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ttfn Best Read || [Lauren Myracle] - ttfn, ttfn After everything they ve been through together Angela Maddie and Zoe know they ll be friends till the end but sometimes the fates or parents have other plans With sopho year and its troubles behind ttfn Best Read || [Lauren Myracle] - ttfn, ttfn After everything they ve been through together Angela Maddie and Zoe know they ll be friends till the end but sometimes the fates or parents have other plans With sopho year and its troubles behind
  • Title: ttfn
  • Author: Lauren Myracle
  • ISBN: 9780810992795
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
ttfn Best Read || [Lauren Myracle], ttfn, Lauren Myracle, ttfn After everything they ve been through together Angela Maddie and Zoe know they ll be friends till the end but sometimes the fates or parents have other plans With sopho year and its troubles behind them the winsome threesome is on cruise control enjoying the well earned perks of being sixteen But then Angela SnowAngel gets some seriously bad family news After everything they ve been thro
  • ttfn Best Read || [Lauren Myracle]
    352 Lauren Myracle

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  1. You should eat a waffle You can t be sad if you eat a waffle Overall ThoughtsThis was a super fun, easy and cute series Nothing intense of course, there s not much to actually review But if you re looking for something light and funny, this series is great The girls are hilarious and I found myself getting actually invested in their story lines and wondering what was going to happen in their lives next Until Next Time,Emerald BookWorm

  2. This is the second of a series of epistolary novels relating the IM conversations among three BFFs in Atlanta The format was interesting because it was unconventional, and it didn t detract too much from the movement of the plot This may be because the plot has barely any perceptible movement at all As with most IM or SMS conversations, not much is being said The wild one of the three starts smoking pot that the other two are shocked by this at age 16 seems a bit unrealistic , the timid one begi [...]

  3. Igh this book bugs me Its so good but yet so horrible Allow me to explain There problems were petty and clich , yet I cared about them The characters were obnoxious, stereotypical, and well clingy, but they felt real the romance was pretty bad, but I love reading romance so what can I say Zoe and Maddie had complete personality switches, that actually was just weird half the time I was like Yet the other half I was like I know right what is wrong with me, I like this series In fact, I have the t [...]

  4. I would recommend my book TTFN by Lauren miracle to a friend because it shows who your true friends are, and how there always going to be there for you They also want you to find yourself in your teenage years You also learn to be responsible Some people would not recommend the book TTFN my Lauren miracle because they think Is bad to find you true friends and your not ready for it and your to young to find yourself in life The book takes places in Atlanta Georgia with Maddie, Zoe and Angela Even [...]

  5. Writing one book in chatspeak apparently wasn t enough for Ms Myracle Just because something is cool doesn t mean it should be reinforced, or drawn upon for profit As adults, we have a responsibility to make sure our children are the best that they can be Writing a book in chatspeak most certainly is not one of them Is it any wonder why so many people especially young ones today have such atrocious grammar and communication skills, and on top of that, think that promiscuous behavior and drugs is [...]

  6. I really like this book I like how the three friends text each other every single day And even thoe one of the girls needed to go to California and leave her friends and not see them for a lot of years She still keep talking to her friends by texting.

  7. This was another re read for me and i loved this time then the first time i read it i so enjoy reading books from my High school days on to the next

  8. Miraculous Thing Today of all the news is good news.This morning a robinlands on my porchand beeps her hip hopuntil dark.I can t help tapping my foot.I take her by the wingand we dance into flight.It is you, Zoe,lifting me higher and higherinto the starry nightthat reminds meof your eyes and the sparklingtouch of your skin.I may never sleep again.This poem was taken from the book on pg 142 TTFN Ta Ta For Now by Lauren Myraclefollows Angela SnowAngel , Zoe Zoegirl and Maddie Mad Maddie going into [...]

  9. I suppose such titles as ttyl, ttfn, and l8r g8r are appropriate for Lauren Myracle s trilogy, considering how often the three main girls say goodbye to one another As novels written entirely in instant messages, I suppose it s only appropriate to have a way to signify the end of a conversation and move on less awkwardly to the next one Appropriate and perhaps even necessary, but repetitive I suppose there s a sense of security in this repetition, a repeated formula that assures readers that eve [...]

  10. I chose to read this book because i read the one befor it and i liked it a lot is is a realistic fiction This book took place in atlanta.The three main characters are Angela , maddie, and zoe.In this book Angela is devistated when she finds out that her dad lost her job and that they are gunna have to move to california so the 3 best friends are trying to spend as much time as possible together be for the big move But once angela moves it starts to seem like they re all spliting up angela is hav [...]

  11. In the book TTFN there are three best friends Zoe, Maddie, and Angela These three have been through so much in their friendship But the things are about to heat up in their friendship because Angela has just found out from her parents that she s moving to california When Angela found out that she was going to be away from her besties she freaked out because she has never been away from them and she doesn t know what she would do with out her besties But as she is away from her besties Maddie and [...]

  12. TTFN Ta ta For Now , told entirely in instant messages by Lauren Myracle is the second book in the Internet Girls series The book begans by introducing the Winsome Threesome once again This book follows Maddie, Zoe, and Angela through the new flirtations,fixations, and frustrations of eleventh grade Don t worry, it gets better.Everything was good until it all came crashing down One the of three named Angela thought her parents were becoming a lot distant and it felt like they were hiding someth [...]

  13. I read the TTFN aka the book in the series after the first book TTYL I honestly really liked the book after the first once it just got better They have developed new relationships old ones Made new enemiesde up with their enemies But most of all they really matured Even though in the book they do something that completely gets them in trouble then they realize their mistakes and it makes them of an adult.The biggest thing I liked about the book was the relationships just because I m a big one a [...]

  14. TTFN is a book about three best friends Through out this whole book, the story is told on IM These three best friends are Zoey, Maddie, and Angela Zoey s email is Zoegirl, Maddie s email is Mad Maddie, and Angla s email is SnowAngel These three best friends always told each other secrets and never lied to each other But as the story goes on, their friendship starts breaking a part For example Angela moves to California, Zoey starts liking Angela s X boyfriend, and Maddie is taking drugs Then Zoe [...]

  15. This book is an amazing way to pass time, it s not boring, but yet again it s not one of those books that keeps you at the edge of your seat It tells you the laugh out loud story of three girls that are all best friends and telling each other what is going on in their awkward lives, all through sms and some text messages It was a really cute book to read because of the style of text, but at some points it was hard to read because it was written in the form of stereo typical text message, meaning [...]

  16. The book, TTFN by Lauren Myracle was a great, humorous book that I would recommend to anyone in high school The line, She gave me a little plastic care bear to clip to my backpack 127 made me laugh in my head No high schooler has care bears on their backpack Once I read this, I could just picture a little girly care bear clipped to a 16 year old girl s backpack while walks through the hall I chuckle to myself every time I read it and everyone else probably does, too Another line that I thought p [...]

  17. ttfn is a good funny n sad book at the same time and i like it alote book is about theses three girls that are best friendsere names are maddie aka mad maddie zoe aka zoegirl and last but not least angela aka snow angelddie likes this boy named chive.when chive surprised maddie it was her to try pot for the first time.when she tried it made her feel dizzy.when she told angelas she had freaked out on her and asked her why did she do itgela had to move from alantla to calforina and when her parent [...]

  18. TTFN A book written in IM S instant messages That s very cool The first time I saw the cover, I thought it was such an ugly cover Then again a lot of my friends some how read it before This book is written based on online conversations between three high school girls, Maddie, Zoe and Angela The three best friends comes apart after Angela moves to California with her family Things at their home town comes undone, along with their friendship After Angela s move, Zoe and Maddie s friendship breaks [...]

  19. The summary of this book is that Angela, a sopho teen, is having to move to El Cirrito, California because her dad has a job there Her other friends, Zoe and Maddie, are not happy she is moving Will this break their friendship Or just make it stronger The main characters are Angela, a typical teenager that worries about who likes her or if she looks good, Maddie, the wild girl, and Zoe, the mom of the group or just really cautious The setting of the book takes place in Atlanta, Georgia The confl [...]

  20. Junior year, and Maddie, Zoe, and Angela are dealing with larger issues Sex, drugs, separation Although the books do have similar patterns to the rising falling action they aren t as predictable as they could be.As for content not having read the last one yet, it s at home and I m at work , I can see why ttyl ttfn l8r,g8r can make some parents see red There are references to sex, body parts, drugs, cutting, drinking, swearing, etc, etc Bute characters sound like three teenage girls When we were [...]

  21. This book was really interesting to read because the whole book is in instant message I really like how the book doesn t revolve around just one person, instead it revolves around three The other thing I really liked was that the three main characters stayed best friends no matter how bad the situation is I would recommend T.T.F.N from ages 13 to 16 because it s a really easy book to read and there are a lot of situations that teenage girls can relate to Overall I think this book was amazing.

  22. I didn t enjoy reading this book because there really isn t any dialog All there is, is three girl s conversation through the internet Ttfn is about Maddie, Zoe, and Angela s struggle through change and Angela s move I would recommend this book to freshman and up, because it s easy to read, but there is mature content in this book.

  23. its sad that angela moved 3000 miles away from her BFFs, and she has no friends she is so depressed, and i feel really bad for her and i dont like the way zoe and maddie are moving apart from each other, and keeping secretswell, im done reading the book now and the ending is happy it just goes to show you that in the end, everything DOES work out for you no matter how bad it is

  24. This book was so out of control My favorite character was Angela , because she was funny, dramatic, nice, and forgiving Maddie,Zoe, and Angela is the greatest trio characters I ever read in a book It s a funny, some sort romantic book which are my favorite.

  25. Another wonderful edition to the series The problems that these girls go through are very compelling and realistic.

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