Six Suspects (2022)

↠ Six Suspects ê Vikas Swarup - Six Suspects, Six Suspects There s a caste system even in murder Seven years ago Vivek Vicky Rai the playboy son of the Home Minister of Uttar Pradesh murdered Ruby Gill at a trendy restaurant in New Delhi simply because she ↠ Six Suspects ê Vikas Swarup - Six Suspects, Six Suspects There s a caste system even in murder Seven years ago Vivek Vicky Rai the playboy son of the Home Minister of Uttar Pradesh murdered Ruby Gill at a trendy restaurant in New Delhi simply because she
  • Title: Six Suspects
  • Author: Vikas Swarup
  • ISBN: 9780385608152
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Hardcover
Six Suspects
↠ Six Suspects ê Vikas Swarup, Six Suspects, Vikas Swarup, Six Suspects There s a caste system even in murder Seven years ago Vivek Vicky Rai the playboy son of the Home Minister of Uttar Pradesh murdered Ruby Gill at a trendy restaurant in New Delhi simply because she refused to serve him a drink Now Vicky Rai is dead killed at his farmhouse at a party he had thrown to celebrate his acquittal The police search each and every guest SiThere s a caste s
  • ↠ Six Suspects ê Vikas Swarup
    128 Vikas Swarup
Six Suspects

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  1. While I enjoyed Six Suspects especially the characters of Eketi and Munna , the American character, Larry Page, did not ring true at all, primarily because of his speech Attempts to make him an ordinary, aw shucks Texas hick were admirable, but his butter my butt and call me a biscuit style got very old after awhile, and he really was just unbelievably stupid I ve met my share of stupid, uneducated people, but this was just too much, and for the only time in the book, I just really wanted his Ma [...]

  2. era sobre uma aldeia cheia de gente pobre que era explorada por um senhor feudal Mostrava um rapazinho a atirar uma pedra mans o do zamindor senhor feudal , partindo uma janela As grandes revolu es come am com uma pequena fa sca A introdu o do livro Seis Suspeitos provocadoramente deliciosa O livro apresenta nos sete personagens principais, ainda que uma delas permane a nos bastidores e seja apenas retratada atrav s do relacionamento, contacto e experi ncias com as restantes Estas sete personali [...]

  3. There are a certain class of books in which nothing really happens for three hundred pages, but the reader enjoys the read because the characters are so friendly, the setting so cozy, and the writing so easy This novel is the exact opposite Everything happens, but the journey jars, the characters fail to charm, and occasional lapses in writing make the plot alone carry the reader along I found myself skimming, irritated with the prose, but wanting to find out what happens next.And when I say eve [...]

  4. How I Came To Read This Book It was a gift.The Plot Vicky Rai is the playboy son of a corrupt Indian bureaucrat he s also newly acquitted from a murder he was clearly guilty for, a verdict that has the entire country of India up in arms When Vicky throws a party to celebrate his freedom, he s subsequently murdered and a motley crue of 6 suspects are taken into custody for possessing guns A deeply dedicated investigative journalist concedes he will do what it takes to uncover the murderer of Vick [...]

  5. Oh Dear Gods, why did I finish this book My biggest problem with Vikas Swarup s first book was that the characters were underdeveloped and it felt like I was reading the novel adaptation of Slumdog Millionaire rather than the book that spawned the movie.My problem with this book was almost the exact opposite The characters were over developed, but not in a good way The description of them felt repetitive The entire first section of the novel was completely unnecessary to any of the story lines D [...]

  6. Vivek Vicky Rai is a crook, a businessman and the son of the Home Minister of Uttar Pradesh he is labelled the poster boy for sleaze by journalist Arun Advani and his crimes range from fraud to murder When Rai is aquitted on a high profile murder charge, he decides to have a big party to celebrate During the evening he is murdered and there are a whole host of people who would have been happy to see him dead Six suspects are arrested who have all come to the party with a gun and this clever and [...]

  7. The second novel by Vikas Swarup, after QA, the book that now has a life of its own Six Suspects worked essentially as a superb suspense thriller for me, but it is also a commentary on everything that happens in India from militancy and racism to reality TV and call centres Through six of the most stereotyped characters that you could ever find okay, five , the author manages not only to create a gripping tale that shakes up the mix every time you think you have cracked the mystery in your head, [...]

  8. Just a few days after getting away with murdering a bartender, Vivek Vicky Rai was himself murdered in his own celebration party Six suspects were detained and were brought to the authorities after having the scene of the crime fenced and the guests frisked The suspects range from the most ordinary to the very popular and influential all of whom has stories to tell and all of whom has enough motives to kill Vicky Rai.A huge portion of the book itself delves into the motives, where each life is t [...]

  9. Me ha sorprendido para bien No cre a que fuera un buen misterio qui n lo hizo , pero al final s que lo es, si bien esa no es la intenci n.El libro trata de hacer una somera radiograf a de la India y una cr tica a su corrupci n pol tica, a trav s del asesinato de un rico empresario indio que acaba de salir absuelto por el tribunal, y la historia de los seis sospechosos del crimen De hecho, la novela est estructurada en un pr logo, la presentaci n de cada sospechoso, su m vil, las pruebas, las ded [...]

  10. Nice romp that explores life in India but in a lighthearted manner that does not detract from the story It is a murder whodunit that satisfies the mind and the heart For an Agatha Christie fan, this was a treat I relished His writing style is simple and to the point, yet the characters occasionally stay on your mind long after they ve been written out of the story He does not sugar coat the class, caste and racist undertones, makes no excuses, and no judgement the story does not get preachy or p [...]

  11. Negeri kami aneh dan tak terduga Kau bisa bertemu orang orang terbaik di dunia serta yang terburuk di sini Kau bisa merasakan kebaikan hati tanpa tanding dan menyaksikan kekejaman luar biasa Untuk bertahan hidup di sini, kau harus mengubah cara berpikirmu Jangan percayai siapa pun Jangan andalkan siapa pun Di sini kau sepenuhnya sendirian Di India, tingkat korupsi dan kolusi demikian tinggi sehingga kesalahan seseorang yang berjabatan tinggi bisa jadi tidak salah sama sekali Aku curiga jangan ja [...]

  12. avadhutrecommends.wordpress Summary A high profile murder Six suspects All had motive and opportunity All six had a weapon Who is it Review Vicky Rai, industrialist, son of Uttar Pradesh s home minister and a notorious law breaker is shot point blank in a party at his farmhouse There are six suspects who had weapon and opportunity A corrupt bureaucrat, a mobile thief, an American, a tribal, a famous starlet and his own father.My advice read this book as a novel than a murder mystery You will enj [...]

  13. Vikas Swarup is one of the best thriller writers in recent times His first book QA has become world popular six Suspects follows the same style of revealing the outcome then running the events in flashback But in his usual style the outcome also changes after the flashback He can think in the most impossible way and link it in the story in most reasonable style His characters are a mix of very dramatic most simple Th emost unexpected characters turn out to be exceptional His experience of studyi [...]

  14. Il s agissait certainement de l homme le plus d test d Inde et le voici assassin lors d une f te qu il organise Six personnages sont suspect s par la police car chacune poss de une arme et en attendant les r sultats de l analyse balistique un journaliste va se pencher sur le meurtre.En fait d enqu te, c est le parcours atypique de ces diff rents personnages que l on va suivre dans des strates diff rentes de la soci t indiennes, et leur p riple jusqu cette fameuse f te ensanglant e Du jeune homme [...]

  15. 3.5 stars and a night of no sleep.I accidentally picked this up as I was dusting my bookshelf and noticed that I have this book for ages but haven t read I thought of just flipping through a few pages for a quick break The rest s history and so too my vacuuming So clicheI m not good in doing reviews and I think with 400plus people discussing about this book are enough to give any new guy what to expect I just want to put here my reaction to the book It was fun and engaging, sometimes depressing [...]

  16. Ahh It was a cute gimmick but the guy that was killed was such a bastard that I was happy he was dead no matter who did it As for the list of suspects all six of them were incredibly dull so if one of them did actually kill the guy and I can t help but feel there is some sort of gotcha ending in store here but don t care enough to slog through it to find out it would be the most exciting thing they did Ahh I actually gave this book almost 200 pages hoping it would get better since so many people [...]

  17. Though some reviews complain that the structure is gimmicky, in my opinion it works well Most of the characters are distinct and well voiced the exceptions being the father who too easily blends with other corrupt characters and the unbelievably stupid American beyond caricature to just cringe inducing The end is where I felt most let down too many false climaxes and strange narrative choices Yes, there is a message, but it loses punch when the reader has lost investment in the characters Will I [...]

  18. I started the book thinking it will be about a tout murder mystery case with six suspects So at first I was really interested with the novel, with the author s choice of writing style When I almost reached the end, I know I was somehow mislead Maybe the problem was the book title.The book is, besides the murder case, includes a lot of social commentary of what happening in India It tells it through the perspective and surroundings of the six suspects It was really interesting though.In the end, [...]

  19. sei persone sono sospettate di omicidio, sei storie che raccontano non solo i fili che legano i protagonisti al tragico evento ma anche l india moderna swarup toglie gli orpelli e gli abbellimenti e descrive un india crudele, corrotta, ingiusta e piena di contraddizioni in cui per ancora possibile essere diversi e umani e crea un romanzo avvincente e ironico, che si divora menzione d onore a due personaggi il redneck americano e il funzionario corrotto e vizioso che, in certi momenti, si crede i [...]

  20. Good, but not quite as good as his first book, Q A This book had some humor, which was a nice change, and I really liked the way it was set up Murder, suspects, motives, resolution I think it would have benefited from a bit editing down of the stories of the individual suspects The twists at the end were a bit too twisted But overall, a good read and I look forward to by this author.

  21. Even when being predictable, this book turned out to be a good read, stressing upon some major atrocities and illegal activities in the country But I can t erase the thought in my mind that this book was written with a intention to make it to the big screen and not with an intention to satisfy the literary thirst of the readers and hence the three stars.

  22. sechs Verd chtige haben jeder ein Motiv und eine Waffe, die den Fiesling auf dessen Promiparty das Lebenslicht ausblasen kann Wer war der M rder Bollywood meets Agatha Christie meets Sozialreportage Bek mmlicher Krimi.

  23. Very well done, Mr Swarup Not quite the typical mystery novel that many often see Still not up to Agatha Christie s level yet I thoroughly enjoyed it It was quite a thrill reading it

  24. 2nd Read 26 June 2014PENULIS NOVEL SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE VIKAS SWARUPYap 4 tahun yang lalu, tulisan yang terpampang di cover depan ini sukses membuat saya membeli buku ini Waktu itu saya baru tahu kalau film Slumdog Millionaire ternyata diangkat dari sebuah novel Dan saya penasaran sekali siapa itu Vikas Swarup dan seru atau tidakkah novel yang ditulisnya.Sebelumnya mari kita simak dulu sinopsis yang ada di cover belakang buku DTujuh tahun lalu, Vivek Vicky Rai, seorang playboy putra sang Menteri [...]

  25. sebenarnya buku six suspects ini merupakan buku pertama karya Vikas Swarup yang sudah saya baca selesai membaca buku ini pun saya merasa puas dan ketagihan untuk membaca buku buku lainnya dari Vikas Swarup six suspects ini bisa dibilang berbeda dengan novel novel misteri atau detektif detektif lainnya di dalam buku ini, cerita detektif hanya menyumbang porsi yang sedikit ketimbang drama yang dimiliki masing masing tokoh eit jangan bosen dulu, walaupun saya bilang drama, tapi cerita yang dimiliki [...]

  26. Bingung ini sebenernya mau nulis apaan bukunya rame Oke, awalnya buku ini adalah kisah detektif, menceritakan sebuah investigasi terhadap kasus Pembunuhan yang menimpa seorang playboy.Tapi seiring bergulirnya halaman demi halaman dan bab demi bab, sentuhan kriminal dalam buku ini seolah makin tersembunyi di balik kisah yang lambat alun diceritakan.Aku katakan buku ini lumayan beralur lambat, karena kisahnya sendiri dibagi menjadi 6 FON FOKUS ON NARATOR yang tiap FoN mendapat porsi per bab secara [...]

  27. When Indian playboy Vicky Rai is acquitted of a murder he s blatantly guilty for, the nation of India is in an uproar To celebrate, Vicky throws a party at which he is subsequently murdered And after rounding up those carrying firearms, the local police are left with six suspects for the killer, all with different motivations for wanting Vicky dead A dedicated investigative journalist aims to uncover the truth, at which point we learn all about the backgrounds, motives, evidence, and outcomes fo [...]

  28. a fast paced thriller Murder by gunshot of a rich, influential, rotten to the core son of a political tycoon at his own lavish party in a remote farm house celebrating his eviction from a nasty case of killing a young bartender lady six suspects who are caught at the scene with guns in their hands, so many motives, so many twists and turns this book kept me engaged All the characters were quirky and funny, especially the politician in whom Gandhiji s soul entered from time to time I laughed a lo [...]

  29. I am always a big fan of adventure mystery The feeling the book Six Suspects provides me is quite different than those I have read before The structure of the book is very unique, such as it contains six different stories of the six suspects found in Vicky Rai s house It is amazing that five of these suspects have nothing to do with Vicky at first, but they all end up relating to him due to revenge, in search of the sacred rock and Munna, the mobile phone thief, is my favorite character The acci [...]

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