Divine By Mistake (2022)

Unlimited Divine By Mistake - by P.C. Cast - Divine By Mistake, Divine By Mistake The most excitement teacher Shannon Parker expected on her summer vacation was a little shopping But then her latest purchase a vase with the Celtic goddess Epona on it somehow switches her into the w Unlimited Divine By Mistake - by P.C. Cast - Divine By Mistake, Divine By Mistake The most excitement teacher Shannon Parker expected on her summer vacation was a little shopping But then her latest purchase a vase with the Celtic goddess Epona on it somehow switches her into the w
  • Title: Divine By Mistake
  • Author: P.C. Cast
  • ISBN: 9780373802470
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
Divine By Mistake
Unlimited Divine By Mistake - by P.C. Cast, Divine By Mistake, P.C. Cast, Divine By Mistake The most excitement teacher Shannon Parker expected on her summer vacation was a little shopping But then her latest purchase a vase with the Celtic goddess Epona on it somehow switches her into the world of Partholon where she s treated like a goddess A very temperamental goddess It seems that Shannon has stepped into another s role as the Goddess Incarnate of EpoThe most excit
  • Unlimited Divine By Mistake - by P.C. Cast
    373 P.C. Cast
Divine By Mistake

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  1. Shannon Parker is a high school teacher who in her excitement for her summer vacation has decided to treat herself and try to pick up something nice at the local auction house Immediately Shannon is drawn to a vase with the Celtic goddess Epona on it and decides to make a bid When Shannon finds herself the new owner of the vase though things go a bit weird from there Waking up in the world of Partholon Shannon finds that she has switched places with the Goddess Incarnate of Epona who was not a v [...]

  2. I enjoyed this book a lot It was funny, sexy, action packed I have to admit the beginning bored me a little with the whole antique sale stuff but apart from that bit I warmed to the book I couldn t help like Shannon Parker, the only con I have with her is the name I don t like it I much prefer Rhea Rhiannon I really started to fall in love with ClanFintan He seemed a little different to your average guy, but maybe thats because I m a total romantic I loved all the horsey bits in it as I am a tot [...]

  3. Looking at the cover, I anticipated the usual fantasy, lots of antiquated but charming language, the epic battle of good and evil, goddesses and demons, and things of that nature This would have been a good thing but it actually turned out to be better and unique.Shannon is a 35 year old high school English teacher in Oklahoma At an estate sale, she buys an ancient Celtic pot because she s drawn to the image on it a goddess who looks like her On the way home, she s in a car accident and wakes i [...]

  4. I picked this up for a bit of a light fluff read I was right on the fluff It was amusing for the first 100 pages though the author could not seem to stop conversing with her audience rather than telling an actual story , then it became increasingly irritating for it s lack of substance It served its purpose, I suppose.nb The author s note at the beginning was purile and somewhat embarrassing in it s self serving attitude I neither connected with the realness of her herione nor did I feel the her [...]

  5. I could not put this book down Be warned that the second you pick it up you will be committed to a marathon read The writing is witty, funny, and exiting with an awesome dash of geeky thrown in The characters are likeable and relatable, and the author does an excellent job of giving even the smallest side character a chance to shine.The story sounds pretty straightforward Shannon, an Oklahoma teacher, gets sent to an alternate world where she takes the place of Rihannon, the goddess Epona s Chos [...]

  6. Having been a fan of P.C and Kristen Cast s House of Night series, I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive about trying out any of P.C Cast s other books For the most part, I love the House of Night series would I feel the same way about her other books While I do try to read many of my books in an objective format that allows me to see the good parts in each individual piece, I was afraid that if I became disenchanted with Cast s adult books, it might ruin her young adult ones for me a [...]

  7. Ooooohemgee, wat ben ik lang bezig geweest aan Godin bij Vergissing Ik ben erin begonnen op 21 december en gisteren pas was ie dan ein de lijk uit Het boek telt ook wel 600 pagina s en met opnieuw elke dag te gaan werken, was er voor lezen opeens veel minder tijd in mijn dagelijkse routine En tussendoor heb ik ook wel enkele andere boek jes gelezen Dusja Hoe dan ook, ondanks al die excuses ben ik heel erg blij dat ik er nu officieel van af ben en dat ik zodadelijk in iets nieuws kan beginnen God [...]

  8. I thought the idea of this book sounded quite good I m all for medieval type worlds and centaurs and enemies and castles and so I was pretty sold on the blurb on the back of the book But I found the main character fairly annoying, and given she was the one telling the story, it was quite a drawback She was supposed to be 35, but rarely ever seemed it throughout the book The narrative was definitely teenage esque She was also incredibly laid back about being switched into another world and there [...]

  9. I rarely start a book that I cannot finish, but this one gets two stars for that reason Maybe my expectations were off I was expecting a humorous fantasy in the Terry Pratchett vein What I got was a limp fantasy romance that I imagine the author giggled over while writing it I rolled my eyes a lot, and got my smiles from imagining drop kicking the heroine over the nearest cliff I don t mind when a fictional character behaves stupidly to behave stupidly is human after all But when the author buil [...]

  10. WELL Oh my gosh Just came back from a bit of a book break and i ve had this volume on my shelf for a while Just finished and im pleased to say just wow I havent read a book such as this before and this has just gotten me hooked Shannon aka Rhea , was such a wonderful character She was exciting and fresh, bubbling over with personality She was so well written i could have known her in real life The story was brought alive by the wonderful descriptions of Partholon and you truely follow the charac [...]

  11. Star rating 4.8After reading The House of Night series, I was already a big fan of PC Cast.I was intrigued to see how PC Cast s novels would appear without her daughter writing alongside her and after reading the synopsis of this noel I was very interested in what was going to take place in this book.This novel, is about a thirty five year old English teacher that has been taken out of Tulsa and replaced with the identical queen of a fantasy universe Though the plot may sound childish that is no [...]

  12. Deze recensie is als eerste geplaatst op Carpe LibraEen paar jaar geleden heb ik de gehele Partholon serie in het Engels gelezen en ik was er dol op P.C Cast had een hilarisch personage, een spannend verhaal en een op zijn zachtst gezegd interessante wereld gecre erd, waar centaurs ook tot de bevolking hoorden Toen ik dit boek enige tijd geleden op de boekenbeurs in Antwerpen tegen kwam, in het Nederlands, had ik dan ook meteen zin om alle boeken opnieuw te lezen.Ergens was ik ook nieuwsgierig o [...]

  13. I am so not sure what to rate this book While the world wasn t amazing, I absolutely loved the main character I wanted to spend every waking minute with Shannon Rhea She is snarky She is realistic She is passionate She is lovable She has a heart of gold Make no mistake this is a chick book Males should probably pass on by.As the synopsis clearly states, Shannon finds herself transferred to another world where she is the chosen of the warrior goddess She also finds that her counterpart was a bit [...]

  14. I absolutely LOVED this book At first I was a bit hesistant because I don t frequently read books where the main character is over 25, but in this case I was glad I did I had this book sitting on my shelf for almost 2 years without reading it I m glad that I picked it up, the blurb at the back caught my attention and my spark to read it was once again ignighted I really loved Shannon Rhea s character in the book Her humour and love for whine was brilliant, and in general her kindness was astound [...]

  15. This book would ve been good if I WAS LIKE 38 years oldke they could ve told me or something, the worst part was that they put this book in the teen fiction category totally mislabeled I never actually finished this book but I got as far as I needed to.I stopped at the lake part for all of you that have read the book you know what I m talking about this book is strictly mushy gushy love each page I found it kinda strange that the author would even come up with how the centar can morph into human [...]

  16. Despite of how thick this book is 571 pages , it is a really fast paced story.I really enjoyed and like this book a lot Things that are really standing out for me are the story line I think it has a very great story plot, world building, and setting And the writing is flowing easily and successfully made me not wanting to put it down And I don t know how much reliable the myth about Celtic God or Goddess , but I found it is really a great story to take on Makes me want to know a bit about the m [...]

  17. Looking for something different than my usual romantic reads, I picked this one out in the local bookstore s science fiction paranormal fiction area I ve had experience reading the Goddess series written by P.C Cast, but it had been awhile Remembering how greatly I enjoyed that series, I was sure that I would not be disappointed in this one I was a little apprehensive only about whether this tale would be adult and less teeny bopper Divine by Mistake solidly landed my vote in the Adult category [...]

  18. What gets me about this book is the idea of it has the potential to be a really good story The whole concept of it, what with the switching between modern day woman and Celtic goddess, is pretty good However, I found this book incredibly boring The writing style was alright, don t get me wrong, I thought the main protagonists voice was very witty and pacy although P.C Cast s stereotyping annoyed me somewhat like it had in her House of Night novels not all Brits have bad teeth, okay Also, the ass [...]

  19. Oh My God dess WOW This was a fun adventure It isn t a YA rather the adventure is for a thirty something adult It is reality meets mythology fantasy It is Now crashing into Celtic times I mention vampires in my tags shelves but they are really Formorians They are bat like humanoids that are just evil And our heroine fights them to the death in her Goddess incarnate form But that is what I would expect from a former English teacher Got your attention This is a great book and I can hardly wait to [...]

  20. I was utterly disappointed with this series of books The synopsis on the back of the book, with its promise of high fantasy and centaurs and Epona, a world with a somewhat medieval feel why, that s right up my alley and really had me hooked The book s protagonist, Shannon, is meant to be a thirty five year old woman However, the majority of the time she acts like a spoiled, whiny teenager Now imagine having to sit and listen to said spoiled, whiny teenager through 500 pages Yes, folks, Shannon i [...]

  21. I liked Divine by Mistake for the most part, but any time Shannon Rhea spoke and started dreaming I got a little cranky Shannon Rhea has word vomit and never makes an effort, even before her identity is revealed to fit it For a 35 year old woman, she speaks a lot like a 17 year old did in the late nineties Kudos to ClanFintan for putting up with her incessant chatter I will say that the actual story arc is good and really kept me invested I loved Alanna and ClanFintan, Dougal and Victoria and al [...]

  22. I usually love Cast, but i couldn t even finish this one As soon as i got my hands on it, i knew i had to take it home with me A great synopsis makes wonders, and i was itching for a good book to get me through the weekend Also, i d read the other series by Cast and thought this one would be no different imaginative, magical, with somewhat of a medieval feelingInstead, i found myself annoyed by the whinning protagonist, who was supposedly a grown woman I swear i did not see that coming, but the [...]

  23. Adorei Gosto imenso da Shannon Rhea Do seu discurso descontra do parece mesmo que est a falar connosco , da informalidade da escrita da hist ria As personagens s o maravilhosas e nunca tinha pensado ficar apaixonada por um centauro Os cen rios s o lindos com descri es que n o cansam e os pormenores como personagens espelho e afins foram salpico de originalidade e fantasia que enriqueceram muito este romance N o meloso, n o hardcore, n o chato aborrecido N o sendo o meu tipo de leitura preferida [...]

  24. My boyfriend at the time had picked this up for me because again, at the time I loved the House of Night series thankfully that was five years ago and I ve realized the egregious error of my ways since Anyway, I was glad to pick this up because OMG PC CAST IS AMAZING RIGHT Even after devouring five of the HoN books, I couldn t get into this one to save my life and gave up on it probably 1 3 of the way in I remember liking the idea of this Partholon place, but other than that it was boring as hel [...]

  25. First of all, this is NOT YA book Just in case like the library I checked it out from you were under that mistaken impression Secondly, how many baths does a character have to take in a single book It was ridiculous the amount of times the main character was bathing That s all this book amounted to for me, one ultra long bathing session.

  26. My brain is screaming, YOU SHOULDN T HAVE LIKED THIS but my heart is yelling, BUT I REALLY DID LIKE IT I know I m surprised too But I enjoyed this way than I anticipated Wow.

  27. Oh why why why are you so unfair with me, world Today I went to the bookstore and my eyes fell on the Partholon boxed set On the front, it was written As twilight fades away, night darkens everything Or something like that Anyways, the cover of the boxed set was SO DAMN attractive With haunting red eyes and pale skin and a dark purplish black background laced with pink mist I almost bought it there was a free DVD with it too But then I saw that it was written by PC Cast I had not enjoyed House o [...]

  28. DIVINE BY MISTAKE by P.C.CastDivine by Mistake is the first book in P.C Cast s Divine series featuring Shannon Parker and Clanfintan set in the mythical world of Partholon With the release of the first book in 2001, the Divine series is the adult companion to PC s YA Young Adult Partholon novels including Elphame s Choice and Brighid s Quest Many of you will recognize P.C Cast She co authors the House of Night novels with her daughter, Kristin.Shannon Parker, a 30 something English teacher from [...]

  29. One glance at feedback for Divine by Mistake shows this is an lesser known series, but still one highly enjoyed by many as evidenced by all the five star reviews that made me feel a little pressured that I better goddamn enjoy this book That, and a dear friend recommended it to me Although I imagine a lot of the readers of this book are on the younger side, having probably come from Cast s House of Night series, this is not a YA series The protagonist is 35, but honestly it can be enjoyed by all [...]

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