand Ireland and enjoys a deep, emotional reading experience.

  5. I never expected a book on a rebellion to be slow It started off well, but kept slipping from there as it dragged on with little of importance or interest actually happening Most of the book was leading up to the Rising, and even the Rising itself was a bit peripheral The main problem was that I wasn t attached to any of the characters They just seemed a bit lifeless, which I was actually appreciative of at the end It is not happy and would have been much, much worse had I cared about the charac [...]

  6. Llywellyn has done it to me again Taken a period in time and so intricately woven a fictional character into it that at some point the two blurr together The time she takes to research the history and know every detail allowed me to learn even about a subject I thought I already knew And of coarse the fictional story line has you swept up in terror and panic, first love and experiences, tears and heartbreak and cheering on the heros even though you know the outcome I have to admit that I didn t [...]

  7. It s been several years since I read this historical fiction book set in Dublin during 1916 This was the year of the Easter Rising in Dublin, when a small group of armed Irish men and women took on the might of the English army In the end it was a dismal failure as an armed revolution, but it lit a spark that would result in England finally giving the people of Ireland control of their own country.Llywelyn centers the book on Padraic Pearse, the schoolteacher who became the de facto leader of th [...]

  8. I am prepping for our trip to Ireland, thus the many books with the Great Famine, the Rising, etc as subject matter I had read that Ireland sided with Germany in WWI but did not understand why but I understand the bringing together of peoples with a common enemy This puts the reader right in the middle of a failed rising.

  9. What a fantastic book 1916 is about the Easter Rebellion of 1916 in Dublin, Ireland A volunteer army led by noble men took advantage of Britain s military involvement elsewhere in Europe to proclaim Ireland s independence and take back their city and country.This is a truly historical novel The main character, and others, are fictional, but a great many characters really existed The most fascinating of these is Patrick Pearse, one of the foremost leaders of the 1916 revolution He was a scholar, [...]

  10. The best part of the book is the last 50 pages, so hang in there through the sections that are difficult This novel is a great example of historical fiction that is historical than fiction Llywelyn includes copious endnotes and builds this story upon the real people who led the Irish Rebellion of 1916 Ned Halloran is technically the main character but is really just her method of telling the stories of those leaders Ned himself is an idealistic young Irishman who finds himself a student of Pad [...]

  11. This is a story set in the early 1900s culminating with the Easter Uprising in Ireland in 1916 I really enjoyed this book To me, this is the textbook example of a historical novel, good fictional characters and a good plot whose tale is woven through significant historical events While Llewelyn s story maybe doesn t rival those of Leon Uris, the Godfather of Historical Novels, it was good enough to keep me turning the pages I also think of Uris because his novel Trinity was also about struggles [...]

  12. I didn t know anything about the Irish Rebellion of 1916 before I read this book, and happened to hear the tune to U2 s Bloody Sunday playing in my mind the whole time Not a bad thing I m cautious to differentiate between truth and fiction while reading historical fiction novels, so was thankful to have the few biographical pages in the beginning Unfortunately, I learned the fate of most before the rebellion, but that knowledge didn t detract from the suspense Agreeing with others, I didn t rece [...]

  13. The title of this book is fairly self explanatory The rebellion is seen through the eyes of young Ned Halloran who becomes entranced with the idea of Ireland s freedom as taught to him by none other than Padraic Pearse Ned joins in the fight and while this book remains fictional, his eyewitness account paints an accurate and vivid picture of the fateful months leading up to the revolution This book was a re read for me I found it on my shelf at home and since I m poor, I decided to give it anoth [...]

  14. An interesting blend of history and fiction with enough footnotes on the historical parts to bring the non fictional characters Pearse, et al to life.I m a historical fiction fan and tend to want history than fiction and so I read a lot of non fiction as well so this book had a couple of story lines that I felt were a distraction I don t want to give anything away so I ll just say that anything having to do with going to America or the American connection, I felt was unnecessary filler.I would [...]

  15. Although this was a historical novel it brought the issues and passions behind 1916 to life Well written and interesting character development made this a great read The book ends with the failed attempt to overthrow the post office in Dublin where the revolt ends It is recommended to read this book then watch the film Michael Collins because this book provides all the background on the history and real life characters then Michael Collins picks up right where 1916 ends at the post office buildi [...]

  16. I should clarify my star system It s not that I didn t enjoy reading this book I did I would have liked if Llywelyn would have taken the license with the fiction to go a bit further into some of the historical figures especially the leaders of the Easter Day rebellion but my star system doesn t allow for historical novels to get much than one star At the same time, if you want a primer on the Irish rebellion and don t want to read a history book, I recommend Llwelyn s 1916

  17. As a student of Irish history, this book, although fictional, provides a great starting point to understanding the events and people who fought and died during the Easter Rebellion of 1916 and the road to the Irish Civil War, the troubles and even events and people today I highly recommend the series if you are interested in the Republic of Ireland and Ulster.

  18. Yawn Who would have thought the Easter Rising would be so boring Then again, I never got as far as the Rising Perhaps it picked up when the fighting started, but young Ned s early years put me straight to sleep Normally I like Llywelyn, but I suspect that here she decided to trade on her reputation rather than go to the extra work of making the opening of this novel interesting.

  19. A fictional, yet informational, account of the Irish Rebellion of 1916 Having just visited Ireland and the sites of the these events, it was a great way to become informed The protagonist was a young Irish boy who is coming of age and finding himself and end up in the middle of the rebellion There is a a little bit of romance and personal stories that keep this history interesting.

  20. Having been to Ireland recently and during the centennial of the Easter Rising, this book was a decent compliment to the actual history A bit simplistic, but told the story well.

  21. 1916 by Morgan Llewellyn is a historical novel with history than most books of this genre, but both the history and the fiction are well told The book climaxes with the 1916 Easter Rising, which is preceded by four years in the life of fictional Ned Halloran and the real and fictional people with whom he comes into contact Most readers will appreciate not only Ms Llewellyn s research and footnotes, but her ability to blend historical people and events with fictional characters and events to mak [...]

  22. 4.5 5 Despite this being such an intense, densely jam packed with historical times and figures, intertwined with fictional characters and their stories, that it took me nearly a month to finish reading, I did thoroughly enjoyed this book Morgan Llywelyn killed it with the research she did about the Irish Rebellion during WWI And her storytelling fantastic Yes, it was extremely dense with historical information, it was pertinent to the storyline And I certainly appreciated it Even if my brain wan [...]

  23. I stumbled upon this series in my desire to learn about Irish history For the record, I am not the least bit Irish However, I had just returned from a trip to England and Scotland, and realized I knew very little about Ireland This book is one of a series by Morgan Llywelyn about the history of Ireland and her peoples This is a unique work of fiction It s heavily researched to the extent that the author footnotes many of the quotations dialog and details However, the main characters Ned, Sile, [...]

  24. This generally captivating historical novel strikes a good balance in its use of fictional and historical characters However, anyone picking up this book with the hope of learning about the Irish uprising of 1916 should be aware that this book leaves out much The one glaring omission is almost a complete failure to mention the intelligence and counterintelligence efforts that were made by both sides Indeed, it was these efforts including the assassination of many members of the so called Cairo G [...]

  25. Llywelyn s written several historical novels based on Ireland, but there s just not much substance to this novel, despite a long bibliography Most of the history included reads like an undergraduate s barely edited paraphrasing of reference books It s a frustratingly superficial review of a complex history, cut with scenes from a bad romance novel The characters are too often molded to fit their national stereotypes, and even that good old hooker with a heart of gold trope Too many ancillary plo [...]

  26. The part of this book that deals with the Easter uprising and the people who brought it about is riveting as well as informative, but I didn t feel the need to know the details of the fictional boy s sex life, even if parts of it illustrated the sociological conditions of the time and place The connection between the Titanic piece and accompanying subplot and the rest of the novel seems contrived, as if the author was looking for a way to get a poor farm boy into a private boarding school and ca [...]

  27. Prior to traveling to Ireland for the first time, I selected this historical retelling of the Irish Rebellion against the British in 1916 to gain some perspective on this land The author weaved a tale so compelling and authentic that I ve found myself longingly sympathetic to the Irish plight before I ve even set my feet on its soil Well constructed story and plotline that helped me feel what it would have felt like as a first hand citizen of Dublin Fascinating story.

  28. Excellent book that presented history as historical fiction I wish I had read this before I traveled to Dublin in 2016, I would have had a much better appreciation for the Easter Uprising Nonetheless, I helped to weave together lessons I learned at the various historical sites.

  29. I would have given this book 6 stars if possible I devoured it in two days It is gripping and historically accurate Fabulous book I highly recommend it.

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