For a Few Demons More (2022)

Free Read For a Few Demons More - by Kim Harrison - For a Few Demons More, For a Few Demons More Despite dating one vampire and living with another Rachel Morgan has stayed ahead of trouble until now A serial killer stalks the Hollows claims victims across society and ignites a vicious Inderla Free Read For a Few Demons More - by Kim Harrison - For a Few Demons More, For a Few Demons More Despite dating one vampire and living with another Rachel Morgan has stayed ahead of trouble until now A serial killer stalks the Hollows claims victims across society and ignites a vicious Inderla
  • Title: For a Few Demons More
  • Author: Kim Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780060788384
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Hardcover
For a Few Demons More
Free Read For a Few Demons More - by Kim Harrison, For a Few Demons More, Kim Harrison, For a Few Demons More Despite dating one vampire and living with another Rachel Morgan has stayed ahead of trouble until now A serial killer stalks the Hollows claims victims across society and ignites a vicious Inderland gang war Rachel hides an ancient artifact that could stop the killer or start a battle to the death among supernatural races of Cincinnati Every action has its price WhDespite
  • Free Read For a Few Demons More - by Kim Harrison
    349 Kim Harrison
For a Few Demons More

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  1. I gave the book 3.5 score but rounded it to 3 stars I love giving 3 stars to books that I think deserve so, yet I feel that I m underestimating them 3 star books are mercurial in their very being I happen to think that the author is her own worst enemy.Whenever a clash is about to occur, or when there s tension and drama and pathos in the present reading of a particular chapter, The author changes the scene and I am left with the feeling that nothing is resolved There is a large cast of characte [...]

  2. Sometimes, though you know it to be true, nature will remind you of what a bitch it is.Like, for example, if you come to Australia and manage to avoid the myriad of poisonous spiders, snakes, scorpions, jelly fish, stone fish and some frogs Then you manage to not get killed or viciously maimed by the crocodiles, koalas, cassowary, dingos, sharks, sting rays and locals do you have any idea of how many tourists go missing and get murdered in Australia Then you survive the outback with its intense [...]

  3. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsSo I don t know if I m using the button correctly, but in my head it s the WTF Elephant Has been since I first laid eyes on it So if that s not what it s supposed to mean, now you know what it means to me Elephant as illustration for WTF WTF WTF squared.And that is what is going on here And it is fan friggin tastic.Right So Trent s getting married to Ellasbeth, and he wants Rachel to work security for the wedding blinks I know what you re thinking You re thinking, Why on e [...]

  4. Just too much Rachel Ivy drama for me I suffered through about 12 hours of that until the story got interesting And, I m not seeing any real character growth so I m taking an extended, maybe permanent break It was tiresome seeing Rachel make the same dumb mistakes over and over again through five books On a brighter note, the narration is excellent.

  5. There were no choices, no options, no clever ways out of a tough situation And the rush, I realized in a brutal wash of despair, is a false god I ve chased my entire life One that cost me everything in the blind search for sensation My entire existence amounted to nothing I have no idea how I found the courage to read this book until it s very end This one was full of suspense and a constant stress and a feeling that someone wouldn t come out of this alive, and for once, I was right Someone d [...]

  6. ACLARACI N Aunque esta rese a tiene marcado spoilers despu s de cada tem, no suelo spoilear nada Es decir, no escribo nada que arruine la trama principal En caso de hacerlo, lo advierto previamente con una nueva marca de spoiler O sea, te encajo un spoiler adentro del spoiler, porque estoy muy jugada, y soy re heavy y re jodida Rese a para leer escuchando Cobrastyle Y no me pregunten porqu , me pint ese tema nom s De qu trata Rachel Morgan, pol gama en potencia, que nunca se olvida de dar su opi [...]

  7. It was so darn good to get back into this world Even though I knew I loved this series, it was a huge reminder just why I love it.Once again Rachel has gotten herself into a sticky situation One full of danger, lies, and oh yeah, demons The stakes are getting higher and not everyone is going to come out of this one alive There were so many feels with this, I don t even know where to begin So much was revealed and said, and done I can t even begin to express how much I love this series It took me [...]

  8. Wow That was my final impression of the much anticipated fifth book in Kim Harrison s Rachel Morgan series Much like Harrison s previous work, For a Few Demons More was a non stop, action packed romp through an alternate version of Cincinnati My only complaint was that the relationship of two of the main characters seems to have taken two steps back for the single step forward it gained And of course the death of a beloved character never sits too well with anyone But enough of the teasing.Poor [...]

  9. Currently working my way through the requisite hundred or so pages of relationship angsting that has to happen before the plot starts That may sound tedious, and frankly it is But it s Harrison s pattern, and once the plot kicks into gear it s a fantastic ride You just have to slog through that introductory angst first And now that I m finished, I m not sure what I think The story itself was pretty darned exciting, but I m getting a little sick of Rachel, and most of the people around her Her fr [...]

  10. It seems that The Hollows is a series that might just be a bit like crack I don t find it that particularly awesome, and there s a lot about it that I don t in fact like, but overall, it s addictive and hard to stay away from and dammit, I want .First, the bad honestly Pretty much the same things I ve complained about in my reviews for the previous books Epithets Dear god, the epithets There were long stretches where I either didn t notice them or an editor had got hold of some chunks of the man [...]

  11. There is something wrong with Rachel I m starting to like this series less and less Why is she so stupidly slicing off her nose to spite herself She s a total screw up from what I can tell She is also a selfish bitch who has too many loyal friends Why do they gather around her I really don t know How many people is she going to take down with her While I did like reading to learn about what is going on, I m starting to really dislike this dumb bitch If there is one thing I can t abide in a seri [...]

  12. Actual rating 3 to 3.5 I Expected More stars.If I m forced to pick a least favorite in the series thus far, it d be this one I m not a fan of a few huge plot points in this one I can t say for fear of spoiling Will I continue the series Wellduh This series and world and characters are still crack to me

  13. Book five is such an interesting blend While it is one of the best in the series, likely the funniest, it is also the most tragic and depressing.For the characters, a reader gets plenty of page time with their favorites Al is around quite often but not in the typical fashion and for different reasons There s the return of an older villain Trent gets plenty of time on the page, as well, but this book soured my impressions of him Even after reading all the books now up to book 12, I still feel sou [...]

  14. This book shredded me I cried for the last 50 pages or so And not just a silent tear or two, but out loud crying messy with used Kleenex all over the sofa I will not spoil the why s of it, but I can t possibly talk about this book without acknowledging its enormous emotional impact I don t know if I can ever forgive Kim Harrison.With the ending weighing on me so heavily, it s hard to look back to the rest of the book It starts out strong, addressing the repercussions of Rachel s interaction with [...]

  15. I stopped about 100 pages into this one in Fall 2010 because I did not see enough character development Had I continued to read it I don t think I would have come away with a different perspective because I wanted it too badly I was reading it at the same time I was getting into Cat and Bones of Night Huntress so I wanted of that My opinion of what should happen overshadowed my ability to really enjoy what was This time around, I was better prepared for the character short comings due to spoile [...]

  16. Not too far removed from Book 4, in For a Few Demons we see that Rachel still has the focus, a 5,000 year old demon crafted werewolf artifact that was the focus of book 4 Considering its power, it s a hot commodity and everybody who is anybody wants to get their hands on it, from the evil Vampire Piscary to business tycoon and underground druglord, Trent Kalamack, to the Weres themselves Rachel s got her hands full, and it doesn t help that her werewolf friend, David, is suspected of being a se [...]

  17. This was Heart Pounding I was cold and then hot, I was engulfed in this one I was disappointed about Brett I wanted him to become a part of the team Sick about Kistin, still despise Ivy I think Trent cares about her, but he will turn into a snake at a moment s notice I liked Manias and Big AL was funny I laughed a lot in this one This just might be my favorite one Can t wait to see what is next.

  18. I d completely forgotten how upsetting this book is I m crying ugly tears and I don t like it As usual, 5 stars.

  19. A very good storyline, but some very confusing choices by Rachel and the other main characters Major surprise for one of them.

  20. For me this installment in the series wasn t as good as the last 2 books, which were a 5 stars rating and favs I would give this book 3.5 stars if possible.The beginning was good All the drama with Al was a great way to begin the book I like him a lot He s not one of my fav characters but a really good one you just know that if he s in the picture thing will get juicy My problem was that then things got slower and slower It took me forever to finish it I got bored than once and had to stop read [...]

  21. This book was soooo good I swear, I love Rachel Morgan she is so badass The beginning of the book was really good All the drama with Al was great I like him a lot He s not one of my fav characters but definitely one of the good ones Plus, you just know, if Al s involved, things are bound to get juicy I had a few problems with this book Mainly with Ivy I liked her before, I even felt sorry for her in previous books but now her tragedy comes across as a bit irritating and overdone sometimes You wo [...]

  22. Slipping back into Kim Harrison s world of Rachel and her friends and foes is very comforting It makes me wish that I could never leave it because once I start reading her books I feel lost and amazed, the real world forgotten and far away in my mind Each new volume beckons me to indulge in another fantastic adventure where the fights, jokes, puns, some wicked magic and charismatic characters hold me in a trance until the last page is devoured.The fifth book of the series has been the book of ch [...]

  23. Sometimes, a novel is so good, yet so heartwrenchingly sad that just the thought of reviewing it, leaves you emotionally drained This is one such book Now that I m done, I feel like I have to rely on coping mechanisms I try to remember only the happy moments Like Rachel s birthday party, or Ceri standing up to Trent, heck, even his wedding Reading somebody their rights can be a lot of fun, especially when Rachel s the one doing the reading Or Minias, the charming new demon who shows up his inter [...]

  24. You know I really don t have a problem with same sex relationships, but if Ivy and Rachel go there I m seriously going to stop reading this book Like I said I don t have I problem I really just don t want to read about it And Rachel, well she just keeps getting worse and worse ugh I mean if Ivy doesn t want to go there then stop pushing it Especially if neither of you can control yourselves It s extremely annoying Then there s the fact that nothing good ever happens First Rachel lets everone man [...]

  25. I don t think this story could have been any better It was full of action, drama, romance, and last, but not least, it was heartbreaking sad I knew, what was going to happen, with a character in this story I have known it, probably since the second book, when i decided to read some comments on the upcoming books I have known it, in the way that, that character has slowly being removed from the spotlight of this one s and the previous book plot.Knowing it, didn t make it easier i will join the va [...]

  26. So good, loved rereading this book, I had forgotten which book Kisten dies in, and yeah, that was really sad, can t wait to get the conclusion soon Now to read First read August 4th 2013 This book started to break my heart I mean, things were pretty good, and steady, and then they pretty much go to hell in a hand basket, and then Kistin Yeah, broken heart, meet me.

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