How to Kill an Incubus (Incubus, #1) (2022)

↠ How to Kill an Incubus (Incubus, #1) ↠ KimberLee - How to Kill an Incubus (Incubus, #1), How to Kill an Incubus Incubus Fans of sexy romantic comedies with a dash of supernatural are comparing this book to The Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones and Anita Blake Vampire Hunter by Laurell K Hamilton Rainelle you w ↠ How to Kill an Incubus (Incubus, #1) ↠ KimberLee - How to Kill an Incubus (Incubus, #1), How to Kill an Incubus Incubus Fans of sexy romantic comedies with a dash of supernatural are comparing this book to The Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones and Anita Blake Vampire Hunter by Laurell K Hamilton Rainelle you w
  • Title: How to Kill an Incubus (Incubus, #1)
  • Author: KimberLee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 151
  • Format: None
How to Kill an Incubus (Incubus, #1)
↠ How to Kill an Incubus (Incubus, #1) ↠ KimberLee, How to Kill an Incubus (Incubus, #1), KimberLee, How to Kill an Incubus Incubus Fans of sexy romantic comedies with a dash of supernatural are comparing this book to The Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones and Anita Blake Vampire Hunter by Laurell K Hamilton Rainelle you were eye f ing me in the casino Rae couldn t exactly deny what Andrei the king of the incubi said so matter of factly But she is her father s daughter and having
  • ↠ How to Kill an Incubus (Incubus, #1) ↠ KimberLee
    151 KimberLee
How to Kill an Incubus (Incubus, #1)

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  1. Truly the best story I ve ever had the chance to sample Five chapters and already I m feeling like a crazy mama bear for not being able to read the rest No matter, I ll have the full thing soon enough and my thirst for Rae and her Deamon boo will be stated.

  2. Smutty and fun UF romance between PI h who specialises in cheating husbands and a demon king who is an incubus h turns out to be H s fated mate kind of and theres loads of hot and rough smex There are some obstacles to the HEA too but I liked that the h H weren t among them In almost all UF stories the h is kickass but emotionally stunted and puts up every objection on earth and some to distance herself from the H Or she chooses some emotionally unavailable, manipulative jerk out of all the cho [...]

  3. I have honestly loved this book, and many of the other books written by this author I think she has something going for her and I wish her the best of luck with publishing this book If you ever have the chance read this book, it is one of my favorite books EVER

  4. I ve read this book on wattpad, and for me it was love at first sight The main characters have great personality and the story is definitely not your average demon romance story And let me just tell you, if you like sexy bad boy alpha males, Andrei will show they got nothing compared to him So for me, this is the best demon paranormal romance I ve ever read Sorry about my english, it s not my first language In addition to that, the author is an amazing person, I ve never met her, but has great s [...]

  5. 4.5 Stars.This book is awesome, but it also has a lot of sizzling hot sex in it too Some of my friends here might not like this book due to the amount of sex that it has in it and some of the questionable sex We are dealing with demons, particularly sex demons So Rae Rainelle, interesting name is a PI, who only does cheating husbands She lives a pretty mundane life until she wakes up to a demon trying to get in her pants, but he seems off, maybe drunk who knows She fends him off, and he mentions [...]

  6. 5 fanatically sexy as hell stars Damn I am so glad I stumbled across this book Loved Rae and Andrei And the sex Whew

  7. Wattpad always makes me feel like I m cheating on the books I have waiting on my shelves, the guilty pleasure of unpublished work The waiting for the next chapter instead of it being just a page turn away always frustrating me But now one of my favorite Wattpad stories is being turned into a book Even though I read this story a while ago, when the waiting for a new chapter every few days was still a thing, I cannot wait to buy it on There have been sometimes where I want to reread the book or ce [...]

  8. How many ways are there to state how awesome this book is please tell me so i can type every single one of them here I absolutely loved this book i STILL love this book I enjoyed the characters who are each completely different in their own way and are relatable The story line is riveting I enjoyed every second of Andrei and Rainelle s adventure together from their steamy nights to their fights to well everything My point is, this book is definitely worth the read and i cant wait to get a copy w [...]

  9. Read this book on Wattpad and absolutely loved it It definitely is a must read for a mature audience Kimberly Lee is one of my favorite authors.

  10. I read in one sitting the sample of this book in Wattpad yeah unfortunately, I was one of those many who were too late to discover this HAMAZING WRITER KIMBER LEE a.k.a kanyeinterrupted It is an exquisite but agonising wait and I am super excited that FINALLY the book will be available soon KIMBER LEE is a talented and awesome writer Her books will definitely be both on my iBook and my beloved wooden bookshelf

  11. The book How to Kill an Incubus is an amazing book I truly love the story line behind it all The book is purely amazing and I cannot wait to see how much further the author, Kimber Lee can take it with her other works too.

  12. This is an outstanding book by an awesome author If you want any verification to that just check out her message board on wattpad, each everyone literally praise her Must read, only for mature audience This is gold and bestseller material.

  13. This is one of the absolute best books I have ever read as a young adult It drags you in, and even though it s completely hot, the story line still makes you feel all kind of ways Can t wait to read this again

  14. I have been following Kim for almost two years now in Wattpad I have read a lot of wattpad stories but I have a short list of authors who I can definitely say are amazing writers and Kim is one of those I have read all of her works in Wattpad but How to Kill an Incubus is one of my favorites It s rare for me to like supernatural romances because I can t quite imagine some for reason This book, though, has surpassed all my expectations Yes, it is based on a supernatural creature and yet every sin [...]

  15. Absolutely love this book Firstly, I m not normally one to write reviews as I tend to stick to just rating them instead yet when something comes up in which I am very passionate about like obsessed with , I put aside my laziness and can t help but to rave about it Secondly, this is applicable here as this book is uniquely romantic yet sexy at the same time I was very lucky to get to read this when it was first on Wattpad and I became completely enraptured with every new chapter This is a very w [...]

  16. Kimber Lee is honestly one of my all time favorite authors Shortly after first joining Wattpad, I stumbled upon her page, and her dreamy yet realistic romance novels captivated me I ve read just about all of her works on the site, and Kim s writing style is the best I quite literally SQUEAL when I get an update notification from her She will have you actually laughing out loud at the most random lines, and each character is so unique and complex for every new and original storyline I personally [...]

  17. 3.5This book is good, but ends in a cliffhanger Boooo I wish I knew that so I would of waited pfft This book has A LOT of erotica I would say 70 75 percent of the book is the main characters getting it ON Yes the hero is an Incubus, so he loves it, and he is super hot And I am not lying, its HOT but I wish there was story to it Lots of unanswered questions There were some parts in the story that almost hit the DNF or Nope button but the author did clear it up nicely and so it didn t bother me a [...]

  18. Literally, if you enjoy a good drama and a similar level of erotica like Sylvia Day This is the book for you Thoroughly enjoyed every single page.A non cliche and great story plot, that also exceeded beyond unimaginable erotica Kimber Lee takes you throughout the journey of the also non cliche protagonist Rae, with words that will make you both empathetic and sympathetic In a good freaking good way And Andre drool slurps There are literally no words Just read it and you ll understand why.Did I m [...]

  19. I read this book on Wattpad as she was writing it, before she took most of it down due to copyright It is AMAZING It s well written, has complex characters and a good storyline Andrei is the bad boy type character and Rainelle is the person stuck between two ideologies her hunter father s Andrei s or spoiler Temp s It is for a mature audience though however, the sex mature parts balance out perfectly with the plot and romance between Rainelle and Andrei It s a must read if you like paranormal fa [...]

  20. Unfortunately, I am not able to read the full version of this book yet due to the book being in the process of publishing, but I can already tell you from the 5 sample chapters I was given to read, that this author is a very passionate writer and I can not wait to have the full book in my hands to read when ever I have read previous stories written by this author and I am amazed at how she words everything so perfectly Whenever I read a story from this author I all ways become emotionally attach [...]

  21. I ve read everything by Kimber Lee and love her stories I waited to read How to Kill an Incubus because I m typically not a fan of paranormal themes Was I ever wrong to doubt I wouldn t love this book I m impatiently waiting for the book to be released in its entirety Definitely read this book and anything else by this author Her story lines are great, her characters well developed and dang if I don t want the man in each story to be my husband Kimber Lee is very talented and I wish her continue [...]

  22. Honestly, this was one of the best reads I ve ever experienced Every chapter grips the reader to the point where they don t want to stop reading From cover to cover I was hooked Even though I was one of the lucky ones who ve already read it, I plan on purchasing it and reading it again in print SUCH an amazing author, Kimber Lee REALLY knows what her readers want, and she delivers it 100 percent I d recommend this to everyone I know, family included I don t realy know when I finished this, but I [...]

  23. I read this book on Wattpad and became addicted to Kimber Lee s writing She has the perfect mix of humor, sass, and drama that really stick to you and believe me I ve read a lot I keep coming back for with this author She s young, and that works in her favor she ll be writing for a long time hopefully This book is just the beginning I cannot wait to own this and have it in my personal library to read over and over The synopsis sounds different but give it a chance, by the 2nd page you ll be hoo [...]

  24. This is one of the best books I have ever read Not only are the adult themes fantastic, but the plot is absolutely engaging I couldn t put it down, once I started reading this, I couldn t stop until I finished It s one of those books that no matter how often you re read it, it will still be as thrilling as the first time And Andrei and Rae are electrifying together.Kimber Lee has done a brilliant job as always, when How to Kill an Incubus publishes I will have to buy a copy.

  25. I am oh so very sorry to say how much this book infuriates to me hell and back The story itself I totally love but then we have the slight issue of the fact that the book was released ages ago and there is no sign of a number two in the works and that cliff hanger at the end is so bad I could happily smack my head repeatedly against a damn brick wall Honestly this book has gone from being one i love to one I hate all for the fact that there is not a second one.

  26. Honestly everything you write is absolute gold and I am so excited to finally be able to buy and read another one of your amazing creations To me, you truly are an amazingly brilliant author and the only one who continuously is able to write what I am looking for in a book that no one else can produce I am so proud and can t wait to see you on the bestseller s list.

  27. I first read this book as the author was uploading each chapter on Wattpad and since then I ve read it many times over I love it and was really disappointed when most of it was taken off of Wattpad so it could be published, now I can t wait to be able to buy it Thoroughly enjoy all of Kimber Lee s works and can t wait for her to get started on the second book as well

  28. Honestly, I love this book I found it on Wattpad and it s the type of book that if I was in the middle of reading a book and I saw that this book was updated, I would stop reading sometimes in the middle of a sentence and switch over to this book I recommend it, but it is not for the faint of heart or the innocent Frankly, one of the best books that I ve ever read, and that s saying a lot.

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