In the Forests of the Night (2022)

[PDF] In the Forests of the Night | by ↠ Amelia Atwater-Rhodes - In the Forests of the Night, In the Forests of the Night By day Risika sleeps in shaded room in Concord Massachusetts By night she hunts the streets of New York City She is used to being alone But someone is following Risika He has left her a black rose [PDF] In the Forests of the Night | by ↠ Amelia Atwater-Rhodes - In the Forests of the Night, In the Forests of the Night By day Risika sleeps in shaded room in Concord Massachusetts By night she hunts the streets of New York City She is used to being alone But someone is following Risika He has left her a black rose
  • Title: In the Forests of the Night
  • Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
  • ISBN: 9780440228165
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
In the Forests of the Night
[PDF] In the Forests of the Night | by ↠ Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, In the Forests of the Night, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, In the Forests of the Night By day Risika sleeps in shaded room in Concord Massachusetts By night she hunts the streets of New York City She is used to being alone But someone is following Risika He has left her a black rose the same sort of rose that sealed her fate three hundred years ago Three hundred years ago Risika had a family a brother and a father who loved her Three hundred yearsBy d
  • [PDF] In the Forests of the Night | by ↠ Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
    367 Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
In the Forests of the Night

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  1. Read this one in a day it s only 147 pages after all and though it was interesting it wasn t all that memorable.In the Forest of the Night contains only 147 pages and those pages are filled with big fonts and lots of white space Risika is a 300 year old vampire who was turned and torn from everything she loved when she was only seventeen The story flips back and forth between present day and the time when Risika was a mortal on the eve of her change.I thought the past story was engaging than th [...]

  2. Definitely one of my all time favorite books Although it s a short read, Amelia offers a very interesting views on the modern vampire Her main character Risika is a sassy Vampress with a chip on her shoulder However, she s not brooding and all woe is me I so tire of those Amelia s use of First person draws the reader into her Den of Shadows It s very easy to get caught up in Risika s own bias, whether it s for or against the other inhabitants of the world For example it s easy to dislike the mai [...]

  3. The main reason of picking up this book was that it is written by a 13 year old I didn t really have high expectations but still I expected it to be better than usual YA stuff still it is written by a young girl and they are the figure of creativity 3.5 stars to this good including a bonus star for not including romance, handsome vampires and werewolves Spoilers Ahead This book is about Risika, a vampire who doesn t want to be a vampire Anther and Aubrey Aubrey is a guy, by the way says, It is m [...]

  4. WellSo far this book is switching between the present, and 1701.A vampire girl is telling you all the in s and out s about being a vampire And disproving the myths we humans made out of thin air.Then she starts to flash back to when she was alive, 300 years ago She was killed when a very powerful vampire, who had been attacked by her brother, decided to choose her as her next victim As payback for the what her brother had done to her.After she was killed she then was forced to come back as a vam [...]

  5. I am one of them.I am also Rachel.I am Risika view spoiler Let me just say that In the Forests of the Night is a pretty quick and easy read It also grabs your attention and definitely punches you in the face with some twists Risika, formally known as Rachel, is a 300 year old vampire She sort of gives you the ins and outs of what it s like being a vampire The story shifts back and forth from when she was a human, around the 1700s, to where she is has a vampire.It s a pretty interesting story I f [...]

  6. I picked up In the Forests of the Night at the same time that I found Vivian Vande Velde s Companions of the Night and read both books within weeks of each other This title, however, did not stand up well to competition But rather than launch into the dissection, I d rather point out that the book was published when Atwater Rhodes was 13 years old, and for a vampire novel written by a 13 year old, it s pretty damn good, or at the very least, peppered with a rather lot of small endearments Atwate [...]

  7. This book has high praise, probably because the author wrote it when she was thirteen It s a young adult novel with no young adult themes It s young adult in the fact that it was written by a young adult Sure, there s a lack of romance or sexuality in it, but it doesn t make it young It s full of blood, death, and the acceptance of becoming a murderer The writing is obviously done by a young woman There is little actual development in characters, or plot It s a rush of less than 150 pages I didn [...]

  8. just recommended to me a book by Atwater Rhodes, and I had a flashback to how much I enjoyed this book when I was in middle school What I remember a strong female protagonist, shapeshifting vampires, general incivility in the vampire populace, and good old fashioned revenge This was a story I encountered long before the trope of stuffy moralizing vampire falls in love with teenage girl nonsense At least, I don t remember any of that But I do remember scenes and moments The same cannot be said fo [...]

  9. Can t get into the characters Written a little strangelybutThe premise is just interesting enough to have me want to see how the second book continues If the second one isn t at least some improvement I ll probably skip the othersAnd a very very quick read I don t do this often but I changed the stars on this one I just found out the author was 13 when she wrote this book that made me see it in a different light

  10. Love is the strongest emotion any creature can feel except for hate, but hate can t hurt you Love, and trust, and friendship, and all the other emotions humans value so much, are the only emotions that can bring pain Only love can break a heart into so many pieces Risika, In the Forest of the Night, Amelia Atwater RhodesThis is going to be another novel that is very difficult to talk about fairly I first read this book right after it came out, and I have to say it changed me I won t pretend it i [...]

  11. This was so good Little short read, but full of action And also jumps between 2 times, back in the 1700s, view spoiler explaining her family, the cause for her change, and how she deals with it hide spoiler and the present time, view spoiler showing how she s matured hide spoiler It never occurred to me that view spoiler Alexander would be alive still I did think he was a witch though hide spoiler I love the view spoiler vengeance between Aubrey and Risika, and I just really hope it doesn t turn [...]

  12. First let me say that I took no account to the fact that Amelia Atwater Rhodes was only thirteen when she wrote this book until after reading it Why I find it can create preconceived notions that may hinder one s true experience in reading the book Oh she s only fourteen, no wonder she wrote that Oh she s fourteen Well I was going to give this book four stars, but since the writer is only fourteen, I m going to give it five This to me is unfair While it is definitely commendable to get a book pu [...]

  13. The story is about Risika a three hundred year old vampire who doesn t get attached to humans who lives in Concord, Massachusetts Before she was turned her name was Rachel, she lived with her family and she was happy she loved her family Her twin brother had his own struggles issues with controlling his abilities with fire as well as the voices When Rachel encounters her brother one night in the dark her life changes forever when she meets Aubrey and Ather Ather transforms Rachel into a vampire [...]

  14. SoIt was dark and creepy and scary She is a vampire and the parts where the author describes her feeding is very very creepy scary I really like this book, it is well writing and original It kind of reminds me of Twlight but befor you just all excited remember I said kind of It is nothing like Twlight but the whole real vampires are not like myths thing is there Her dark attitude is a sign that she is a vampire and sets the mood for the book It is dark and creepy But what do you expect for a vam [...]

  15. I will start out by saying that I read this book after I read Demon in my View yes it still made sense With that out of the way, Demon in my View lead me to read this one, I only gave it three stars as well as demon because while the writing was exeptional and somewhat cliche overdone juvenile at points and there was a real story line, there wasn t enough I wanted this to go farther, I wanted there to be deep rooted explanations of all these people mentioned Whenever a character was intoduced to [...]

  16. I hadn t realised the authors age when she wrote the book when I picked this one up It was fine enough for a short novella but there wasn t enough of a story here What it needed was another character to offset the predator mindset The lead girl Rachel was well written for the type of person she was but the emotional impact would have been better with another person I appreciated that a teenager in the 1700 s wasn t unrealistically educated with the exception of her admitting she was outspoken fo [...]

  17. Risika is an old vampire who is being followed by someone from her past who has a grudge against her.300 years ago Risika was turned into a vampire against her will by the one who stalks her and his powerful allies She knows the only way to survive is to kill him but is she strong enough to do it This is not a particularly exciting book It is a short novella about this vampire who wants revenge on those who turned her You get a short chapter on her thinking about this followed by a brief bit abo [...]

  18. To be honest, I wasn t expecting much from this It was written when the author was thirteen, and it is impressive that it was published, but the writing was very amatuer Did I spell that right I m hoping she will get better As for the plot, it was pretty nonexistent It felt like a setup or first half of a novel, but it kind of is considering it s only 147 pages a novella I d say Amelia Atwater Rhodes is one of my reading guilty pleasures, since she isn t an amazing writer but her books are pret [...]

  19. This book really shows how someone who would of turned into a vampire would feel The whole book goes back and forth from the present to the past It gives different points of view of Risika or Rachel from before she was a vampire and how much she s changed now She lived in the 1700s before she was turned After finding her brother is killed she s turned into a vampire and struggles with having to kill to survive In the present she doesn t really stay to long with people so that they don t notice t [...]

  20. I didn t understand this book What point did it have Mostly it just talked about a vampire chick and about her past, how she got turned in to a vampire, and her feud with her arch enemy, Aubrey I m sorry, but despite Atwater Rhodes age, her writing SUCKED I m the same age the author when she published In the Forests of the Night, and even I can write better than she can I m sorry if I sounded full of myself there, but its what my sister said You can tell she probably wrote it in a couple days an [...]

  21. i thought this book looked interesting, and then when i read on the back that it had been written by a thirteen year old, i became even curious being a teenager myself, who wants to get published i read it pretty fast it was good was it amazing not really but it was impressive that she wrote it at such a young age have i written anything just as good or maybe something better than this probably i think there was just some coincidence where the author s english teacher just HAPPENED to be a lite [...]

  22. Midway through the Forests, the lead character Rachel Risika MarySue poses the question What happens to the damned when they die Well, sweetie, they end up in novels like this Atwater Rhodes shows us of a snapshot than a plot here, and it s the kind of pic that ends up gracing a MySpace profile Credit for being marginally better than her second novel Demerits for attempts at literary pretension without the skillz to back it up C mon, Blake s Tyger That s all you ve got Call me back when you get [...]

  23. In the Forests of the Night was a book I had been looking forward to read I am glad I checked this book out at the library instead of buying because I would ve demanded my money back The book was boring and short I felt like I wasn t getting the complete story and that the book wasn t really even book I wished the book would ve been better, but I m still going to try to read the other books in the Den of Shadows.

  24. This book was worth reading I couldn t put it down, but I had to go to sleep But the book over all was awesome I think that the book might have god modding, meaning that the character s acts like an invincible person I say this because of the part where Risika battled Aubrey I think that her brother, Alexander, shouldn t have hid himself from Risika I recommend this book for Twilight lovers or vampire, magical being types This book was over all good.

  25. DNF I tried to give this book a fair shake but then i realized i was writing my review in my head already and not even engaged in the book any so i figured there was no point in finishing Not all the sentences are simplistic but i kinda felt like i was reading a see spot run book Maybe it was because it was written in 1st person present tense which isnt a format i really like Add that to the fact that i was halfway in and there was still no plot Pass.

  26. I feel bad giving this book a low rating because I try to be nice to writer s, as I am one, and in the author s defense she was extremely young when she wrote this But honestly this book was one of the reasons that I try my hardest to stay away from vampire books The vampires turning into animals was a cool touch but besides that this book was way too full of vampire cliches and frankly that really turned me off.

  27. I read this when I was thirteen Even then, it was one of those books I read because I gained entertainment out of how bad it was Despite these feelings about this set of books, I m actually quite glad to read that Atwater Rhodes is doing well Big part of my junior high school life I even had the magazine, where they interviewed her Now I m showing my age These books aren t very good, but I have fond memories of them.

  28. What a strange little book I bought this for a few bucks on a whim, and was pleasantly surprised Even surprised when I found out the author was only thirteen when she wrote this It was a short read and I was able to finish it in just a few hours I haven t read a vampire story in awhile so it was a nice change for me This one wasn t all sparkles and glitter and a mushy love story In fact there wasn t any romance at all It says this is a YA but it doesn t come across as one.

  29. I loved In the Forests of the Night, and I m still amazed that it was written by a 13 year old Her writing is impressive, and the story contains some insightful social commentary I will be reading of Amelia s books.

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