The Illegal (2022)

[PDF] The Illegal | by ✓ Lawrence Hill - The Illegal, The Illegal Keita Ali is an elite runner living in Zantoroland a poor fictional island thatis erupting in political violence When his father a journalist is murdered Keita escapes to the wealthy nation of Fre [PDF] The Illegal | by ✓ Lawrence Hill - The Illegal, The Illegal Keita Ali is an elite runner living in Zantoroland a poor fictional island thatis erupting in political violence When his father a journalist is murdered Keita escapes to the wealthy nation of Fre
  • Title: The Illegal
  • Author: Lawrence Hill
  • ISBN: 9780393353686
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
The Illegal
[PDF] The Illegal | by ✓ Lawrence Hill, The Illegal, Lawrence Hill, The Illegal Keita Ali is an elite runner living in Zantoroland a poor fictional island thatis erupting in political violence When his father a journalist is murdered Keita escapes to the wealthy nation of Freedom State an imagined countrymuch like our own A stateless refugee without documentation Keita musthide from the authorities even as he races marathons to support himselfKeita Ali is an
  • [PDF] The Illegal | by ✓ Lawrence Hill
    332 Lawrence Hill
The Illegal

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  1. I wanted to like this than I did A lot of the dialogue felt really artificial and the ending was too neat and tidy.

  2. The Book of Negroes is one of my all time favourite novels Loved it So when Lawrence Hill s newest book, The Illegal , came out, I was super excited and couldn t wait to dive in.I absolutely hate to give this book only two stars, but I really didn t enjoy it very much I m sooo disappointed The story is so relevant a young man must flee his country and becomes an illegal refugee in a neighbouring country that is under pressure from its citizens to stem the flow of refugees and send them back to t [...]

  3. Lawrence Hill is a character master Whether he s speaking about himself, people he knows, or people who exist entirely in our imaginations, you will feel like you know them know their innermost joys and fears, their quirks, the rhythm of their hearts This book is timely it will definitely give you even perspective on the international news of late , full of heart and obviously, has unforgettable characters Basically, I d like to be friends with Ivernia Beech You ll see why.

  4. CANADA READS 2016 WINNER Lawrence Hill, of The Book of Negroes fame, returns with The Illegal, a relatively by the numbers thriller that is somewhat redeemed by a strong cast of characters Taking place in 2018, The Illegal opens with aspiring runner Keita Ali spending his days running through the streets, trails, and tracks of his home country, the fictional Zantoroland Keita s introduction to the reader is idyllic, his character s optimism infectious, and so it comes as a surprise when Keita is [...]

  5. Pales in comparison to Hill s previous book, and the ending was way too wrapped up It was like a Disney story Not saying I didnt enjoy the book, but it was a far cry from the critic s claim of unable to put it down.

  6. This is a novel about two fictional countries, Zantoroland and Freedom State, set in the Indian Ocean Zantoroland is a poor country that produces a lot of great marathon runners while Freedom State is the third richest country in the world, so many people want to go there.Keita, the main character in the book, is one of those people, a runner from Zantoroland who is an illegal in Freedom State, meaning that he is a refugee This book is all about refugees, so with what is going on in the world no [...]

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this book I hesitated to read it because I heard it was about a marathon runner and running is not a sport in which I have much interest I m glad I overcame my reticence because the book is about so much else and, considering the news from Europe, proves to be so timely The book is about undocumented refugees and the uncertainty they face will they be accepted, persecuted or deported Keita Ali is a refugee from the island nation of Zantoroland he has to flee because his fath [...]

  8. Compelling read however not up to the standard of Hills previous book The Book of Negroes aka Someone Knows My Name This novel featured Keita Ali, a marathon runner, who went underground having escaped from Zantoroland a land in turmoil to Freedom State, which is cracking down on undocumented residents With our current state of affairs this book has a very up to date ring Ali comes out of hiding to run marathon races trying to win money to ransom and bring his sister to safety He becomes a very [...]

  9. I wanted this book to end as quickly as Keita could run I loved The Book of Negroes and can hardly believe this was written by the same author The characters, even the main character, were superficial, uninteresting and predictable The writing style seemed basic, like it was trying to be an allegory for the bigger issue of refugees but fell way short I don t know if it was the way everything seemed to work together in Keita s favour from the time he landed in Freedom State It seems what would ha [...]

  10. Wow What a disappointment The theme of The Illegal is so relevant and topical, but honestly I found the dialogue and plot development extremely immature Hill is a much lauded, experienced writer and this book did not read like a product from that source I tried to convince myself that Hill wanted to deliver a book with a strong message in a simple style, but some of the dialogue was painful to read The ending felt like a Disney film.

  11. I really love Lawrence Hill and the Book of Negroes is an incredible and heartbreaking story This book just felt mostly fake and kind of pandering Like something a student in high school would come up with to illustrate a simple point I really wanted to like this book but it just felt artificial and very pandering I do very much feel for the characters and messages portrayed in here, I just couldn t get into something that felt so transparently false.

  12. 3.5 stars First book I ve read by Lawrence Hill This was a fast paced story, set in two made up lands situated in the Indian Ocean Lawrence Hill covers lots of topical things refugees and illegal immigrants and the reasons they migrate, racism, corrupt governments, suppression of the press, hiring practices, treatment of sex workers, all conveyed through the eyes of long distance running main character Keita Ali.I found this story to be Dickensian, in that a set of characters kept circling aroun [...]

  13. SO GOOD I know Lawrence Hill is best known for The Book of Negros, which I have not read, but if The Illegal is any indication, it s well worth it.It s a book about immigration, race, politics, and running It s kind of dystopian, but kind of not It s remarkably readable I was supposed to be reading this with Sally, but I couldn t help but finish it in a week.This is a great book You should read it.

  14. The Illegal didn t keep me as interested as I thought it would I wasn t a bad book but it took while to get to the points he was trying to explain Lawrence Hill is a very descriptive writer He gave a really long backstory so you can understand why Ketia s sister was kidnapped or why illegals were being killed He also was very descriptive There were a lot of characters that played a big part in the story and it was somewhat hard to keep track of everyone at first He also chose to tell the story i [...]

  15. Maybe 3.5 I m rather disappointed Definitely an interesting story, but some dialogue and events seemed contrived and unrealistic The ending was very neat and tidy.

  16. My Review Lawrence Hill is one of my favourite authors I adored his Book of Negroes which was my very first book review post as well as Any Known Blood But if it weren t for Mr Hill s name on the cover I don t think that The Illegal is the kind of book I would typically pick up And yet I m so glad that I did The Illegal is a tale set in the very near future in two fictional countries, Freedom State and Zantoroland, and their issues some quite violent surrounding refugees as well as an underlying [...]

  17. this is a very plot driven novel and it is definitely compelling i found the story interesting and i was eager to turn each page to see how it was all going to play out in many ways this felt like a thriller, and it was quite entertaining there is a but , though because it is plot driven, the characters didn t feel fully realized some were better than others, and certainly there were some very quirky secondary characters, but you never really got in to them too deeply i would love to have known [...]

  18. A mazing Lawrence Hill is a master of Can Lit And now that I ve read the book, so many inclusions of the book seem obvious.Of course, Freedom State FS is an island nation just off the African continent that is largely populated by white people Of course, corrupt white bureaucrats have made secretive payments to corrupt black government officials in Zoroland, an adjacent African nation, to stop refugees from staying in FS Of course, FS would have a token, black police Sergeant, who is attracted t [...]

  19. 3.5 stars Parts of this book were brilliant but the ending felt way too contrived Given the situations described in this book it is hard for me to buy into a happy ending for all the good guys Life just doesn t work that way I enjoyed the parts about the races and I found the immigration issues to be very timely even though this takes place in an entirely fictional country While I did find the plot engaging and I definitely wanted to keep reading, I wanted to like this than I ultimately did.

  20. I loved this book I had previously read a review in which the novel was described as unputdownable and I was initially skeptical since I have precisely no interest in marathons However, while Keita is an elite athlete, this character is so much The novel is full of well drawn characters who might have been broad stereotypes in another author s work.Fan s of Lawrence Hill s may notice that the book is engaging in a very different way than The Book of Negroes Both stories deal with difficult subj [...]

  21. I am always reluctant to give a poor review because I realize how difficult it must be to author a book However, I only got to the middle of this book, where the main character is making dinner for an older women who he befriends and the book describes the making of the meal in detail The main story is interesting but there are way too many side stories and the characters are very stereotyped I enjoyed The Book of Negros but really did not like this book.

  22. A bit of a disappointment after Book of Negroes which is one of my favorites The fictional setting felt like a bit of a cop out and many of the conversations between characters felt unnatural and contrived.

  23. Coffee table reading 2 D characters Saccharine ending Leftist propaganda This book was made of paper and cardboard.

  24. This is a repost of a longer review found here booksandtea 2016 02 the illKeita Ali is a gifted long distance runner and a native of the small island of Zantoroland, in the middle of the Indian Ocean When Zantoroland undergoes a political coup and his journalist father is tortured and killed, Keita goes on the run to the nearby prosperous island of Freedom State As an undocumented refugee in a country reaching new heights of xenophobia, Keita needs to lay low But that s an option he can t afford [...]

  25. I enjoyed The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill and was intrigued by his Massey Lecture series Blood The Stuff of Life He gives a good interview thoughtful, insightful and always respectful Kind and generous, I suspect An intelligent man.Which is why I was so disappointed by The Illegal The characters seem one dimensional, the fabricated setting on the two mythical island countries, Zantoroland and Freedom State, somewhere in the Indian Ocean cobbled together, and the plot as predictable as a Har [...]

  26. 3.5 stars After taking time away from it Now that was one compelling page turner When The Illegal was originally released I was somewhat hesitant to read it There was just something that had me keep it on the backburner, even though it was the new Lawrence Hill novel Then it was shortlisted for the Canada Reads 2016 competition and was the first one I was to read although, I have already read Bone Bread Well, by page 7 I was completely drawn in and rooting for the main character, Keita With a g [...]

  27. 2.5 stars I have tremendous respect for Lawrence Hill and the success he has achieved but this is not one of his better efforts The dialogue is wooden, much of the characterizations ring false and the writing feels rushed A disappointment after Book of Negroes.

  28. I really enjoyed the author s book Book of Negroes Decided to check out some of his other work This is a well written book about racial struggles and long distance running Recommended.

  29. An exceptional read with many important underlying issues Plus there s a number of cheesy Canadian references Wanna grab a Tim s

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