The Folding Star (2022)

☆ The Folding Star · Alan Hollinghurst - The Folding Star, The Folding Star Book by Hollinghurst Alan ☆ The Folding Star · Alan Hollinghurst - The Folding Star, The Folding Star Book by Hollinghurst Alan
  • Title: The Folding Star
  • Author: Alan Hollinghurst
  • ISBN: 9781596910034
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback
The Folding Star
☆ The Folding Star · Alan Hollinghurst, The Folding Star, Alan Hollinghurst, The Folding Star Book by Hollinghurst Alan
  • ☆ The Folding Star · Alan Hollinghurst
    329 Alan Hollinghurst
The Folding Star

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  1. Boy, am I enchanted with the elusive Mr Hollinghurst Although The Folding Star is definitely weaker and less literary than the rest Swimming Pool Library, The Line of Beauty , it still has that tight and elegant mechanical heart which impels the modern reader to want to just sit down to read it, badly I myself had to actively hunt the book down I got the original U.S first edition for 99 cents on Ebay Yes, this is the least best in his enviable oeuvre but it happens to have the raunchiest scenes [...]

  2. With this, Alan Hollinghurst becomes my favorite living novelist For me the phrase means a feeling of excitement about what someone will write in the future, what new domains of experience they ll claim Martin Amis and Edmund White do not evoke this feeling any longer, though I love them Updike did, if in his last decade only journalistically I enjoyed Updike s testimony as a still acute American elder, his comments on epoch defining public events 9 11, the historic election of an African Americ [...]

  3. I was reassured by the fact that this book landed on the Carmen Callil and Colm Toibin Modern Library list of Best Novels in English from 1950 1998 To see the complete list click on the link listsofbests list 2738It is an unusual list There are a lot of books on the list that I hadn t read and than I thought possible that I haven t even heard of To say the least it is an intriguing list I really enjoyed Colm Toibin s novel about Henry James called The Master and so I have been excited about dig [...]

  4. Alan Hollinghurst writes sublimely I have gushed about his prose in my reviews of all his novels, and this one was no exception It is also the last of his novels that I read so Alan, please be writing a new novel, preferably one that is thematically along the lines of The Stranger s Child In this novel, we meet Edward Manners a name akin to Nick Guest fromThe Line of Beauty , who is an Englishman abroad, a tutor to two young men in a Flemish town, one of whom he falls hopelessly in love with The [...]

  5. If ever I am asked to name a writer of supreme talent working today, I can always fall back on Alan Hollinghurst While there are weaknesses in the early books a penchant for narcissistic, sex obsessed protagonists, a glaring lack of developed female characters these can be explained away as being part of the territory Hollinghurst writes whereof he knows, and there is so much in his books Accusing him of retreading the same ground boys, books, buggery is like accusing Proust of being all counte [...]

  6. It s always the same with Alan Hollinghurst attractive young man is fancied by less attractive gay man, agony and beauty ensue What a great format if you re a less attractive gay man God only knows why straight people might read this.Well written, though, and perfectly paced.

  7. Well, I just wrote a scathing review of this book that was lost Summary HATED ITHated the narratorHated the sub plot about the Belgian artistHated the object of the narrator s affectionHated that every man in the book, no matter how odd, turned out to be into having gay sex in the woods with anyone who walked by.Hated that every woman in teh book was either in love with a gay man, stealing straight men from gay men or only around to nurse the gay men as they die from AIDS I loved Line of Beauty [...]

  8. The majority of this book is a combined homage to Bruges la Morte and Death in Venice, and didn t especially grab me precisely because it was so much in their shadow though as ever with Hollinghurst it is enlivened by some marvelous descriptions of cocks, at once literary, filthy and instantly evocative of the members in question But the middle section, in which the protagonist returns to the small southern town where he grew up for the funeral of his first love, is astonishing a perfect picture [...]

  9. It is impossible to review this novel without at least some comparison to Alan Hollinghurst s other novels Since I m going to do that anyway, I will state that this is in my opinion the best written and most memorable of his novels so far The Folding Star scores low ratings in reviews for two things its flawed characters and its divergence from the main plotline Both factors are characteristics of Hollinghurst s writing I scored the novel highly because of the characters With today s self gratif [...]

  10. Hollinghurst is a joy to read His prose is lyrical, learned, literary superlatives fail me It s worth reading aloud And, he manages this without muddling meaning, remaining eloquent His 2nd novel, The Folding Star fulfills his promise He is certainly a favorite author I read him with All of Wiki and OED iOS apps which adds to the enjoyment.This novel is about a 30 something Englishmen obsessing and lusting about his 17 y o Belgian student he s teaching English I was constantly thinling about Dea [...]

  11. Beautiful The book jacket suggests this novel could be read as a homosexual Lolita, and that s exactly what I thought when I finished This was brilliant To me, Hollinghurst is one of the best contemporary writers His writing is so intricate, his stories so layered, and his characters so complex I love that he writes things like this Behind them the silhouettes of pines and poplars were reflected and the sunset opened canyons of pink and ultramarine in the pond s muddy depths 247 And It was hatef [...]

  12. Ugh guys, this book I don t know what to think On one hand, I absolutely adored it the language was so beautiful, holy shit but then there was stuff that bothered me Parts of the story were brilliant and the ending was really good I actually liked most characters in the book for once.The major thing of bother was the fact that a 33 year old TEACHER had a crush on his 17 year old pupil I know student teacher relationships are quite popular but they ve always creeped me out Luc is a child, for hea [...]

  13. Dreary mash up of Racine Andromaque , Proust In Search of Lost Time , Mann Death in Venice , and Nabokov Lolita Unlike Racine, there s no tragedy here because there s no possibility of a fall from the gutter Reads as if it were a tale told at the beginning of the 20th century rather than the end, arcane and stilted It s masturbatory the narrator never considers anything but his own wants, needs, and pleasures He s about as deep as dew Disappointing and tiresome.

  14. Okay, I just re read The Folding Star after coming across a review that interpreted the ending entirely differently than I did Can anyone share with me what they thought happened to Luc

  15. Very hard to decide how to rate this novel there were moments of intense frustration when I wanted to give up on it because Hollinghurst got so bogged down in details that didn t seem to further the plot the history of Edgar Orst, for instance , then there would be a passage of such transcendent brilliance that I just had to give it another chance.Parts of it were wonderful, particularly those focusing on Edward s obsessive behaviour, and the ending, while unresolved, offered up some startling n [...]

  16. All right I love Hollinghurst as I love my friends That is, in a complicated way that indulges his very strong personality I made it to page 32 before my characteristic Alan, you pretentious fucker guffaw Still a kindred spirit A gay intellectual, caught between the unconsidered joys that our people are born with by dint of what s in our trousers a very careful ironic philosophy satire, observation, thoughtful morality inherited from our forequeens How much is an idealized travelogue of tricks c [...]

  17. Okay, so As I ve said before, I absolutely love Alan Hollinghurst s evocative, atmospheric writing I find him psychologically astute and often much funnier than he is generally given credit for The Line of Beauty is, in my opinion, not only enjoyable, but a truly brilliant novel.So you can imagine that when I started on this, my second Hollinghurst, I had pretty high expectations Sadly, this book didn t quite live up to them.Don t get me wrong, there were plenty of things I liked I enjoyed the s [...]

  18. This book had its moments At times the language is beautiful and the imagery is very provoking, so much so that I found myself lost in it for a few chunks at a time Unfortunately the overriding feeling for me coming out of this book was clunky As I have already said, some sections were very well done, but these were spread out within huge chunks of text that just didn t do anything for me I am a fan of a wide variety of books those that are all gripping plot without much depth those that are dep [...]

  19. The story of a pronouncedly gay man who spends the majority of his time having sex, thinking about sex, wanting sex, and specifically wanting sex with one specific individual with whom he falls in love almost instantaneously Homosexuality almost takes over the entire book, with multiple ostensibly heterosexual characters revealing homosexual tendencies or histories and attempting to have sex with the narrator The book wants to be about the all consuming nature of sexual desire, expressed through [...]

  20. Dazzling, funny, stylish, sexy, unputdownable, heart breaking, unforgettable Alan Hollinghurst is the greatest writer alive says The New York Review of Books described it thus You could read this novel as a miniature Remembrance of Things Past Or as an expanded Death in Venice or as a homosexual Lolita It is an immense pleasure to read, filled with funniness and poetry, handled with amazing sensitivity and accuracy Peter Kemp, Times Literary Supplement critic, said, Even in its sexiest moments, [...]

  21. I m not normally giving to skim reading, but this tedious, incoherent, and over long novel forced me into it The tale of an English teacher s obsession w 17 yo student, _The Folding Star_ is nasty minded and small a real waste of time major disappointment from an author who knows better.

  22. Not the best Hollinghurst I have read Was uncomfortable with the stalking, voyeuristic and underage aspects of the plot On the other hand, Hollinghurst has, in the 4 books I have read by him, always spent time musing on school boy sex.

  23. Unrequited love trumps every other human emotion to act as the most fertile source of timeless literature It provokes the mind in myriad ways to push the boundaries of articulation and express its pain in delectable ways Most of the books I ve admired so far are about one distressing situation or the other It may be so because pain is suitable for reading than pleasure it is substantial and life affecting in a way that pleasure can only aspire to be The Picture of Dorian Gray, Lolita, and Death [...]

  24. Alan Hollinghurst How is it possible for so much talent to exist in a single person All his novels are of the highest quality As a writer he is so diverse he writes so fluently about music, art, literature, sex, relationships, history and the list goes on.I will be forever haunted by the following paragraph from the Folding Star p 242 A large oval mirror hung by two chains above our fireplace There was something aloof about it it was never one of those mirrors that embrace a room and give it bac [...]

  25. Un se or ingl s, en la edad adecuada para tener eso que llamamos una crisis de mediana edad , conoce a un muchachito rubio y pipiolo a su llegada a un pueblo holand s, donde da clases de su lengua para extranjeros El se or ingl s conoce otras cosas a su llegada y mientras tanto, descubre los secretos de un pintor, mantiene un romance con un apasionado magreb y rememora, debido al sida que ha cambiado a sus amistades, su descubrimiento sexual La estrella de la guarda The Folding Star es, probable [...]

  26. An exquisite novel with satisfying layers for all the Freudian levels of the self sexual obsession, crystal clear auto reflection and highbrow albeit fictional art history constitute a whole that makes the book not only enjoyable but also poignantly beautiful One cannot help discovering the probably not coincidental parallelisms with Lolita and even with A la recherche du temps perdu, but that speaks for the book and not against The final chapters seem somewhat hurried the way everything falls i [...]

  27. Edmund White said in an interview that The Folding Star was his favorite novel, so my interest was piqued Having just finished it, I understand why This book is achingly brilliant, erotic and disturbing The author captures with breathtaking clarity the slow agony of the kind of unrequited love with a demi god who inevitably turns into a flawed human that I have suffered from at several points in my life I m left shaken and haunted by this book.

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